The Hichilema Dilemma and What He Should Do About It


By Elias Munshya wa Munshya

When HH came onto the political front, he brought lots of promise. He was fresh, young, rich and quite educated. In fact, in spite being rich and educated, he was still very down-to-earth. These were the qualities and character that the Zambian people were looking for in a leader.

Even though his emergence within the UPND was controversial in that he is alleged to have hounded Sakwiba Sikota out of the UPND on tribal grounds, he nevertheless settled into leadership very well and inspired many both in the UPND and in the nation. He quickly worked to brush off allegations that he was a tribalist, by emphasizing quite frequently that as a Zambian he did not hail from one particular province but came from all the parts of the country—he is perhaps the only high profile political figure to emphasize that fact.

Just after coming into leadership he, however, faced Mwanawasa’s and Tetamashimba’s 2006 onslaught in that he lost the Northwestern Province and Western Provinces which with Southern Province had become the stronghold of the UPND under Mazoka. But at least, to his credit, he managed to keep Southern Province within the grasp of the UPND.

But in 2010, HH is faced with a very serious dilemma and he must do something to get out of it. This dilemma has the potential to derail him and to also derail the UPND. He has however a choice to make in the matter. And what he decides in the next few months will set him apart as a serious contender to the leadership of Zambia or he will be relegated to the would-have-beens. What then is the dilemma he faces?

First, he faces the dilemma within the PACT. Shortly, before the presidential by-elections of 2008, his UPND and PF had formed some form of a pact, and they were going to go into elections as a unified front. Some political players got excited with that prospect, and Sata was famously alleged to have finally found a young man he could train in politics. Not very long after that, the so called unity crumbled and there were some unpleasantries said from both sides.

They did not like each other that much after all. Come the by-elections and HH had a strong showing, holding on to Southern Province and came out third in the final tally. Immediately after the by-elections, however, both the UPND and PF have come to realize that the only way they could remove the MMD is if they tried to unite, and hence the formation of the so called PF/UPND pact again. But this Pact has created a serious dilemma for HH.

The dilemma is that if the Pact went on and chose Sata as its presidential candidate, Southern voters are very unlikely to vote for a Pact led by Sata, and as such the UPND risks losing that Southern support. On the other hand, if HH were elected or chosen or anointed as the Pact’s candidate, it is very unlikely that Sata would accept to serve under HH and he may then choose to break away from the pact and stand on his own. If such a division happened, it is almost guaranteed that the Pact will not form the next government.

Additionally, it is common knowledge that the PF is the stronger side of the two parties within the Pact and therefore it has more leverage than the UPND. The PF is therefore likely to use its power and influence to lobby for Sata to lead the pact more than it would willingly accept HH to lead.

And if that situation happened Southern Province will almost certainly switch its support to either Banda or a third-party candidate such as Magande. HH should therefore face the truth with courage that there is no reason why the Pact will work this time around and abandon it. The sooner he does that the better. Holding on to the promise of the pact, is wasting his time, and diluting his message.

If anything, his holding on to the PF pact as the only solution to the MMD problem sends a wrong message that he cannot stand on his own. HH should abandon the Pact immediately. This is not because he does not like unity, but rather because, the dynamics within the Pact do not favor him at all and neither does the pact favor the aspirations of the Zambian people in the long-term.

When Zambians enter the voting booth to vote next year, we want to remember an HH who is courteous, kind, handsome, rich, lovable and gentle. An HH who answers opponents with truth. An HH who speaks policy and not insults.

Secondly, HH faces a very serious dilemma with regard to the kind of politics he is now practicing. When he came on the scene he exhibited greatness, and freshness. But a few years down the line, he has not brought any change to the political front, but instead has joined the old and finished politicians in their thinking and manner of doing politics. This is so serious in that looking at HH’s utterances today you would not differentiate between him and Sata or Banda.

HH needs to be different, otherwise if he is the same as the two, it gives no real choice among Zambians. HH must rein in his tongue and desist from insulting his opponents. He has called RB, “childish”, “small brain”, “sleepy and dozy” and so on and so forth. Honestly, this is the language we expect from both Sata and Banda and not from a young fresh mind like HH. His frustrations are understood.

Both Sata and Banda play the UNIP styled politics. In fact, their rivalry started many years ago, perhaps even before HH was born. When Banda and Sata quarrel and insult each other, it makes good comedy since it is two old grandpas quarrelling about things like who is more handsome between them.

