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Mahtani quits Finance Bank board

Headlines Mahtani quits Finance Bank board

FINANCE Bank Zambia Limited board former chairperson Rajan Mahtani
FINANCE Bank Zambia Limited board former chairperson Rajan Mahtani

FINANCE Bank Zambia Limited board chairperson Rajan Mahtani has resigned in order to protect the interest of the bank and to also defend himself from allegations made against him.

According to a statement released by Finance Bank last night, Dr Mahtani’s resignation is with immediate effect and the board of directors has since accepted his decision.

“In his letter of resignation addressed to the board and copied to Dr Caleb Fundanga, Governor of the Bank of Zambia, Dr Mahtani said the decision to resign was entirely in the interest of the continued prosperity of the bank and in order to freely defend certain allegations made against his person and thereby protect his integrity and that of the bank,” the statement reads in part.

According to the statement, the Finance Bank board of directors convened an extra-ordinary meeting during which they accepted Dr Mahtani’s resignation.
They thanked him for the decision he made in the interest of the bank.

Dr Mahtani thanked Dr Fundanga and his team, the board, management and staff of Finance Bank Zambia for the support and understanding during his tenure of office as board chairperson.

A suitable replacement for Dr Mahtani will be announced soon by the bank’s board of directors after consultations with various stakeholders.

Dr Mahtani is one of the people appearing before the Magistrate court for the alleged money laundering case by Zambezi Portland Cement Limited, which is a subsidiary of Finance Bank Zambia Limited.

Last week, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers raided Zambezi Portland offices housed within Finance Bank Limited office on Cairo Road to carry out investigations.

Later, Finance Bank Zambia Limited corporate affairs manager Mr Noel Nkoma released a statement categorically stating that the developments at Zambezi Portland Cement Limited had nothing to do with his bank as the company was just a subsidiary of his bank.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. another waste of taxpayers money. this is just a political move by MMD. its political assasination. the state will waste millions of dollars just to come to no conviction

  2. Good Afternoon

    This is a precarious situation. One does not just quit such a responsible position if they have a clean record. It is because of the corruptibility and greed of the Bank Managers that we are just emerging from the severe contraction of the global economy. It seems they still have’nt learnt a lesson from that.

  3. How many times has this guy been accused of this and that? I bet nothing will happen to this guy (even if he is guity). I assume he has fallen out with RB.

    Yaba, Politics in Zambia is something else. One day, you can be tight friends with the president and the next day, the law enforcement is after you.

  4. # 3 my brother, Finance bank has been under the govt radar for some time now, it has withdrawn all accounts from Finance bank, and obviously more damage to the bank was on the way as long as Mahtani was the head. He has made a very wise decision, which should be emulated by our politicians. He wants to defend himself as Mahtani and not drag Finance bank into it. He has gone a step ahead of the Govt. Smart move

  5. # 2 please Mahtani is not being fought by Govt. He swindled his friends and grabbed Zambezi Portland cement from them, they are the ones who reported him to DEC. The cement factory was not even his baby but right now he enjoys its ownership. His only problem right now is he doesn’t have his usual government protection since RB is in good books with FTJ. This man is a proper white collar crook, Qualified Accountant and Lawyer.

  6. Did any one on here listen to FTJ`s speech on QFM a few minutes ago? I couldn`t believe how low Africans can sink. How can an ex-president engage in personal attacks? I can understand him attacking Sata not HH. Yet Zambians say the country is developing! Pathetic!!!!!

  7. can some one from Zambia with full knowledge of the case up date us. LT has dissaopointed us again, as usual. LT lacks serious investigative journalism. How has Mathani a shareholder of Finance bank which owns Zambezi Portland grab the cement company, and yet the holding company is saying this has nothing to do with the bank

  8. FTJ Speech excerpt. The big man spoke sense.

    Violence, intimidation and thuggery are part of their political culture and such people not only seek to tyrannize the country at large but keep their own unregistered members in perennial fear.
    At every opportunity or election, they get inebriated with the distant smell of political power and begin to frighten people. One shudders to think what would happen if by any stretch of imagination such people crawled even further and got near the seat of power? God forbid! I can’t imagine the mayhem and sheer anarchy.
    But they must be reminded that Zambia divested itself of that dark political cloak and wore a transparent material in 1991.

