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Friday, February 21, 2020

Michael Sata did indeed abuse K1.2bn in 1992—ACC

Headlines Michael Sata did indeed abuse K1.2bn in 1992—ACC

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has acknowledged investigating the matter involving Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata for financial misconduct involving K1.2 billion when he served as minister of Local Government and Housing.

Responding to a Press query in Lusaka yesterday, ACC director general Godfrey Kayukwa admitted that when Mr Sata served as Local Government and Housing minister in 1992, he allegedly directed his officers to place the funds into a special 45 days investment account at Standard Chartered Bank contrary to financial regulation number 10 of 1992.

“I wish to confirm that the case of suspected corruption and abuse of office by Mr Sata was thoroughly investigated by the ACC in 1992 and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for consent to prosecute, which was not given. Therefore, the matter was closed in 1993,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kayukwa.

He said after investigating the matter, the ACC recommended to the DPP that Mr Sata should be prosecuted for abuse of office and for corrupt practices contrary to Statutory Instrument number 210 of 1987 under the Corrupt Practices Act.

The Act requires disclosure by public officers of interest in contracts and proposed contracts.

On Wednesday former PF secretary general Edward Mumbi said he would petition any attempt by Mr Sata to contest the Republican presidency because he had a questionable trait.

According to information obtained by the Times of Zambia a report was even submitted to the President by the ACC on the alleged misconduct.

Upon receipt of the request for prosecution of Mr Sata, the DPP referred the matter to the Attorney General under the provision of Article 56(6) of constitution of Zambia.

No reasons were given by the attorney general for his decision not to prosecute the matter.

[Times of Zambia]

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  1. The trouble with Zambian politics & its architects…Only now that’s when you are realising 18-years down the line…what a shame…This shows RB’s desparation

  2. Iyo mulelwisha to stop the man from standing- First Degree, and now diggig the archives? But dont forget that even Rupiah Banda had abused office when he served in Unip GRZ. You say Sata cannot win the election but at the same time you want to stop him from contesting, mwe bantu which is which?

  3. Was aware of this office abuse and corrupt act by Serpet Cobra Sata in 1992 and his cold war contender then president, FTJ protected him when late Mwanawasa, May The Gallant Hero Rest In Peace wanted the Serpet Cobra prosecuted. But, why ACC revealing now, its water which already passed the bridge. Again if they feel Sata must be prosecuted, why now and not then? ACC, go for the guys mentioned in AG’s report and not old stories. Anyhow, this makes Sata a more controvercial presidential candidate because of his past. We yet to hear more about the Serpet Cobra Sata.

  4. Now consipiracy is at its best dispaly, I have never seen so much hate in my life directed at one person and in this case I mean directed at Mr Sata. I think the instruments of power (the government) now know with certainty that Mr. Sata is likely to be the next President hence these attacks on him. I know one thing though if God has ordained that this man will lead Zambia no one will succeed at any attempts to stop this man. I pray to be alive at the time of the next elections so that I can witness what will manifest. Mulekeni umwine ateke bakateka baichushafye

  5. Are you aware that you may be sued for this? The ACC failed to prove its case, or the DPP was compromised. But to claim that he abused the funds when you did not take him to court is outright libel. What the ACC should be discussing is why the DPP failed to prosecute the case

  6. Statute of limitation. 1992, who was the President again? Probably we should try to find out who stopped the prosecution if not FTJ.

  7. there is no reason to doubt that Sata committed this corrupt activity. what is coming out of this story is how corrupt Chiluba’s regime was.why did director of public prosecutions and attorney general fail to prosecute? because Chiluba and all the other presidents protect their own until they fall out of favour. it has taken almost 20 years for Sata to fall out of favour with Chiluba and now Chiluba says Sata stole in 1992. something must be put in place to compel these thugs to observe the law. if it was up to them we would rather have no law.

  8. Now I know everyone in Government is scared that Mr. Sata is likely to be elected in 2011 hence these attacks on him. I am watching the episodes unfolding

  9. What about our incumbent..?..Is he squeaky clean..?…And who was the presido at the time who received this report.?…This all reeks of double standards.
    ….I doubt whether it’s appropriate for the ACC to publicly disclose individual cases in this manner.

  10. With compelling evidence on files, some closed dockets of embattled corrupt and polygamous Sata to be petitioned by concerned patriots keen to get them reopened for prosecution.

  11. Kwena mulifipuba imwe,……….were where you all this time, were was Mwanawasa who ditained him for stealing motor vehicle. MMD bring more if posible twice a day so that you make him more popular.

  12. .A civil case defendant who has dully received judicial clearance or acquittal by the courts of law or indeed at the discretion of the DPP following a comprehensive prosecution process, would be undergoing double jeopardy if redrawn back to court over the same case. This is what Sata want to see the judiciary cleared Chiluba go through at against norms of judicial process. Different from Sata’s case is that he was found guilty and the DPP recommended his full prosecution. Revisiting his case would therefore not be a matter of double jeopardy because he did not go through the prosecution process he was supposed to. Citizens have constitutional and moral rights to drag him into the DPP recommended docket. Our constitution has no clause that prohibits reopening of incomplete docket.

