350 heart patients await treatment abroad


About 350 heart disease patients are awaiting government’s approval for them to be flown out of the country for cardiac surgery.
Dr. Emmanuel Makasa says the country’s highest health referral hospital has inadequate manpower and equipment to carry out cardiac surgery.
He says it is costly for government to send people abroad for treatment hence the need to procure equipment and train medical personnel.



  1. By the time MMD even contemplates the health of its citizens they will have spent all their funds on campaigning.

    As long as they keep the Monkey alive they are happy.

  2. After all the trips the Monkey took at taxpayers expense MMD “MIGHT”(if they had brains) of thought it would be a good time to buy some medical equipment and train some doctors.

    Well everyone can see where their priorities lay.

  3. The cost of transporting people is too high.Surely we can invest in building our own capacity – labor and equipment wise. Out of the 350 waiting list, if a political figure gets ill he jumps the queue and is immediately evacuated.

    Sadly, even the opposition dont raise such serious issues to the government and are busy in name-calling on the front pages of the daily newspapers.

  4. #3 Comment Master

    Spot on. The quality of Opposition in Zambia is crap, to say the least. that’s wy even if Sata became president, the sme will continue. After all he was there before.

    350 is a huge number at huge cost. We must use that money to invets in our own facility and personnel. I wonder why we still look to the outside world.

  5. please after so many years after independence we still can not perform these surgeries- we are a shame .lack of priorities and greed has destroyed our beloved country :-w:-w:-w

  6. Tell me why me a mere CNA P(rofesional Butt wiper) should come back to zambia? Here in the states I can get heart treatment at a moments notice while in zambia I have to wait in line as if I neeed a liver transplant!

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