  9. But I boldly and bravely stood up and challenged the status quo and urged Zambians to engage in contemporary political thought in line with events in many parts of the world which were fighting against dictatorship.
    It is worth noting that at that time in 1989 both Mr. Sata and his nephew, secretary general of PF Wynter Kabimba were enjoying the fruits of the one party state as governor and town clerk respectively without a thought for the future.
    But even long before then, Timothy Walamba, late Chitalu Sampa, Newstead Zimba and I were detained not for criminal offences but for our opposition, to the one party state.

  10. Restored is our freedom of conscience or the right to think reason and disseminate one’s ideas without interference.
    I consider freedom of conscience as the mother of other rights and liberties of man.
    For one can only speak, associate and assemble or worship freely and form parties when they are not interfered with. It is in essence the foundation of all other freedoms.
    It is our bounden duty as free citizens of Zambia to defend, protect and promote our nascent democracy and strengthen its tenets and practices.
    It is our duty to fight and reject protagonists of violence and vandalism bent on turning the clock back.
    We must not allow leaders of political vandals to come back on the political scene.

  11. That said, I want to state that yes I went to the Copperbelt in broad day light and I will go back there and elsewhere again and again as and when need arises.
    I do not need permission from opposition parties or media to travel or do what I want done.
    This is not therefore an exculpatory statement but one of affirmation that I exercised and enjoyed my right to move freely.
    I am not seeking political office because I already have one. I am the holder of MMD membership card No 0002 and Comrade V. J is No 0003.
    The almighty God ordained that I, Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba be the 2nd president of the republic of Zambia and it was so. That is already in the annals of Zambia and world political history. No one can erase that.
    I am not fighting anybody but simply doing that which is my…

  12. King Solomon if you have access to that speech please give us more. Am told he has politically assassinated Sata and HH beyond resuscitation.

  13. But my marriage to Regina was consummated in accordance with the law and custom. It was conducted above board fulfilling all the requirements by first sending elders from my side to her people who agreed together to allow us to marry as she was a divorcee already. This was almost two years after my divorce.
    So our marriage was and still is a very clean affair.
    But you Mr. Sata do you have one wife or you are polygamous?
    Who is Petronella Mpundu, a biological sister to Bishop Mpundu of the Catholic Church?
    Do you have any relationship with her?
    Are her two children Mukupa and Chilufya your children? Are you the biological father of Mukupa and Chilufya?

  14. Did you by any chance consummate your marriage with her in a Bemba customary arrangement known as ichombela ng’anda or not?
    Since you are a man of sound morals tell us who this young woman who was working for the ministry of finance in Lusaka but now working at the Bank of Zambia in Ndola is to you?
    Tell us if you are not the father of her two children.
    Finally, with this murky picture about your single or polygamous life why does the Catholic Church allow you to take part in the Eucharist? Is it an oversight or you have not disclosed your true marital status even to a church you seem to follow rather obediently and religiously?
    I will however reserve my other comments about acts of abuse of office which are documented.

  15. What about the illegal and irregular transfer of ministerial accounts?
    I do not want to be compelled to talk about an innocent African from a friendly country you wanted me to deport for personal reasons claiming or alleging that the man was a threat to national security!

    As for party leadership, those who were members of the NEC of our party when you were national secretary will remember how I saved you as they wanted to pass a vote of no confidence in you having failed to write minutes of NEC several times as the language you used was more Taiwanese than English. All minutes sounded more Taiwanese than the official language of English putting punctuations such as comma and full stop only where you stopped to breathe.

  16. As for my neighbour Hakainde Hichilema I have my one big concern about him because he chose to conceal the truth when it mattered most, to save my name. On 11th July 2002 when late president Levy Mwanawasa addressed a special session of parliament and made serious but false allegations against me he mentioned that I was responsible for the loss of US$ 35 million paid by RAMCOZ for their purchase of Luanshya division.
    He also alleged that I stole US$12million paid in the same transaction.
    But even when this statement was being made president Mwanawasa had been made aware by the ministries of finance and mines that those two huge amounts of money were received by appropriate authorities. The US$ 35million was duly received by ZCCM while the US$ 12 million was received by Grant Thornton

  17. Mr. Hichilema was fully aware because he was working for them.
    Sadly he could not tell the country and the world that his firm were the receivers who acknowledged receipt of the said amount but instead even opted to insult me publicly calling me a thief.
    Why would a leader choose to keep quiet when he was both aware and accountable for the money in question? How could I be sure if he became president that he would be impartial and fair to all including me? Can he tell the country now that he knew about the matter?
    Both leaders of the pact do not impress me as serious contenders for the highest political office in the land.