  13. I wish to confirm that the case of suspected corruption and abuse of office by Mr Sata was thoroughly investigated by the ACC in 1992 and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for consent to prosecute, which was not given. Therefore, the matter was closed in 1993,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kayukwa.
    Meaning he was Innocent or [email protected])@-)@-)@-)

  14. There is indisputable evidence of corruption to get Sata a conviction as intelligently found by the DPP.
    Account larding is illegal.

  15. African politics. :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?. Sata is real a big threat this time.So every stone must be turned to STOP him.

  16. African politics. :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?. Sata is real a big threat this time.So all gimmicks must be employed to STOP him.

  17. Senior Citizen
    You have more problems where you are right now,the AG’s report on the missaplication of funds in the US embassy is still fresh,you are a very small fish,you will be squashed like a filthy fly,mind you,you are nothing in the corridors of power,your job is propaganda,reading news and a cader,being a press officer in the embassy is probably the highest job you will ever have,when time to purge that emabssy comes,you will be the first to go because of your insignificance

  18. Can some one tell me what Chiluba was doing by then ??????????????????????? why was Sata not proscuted that was 1992 AND THIS IS 2010 WHAT WERE THEY WAITING FOR????? IF HE REALLY COMMITED A CRIME HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN JAILED:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:d/:d/:d/:d/ THIS IS BULSHIT NOW. I KNOW ALAABEE WANTS TO WIN BUT MWACHITA OVER!!!! MULETUBEPA BASWINE

  19. Stop dreaming you MMD, who was the president at that time this are desperate measures and you not gonna get it you loose and he won nomater what you do you gone guys. What about those in AG report and why now.

  20. I can see that some people can not sleep now, the King Kobra has really kept you running iyi yena ni Thamanga!!!!!. if its Sata it’s HH. Slowly this is becoming unbecoming it just show how desperate you are the BwezCarders. If I was a Ndoshi I was going to lowa you all ( yemyemdeee carders)

  21. Been investigated is not a crime because anyone can be investigated. What is important is the outcome of such investigations. From the look of things the DPP and AG saw no merit in this case. The best therefore is to keep quiet about it. If it had any merit am sure Levy would have pounced on it to deal with the Cobra. ACC should apply themselves to the recent Auditor General revealations and not non issues that happened 20 years ago.

  22. No one would listern to this innuendo. Govt is trying every oppoturnity to stop him but mwachepa sana. We know who to vote for and please not Movement for Mad Dogs. MMD

  23. Smoothcriminal,

    If for over 2 years now you have lamentably failed to identify who and where this simple SC is, how can you manage to deconstruct and dislodge MMD??? You must be a cheap pick pocket thief and not a theatrical Smooth criminal. FYI, I’m based over a 1000 miles away from DC with my American Business school education handsomely rewarding me yet you keep exposing your ignorance without shame before the LT Honchos. While you are vainly belaboring to smear innocent BK I have never even met, this SC just cleared his Composite exams and now set for my Graduate school Dissertation. Keep dreaming until I employe.I hope you are not just blogging but working hard towards your personal development.

  24. Imwe, the most corrupt government was that of the hero. Check out the auditor’s report and check who was in control.Viva Sata viva Pact. 2011 Mwadiya Mweka Daddy has to go.
    Imwe the hero would have jumped at this opportunity if really Sata had any case to answer. common now, read in between the lines. First the FTJ press conference and now the money issue. This is all politicking in the camp of incumbant.[-(

  25. What is this now? Desperation? We have real cases of the London judgement and FTJ’s spouse (Mrs Mpundu Chiluba) pending in court, why not deal with these first?

  26. If you want to bring about old corruption cases, then you need to table Rupiah`s cases as well. He was a dumb corrupt public officer. It is only that he is being protected by presidency, but for how long?

  27. Senior Citizen,
    I dont know what you mean diconstruct and dislodge MMD, i for sure know were you are and where you blog from,you should put more security on your home PC and ask your ISP to change/hide your IP address and at your office ask the guys in IT to use NAT or a Proxy server,then maybe you will be able to hide,otherwise you are a lame duck,very exposed.Who’s BK,dont remember mentioning BK in any of my posts,so whats your comment on tha AG’s report

  28. 17
    Senior Citizen says:
    February 26, 2010 at 9:17 am(There is indisputable evidence of corruption to get Sata a conviction as intelligently found by the DPP.).

  29. You guys in Zambia can you help me understand? Was this the reason why a number of MMD gun slingers like Mwanawasa, Mungomba and Chitala resigned? Mwanawas always referred to Sata as being corrupt. Who was the DPP? Who was the AG? The fact that the case was not prosecuted does not mean that it cannot be revived. Remember that Sata was NOT acquited therefore he may still have a case to answer. Was Chiluba waiting to use this against him one day? Is this the reason Sata backed Chiluba to the hilt? “Remember the chicken you ate bwana!” And where was that paper that digs deeper? About RB, if he was corrupt was he ever investigated?

  30. BA PF cadre They DON’T what to KNOW anything BAD about there PRESIDENT. Just wait see and hear, MORE IS COMMING OUT. by the time it is 2011, HH would be the only man standing in the PACK. SATA is a finished 1932 BMW just forget about him.

