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Magande Launches 2010 MMD Presidential campaign

Headlines Magande Launches 2010 MMD Presidential campaign

MMD aspiring Presidential candidate Ng’andu Magande has launched his 2010 MMD Presidential campaign which has been airing on Mazabuka Community radio station in Mazabuka District since Saturday.

According to Station manager, Belon Chintombwa, the campaign advertisement which has been composed in Bemba is encouraging all MMD delegates to the convention to vote for Mr Magande for MMD Presidency.

Mr. Chintombwa disclosed this to ZANIS in Mazabuka today when he announced that Management at Mazabuka Community radio station has suspended the broadcasting of political campaign advertisements for Mr Magande.

Mr Chintombwa said management decided to suspend the airing of Mr Magande’s political advertisements because the K 300,000 that Mr Magande paid through his agent for advertisement has been exhausted.

Mr Chintombwa disclosed that the political adverts for Mr Magande only ran for three days starting from last week on Saturday adding that the radio station will only resume the broadcast of Mr Magande’s campaign materials once payments are made for more slots.

Meanwhile, Some MMD members in Mazabuka are reportedly distributing the Curriculum Vitae for Mr Magande who is Chilanga MMD member of parliament to residents ahead of party convention.


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  1. This is another Kavindele 1991,1996, 2001 and 2006 wasted democratic posturing without research on political predisposition.

  2. I do not think, he can win at the convetion of MMD. They are trying to put as if Banda is unopposed presidential candidate. it is good we have people who can show character even at very hard times, and the threats he faces within MMD. Good luck for Mr. Magande…!!!

  3. You mean to say that even with his Degrees, Magande can’t see that he is in the wrong Political Party? Who has ever defeated the Incumbent in MMD? They will just batter him ku convention, gang r.ape him and throw him out! He is dealing with Hooligans, for goodness sake!

  4. i support you magande

    please give us details of how we can use technical knowhow to add to your agenda..Godbless you

  5. For those who know how advertising works, there can be no such thing as suspending adverts. When the slots you pay for are aired, thats the end! How can a station then suspend as though they entered into a long term contract and only accepted money for three slots? The story just doesn’t add up. It is calculated to embarrass the man. What they should just say is that Magande paid to run three campaign adverts and they have since run all of them. In which case, it is not newsworthy.

  6. This is fake………….no way
    There is something that is not being said, I’m sure Magande and Nyama Soya planned to play with our minds.

  7. Magande has a counterfeit community in his mind for support. In politics if you struggle to win a simple parliamentary seat when you are minister of finance, rejected in your own village, considered a traitor that betrayed Mazoka on values by your province, and a proven disconnect with the national party constituency your years in power was spent alienating and humiliating them, you don’t dream of converting them without reconnecting to their values. To make matters worse, after his failed bid in 2008 he went burning bridges by denouncing the same MMD members and institutions from whom he needs votes from. This is bid is a myth without a conversional mortal. Democracy comes with a responsibility.

  8. #1 & #2, Why are you against a man exercising his constitutional right in a democracy? Has Magande committed any crime by declaring his intentions to challenge Rupiah? You are either Rupiah’s sons or his very close relatives to think that others are less Zambian than you lot. You say Magande is wasting his time, he is another Kavindele. The chief bootlicker Mulongoti has already publicly warned that Mpombo and Magande will physically be barred from the UNIP- style MMD convention and that is what you #1 and #2 represent.

  9. Has the Post disowned him? He was suppose to place his Adverts in his darling POST cos they have always supported his candidacy and Iam sure it will be free of charge.

  10. what is news worthy about this? if my child told me that he wants to work for ZANIS when he grows up, I would stop paying his school fees!

  11. Not a wise move. Better campaign at the Connvention so he can be MMD’s candidate at 2011. Otherwise on which party’s ticket will he be a presidential candidate?

  12. this magande hyena is wasting his time and money,he gave civil servants 50 pin 4 housing allowance,he thinks we have forgotten?let the post choose btn magande and sata:-\”

  13. :d:d I would outrightly advise Mr Magade to stop what he is dreaming to be possible in the impossible party which has lost direction. Magade should not waste his energies with the likes of VJ who advises the President wrongly!! Stop it for once and join the PF-UPND Pact!!!

  14. In fear of serious perjury charges,the forensic squad is likely to make on Sata’s History degree forged from North-West University in South Africa arranged by a Zambian professor there, Winter Kabimba freezes to protect his law license.

    Mr.Kabimba a junior lawyer infamous for insulting KK a fortnight ago as PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary general had promised to avail PF leader Michael Sata’s degree to anyone interested but yesterday changed his mind and said the document would be presented by appropriate authorities when the right time comes.

    This after challenging those doubting that Mr Sata had a degree to visit the secretariat where they could see the qualifications.

  15. now, read this, a group of journalists went to ask to see mr sata’s degree so that critics are put to shame ……….and the old man failed to produce one!

  16. This individual sold ZANACO for a song! He then went on to sell KCM for 30 million dollars even before the new owners could pay a single cent, KCM made 60 million dollars. Why should we bring him back? If anything, he should be tried for plunder!

  17. This is good news for the PACT. We need a dis-organised MMD, fighting among themselves while we continue strengthening the PACT. Let’s get yet another person annoucing his intention to stand. We will support there continued in-fighting.

  18. Hmm..in a few days time, state owned media Headlines will read… Magande expelled from the Ruling Party!:-w. But support Magande, this is good for democracy.

