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Eastern Province jobs belong to local residents, as PS sends new CSO recruits back to Lusaka

Rural News Eastern Province jobs belong to local residents, as PS sends new...

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Eularia Syamujaye has sent back sixteen people who are alleged to have been dubiously recruited to undertake the 2010 numeration exercise by the Central Statistics Office.

Mrs. Syamujaye took the move because CSO allegedly recruited people from Lusaka instead of engaging the local people of Eastern province to carry out the exercise.

She said of the 16 that have been sent back, 11 were recruited from Lusaka while five were returned because they were recruited before the official recruitment exercise started.

She disclosed this during a meeting held with the recruits this morning.

Mrs. Syamujaye said there was no need to engage people from Lusaka when there were a lot of school leavers who could carry out the exercise in her province.

“There is no need to engage people from Lusaka because the job is simple clerical work that does not require specialized skills,” she added.

She has since warned officials from CSO that she will not tolerate a situation where local people are denied employment opportunities when they were qualify for the jobs.

Meanwhile, some of the people who were sent back are now stranded in Chipata.

They told ZANIS in an interview that they have been sleeping in a bus while waiting to take up the jobs they were offered by CSO.

The stranded people, who sought anonymity, said they did not have resources to go back to Lusaka.

They added that the jobs they have lost were supposed to be their only source of income.

They have accused the Permanent Secretary of politicizing the exercise saying the recruitment was supposed to have been done by CSO and not the provincial administration.

“She has no powers to send people back because she does not work for CSO and has no authority to choose who should be engaged in the numeration exercise,” they charged.

The numeration exercise, which was supposed to start two weeks ago in Eastern province, was delayed due to alleged malpractice in the recruitment exercise.


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  1. This is not good but one day this thing you easterners you have started will haunt you dearly. Zambia belongs to all Zambians including eastern province. Regionalism is not good. Anyway all are watching what Chipata busy has become. Muzakandya mpeba for hundred years.

  2. Well done! The Permanent Secretary is simply doing her job, which is to create employment opportunities for her designated province.

    What’s more credible is the fact that the jobs don’t even require specialised skills, so why not give the locals the chance they deserve. Also what gives it away is the fact that people were recruited before the official recruitment exercise started.

    I believe if further investigations were to be carried out they would be many flaws – the most obvious one the ‘wako’ ni ‘wako’ syndrome where the officials in Lusaka employed people they wanted with no regard to the province’s agenda on job creation.

    Again, well done PS this is the way to build our nation!

  3. #1 did you take notice that the PS’s name is ‘Syamujaye’ that a name from Southern Province so there is no Regionalism as you put it. The PS is simply being logical. Why get school levers from Lusaka when Easten Province has plenty….well done PS! She made her point very well, this is simple work the locals can do it.

    #2 you are right, getting into details we can discover that the CSO people employed their dependants….we know these things!!!

  4. # 3 she is a Mrs. That by it self is not conclusive. In fact if she is right about creating jobs for the people in Eastern Province, and as you say she is from Southern Province, should she be sent back to Lusaka? She made a mistake. The noble thing she could have done is not mistreat the poor kids who were sent, but launch a complaint to the CSO.

  5. #3 Legacy.. did you instead take notice that SHE is MRS Syamujaye.. underline Mrs… going by her 1st name, EULARIA, she’s most likely from Eastern province.. Spanner Mwale, Talktime Tembo, Nevertheless Daka…..

  6. What MRS Syamujaye has said is that they can use school leavers who are in Eastern Province not just people with Eastern names. There are other tribes who live in Eastern Province and thier children go Eastern schools. It is a well known fact that in Zambia people who positions usually take advantange of others and usually recruit only their chilren and relatives.
    Try to interview those who where returned to Lusaka and you will discover that most of them are related to the rwcruiting officer.