    I AM surprised that PF cadres ARE SAYING whatever wrong SATA did is history, AND WE SHOULD JUST MOVE ON. even CHILUBA wrongs are HISTORY, so lets forget about them

  31. As far as I can read in all this, RB comes out smelling of Roses. Chiluba and Sata are in the mire and both men will be destroyed irreparably politically, but Chiluba has nothing to lose. Sata will have a hill to climb to get out of this mess. There will only be 2 real men standing in 2011 and that is HH and RB, Oh! and probably 1 woman! Those of you who are anti RB, try and turn this round, and imagine that it was Sata who was President and RB was the contender with this history. Can you put your hand on your heart and say that Sata would have let this pass?

  32. Smoothcriminal,

    Your long failure is espoused in the the baseless Embasy mantra you have kept yapping about. Though ignored through and through i occassionally take my time to laugh at how handcapped you.Where i’m there is no foreign mission whatever yet you keep embarrassing yourself that i’m at the mission.And what is that Press attache nonsense job or the Record spinning background you keep waffling about? Don’t talk of IT when you have no clue better keep your blind sycophancy for your embattled polygamous leader.It may happen that i have a verify advance IT background than some of you chaps.There is no way a IT guru would be waffling about DC job location when SC is over 1000 miles away.I may even be better at Datamining skills than you who has failed for over 2 years.

  33. Its public knowlegde that Senior citizen is BK and BK stands 4 Ben Kangwa who is a Press Officer at the embassy.BK as much we disagree with u i personally accept that u are merely doing what yr masters in lusaka sent u there 4,and this is how u earn yr bread but unfortunately u on the wrong/losing side.Pipo need change,MMD has failed and its time to go.

  34. IT as though SATA is SATAn Every PF cadres is READY TO Follow him ANYWHERE even to HELL.

    True I am pro RB, but I think HH is the best option for this country, man NOT SATAn

  35. RB stands out as the unparallel inspirational statesman with diplomacy, reason, moral credence, patriotism, tolerance and altruisism at heart. He comes out too distant from the embattled polygamous thuggery Sata only perfected in insults, defamation, lies, incorrigible hatred all all moral departure we can think of. Its like Sata’s lack of education only left him with an irredemable behavior.

  36. #41better
    I totally agree with you. In actual fact all cadres are blind to the bad things about their leaders. When are we going to be objective so that we see wrong as wrong and right as right without having to shield people? Chiluba has been acquited by court but the pact say they will take him back to court! Under what law? They have never heard of double jeopardy? But, Mr Sata here, was NEVER tried and more than that the DPP never entered a nolle either. If even people who have a nolle entered can still be taken back to court like Bulaya, why cant Mr Sata? If people really want justice, they must take this man to court and only the court will prove his innocence. The chickens have come home to roost for the Cobra!!!!!

  37. Senior citizen is a twit…He probably has no papers to leave the US hence his frustration at not having the chance to vote in Zed. MMD will not win with RB find a suitable candidate not that man who speaks like someone is squeezing his nuts.

  38. #48 abena libala south
    I am speaking, relatively. RB’s corruption is not in public domain. The only thing that Kaunda accused him of was that he once produced a list of foreign service appointees which was ‘biased’ towards easterners. Kaunda thought that was tribalistic. That is not a criminal offence, but it is arguable that RB is tribalist. The Post newspaper used this aginst him and still do whenever an appointee has an Eastern sounding name.

  39. Please what ever support you have for Sata you must be careful alot of damage has been done to him and the pact has alot work to do on this people do not be blinded otherwise MMD will have the last laugh Chiluba knows Sata inside out, Sata should stop those insults and go another route other wise he will not match Chiluba remember he was his boss for ten years he knows alot about him why do you think Sata is trying to hid behind the same courts that he so much condems? People do not be single minded the pact needs to do alot of PR !

  40. The fact is this Shikapwasha is a frustrated general who if he had taken Zambia to war against a country like DRC we would have lost…VJ is a liability…. Mulongoti I can’t understand why he stands by RB when he can do better by himself. The only reason Chiluba wants RB aside from the obvious that he seeks protection is the fact that he know he can control RB better so we are more than likely to have one of those deja vu experiences if RB is given a secon term… Mangani is a teacher who has been thrown a life line as Home Affairs Minister & can’t believe his new found fortune…MMD had so much potential to develop Zed but they lost it the moment they put their personal wealth agenda first…Am actually surprised how they have embraced a man from UNIP in RB & think he will liberate us.

  41. It was Chiluba who shielded Sata from prosecution so he also needs to be prosecuted for blocking the due course of the law

  42. It took us 27-years to boot out a system that was pushed us into a failed state…It shouldn’t take us another 27 years to get rid of MMD & its failed policies…The opposition should galvanise itself & let MMD know that going to bed with a UNIPIST is the biggest mistake to ever happen. Now that Mwanawasa has died that’s when some ministers are speaking out saying RB is not obliged to carry on the legacy left by the late president? We just need a new movement of Youth to change the course of our country like we did when we invented our own music & now it is being exported in countries throught out SADC. Power to the Youth.

  43. #17 is a jealous character and pretender.
    # 40 chiluba az done more hum 2 this country than king cobra.
    cn u point at n thing that sata did and brot safring of zambians,apart chiluba and mmd.
    sata has never been a president of this nation.
    so pliz sincere and sata wnts to be a president to change things for the first time.