  18. Traditionally the MMD from its very inceptions has been a mass party with open doors to all and that is why we have been winning soundly.
    We must not allow our party to become a closed shop because we cannot afford in this competitive political arena to have a closed shop. Our president of the party and of the republic rightly said that at Ndola Airport recently politics is a game of numbers and indeed democratic politics especially require even greater numbers.
    Indeed the more numbers of people we have, the greater the chances of winning elections. In this regard the best example is the province of Lusaka where our party led by the young vibrant Chairman William Banda and recruited a lot of members some of whom may form part of future party leadership

  19. Our duty is replicate this in every province so that the party can be 100% sure of victory we need to rekindle the 1991 party spirit to ensure that our party president is re-elected both as president of the party and president of the republic of Zambia. Now is the time the re-election of his Excellency Rupiah B. Banda as president of the party and the republic. Let us go out and look for more votes, because our party is popular and is sure of winning the 2011 elections.
    Finally lets us look for more votes, lets us not look for personal benefits.

    DR. F.J.T. CHILUBA –M.Phil

  20. King Solomon thanx for the speech excerpt. It sounds so personal more than ever, it lacks direction, it is more about FTJ than what the pipo of Zambia needs. FTJ also had children outside wedlock and he became president, Its a pity that FTJ cant still keep state secrets a secret. He is talking about almost deporting someone who was a threat to the country. This man is a loose canon i wonder how many state secrets he has revealed. He should be tried for treason. This speech was a sign of a desperate man RB using every angle to win an election. Guess what? we just want change and rid of MMD

  21. King solomon, the speech just shows how depserate the short man (FTJ) is to ensure he is not taken back to court, knowing very well that we need our money back..Time will surely come and we will get that money with interest..

  22. Zedian how long should we wait & let this thief manipulate us? Please let us unite & vote wisely in 2011,king solomon thank you for the data but be wise.viva PF-UPND PACT

  23. Thanks King Solomon, I guess the moral of the story is before you remove that spec in your friends eye, remove the log in your eye first. This is very embarrassing to Mr Sata, extra marital affairs exposed in public,I wonder what the Catholic priests will say on this one. Very shameful! Its such a shame too that now HH (Zambia’s Obama) is being mentioned in the same breath as Sata, very unfortunate for the young man. We await their responses and counter argument to this one.

  24. this manipulator is so foolish that he thinks he can take us for a ride,everyone knows that you are wife snatcher that you stole Mr Mwanza’s wife & today you want to sound clean.Please just ask forgiveness & repent you worthless piece of sheet.how many girlfriends did you have & fathered them with your children while you were married….?

  25. That said, I want to state that yes I went to the Copperbelt in broad day light and I will go back there and elsewhere again and again as and when need arises.
    I do not need permission from opposition parties or media to travel or do what I want done.
    This is not therefore an exculpatory statement but one of affirmation that I exercised and enjoyed my right to move freely.
    I am not seeking political office because I already have one. I am the holder of MMD membership card No 0002 and Comrade V. J is No 0003.
    The almighty God ordained that I, Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba be the 2nd president of the republic of Zambia and it was so. That is already in the annals of Zambia and world political history. No one can erase that.

  26. But for purposes of this press meeting I want to highlight only the following points of interest miners raised and asked me to convey to the president and tell the general public because of their character and urgency.
    1. Procrastination in issuing title deeds. Ex-miners are petitioning his Excellency the president to instruct councils and the ministry of lands to expedite the issue of title deeds to people who bought houses under the empowerment policy.
    They argue that this procrastination is a deliberate political ploy by P. F to create areas of dissent in ex-miners against the government of president Banda whom they falsely accuse of neglecting the poor.
    This procrastination has robbed house owners of any opportunity to borrow money from established financial institutions due to…

  27. This procrastination has robbed house owners of any opportunity to borrow money from established financial institutions due to lack of collateral which is held in the frozen title deeds.
    This is a matter they consider rather urgent.
    2. Inordinate increases in land rates. P. F run councils have turned land rates into rentals which they have used to threaten continued ownership of houses bought under the empowerment policy.
    There are stories on the Copperbelt of house owners whose furniture was confiscated by councils for failure to pay rates.
    I am not too sure if the rateable values are being competently assessed by expert district valuers because for a house which may have been bought for such little amounts as K10,000, K15,000 or K20,000 to be suddenly valued at K60,000,000 for rates

  28. To impose such excessive land rates on households the majority of whom do not earn regular incomes from any formal employment is one way of saying to them ‘get out of those houses, you do not deserve to own them’. It is impolitic.
    Sadly many in this category are widows and widowers with a lot of dependants who attend school.
    P. F run councils must be held fully responsible for the plight of the people.