  8. Why send people from lusaka to Eastern? This exercise is for the whole nation meaning every region must use its people. I see no reason to let people from lusaka to do the job that the people in other provinces would do. Its not political but reasoned action

  9. Kalos2020 The fact that she is MRS also implies that she has one leg in Southern Province. In fact, she may have children who are half Tonga – and there are many of us who belong to more than one tribe. Try to be logical and remove insinuations of tribalism from purely logical action from the PS. Good point Busakile Man

  10. But precedence. Once these people were employed they should not have been turned away. They have the right to sue the government and hopefully get $5.8M in damages. Zambia is for Zambian. Zambians can take up positions in where in the country. To some degree I agree that the government should have first looked for local people. But once the mistake had been made by the recruiting officers, they should not have reversed the decision and punish the innocent job seekers. A reflection of poorly run government by Ph.Ds I must add.

  11. # 9, it seems you have a problem. Who is insinuating tribalism? Sometimes keep your brains locked as letting them leak carelessly might. I never insinuated tribalism but clarified on # 3 barely on the Mrs logic.

  12. Her maiden name is Zulu…but that is besides the point. What she did was noble and CSO will have to deal with the mess they created. Just doesnt make sense at all,how can u recruit school leavers from another province to do work that can easily be done by your own local children..?
    #1…very dull comment.

  13. The PS is an Eastener. So what? Avoid bringing tribalism in such issues bloggers. It will not take us anywhere. #1, i come from Eastern Province and i take great exception to you comments. Rb and his predecessors have all made mistakes and this lady is no exception. Lets advise and try to correct the wrongs. Not ifyo watampa ati, ‘these things will haunt you….ne fyashala’.[-x Is it logical to employ people from lusaka to do simple jobs in Mongu, Mbala etc.. You mean these places dont have people? Benifye bwino. Nalazanda!!

  14. The PS is 100% right these CSO guys are very corrupt when it comes to such recruitment, these recruitment are suppose to be done at Province level, but these Lusaka guys send their girlfriends, good for nothing relatives etc who are not even familiar with places they send them to in the end they just become tourists and end up doctoring these essential info they are tasked to do. no wonder our statistics are not that good.

  15. well, lets give our chipata boys some job. i remember even in our days, its the locals who were tasked to do this job. the fact that she is speaking as a PS for eastern province which has so far been tainted with kumozi kumawa undercoat does not mean she is promoting regionalism or tribalism. you mean in eastern province with all those boys from chizongwe cannot count heads? CSO must have known this issue as some of the lusaka boys maybe just after money and they know little about the eastern province terrain.

  16. #3 Mrs Shamujaye is an easterner who was married to the late former education minister,Shamukayumbu.However,i totally support her decision .

  17. bloger no 1 owl or wht ever you call yourself,dont bring regionalism as an isolated act of people from eastern province, the P.S was right political or not,you cant bring pipo from lusaka to to that exercise when eastern province is full of qualified pipo.what was SCO thinking!

  18. bloger no 1 owl or wht ever you call yourself,dont bring regionalism as an isolated act of people from eastern province, the P.S was right political or not,you cant bring pipo from lusaka to do that exercise when eastern province is full of qualified pipo.what was SCO thinking!

  19. I definately agree with the PS. CSO has a tendacy of recruiting their galfriends and relatives. sometimes even officers who were employed by govt are left out. God onlly knows how the 2010 cesus wil be

  20. Bane Tribalism???????????? No ways. this is what ligic requires of all right thinking minds. Even in the times of “UNTRAINED TEACHER RECRUITMENT” Govt used to hire locals, the school leavers. And all of you can’t tell me that Eastern province has only school leavers with eastern dissent. I know some chaps who are blogging here and other who have excelled in education attaned school in Eastern province despite having names like Bwalya, Situmbeko, Hamoonga, etc. cut the crap and think progressively. Viva PS regardless of your maiden name………………….

  21. whether shes mrs siamujaye, olo mrs sata olo mrs hichilema, doesnt matter here. what she did is right. why recruit pipo from Lusaka? let these lusaka guys do the enumeration here in Lusaka, those in Luapula, do it in Luapula, etc. In that way u are giving an equal opportunity. The qualification is a mere grade 12 certificate. are u telling me there are no enuff grade 12s in eastern??

  22. Mwachichita ba Mrs. Syamujaye. locals need jobs we need more people like you. I dont care what tribe you are but thank you for promoting local employment

  23. as bad as it sounds, she is very right though and yes we all know its somebody that know somebody that gets these jobs.