  44. #53 Abwenzi
    You should stop this UNIP mantra now. It is a scratched vynil record. There is no one in politics today who was not in UNIP. The fact that RB took so long to leave should be taken in his favour rather than against him> Why? It shows that he is not an opportunist but loyalist. He sticks with his party to the end. Most of those who jumped on the MMD bandwagon as soon as it came up in 1990, where are they now? A good captain is the last to bail out of a sinking ship!

  45. Sata supporerts, shame on you. This cobra is dirty. Period. He screems corruption on other every day, now c? Now u canot even look at facts: He is dirty.

  46. #43 Senior Citizen
    I must have struck a raw nerve! if you read my posts,i never said you are a Press Attache’ neither did i mention anythn to do with spinning records(DJ), nor did i mention BK who to my knowledge someone has just said is Ben Kangwa,wayamba kuziulula ka LMFAO!!! I said press officer,now Press Attache sounds more like it,(diplomatic language),spinning records instead of news reader,sweeet
    You can have a good background in IT but atleast i know who and where you are

  47. IF RB, was as DIRTY AS SATA, the POST would have been having a NICE TIME WITTING ABOUT THIS DIRT, but the man PAST is not as DIRTY.


    the Other Thing PF CADRES BLOGS are full of INSULTS AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE , WHY IS IT SO. can anybody help me to get answers

  48. Untill time for Generation change dawns on us in 2016 after RB’s second and final tenure, 2011 election has no alternative candidate and party but RB and his mass party ruling MMD.Yes democracy dictate that MMD should have space for opposition politics.To this call, titular goose chasing circus parties like PF and UPND led by embattled gang leaders are enjoying the fantasy drive unabatedly to nowhere.

  49. #55 Abwenzi
    Your puerile thinking is astounding! Don’t you know that Zambia has always been led by the youth? Kaunda was 30 years old when he became leader in Northern Rhodesia politics and 38 when he became Prime Minister and 40 when he became President. Chiluba was in his 30s when he was an active Trade Unionist and 48 when he became second President. Mwanawasa was an UNZASU president at UNZA before he graduated as a lawyer. He was Solicitor General in his 30s and 43 as VP. Nevas Mumba, Vernon Mwanga and RB were young too. All showed immaturity that has cost us so much. They learned on the job! This is the first time in our history that we have had a geriatic person becoming President. RB is now wise for his age.

  50. Smoothcriminal,

    Dream on as blank as you.Between you and i, If you want lets do a dangerous cyber simulation forefeiting our rights of privacy just to prove who knows what he is talking about.I challenge you that you know nothing about SC and you will remain blank as you have proved.But if stepped, you will be crying that i have stripped and endangered you against all norms of privacy.

  51. The survival of the pact is being tasted and i doubt if the pact will survive considering that it is only HH and a few friends that defected to PF.This is just pg1 of the dossier mind u. The second dose will knock even the hardest PF cadre to the floor.ABASH VIGILANTES

  52. RB is trying to stop the PACT… but sorry, too late kuya bebele!!!

    VIVA PACT… in 2011 even if it were to be; MMD vs a frog, I’d vote for the frog!!!

  53. #57 The Saint, Your knowledge of RB is feable. He is an opportunist…I have to refer to him as UNIP coz if he was principled like you claim he is he should have remained UNIP till his death…By allowing him to rule under the MMD banner, we are indirectly allowing a party that took us to a point of political abyss. UNIP failed because it overstayed its welcome. RB was almost going bankrupt at his farm along the Chiparamba RD… His sons whom I know very well were based in SA at the moment & when he became president they all left to come & do one thing & one thing only. Squander & plunder state resourced…So RB I have not respect for him & his UNIP manners. I wished MMD’s NEC can allow that RB be challenged he would lose fair & square. It’s a pity they have surpressed this debate

  54. I have known RB from the days of yore and I can vouch that the man has got better in old age. He is like a good wine that has matured in the dark cellars. He has changed. The days he spent in political exile on his farm in Chiparamba helped him think about the real issues in life. He has had to deal with personal tragedies in the deaths of those he loved. He is by far the best of all the leaders. I have known Mr Sata too. He has not changed a bit. In actual fact he has become more vicious as his blood thirstiness for power has grown. His wife Christine, now shuns the limelight as she feels the embarassment. It is your call Zambia. You see these people from a distance. Listen to those who truly know them.

  55. That aside, my gist of the matter here is to zero on matters of public value than individuals.i’m not easily diverted. The fragile PF-UPND PACT of the mouth’s politics have lamentably failed to articulate and sell any line of policy arguement that details why they are better than RB and his MMD.Instead, their politics have been evolving around insults and hatred.Such is not what i render my support to.Through and through RB has proved to mean well in all his selfless undertakings.He has ended years of polarization, individualism, tribalism, chauvinism and uncertainity.By all logic, he has my support all the way to his second and final term innauguration.


  57. Recently, Mr Sata warned that there would be a revolution in Zambia and that, because of the floods in Lusaka. Lusaka floods almost every 3 to 5 years from time immemorial. This is a well known fact, because it is stiing on limestone a porous but easily saturated bedrock. The flood cycle follows the El Nino (little boy) Pacific weather pattern. This man was Governor of Lusaka and Minister of Local Govt. What did he do to help sort out the flooding problem? Nothing! Now he is in opposition, he blames a man who has been in power for only 2 years! This opportunism is stinking.