  29. It would be politically naive and dangerous for the nation to forget the strong 2006 post election policy statement, the P. F leader Mr. Michael Sate made when he said; ‘Mr. Mwanawasa will run state house but I will run the country through the councils.
    We must never forget that because people are now paying a high price for electing P. F councillors and MPs who have followed their leader’s policy statement to the letter and caused all the miseryThe road infrastructure even in councils which were doing quite well only a decade ago has collapsed. Roads have become a hindrance to Development. There is no excuse whatsoever for PF councillors to turn local authorities into chambers of conspiracies to wage political war against central government.

  30. P. F councillors have forgotten the role of local government in developing our country and have instead concentrated on criticizing the president and MMD government.
    Over the years as a way to ensure increased local government participation in projects implementation, government introduced and has increased constituency development fund from K30 million to about K600 million per constituency per budget year.
    This is a considerable amount of money and for district councils with three or more constituencies that brings in an extra amount of close to K2 billion.
    Where is this money? What is it used for?
    His Excellency president Banda was right in calling for auditing of councils especially those with huge budgets such as in…

  31. dammit kafupi, chiluba is not refusing his past we all know it BUT he is pointing out the hypocrisy of sata who makes himself look like a saint when he is not. It is sata who raised this issue and FTJ. FTJ is just asking questions so ba sata should also respond and tell us about petronella and the young girl at BOZ. remember it was sata who put a large spread showing him marrying Dr. Kaseba and saying he is a changed man. dont throw stones when you live in a glass house

  32. on the issue of HH the question is why did HH not tell the truth about the luanshya mine issue and if indeed FTJ stole all that money why was he only charged for theft of 500 pin dollars from a bank account in which he had 8.5 million of his own money???

  33. FTJ has raised pertinent issues that need to be analysed and not just insults. PF must change its ways otherwise forget 2011. this so called ‘zambians want change’ is fake. zambians know who is serious about the nation and they are not fools to vote for people like sata who has never faced any democratic election within PF and is a dictator who does not accept any differences in opinions and is surrounded only relatives in key positions. And now he has printed his own publicity materials for 2011 and HH is not allowed to campaign in northern zambia but sata is allowed to campaign in southern province and as those who are on the ground will testify PF cadres are saying HH needs PF more than PF needs him

    HH is finished and has totally lost his way. The Pact may even choose a 3rd person

  34. Come what may, the little’s thief’s day of reckoning will come. We know that short (FTJ) man is scared and saying whatever to save his skin. But, we shall wait for response for these allegations and sure we will hear more about this crooked thief about his infidelity to.

  35. King Solomon, what type of a king are you?, you are even failing to reason from these trash or you are just on these blog for propaganda. We are not interested in the chiluba and Regina relationship or watever but our concern is the properties which chiluba bought for regina as far as 1999 using taxpayers money, and the court found her guilt.

  36. King Solomon, thank you for the speech. Bloggers have complained that it is much more personal, yes it has to be. Chiluba has been accused so many times and he has to put the record straight. It is also right that he has highlighted issues about Sata and HH that the electorate need to know. Now its upto the Zambians to elect the person they feel is the best amongst the contenders.
    Let’s remember that Sata welcomed Chiluba in the 2006 elections and it would have been very easy for Chiluba to still align himself with the PF.

  37. Sata & HH will not will succum or be answerable to a piece of sheet who should know that the pact is not for Sata or HH but for Zambians who want change & development.if that thief knew that HH was stealing why didnt he arrest him? As i had earlier said the time for manipulator to start speaking is long gone & thank God for the pact because the thief is feeling the heat.