Very petty things, but HH should not join them in those things. When Zambians enter the voting booth to vote next year, we want to remember an HH who is courteous, kind, handsome, rich, lovable and gentle. An HH who answers opponents with truth. An HH who speaks policy and not insults. HH must challenge his dilemma by looking at what he is going to say the next time he criticizes Banda.

And honestly, when HH is Banda’s age I would personally, appreciate him taking some naps and sleeping more often, because that is what old people do and they should not be criticized and insulted for being old and finished. But at least as for HH, he still epitomizes the wishes of many Zambians, and we may be on the road to political redemption if the President Hakainde Hichilema behaved a little bit more presidential!


  1. LT writers are very dull. So what is this a comment or what? Please LT, go into photography that is what you seem to know. Leave wrting to experts. Why embarass the nation on the net like this?

  2. Ati “When Banda and Sata quarrel and insult each other, it makes good comedy since it is two old grandpas quarrelling about things like who is more handsome between them” We all know the answer about who is handsome or beautiful between RnB na King Cobra.
    Actually the answer is “draw”

  3. Nice advise, but I think you have stretched it too far. HH can’t assume those qualities you have listed. he has already swallowed the PF Kaponya pill, hence his verbal diarrhea.

    Am afraid my dear author you have just thrown good food to the P I G S. For example just look at PF Cadres like number #2 Mbuli and #1 Youngster , they just trample on it. All they want is more insults. That is what they understand. We are yet to see a so called good article written by a PF cadre

  4. But somehow the writer has a point ,though , he sound like trying to support RB , for example if HH abandon the PACT then that will be the end of the road RB will certainely come back in 2011.Please tell HH not abandon the PACT ,let him just remain their.

  5. The writer needs to improve his skill in analyzing issues not petty petty issues is talking about.The pact needs HH to deliver on the following reasons: HH will deliver the pact in the following provinces according to current state of affairs in the country; Southern, Western, Northwestern, Central and Copperbelt rural (lamba land).Mr. Sata will make the pact to lose election because the areas where HH is strong Mr. Sata is not popular. Luapula, Northern & Eastern will be shared with MMD, The president who will win the election must carry the day in Southern, Western and Northwestern.These are facts which no one should even dispute. Therefore HH has no dilemma as the writer puts it. It is up to the pact to do the SORT analysis and come up with winning candidate.

  6. Who would risk to vote for RaBies again? whether SATA or HH. viva pact. MMD tricks at play. Remember the you treated healthy workers few months ago? honest, is this the govt for the people? RED CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. #9 Yes indeed I have children and today being a public holiday I spent quite a lot of time with them and am working hard to put them in the best schools and give them the best education money can buy because none of them will inherit anything from me. All my savings will go to charity when it is time to go home

    So what is your point?

  8. # 8, i dont agree with you, do you think HH can make it in provinces like lusaka, copperbelt, luapula, northern without the backing of SATA.? they both need each other in whatever cirmstances. SATA or HH the pact will make it. Lets support the pact and not names or tribal inclinations. Viva pact.

  9. When will blogs ever carry an article written by PF kaponyas or its the case of their leader Sata who starts with a question mark and punctuates sentences with hyphens?

  10. I just dont understand just how the Pact will work. both parties have a bit of some experience with the pact, HH was at the helm of UDA when they lost the 2006 elections. Sata was also at the helm of the PF/PUDD pact when it collapsed just before the election, Though he manged to retain the PUDD members upto the general elections the entire Luapula fleet of the machungwas abandoned ship after PF failed to win the elections. My point is what has HH and Sata learnt from the failures of UDA and PF/PUDD ? Can they tell the people of Zambia what sefety nets they have built this time around? by the way congratulations HH you seem to have won the Mufumbwe bye election so far. ( 2 wins in a roll-solwezi and Mufumbwe) if Sata looses Milanzi then it will be 2 loses in a roll (Chitambo and Milanzi).

  11. # My friend am very clear about the Zambia I want toleave my Children. Not a Zambia driven by Kaponyas and a Zambia that rewards ubutu, undisciplined and illiteracy, thugery and gutter journalism. That is why am here to defend the Zambia I want my children to inherit. lets not forget. I have the opportunities I have today because somebody cared and doing the same

  12. #8, perhaps we should commission a poll to determine the status of the parties and their leaders.
    Munshya you are right. I fail to understand why HH decided to join the uncivil language, all to get the attention of the Post. It has caused him more damage than he could ever imagine, when the Presidency was initially his for the taking.

  13. Although I’m die hard supporter of Micheal Sata I think Village concept 8 has a point Luapula people will still support RB through Chiluba also check kasama central shows that his cousins there will still give him support also remember Lusaka,Copperbelt can go either way.