  58. ya ama politics awe. any way ni friday lelo, iye elo salary nayi yingila mu account bane. but ba madam is pregnant so apa am just looking for ka excuse to go out uwushiku bane. chile lila lelo bane. but fyama gelo nalileka. mmm lelo i decided to use bus bane, elo ifivysihe fima chavs(uk kaponyaz), fya yisa fyatampa ukunya ifishupa just to irritate ama passenger, elo chimo his even pointing ati it must be me whose doing, elo umo ukuforcina chimo ichi shupu ayisa ayi nyelawiya, yaya bane, nachi seka, bus drver stoped bus, and chased avayiche, the boy went holding jeans, ya awe nizee bane.deuces bane.:)>-
    this is when they are knwoing ati sata ni kawolala, sata a man who can steal his own thoughts. awe nizee.

  59. #68 ba Seniori, Stop hero worshiping this RB he is human like you are. He is not made of Presidential timber. How is the PF-UPND Pact fragile? What facts are you basing your conclusions on? Stop this fallacy of generalisation & the sooner you realise that PF & UPND have a role to play in Zambian politics at the present moment the better. Off course, I don’t like indiviudualism, persona politics, tribalism, nepotism & all the vices that hinder good governance, progress & development. But you make it look like RB is “pure” or is he?? Maybe in your eyes he is but if that’s the case then there is no truth in your individual self.

  60. I believe in institutional politics than individualism of personality cult. leaders come and leaders go but politics anchored on institutional values is for the people.MMD has had 3 leaders while its values have been institutionally systemic. PF is founded on one man politics. Sata is Pf and PF is Sata with every follower there as blindly loyal disciples.There is no intellectual individualism but group sycophancy in PF.

  61. #69 Abwenzi
    You may be right in that we need the younger people to take over and perhaps they may bring something good out of this. But, you are not listening to what I am saying. It is not youthfulness that solves the problems in a country. On the contrary, the best leaders in history are those who do so in old age. Read your history books. The worst leaders are those who start young and grow old on the job. These are professional career politicians and lose touch with the life outside politics. Young leaders are naive and you can see that in the bright Obama right now. In 8 years time, Obama will be out of office and believe me, there will be a lot he will say about, “I should have done that differently.”

  62. #69 you are right bro. I supported Bwezi during the the last election and within months i regreted.Mismanaged exchange rates,high inflation ,mealie meal shortages,withdrawing of wingfall tax and strikes by nurses made me doubt whether we are headed in the right direction but the COBRA and HH are out of the question for me.THE THIRD FORCE IS BADLY NEEDED.

  63. Stop making noise here. If all zambian politicians were to be investigated, none would come out clean. So stop thi nonsense of splashing mud on each other’s face.

  64. ALL ZAMBIANS ARE COWARDS…that is the only reason we are all still alive!!! the only ones that deserve praise or honour are those that did EXTRA-ORDINARY things for the greater good of others eg: Freedom Fighters…Honestly you people on this forum don’t get the picture! We can write, swear, and curse all we want, this will not change the facts. When you do too much analysis you end up becoming too theoretical with no decisions being made. Thats is why this country is stuck in a rut and cannot just develop regardless of the levels of educations. We need decision makers, people with a backbone, people who can perform without costing the nation more than is necessary. WE NEED THE GOVERNMENT MACHINERY TO BE CLEANED UP AND POLICED!!!!

  65. These are matters we can debate beyond dialectic thinking on a leveled ground.Sata talks of revolution, charisma and Nationalism all philosophical issues he liitle understands.I look at him in the prism of the Master’s slave heading towards the synthesis of communism.

  66. “he allegedly directed his officers to place the funds into a special 45 days investment account at Standard Chartered Bank contrary to financial regulation number 10 of 1992”

    At least Government earned some interest on said funds rather than laying in a non interest earning current account GOOD Common Sense Ba SATA.

  67. #63 Senior Citizen
    Whats Cyber Simulation got to do with your privacy,bet you dont even know what cyber simulation is,i see you are hallucinating now,old man,when it comes to cyberspace,you dont have any rights to privacy,i sniffed both into your systems at home and work at 2419 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
    Washington, DC 20008-2851, United States,what you gon do about,wait till someone at OOP knows about your cover,you can run but you cant hide

  68. Sata is dirty how can you have a cobra as a president he will spit at anyone at will. He can not be trusted period PF cadres you man is finished he is too old to cope with the current political scenarios he has outlived his usefulness.

  69. Thats why Zambians are really poor.. Someone shows financial common sense, placing excess funds in 45days fixed deposit account an ***** calls it a crime, when actually he’s done two things .. Safeguarded the K1.2b from other MMD criminals that wanted their hands on it as Fixed Term Contract doesnt allow breach without significant loss to client. 2ndly, as inflation was high at the time, he partially hedged against loss of value in USD terms as the project for which the funds were probably needed only after 2 months when the project would begin.. and as usual in Zambia we import everything .. in hard currency.. so failure to hedge safely would and meant insufficient funds for project.. SENIOR CITIZEN, THE SAINT & Amigos.. THINK FOR A CHANGE!!.. ACC never questioned his Motives!!!