  38. We are not going to be fooled by FTJ the way he did in 1991, he painted KK as a monster only to be the worst monster. He said KK stole 6 billion up to date KK has not been charged. FTJ has instead been found guilty of emblezzling public coffers. MMD has even failed to issue titlle deeds for an exercise that took place almost 5 years ago thats the kind of leadership there is. King Solomon you are an MMD supporter so we will wait for Sata and HH to respond so that we can have both sides of the story

  39. #41, Zedian UK, I for one do not think much of Chiluba, but the fact is day in day out Chiluba is is personal attack. I was just reading through the blogg, and once again it is that personal attack on the little guy. I mean the Guy was almost burnt down in Ndola, but instead of condemning the act, many referred to his marriage with Regina as a cause for the arson. It is only fitting that they get similar treatment. #43 I agre with you, but disagree on one thing, there is no smear campaign that anyone can do on Sata that Sata hasnt done for himself. Look at third term bid, who was in the fore front of that, Look at his party, when have they had elections in PF (its been ten years still no convention), Look at the Chawama hackering, who was at the center of that. Sata de-campaigns himself.

  40. King Solomon,

    My dear brother thumbs up to you for this selflessness.You make me proud with your proactive role.I was in the know of President Chiluba’s press address but had my time clouded up.I will soon be with the winners on a victory trail in launching a final and summary punch in the confine of these deluded sore losers called PACTs in their nightmare off power rivalry with dual cmapign materials in print shops. I have been too busy cultivating for fortune in the prevalent money market golden opportunities.

  41. I see ignoramous poor soul Given Lubinda waffling in tongues maybe its in his Bangladesh native. Incoherently he is in reactionary tongues you can decipher only that he is reacting over the crums taken away in the face of embattled subversive Raj Mathani.As if this is not enough, embattled and deluded Sata comes hallucinating with imaginary warnings that people should prepare for state disapperances.All the rubbish talk are out of own fear by the fact that he has burned bridges with everyone in his life from individuals in Zambia,neighboring countries,and in international politics he little understands.Taiwanese want their blood money they gave his failed campaigns so are Boers in South Africa and some Asians here.

  42. FTJ is complaining about House Valuations!! Is he himself qualified to value houses at K10,000? Balibelela ama Sampo!! All this is sour grapes just because the Pact want to sue him WHEN they take office? If he is clean he must just face the courts and get cleared. Why insist on Immunity and delays in registering the London Judgement if he has no skeletons to hide? Just face the courts and clear yourself FTJ. Calput!!

  43. thank you senior citizen and mangelepa. you can call me names but the truth remains and it will be seen how HH and sata respond. FTJ has always been subjected to personal attacks and today is the first time he is responding. call him what you like the man was president and it will be erased and it is up to sata to answer the questions he has been asked, why was he fired as a constable for the british and are they his children mukupa and chilufya? we want to know and also the catholics why do they allow him to take eucharist?

  44. FACTS

    Sata can neither write nor articulate and policy statement besides specialing in insults and bemba. The only language tries in broken form is taiwanese he was conditioned to learn before mortgating zambia with campaign funds.

    Was ladding public funds between accounts and was at the center of both MERZF and Avondale Housing projects which should be reopened for detailed investigation.The Government ministries GL are retained for many years.

    Sata is now in his 4th marriage without any record of divorce before any court traditional or Government. This is evidence of his moral intability.

    Sata will never and always avoid any debate on basic economics or the word GDP.I Challenge the media to push the issue of GDP on Sata.

  45. no 53 that is a lie. FTJ never said Zambians are docile. liar liar. why cant you PF thugs not understand democracy and being leaders that tell the truth?

  46. with mahtani now running away and finance bank exposed we will see where you will get money from and where you will keep it because sata will find himself exposed now with all the money he keeps in his personal account at finance bank which is for PF programmes but he uses it for himself. wapya munzi. Government is determined to deal with mahtani once and for all. The bugger had the audacity to threaten RB that if he was arrested Zambia would collapse, what chick for that indian murderer. the ghost of Pat Puta is speaking

  47. Sata has a concubine at every GRZ Flat.
    I avidly remember one at NIPA Flats,another one at Kabwata GRZ and also at the Northmead GRZ flats.

  48. “The Forthcoming Milanzi Parliamentary By-Election”-(plagiarized By Henry Kyambalesa)

    I’m personally very disappointed to see that Henry Kyambalesa has wittingly with impunity plagiarized from the speech of President Banda he articulated at the burial site of late Honorable Chisanga Banda. I’m at pains to believe that Henry who runs an internet based political party and reads every news feed nefariously turned in for placement here a lifted article as own writing. Henry has not given credit to ZANIS or indeed the Zambia Daily Mail that carried this funeral message. Instead, he has lifted word for word and line for line for his weekly micro blogging. I challenge LT honchos to Turnitin [dot] com with any of the “iParadigms, LLC. Institutions”.