  19. Magande we do not miss your nearly 40% tax that was coking the middle class. Neither do we miss the arrogance in you tone on ZNBC when justifying your lousy strangle-holding taxes. I hope you do not succeed with your presidential ambitions.

  20. Magande we do not miss your nearly 40% tax that was choking the middle class. Neither do we miss the arrogance in you tone on ZNBC when justifying your lousy strangle-holding taxes. I hope you do not succeed with your presidential ambitions.

  21. Mr Magande I am freeing you on suspicion that you have no constituency in MMD. You have no right to remain silent but everything you don’tsay will be ignored and at the convention may be used against RB. Whatever you do say may be used against you. Do you understand?

  22. Please let Hon. Magande challege RB we are in democracy. MMD stands for Movement for Multi Party Democracy unless we remove D and remain only with MM then we can not allow other people to challenge RB.

  23. Hon Magande was prefered candidate for the Late President. He has a vision for MMD let him exercise his democratic right other wise our democracy will be a mockery.

  24. #31 If you recall, the MMD did not vote for Magande in 2008 despite Mrs Mwanawasa saying that he was her late husband’s preffered candidate despite not having any evidence to back up her statement. The man always loses elections and infact stole the Chilanga seat from PF because of the intervention of Maureen. Anyway it is good that there is democracy within the MMD unlike in some other person-to-holder parties which shall remain nameless.

  25. People why are you trying to stop him, who is going to compit with Mr Bwezani? I mean Democracy should be there if we have multi party system in our country. why do you want to bring back the kaunda days when people where ment to choose between KK and a frog that never exisisted. Is it Bwezan wamuyaya or what. If he is wasting time and money that’s his own indaba fulu stop

  26. I think Magande challenging RB is very healthy. MMD needs to show that it is a emocratic party and if Magande wants the presidency let him campaign. If he looses fairly, then even more people will be encouraged to work with the MMD but if you stifle him and other parties welcome him, you will have a big war on your hands in 2011. he knows a lot as he was your longest serving Minister of finance in LPM govt. Watch out and let democratic tennets govern and not emotional immaturity that has seen Mulongoti being sidelined as a party spokesperson. I am sure, soon after the convention Mulongoti will be jobless and facing criminal charges. Watch this space!!! Do you Mulongoti is respected and trusted in MMD? Has he got a constituency? Isn’t he running the works and supply mnistry down?

  27. He did an immaculate job as Finance Minister and I believe that he would make a good president. He may not have initially been supported by his village peers, however, he proved that he ran the Finance Ministry well. Consider JFK who initially lost a race to the senate in Massachusetts and later won the US presidency and inspired them to reach new heights. I do not believe that Rupiah has confirmed his intentions to run for presidency so we will see. Let us not be narrow minded but rather judge without prejudice.

  28. ? 10 lets be realistic how can this man is a zambian and has rights to stand ..but please guys time is money ..how can magande win in MMD ?? GUYS BE REAL..AM NOT A RELATIVE OF RB ..

  29. Zambins remember this guy. By the way the name magande means Frog. Magande once supported 50 pin housing allowance for civil servants. Magande once said “he could not win in choma his birth place coz he is not popular in southern province. Blamed the problems in barotseland on the LITUNGA. This shows that this man has no support in so far southern, western and urban and rural govt workers. Magande dont be cheated by little fred Mmembe and Maureen. U will never rule.

  30. :d/ Magande’s arrogance will soon be put to shame. He will be beaten hands down as he has no following in the MMD. He was busy issuing disparaging remarks against the ruling party in his darling Post newspaper thinking he is the champion of the people. Now he has an opportunity to realise that arrogance and pomposity do not pay in life for his is impending humiliation at the hands of RB yet again.

  31. All you Zambians stuck in foreign lands do not know the amount of support Magande has in Zambia. Stop wasting your time writing useless predictions that do not reflect what is happening in Zambia. Ask any person in Zambia who they will vote for, they will tell you never RB. RB is scared of Magande as a result he will do anything to spoil the Magande name and unfortunately all the so called educated Zambians abroad follow blindly. Some of u are stuck doing useless 9-5 jobs, cant go home and contribute in any fashion because you have nothing to show for all the time you are wasting. If you cared about Zambia and who stands for elections, you would not be in foreign lands. Let the people that are in Zambia lead the country forward.

  32. Speechless you are dreaming Magande is yes a quality candidate but far from popular. He is unfirtunately a typical meber of the elite who thinks very highy of himself and does not associate well with the grass route. Who can not win at the convetion and he would never win a national election against RB. Oh and i live in zambia

  33. But the challenge is welcome> . I hope he will be woken up in the middle of the night at some stage. Otherwise his political career could be over.

  34. Well done Magande. At least you are honest and at the right age to lead the country. You worked very hard to put the country where it is. but some people have come to rip where they did not sow. We are all behind you do not be intimidated by thieves. Good luck

  35. Good president he can make. Winning I Question. MMD is the boat not to be in right now. Under its going. May the force be with him >:)

  36. Magade would make a good president. But why advertising in Mazabuka only or even starting there? Why not Kasama or SOLWEZI FOR THAT MATTER? Come on rise above regional politics and show that you are a statesman. It is only for your own good and the earlier the better.

  37. Do you people really think Magande’s plan is to be played by RB and his groupie. This man is smarter than you think. Politics is a game.

  38. Magande ,my brother stay away from the MMD convention it will be a battle ground for you as these people are already geared for trouble.DO NOT EVEN GO THERE…..We need your contributions to this nation.

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