  70. Banks were offering as much 40% pa interest at the time of hyper inflation.. kwacha was losing value in real terms day by day.. If MOFED / GVT treasury werent going to HEDGE against it, SATA, who understood the Financial market turbulence wasnt going to Sit by.. Actually.. Ive even higher respect for SATA as I had no idea the he was actually financially conservative and Savvy.. He’s definately won my vote.. With this guy in charge.. I think we could actually prosper in addition to the minimum 9% mineral royaty we’ll enact in line with other developing regional countries want to do.. Yippeee!!! who said you need school to know this!!!!

  71. Putting GRZ funds in a personal account on record is a prosecutable crime.Sata invested for personal interest gain.We understand PF kaponya failed simple compression.Public funds in a Personal account is criminal.

  72. It seems idiocy is the only thing Zambian institutions know. The police are not independent, the Judiciary is compromised even the so called ACC is politically driven. 18 years down the line, the case of Sata as having abused his office at the time is now being brought up helped by a disgrunted former head of state Chief Plunderer Chiluba. Who doesnt know the Namboard saga of Rupiah. Is it the same thing happening with Chiluba case then as to why the DPP opted not to appeal? Why is ACC in the 4front unlike DPP to say why this case was not taken to court? Idiocy as I said, wo’t be surprised if political opponents are assassinated if govt continue with their desperation to use any arsenal possible to silence Sata or any other opposition. Shame

  73. Sata he protect that money for a stete to made a profit out of it and to safe guard it from plunders MMD and he manage to finish his projects with the same money thats why they can not prosecute him as there his no misapropertion of funds and thats smart than putting it in your own pocket

  74. We’ve got a Chiluba case that the govt lost. Chiluba has got money in the govt account, how ca you explain such a thing? If Sata had put money in another account, and profited, he should have been arrested. But how can you antagonise one like Chiluba with 80 million dollars plus in a govt account and not being arrested for that because he hasn’t accounted for where he amassed that money putting into account how much he was paid with the Sata issue. ACC tell us about Chiluba putting money in a govt account, never heard such a thing only in sheepish Zambian standards.

  75. #86 Senior Citizen .. YOU LIE like FTJ RB, Shikapwasha, Mabenga etc.. Where is it written that SATA placed the Funds in his ” Personal ” account ???? All he did was authorise the move of funds from Ministry “CALL” account to Ministry “FIXED DEPO” account (called FD’s in Banking).. An seeing you’re very ignorant in banking practice, procedure & law let me help you a bit.. Bank dont take deposits from any JIM and JACK just like that.. 2m dollars (Kwacha equiv then) would have had to be cleared through BOZ and through Secretary to the Treasury Min Of Finanace.. SATA would not have BEEN the SOLE SIGNATORY ON THE CALL account the funds were coming from and teh Bank require all relevant People to sign off per Power of Attorney submitted with request to open FD.

  76. #86 Senior Citizen.. or should I call you Ignorant Senior Citizen.. Financial Systems and moving of funds, even personal funds don’t work the way you think like you walking into your bedroom and getting cash from you Suite pocket.. no.. Transactions levels, regulatory limits and clearances all come into play.. Anyway.. I rest my case.. The amount involved was to large then ($2m equivalent) and He could not have moved that money without sign off from Min of Finnace or knowledge there of..

  77. Digga I’m kinda an Engineer myself but did a bit of accounting when I was at college. What’ve written kinda makes sense thus the reason why there was no case at all against him. Having said that I hope this so-called grumppppy “senior citizen” will take a leaf and at least be constructive one day on issues affecting our country. It is not an MMD country nor that for PF-UPND pact. If the pact are rubbish, e’ve got every reason to denounce their evil deeds. So Bane be constructive sometime, look at the bigger picture don’t just be a nitwit of some sort.

  78. Digga, I don’t know much about Banking except that they keep my salary, but can you tell us whether the Minister is in order to handle directly or indirectlymonies in their Ministry? I thought that was the job of the Comptroller (The PS)? Interfering with the work of the civil servants at the Ministry is what put Dora in hot water. The charge as I understand it correctly, was ‘abuse of office’ not ‘theft.’ Which means that the Minister did what was not in his power under the law to do. As for those commending him for ‘gaining interest for GRZ,’ wasn’t this the ‘common sense’ that got Dora The Post’s ire? Rules are writen for a purpose and sometimes they are not ‘common sense.’

  79. Sata is better if he steals this way. some of them will get the money instead of profiting from it and pay back what is due.if Chiluba and others did the same, they could have paid back the money but for them they ate instead of profiting through the interest generated.
    GO Sata Go PACT 2011 here Sata and HH come better to steal the profit than the whole investment:)>-:d

  80. # 95 #95

    so you are accepting that leaders should steal and benefit from Public money. VERY SAD STORY. This has become like 1991, only those who were there can remember

    This is the KIND OF materiel that IS IN ZAMBIA NOW like # 95 very disappointing. or maybe the is not even in zambia

  81. Following “Responding to a Press query in Lusaka yesterday, ACC director general Godfrey Kayukwa admitted that when Mr Sata served as Local Government and Housing minister in 1992, he allegedly directed his officers to place the funds into a special 45 days investment account at Standard Chartered Bank contrary to financial regulation number 10 of 1992“, I am glad that data on the criminal behaviour of Mr PF MC Sata is coming out. I hope those vested with power will do the right thing over Mr Sata’s planned standing for 2011 elections.