  49. senior citizen & king solomon campaign for that useless manipulator & thief but the truth is that we Zambians are now wise & wont take sheet from you or the wife snatcher.Viva Pact & 2011 is year of change as the Pact is taking over with or without Sata or HH

  50. Sata and his Pf plagiarizes their party manifesto from UNIP and here is this internet base Agenda for Zambia party President Henry Kyambalesa plagiarizing from President Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s funeral speech at late Honorable Chisanga Banda.Is this the PACT culture or what? If it were a simple micro-blogger we would ignore it, but this behavior coming from Presidents of existing political parties aspiring to misrule our country is criminal.

  51. Sata and his PF plagiarized their party manifesto from UNIP and here is this internet base Agenda for Zambia party President Henry Kyambalesa plagiarizing from President Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s funeral speech at late Honorable Chisanga Banda.Is this the PACT culture or what? If it were a simple micro-blogger we would ignore it, but this behavior coming from Presidents of existing political parties aspiring to misrule our country is criminal.

  52. Some bloggers are really kicking hard with thier last kicks, as MMD is headed for a great and long overdue exit,together with disgruntled supporters…Viva La Pact

  53. King Solomon, senior citizen, when the time for change has come, it does not really matter whats at stake. America went for a black person just so they get away from the republicans, unbelieavable but it happened. We are voting RB out come rain come shine. I doubt if you two have even valid papers to leave your countries to come and vote, so chances your votes wont count you will just remain blog analysts. The time has come and the PACT is here

  54. LUSAKA TIMES, what is going on here? the topic at hand is about Mahtani quiting finance bank, why have you allowed the bloggers to stray. Is it because your Journalists are not competent enough to come up with a scoop so you just let bloggers bring news for you? Then dont restrict chaps like WALAI when he brings his bedroom escapades to the blog. By the way where is Walai today?

  55. Politics is about numbers and rate of voter conversion than insults in the tabloids or inactional micro blogging only.Its interesting to read the illusion of the so-called PACT victory inn the absence of any action on the ground.MMD and President Banda are busy building country wide webs of winning relations in a PACT with Zambians while two chronicle losers are digressing with the mechanism of marriage of convenience to nowhere.If not too busy rehearsing insults at the tabloid for a daily headline, they are placing orders for independent Campaign trails.

  56. The sad reality for the PACT is that Zambia is bigger than a tabloid editorial they are busy fighting for or Rajan Mathani they are worshipping.There are over a total of 72 districts, more than 100 Chiefdoms,150 constituencies and 9 provinces to canvass ruling votes from within few months yet still busy rehearsing insults. Like many other regions they believes they are defacto parties, Luapula is gone. Mmembe before RB visted the province fooled then that he would be stoned and see no one in receiption.But RB was innudated with massive crowds in solidarity wherever he turned to and no stone moved.The legion of deluded failures and hate mongers are confused.

  57. In Lusaka, the MMD provincial Chairman William Banda and the Head of state President Banda are seasoned Lusaka Grassroot political magnets.They are best informed of the political strata and demographics totally in their favour. They know better where fortunes and needs of the people are than cheap politics of insults and hatred.

  58. While Sata only knows Kawata and Hichilema a little connected in Chawama’s Hon Howard, Kuomboka and John Lang due to demographics, William Banda is better grounded in the political terrains of Matero, Chunga, Balastone, Ngwerere,6 miles, Kabanana, Chazanga, Mandevu, Chaisa, Chipata compound, Ng’ombe, Kalulu, Mazyopa, Mutendere, Bauleni, Misisi, Garden, OVER 260 members of the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development(UPND) yesterday defected to the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) in Lusaka’s Matero constituency.Its not stunning to see these flood of mass defections.

  59. I shudder to ponder on the quagmire of Sata’s reckless lies. PF is in big trouble on all fronts internal and external from disillusioned cadres and members promised miraclous prosperity of jobs,mansions, cars, gradiouse international scholarships and instant fat bank accounts with invested portfolios in all foreign corporations as long as you are their cadre that can insult RB. PF is in trouble with foreign mercenary debtors, and embattled Rajan Mathani to the political paradymn shifts whom Given Lubinda and Sata have turned into spokespersons for.