  24. I think there is too much politicking in Zambia. Could someone see logic one day without bringing in politics. Is it OK for a CSO Director based in lusaka to gather all his relatives and then send then to the provinces to do the work? mind you, this probably did not only occur for Estern Pronvince but in the other proevinces as well.

    Therefore, the PS was correct and those of you insinuating regionalism should have your heads checked or you are confirmeing to us that you actually do what these CSO pipo did, which is curuption.

  25. This lady has made a mistake and if we are not careful this might turn into a vicious circle whereby other prospective employers will find ways of victimising people they didn’t like for one reason or the other. Issues of regionalism, tribalism and nepotism are very sensitive and can be explosive. The president himself is the number one culprit when it comes to tribalism and his vice president is no exception. This PS should have first given her views and objections to the CSO and on this occasion she should have allowed those young men to take up their jobs. In Zambia now it seems everyone in a privileged position can formulate their own selfish laws.

  26. that is foolishiness how many easterners are working in solwezi , how many are working on the copperbelt. and why did she marry a man from southern province, because that man belongs to the tonga women .. zambia is one just create more jobs for every one your dids are stinking

  27. Hold your fire you judgemental bloggers!!! Did you find out why CSO sent those chaps from Lusaka? What if it is their policy to send non biased numerators to carryout such surveys? The PS might have overeacted in order to earn points from RB. That is why there are calls for the civil service to be depoliticised.

  28. Hold your fire you judgemental bloggers!!! Did you find out why CSO sent those chaps from Lusaka? What if it is their policy to send non biased numerators to carryout such surveys? The PS might have overeacted in order to earn points from RB. That is why there are calls for the civil service to be non political.

  29. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION: Even those non easterners are school leavers looking for employment, not fair to send them back.

    • This is a national duty taking place national wide.Why didnt they compete in Lusaka and leave chances for school leevers of Eastern province.? Employment criteria should have limits. PS teach them the right way. ITS not a job which would need graduates or professionals from well recognised schools in Lusaka! They dont even know the geographical areas of eastern place dispite that they will be using maps, they will skip some places hence extending the exercise & diturbing the budget, and indicate quarantine data for Eastern. What they should understand is that this survey is for the development purposes. Wrong Data means wrong implimentation of findings!! GO AHEAD PS!!! Get real pipo.

  30. 😕 in every thing there must be standards but Easterners should never cry foul when the same practice is applied to them.

    It may not have been the best decision.

  31. :d Great lady. I don’t expect to be treated any different if I was working for the census bureau here aswell. They employ local kids too. Another fact Eastern province is not Ngoni’s only. Last time I checked there are hungry ngoni’s in Zambia aswell. Zambia is for Zambians and willing developers period.

  32. #11 Kalos2020 If you keep your brains locked when you are blogging, that is not my problem. Against conventional wisdom as shown by the majority of the bloggers here, you chose to condemn the actions of the PS.

  33. We need such courageous public servants to drive out the nonsense which has gripped the whole system for 44 years now. Well done madam Syamujaye. Eastern Province can do with the local human resources. Foe those of you who reckon she is a tribalist, you are very much mistaken becoz she means scholl leavers and not ngonis, chewas, tumbukas, etc but any school leaver. So shut up and get a life.

  34. Zambia belongs to Zambians but people should not be disadvantaged in the name of Zambia belongs to Zambians.Why leave locals and go take people from LSK?
    Why leave your kids at home and go abroad to employ a foreigner to do a job a Zambian is 20 times more abled to do than the new guy?No industries pa Eastern.Give them a God Damn Chance

  35. thats the spirirt Mrs.Syamujaye..where do exepect the locals to get jobs from?all provinces shud do the smae..its too much of Lusaka1!

  36. What she has done is okey but she could have arranged transportation of those that were employed in Lusaka. Its not a good thing to let someone sleep at the bus station just becoz she wants to create jobs for locals.The govt has enough vehicles why didn’t she instruct one of the drivers to take them back to Lusaka??? I’m very disappointed that she decided to leave them sleep at the bus station…

  37. That is in Order Madm PS. In every region the exercise is taking place and why shuld they overflow to Eastern??????? They should have order!!!!

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