    I am looking forward to reading more on this data not only on online newspapers and blog posts but on ZNBC and the print media like POST Newspaper and Times of Zambia.

    Have a nice day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the…


  83. Senior citizen and maestro. You guys sound as if you are knowledgeable enough but your contributions are fake. I dont think the issue Mr Sata directing his staff to place the ministrial funds in some fixed deposit account when he served as local government minister is that serious compared to one where one claims he deposited money from unknown friends in the government account and made his friend a sole signatory. Mr Sata never went to draw that money for personal use neither did he buy any tailored suit for himself or paid for chilufya’s education from that account. This pure dirty politicking on the part of MMD. You guys are dead scared of the cobra just because he promised to be prosecuted once they come in to power. Why are so afraid if you are correct things? People will decide.

  84. i have never seen a former Head of State as useless as Kafupi.
    The politics in Zambia have been brought to such a low level,foolish people like William Banda,thieves like Kafupi and his concubine, are dominating our politcs.why cant this little thing called chiluba help govt raise money to mitigate against disasters like the current floods.Cant he emulate greaty Statesmen like Carter,Mandela,Clinton,Kaunda,and even recently GW Bush.Instead Kafupi is hallucinating.
    And MMD stop abusing the public media.Someone commented that they have never come across such a partisan national media like ZNBC,TIMES OF ZAMBIA,DAILY MAIL.

  85. MMD days are numbered.They have wrecked this country,and they will be shown the door come 2011,no doubt about it.The young have been mobilsed by the PACT to drive the change.MMD will be more shocked than KK in 1991.Let them spend time on useless stories.We all know who Rupiah is and what he stands for.Within MMD,are good men and women who are embarrased by what their party is doing and how low it has sunk.They espouse no values at all.They have dragged Zambia to the stoneage.

  86. This is good mwe bantu, start with Chiluba since he was president and did not take action. By the way guys this issue of K1.2 billion has been there all along, unless you are new in Zambian politics. Why do we keep going back to this issue every election, why not just proscute him if you have enough evidence.

  87. Kadamu Kadamu do not worry much for the truth is being revealed and Mr Sata MC of the PF has to clear his name before the Chief Justice on Nomination Day if he cant clear it now should the PF-UPND PACT or PF choose him as 2011 presidential candidate.

    Have a good day my friend.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  88. Criminal FTJ has been using this case as abite against cobra for a long time. Criminal would even press the file in front of the Cobra whenever he wanted a favour. Cobra could even knee down for fear of proscution.


  90. Did Banda benefit from his wife’s Ghost Worker Salaries? Stating that RB stands out as the straight on eon this blog is as being damn as one can be. Just in case you have forgotten, RB was MD for Namboard and how much did he pocket grinding that company to a halt? When his wife was stealing from the government putting that money in their joint account, are you guys saying Banda was not part of that scheme to steal from the poor masses? The case of Sata must be checked with the PS of the time. How did the PS who receives the funds for the ministry let the money go into another account?

  91. Its friday bane,go have a drink,release some stress,take your women out,have fun
    Ghost Dawg,big up son…deuces:)>-
    Senior Citizen,dont take it personal,its business,im off to do some budweiser
    DEUCES :)>- katwishi nefyo fipilibula fima deuces,Walai ntwenu wandetelela we ka shetani


  93. #60 Betters. Simple. Answer is birds of the same feather flock together. Sata insults, so dont be surprised that his cadres are full of insults. This cannot be coincidence.

    Sta was shielded by FTJ in 1992. Period. What we need now is to set up an Inquiry Committe that will find out what exactly happened so that it doesnt happen again. The President, the AG and the DPP failed the country. This investigation will not necessarily be after Sata but after closing the loop that allows such interference to happen. As we speak they could be happening under RB, and may have happend under LPM. We dont want that do we?

    And if Sata has a case, let the law take it’s course. It may also be that FTJ will have a case for shielding Sata.

  94. If you recall,Sata as Minister had to find ways for local government to operate efficiently,so with powers he had putting money for it to gain interest is done in any government industry,RB you are fool to think you are digging old issues,when he was Minister do you think he did not research?he’s smarter than you think,read local government act 0f 91 section 45 you fools and it is outlined there……

  95. Why did the DPP refer the matter to the Attorney General? And who was Attorney General then? Was it the same Bonaventure Mutale who is PF lawyer?

  96. 118 responses saying “water under the bridge” shows how much people are dissapointed to hear the facts about Sata. We make believe that he is a saint when in reality we have blocked our minds from seeing the truth. Never-the-less, the bible says “the truth shall set you free”. Zambia can do better than vote for recycled theives posing to be liberators of poverty yet failing to deal with fellow theiving city councils who have abandoned their electorate in floods. Shame!

  97. Pipo shud know Sata abused his office .the facts are there.Ask the Ministry of Health you get more details what he did at Ndola Central Hospital on the purchase of curtains.Facts are there.

  98. This man cant be a president with such abuses of women and money.He has a trail of scandals. He has lost clearly, bad luck.