  60. 260 PF UPND pact members defect to MMD

    The defectors announced their cross-over at meetings which MMD Lusaka Province chairperson William Banda held with Matero Constituency residents.

    At a meeting held at Chingwere Basic School ground, 250 members of the PF and UPND joined the ruling party and 17 joined at Lilanda council ground near Lilanda market.

    Receiving the new members, Mr Banda said the defectors decided to crossover to the MMD because they had seen that it was a progressive party.

    He said the new members had been pressuring him to organise a ceremony where they could officially meet the MMD leaders.

    Mr Banda said the ceremony was held in Matero Township because the people of the area had also requested for a meeting.

  61. “We are a listening party. After we heard requests from the members of the public that they wanted to meet us, we decided to start consultative meetings so that together we can develop Lusaka Province,” he said.

    He said the call by the members of the public shows that Zambians are happy with the progressive leadership of President Banda.

    Mr Banda also urged the opposition to come to terms with the fact that former President Chiluba was the first MMD president and had a constitutional right to support a political party of his choice.

    Mr Banda urged the opposition to concentrate on the affairs of their parties instead of attacking Dr Chiluba.

    He said it was only normal for Dr Chiluba to support the MMD, a party he helped found in 1990.

  62. On allegations by the opposition that Dr Chiluba wanted to bounce back to the party leadership, Mr Banda said that the ruling party already has a leader in President Banda.

    Meanwhile, MMD deputy national treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima has urged Kafulafuta member of Parliament (MP) George Mpombo to hasten his alleged plan to resign from the MMD.

    Mr Mbulakulima said the MMD leadership is aware of Mr Mpombo’s plan to resign from the ruling party.

    He was speaking in Lufwanyama yesterday when he handed over 50 bicycles to MMD organs for the 2011 general election campaign.

    Mr Mbulakulima said Mr Mpombo is using the media to attack President Banda and his Government.

    He advised Mr Mpombo to reflect on his utterances.

  63. “Using the media will not help him. The best thing he can do is to resign from the party because we are aware of his intention to hold a press conference to announce his resignation,” he said.

    Mr Mbulakulima, who is also Copperbelt Minister, said Mr Mpombo can not attack President Banda and the government if he is a genuine member of MMD.

    When contacted, Mr Mpombo said he has no intention of resigning from the MMD because he wants to contest the party presidency at the national convention.

    “How can a presidential candidate resign from the party? Those are lies,” he said.

    The former Minister of Defence said he is not using the media to attack the President but is only reacting to attacks from MMD members who allegedly waged war against him.

  64. And Mr Mbulakulima urged MMD members in Lufwanyama to explain to the people the developmental projects that Government has implemented.

    Mr Mbulakulima said the PF-UPND pact is jittery about the ruling party’s popularity hence basing its campaigns on cheap propaganda.

    “The pact has got no direction, and this is the reason why it has not yet come up with a presidential candidate to date. MMD has President Banda,” he said.

    He called on MMD members in the area to stick to the ruling party because it has a vision for the country.

    Mr Mbulakulima said the MMD Government under President Banda’s leadership has done a lot in terms of development.

    He said the agricultural sector has been producing enough food and that the mining industry has been revitalised, resulting in…

  65. Senior citizen, there will be a bye election in the Eastern Province soon. That is considered an MMD strong hold, the home of RB. if the PACT wins that election that will put an end to this debate. Then every one will know that the end is near.

  66. Good Evening

    I can see that the headline story has meanwhile been displaced by a hardcore political debate dominated through a speech by Dr. Chiluba. It is always interesting to note how even on a non-political thread, there will at least be one or two politically charged comments.

  67. I cant wait for Sata to respond to these allegations? if he comes out clean then Chiluba would have actually propelled him to new heights. The plot would have backfired

  68. Please Bane, can someone tell Chiluba to Shut up, politics aside, he should be under taking humanitarian issues, is floods in the villages and not trying to play god of Zambian politics, that he is not after all we all know he was used a stooge in the making of MMD, he had no brains of his own, like his acceptance speech, Power is sweet, it said it all at the time and that is how he is being judged. Learn from other former presidents in most countries who merit being called former President and leave politics well alone. Your Ranting now will not convince anyone thjat you were a gopod president cos history speaks for it self.

  69. why should chiluba shut up. thats why we are a democracy and he every right to speak out especially when he is personally and directly attacked. you tell sata and HH also to shut up and focus on ssues instead of ranting every day with useless pronouncements. FTJ did his time and so he will always be second president of zambia whether you like it or not.