  14. #23 You risk a lynch mob of your own PF by suggesting that Lusaka and Copperbelt can now go either way. Being a die hard supporter of Sata, you should be the first to know that your friends in PF do not like to hear the truth.

  15. MMD chief bootlicker f.u.c.k your mum.You are an i.d.iot. its true your a bootlicker. I wish you knew what that word means

  16. Ba bootlicker, now i understand why you are talking like that. Come back here and feel the misery we are going through here, it wont take you more than a week before you change your mind against the party you have been boolticking for so long. Dont you think now it is a finished bubble gum?

  17. I think my Diagnosis here is that the author is hit the nail on the heard and put it in plain language and because the truth hurts and PF kaponyas know that they are in dreamland and somebody has just woken them up, the best they can do is just insult and insult and insult the author. Indeed the truth hurts and reality hurts big time. Anyway it is one year to go, start getting used to the pain now. Not a bad idea to pre order pain killers at this stage.

  18. #11 MMD chief bootlicker, been following your comments on this fora andevery time i read your comment i usually get a stomach upset cause all your comments are extremely disgusting. Coming to LT i think this shows clearly that LT is an extended wing of MMD. This a very useless article. To hell ba f.i.k.ala ba L.

  19. #28 ..And you want me to join PF and post comments like #27. Sorry I would rather bootlick untill 2021 when the odds of MMD going out of power will be 2:1

  20. #29 MMD chief Madness, You i.d.i.o.t you are busy supporting RB cause you are not in Zambia and thus you do not feel the pain that we feel back home here. so stop your useless comments. you seem to be a s.o.n of a b.i.t.c.h

  21. Crap, shallow article. LSK, CB, Luapula, Northern will remain PF strongholds, regardless FTJ is not a factor neither the corrupted chiefs nor PF rebel MP’s. It’s the ordinary people like me that have rejected MMD fom 2006. NW,Western has been lost to UPND. The way it looks MMD now has sypathisers in Eastern and Central province only.

  22. MMD Chief Bootlicker says:
    April 24, 2010 at 12:31 pm
    At least acknowledge that you lied about mothers being give placentas to take home. That was a lie and you did not have any evidence , just heard compound and beer hall stories and tried to get political millage
    last time around you said Nawakwi lied about women carrying buckets for worsts,this is the type of zambia you want to leave for your children,where they will be carrying buckets,i wish you could tell us what the buckets were meant for,since Nawakwi lied according to you

  23. Bootlicker, then come back home so that we form our party that can change zambia. What do you think?

  24. #32 Chanda. Calma mwana. cool down. No need to insult the chap. I fully understand your pain, anger & frustration from dealing with MMD Bootlicker and friends. For me I don’t mind the chap anymore no matter what he says cause I don’t read his Comments and Posts. Try it out. promise you. it works.

  25. In politics there is no professionalism or gentleman you have to bring yourself down to the level of a common man because those are the majority voters. When HH came on he scene he had very little support from the grassroot because he behaved like a professional and not a politician. Its only recently that people on the grassroot have now known who HH because he has brought himself to that level. Baba if you want to remain a profesional stay away from politics and stick to your professional. Politics is about people not figures.

  26. This “Even though his emergence within the UPND was controversial in that he is alleged to have hounded Sakwiba Sikota out of the UPND on tribal grounds, he nevertheless settled into leadership very well and inspired many both in the UPND and in the nation” is a sober and well-reflected commentary by the writer since a Westerner now ULP unelected leader Sakwiba Sikota was just a bitter loser in the clean UPND convention he organised while he was UPND acting president which led to his subsequent hounding of himself out of UPND even after president HH pleade with him and others to stay inside to make things better for the 2006 presidential elections.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye irst thekingdom of God and His rihteousness and all these things shall be added…

  27. there is no dilemma for HH, the one who has a dilemma is the outgoing president, he should start preparing how to adjust back in his farmland

  28. two wins in roll. congrats upnd, lozis swindled of their vice presidency, now upnd, central, & rural cb. thats good news!!!!!!

  29. its the stupidity of the opposition that i will never understand!!! THEY DON’T LIKE BEING OPPOSED!! HH has sacrificed UPND to PF full stop!!!