  99. Embattled polygamous Sata’s crimes to be revisited per 1992 DPP commitment.


    The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Lusaka Province has petitioned Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani to ensure that opposition Patriotic Front (PF) President Michael Sata is investigated and prosecuted for alleged diverting public funds amounting to K1.2billion into a 45 day special personal investment account at Standard Chartered Bank against the Government public finance Banking Act.

  100. In November 1992 Mr. Sata during his tenure as Local Government and Housing Minister, was investigated by the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) for allegedly diverting public funds amounting to K1.2billion into a 45 day special personal investment account at Standard Chartered Bank contrary to the Ministry of Finance circular number 10 of 1992.

    Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today MMD Lusaka Province Chairperson William Banda said the Ministry of Home Affairs should investigate because to date the docket to prosecute Mr. Sata is still active.

    Mr. Banda said the docket is still active notwithstanding the recommendations by the ACC that Mr. Sata be prosecuted for abuse of office and corrupt practices.

  101. He said the MMD in Lusaka would not rest until Mr. Sata is investigated and prosecuted for abuse of office and corrupt practices.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Banda further petitioned Mr. Mangani to investigate who owns the Luxury buses ABG 6159 and ZB 4 at Intercity bus stations and whose licence they are operating on.

    He said the buses are allegedly owned by Mr. Sata adding that the PF Leader should explain to the Zambians as to why he is running his businesses and owning property in other people’s names.

    Mr. Banda questioned if it was a deliberate ploy to avoid paying taxes adding that Mr. Sata cannot be trusted to run the affairs of the country.

  102. And about 50 Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Members have since defected to the ruling MMD.

    Representative of the defectors William Khosa said the members have decided to defect to the ruling MMD because the FDD is a dead party with no vision.

    And in welcoming the defectors Mr. Banda said people have now started realizing that the MMD is the only party with vision for the people of Zambia.

  103. …………Sata, not presido material. PF is a great party but should do away with sata and choose another potential looking lad to aspire for presido, ? maybe HH.

  104. #9 Mwata, its true Umulandu tabuola, God will always rule not Satana. Never
    Enjoy your friday bane Pact yena chashupa nafuti

  105. The media need public radio and TV debates between presidential candidates. Neutral places like UNNZA or Mulungushi hall would be ideal locations…This would give people an opportunity to make informed choices. Interviews should include things like a president’s vision, question some of their past activities or policies, what they would do to develop different sectors in the country like unemployment, their tax regime, education policies etc Something similar to the British and American election debates. This would serve Zambia in the long run. This could also be done in different provinces where each province can address their concerns. A translator could be present.

  106. #131 The oppostion should also have Shadow Ministers, governers etc . This should give platform from the different parties to show us what kind of ministers they would employ. The shadow ministers could debate policy issues implemented by ruling ministers. Topics can cover things like statistics, employment, economic and policy issues. This provides checks and balances in a society. Additionally, gives the country a feel of what kind of leaders are ruling the country and who they are voting for.

  107. Indeed Sata is a huge force. Best strategy for Rupiah Banda is to investigate why Sata commands so much popularity and not stupid investigations that do not mean anything. Viva pact , Sata`s popularity speading across all provinces.

  108. Sata talks too much, thus why people will start to remember his old misconducts. i say he should account for this money.

  109. Ba better! you keep on saying Sata stole when recently FTJ said HH was part of the people who sold the mines Luanshya division, How clean do you think your president is?

  110. Embattled child molester RB must account for the money his wife stole from the MoE as a ghost worker that went into their joint account. Ba Mashimba, that money was not stolen, but put into some account for 45 days and accrued interest then sent to the ministry. Allegedly. Probably even the interest it accrued was remitted to the ministry, no one knows. Chiluba is trickster who has failed to account for the money he stole. Do you recall how he claimed having more than $8 million in the government account? Can we trust anything that comes from that criminal’s mouth? Chiluba is a disgraced person that no court of law would take any evidence from such a criminal. He is trying to smear everyone with his stinking crap. He is a scam bug, in Bemba he is worse than that beetle – Chintunka mafi.

  111. #21, 22 Undertaker – please refrain from referring to this as African Politics. Here in the USA, one dent on your past history is adequate to finish you off politically. So, if Mr. Sata or anybody else want to run the country they must be ready to defend their past (and present). The fact that things like this are coming out should not be looked at only as vendetta, but more importantly, democracy at work. Do the same for RB and HH.

  112. This is ABOUT THIEVES against the Zambian people. All the Zambians need to rise up and support Sata. The thieves want to continue stealing and for as long as you don’t rise up they will continue stealing from you. Rise up Brothers and Sisters and let us reclaim the Zambian dream where everyone will be given a chance to prosper

  113. Atase ama politics yamu Zambia yabututufye. the way former presidents behave like bana mayo pacibwanse thats why our beloved Zambia can not go forward untill all this old politicians are sent to forever sleep.:-w:-w[-(:-?:-?

  114. But it seems this government if it qualifies to be called so has got nothing to do, if Mwanawasa failed to prosecute Sata who is bWEZANI and his friends? Who does they think are they? Anyway continue cracking jokes we will be there for you loughing.

  115. Who is Edward Mumbi? Where did he come from? Is he a Zambian? Chiluba ngaakupela indalama elyo walaleta tumano tubo pansaka. Go away we dont want you

Comments are closed.

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