  70. Mahtani influences all major decisions at Finance Bank and in essence Finance Bank Board and Management are all puppets! Hence even after he -Mahtani put the bank in problems, the management ‘THANKED’ him on resigning!(lusaka times news).This is utter rubbish! No where in the world would a company’s board and management ‘thank’ an ‘accused’ executive on resigning, especially after the negative impact he/she made on the company-Finance Bank.

    Finance Bank should have “FIRED” Mahtani after the news of him stealing shares of ZPC was leaked! That would have restored legitimacy and confidence in the banks management and board!. The board and management waited until Mahtani went AWOL (absent without leave) and on his o

  71. # 64 (My TOYOTA is faulty), so is mine!

    But seriously, I came here interested in comments about Mahtani’s story, and here it gets seized by FTJ’s speech posted by a regular reader like you and me! And what’s worse, people thank him for it! For the sake of your reputation (LT), why not dedicate his pathetic speech it’s own space?

    I too will post hollywood trash gossip. Double standards if these guys delete it.

  72. In the 90’s Mathani had quit, or run away … when did he come back in the arena?
    Looks like it not the first time he is being persued..

  73. :-w…why is it that 99% of us bloggers are abroad?? Are Zambians in Zambia blind or immune to the ills in their society? Come on guys! you’re the ones on the gound. KAMBANI KONI!!!!

  74. y is it that we have 2 wait for police and others to start chassing these type of people when there was a warning a longtime ago now he has got no entry to state house he is worried the other one is musa of musa bakery he even bost that he knows top people in the police and the leagel dept now this is where RB should put a stop

  75. #9 what is your email? Perhaps you have not seen the document that has been doing the rounds and has all the allegations that mathani has to clear himself of.

    As for Mathani, this time around FTJ will finish you off.

  76. Senior Citizen,
    please act your age! They see chaona muzako chapita mawa chili paiwe. Who ever thought Chiluba would be full of praise for William Banda? Remember this is politics my guy.

  77. toyota voyi am here mune. woke up late bane. i can see people are complaining. awe guys if you want you can report me. i know you will all miss walai. there is no other like walai. i give fresh hope and views to bloggers. its a zambian thing to also discuss what is going on our lives. i love you guys , all of you, mwawumfwa? deuces bane. today am in a very low mood. twalimu fight nava madam besu. awe i hope it will be ok. deuces bane.
    walai blogging from toilet as wife has locked me in there.

  78. Waht a waste of time , even i inclued we are wasting time talking about the beef Chiluba has with Sata when we should be finding a succesor to RB. I have this ability to foretell the futur eif you will allow me. SATA AND HH, wil never be president of this country. SO lets find someone else.Yes Chibamba Kanyama.. very brite young man.

  79. Chiluba is back in the driving seat. He had deported mahtani to Zims. He is the power behind all these acusations. Chanitundila chili ndwiii:d

  80. Let Sata and FTJ fight on. These 3rd Termers should finish each other for our good. I am excited, seeing Sata and FTJ fight. Cant forget what they did at 3rd Term. Somebody should burry these guys alive.

  81. Mahtani had genuine deals with Zambezi portland but became greedy by faking the transfer of shares which he should have still negotitated and rightly obtained at an opportune time due to the loan he advanced to Zambezi.Now that FTJ is in good books with RB, FTJ has played his cards well and is sorting out Mahtani for good over the Carlington deal.There is no way Mahtani will get out of this mess coz he has no Govt support like before. This is a fight between FTJ and Mahtani.Time has caught up with him ….Wafwa ifyuma fyabu crook!

  82. QUESTION FTJ Chiluba must answer – If Sata is everything you say he is (in your Press Statement) than WHY DID YOU ASK ZAMBIANS TO VOTE FOR HIM IN THE 2006 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS? WHERE WAS YOUR HONOUR AND LOVE FOR ZAMBIA IN 2006?

  83. sata will never b prsident of zambia he is an oldman uneducated, polgamouse ,selfish leader, tribalist with a crooked mind, i wil not vote for u madman.

  84. 102!( MANJEEBO 11.) I wouldnt have described him any better…. “an oldman uneducated, polgamouse ,selfish leader, tribalist with a crooked mind.”

    On election day i would rather just sit home… noti ifyo- iyo!

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