  30. katie good,am now absolutely convinced that you danda head.what swot analysis?,you seem confused you bit ch ,hence trying to confuse for you MMD chief bootlicker,keep licking your stu pidness.come 2011,you will lick your wounds.HH has been the intelligence to develop zambia and i can see proper development when the pact comes into govt.the only regulations that big nose has implemented benefit only him and his minions i,e, this william banda character,not persuing chiluba, i have always stated,i dont belong to any party however am a firm believer in fairness and the MMD dogs have not been fair to its citizens.

  31. truth hurts. The article is true though seems to side with RB. I am not encouraging insult but to be called a puppy (son of dog) I will be pissed!!

  32. If you want to debate me , take me on the points and so I will ignore all those insulting PF cadres. I will only answer #34 Smoothcriminal

    #34, that story is more complicated that you know and the media has covered. And I also don’t have full facts, but is fact that nobody has ever been asked to carry buckets and the minsiter stepped in to make sure that does not happen. The story of placenta, legend has it that there were rumours in the compounds that nurses used placentas for juju or something like that and a lot of superstitious mothers believed this and thought they would rather destroy their own rather let nurses used them for superstition. I think through education that is being addressed. It was never Govt policy to allow that. These things happen on the ground.

  33. #39 Digga,Thanks very much my brother,your advice is timely i have to ignore this f.o.o.l. I will stop reading his comments

  34. This article by what is this moron called again Elias Munshya wa Chikala is total rubbish. My friend your analysis and written English is very poor. You are jst another mmd cadre like MMD Chief Bootlicker as he calls himself, a total complete ***** who thinks he ha made it in life. ba swine.

  35. HH is not surprised by this dilema. He made a calculated move, knowing it’s the only way he can get near State house. He’s intelligent and expedient.

    Looks like for HH to be president of Zambia, it would be over Sata’s dead body.

  36. The article has some good but “The dilemma is that if the Pact went on and chose Sata as its presidential candidate, Southern voters are very unlikely to vote for a Pact led by Sata, and as such the UPND risks losing that Southern support. On the other hand, if HH were elected or chosen or anointed as the Pact’s candidate, it is very unlikely that Sata would accept to serve under HH and he may then choose to break away from the pact and stand on his own” is strecthing things too much when almost ever Zambian knows that the Grade 12 and Academic Degree that NCC is proposing in a major hindrance to Mr PF/Sata MC.

    What all must know is that the next Administration of Zambia to be ushered in by 2011 tripartite elections does not lie in president and presidential candidate HH…

  37. 2 simple questions for you MMD chief boot licker, why has your party MMD brought back someone who was deported and why did RB not persued chilba to prison.Do you know the impact of both these actions?

  38. Free advise to all PF-UPND kaponyas here. A winning way in political activism is to intelligently and soberly counter the thread of debates with your own article. Here is Mushya Wamushya with his straight talk. If PF-UPND Pacts had any ounce of smart brains in its rank and file of kaponyas, certainly LT would not censor their submitted countering article for leaders to judge their points of defense. Insults on the author or indeed opponents only confirms a mental crisis in the house.Counter MMD with policy, strategy, logic and critical analysis on issues. Insults are no voter converter.An incumbent can drive a race preoccupying opponents on none issues but retain the momentum with least systemic effort but opposition without internal capacity and structures have a kilimanjalo to overcome.

  39. I hope our Politicians will stop insulting each other. I wonder why a head of state can sink so low as to hurl big insults at an opposition leader. This is really shameful

  40. continued…
    President HH of the UPND is still going to the UPND convention in 2011 that will be held before the country’s 2011 tripartite elections for the UPND presidency according to a report and his verbatim that the POS carried last year which some misconstrued. However, I have noted some pronouncements from the current UPND leadership that president HH will be the UPND’s presidential candidate in 2011, probably even if he is not elected UPND president, supposedly in a similar manner that late Zambian President LP Mwanawasa assumed the national election participation in 2001. This could be because he is the most well-known UPND politician with a national clout that can give the mighty UPND a Zambian President in he near future.

    Whatever the case, all the best to him. However,…

  41. LT would take in and place any countering article free of charge. Pact Kaponyas show us your brain power if you have any. LT stands ready to open your thread countering and articulation your uninihibited views. Alternatively open your own blog where you can show Zambians what you are worth beyond the insults you are spewing here.

  42. MMD Chiefbootlicker
    But the minister and the nurse in charge at one time acknowledged that the incinerator is not working,and Nawakwi even challenged the minister to go with her on an impromptu tour of some clinics,next we heard was that she was insulting the president,if you are comfortable with this kind of leadership,that you are ready to trust them with your children,i think you dont love them

  43. Only PF cadres seem to have toilets in their mouths. Why all the insults ?. everyone is entitled to an oppinion and also entitled to support who the like. Some of these thugs on this blog based in zambia are crying foul of how hard it is, at least you have blogging time, so i suppose you are one of the lucky ones.

  44. I would like to see an analytical article written by a PF supporter. Ha, ha, ha! I was just dreaming; they can not finish a sentence without an insult. Actually in the West, parties like PF WOULD NOT WIN ANY VOTERS CAUSE THEIR AGENDA IS UNKNOWN. It is just insele; just observe from their supporters here

  45. Whatever the case, all the best to him [UPND president HH]. However, any other UPND leader especially those to be elected at the mighty UPND’s general assembly or convention or elections can still represent the UPND as presidential candidate even of the UPND-PF PACT in 2011 tripartite elections.

    Thus “HH should therefore face the truth with courage that there is no reason why the Pact will work this time around and abandon it. The sooner he does that the better. Holding on to the promise of the pact, is wasting his time, and diluting his message” must not be entertained by any well-meaning Zambian since HH’s political and normal life is in God’s hands alone. Therefore, I urge the UPND and PF to choose its 2011 presidential candidate by holding primary elections countrywide.

  46. Am an HH supporter, through and through. This article hits the nail on the head. If our man is not chosen be rest assured we will vote for mmd. It matters to us who is chosen because we cant risk our country with an inconsistent person. We appreciate him but not for presidency. Insult all you want but our man remains the best candidate.NO HH. NO PACT.simple maths.

  47. The analysis lacks substance. The author concentrated on the negatives & overlooked the reality on the ground. The pact leaders are working hard together & have caused too much stress to the ruling party. At the rate we’re going, MMD do not stand much chance in the next general elections. Indicators are there, look at the last by-elections.

  48. Having cleared the “If anything, his holding on to the PF pact as the only solution to the MMD problem sends a wrong message that he cannot stand on his own… HH should abandon the Pact immediately” misconception in my above postings, it is imperative to digress the”This is not because he does not like unity, but rather because, the dynamics within the Pact do not favor him at all and neither does the pact favor the aspirations of the Zambian people in the long-term“. On HH’s unity commentary above, my take is that president and 2011 presidential candidate HH does not dictate what the mighty UPND Group through its NEC and NMC decide to do. The factor of UNITY in the UPND and other political parties to form an association/PACT is cardinal because this brings us together.

  49. upnd will lose, sata can win..he just wants to steal a few tribalists by making lies at the last minute to discredit hh. unfortunately the incumbent has a full proof method of winning, you may think north western and western are up for grabs but it is not so, they are in rb developmental pocket and a southern province tribalist will be sponsored to form a party to split the vote there with hh

  50. People,this is a free site with people who have different beliefs,opinions and view points,let them voice out their beliefs,if you dont agree with them,the best you can do is ignore them,some people are annoying,some frustrated with their lives,maybe this is the only place they can take out that stress,imagine if we all were against mmd,it would make this blog boring,we need a different view oint to stire a debate.I for one dont read Maestro Heheheh comments,they just dont make sense at all,neither Senior Citizen aka BK,he’s better off reading 19hrs znbc news,,I respect Mr Capitalist,no question about it,he is knowledgeable in his own field…Bottomline,its just a blog,dont take it personal,take a chill pill and relax,we are zambians afterall

  51. Contiuing on “The factor of UNITY in the UPND and other political parties to form an association/PACT is cardinal because this brings us together“, it is common knowledge that certain regions of Zambia feel marginalised and working together in such PACTS s the UPND-PF one will allow UPND and PF members across the nation to vote for a 2011 UPND-PF PACT presidential candidate with one mind through primary national elections and then subsequently support whoever will win those primaries like it is done in USA. Transparency of this sort is what will give all Zambians confidence to vote for the 2011 UPND-PF PACT presidential candidate with winning votes in the upcoming 2011 tripartite elections. From experience, it is MMD who fear that HH will be PACT presidential candidate here.

  52. #46 Ba pmj, I simply asked you for a clarification of the word “SORT” as you have used it so that I don’t put words into your mouth. Bushe tamufwaya no kusambilila nangu ukusambilisha abanenu ichisungu mwa?

  53. It’s good to see the comments do change their tone as you read along, the article might not be that great but it’s a starting ground for all you bloggers to discuss the topic, i mean if i asked you today where do you get your zambian news when you are abroad, daily mail and times are all sate owned so you know exactly what they’ll be saying, This is the only site i know where we can have a chance to a have a civil debate. It’s hard to argue with the average uneducated person without them getting violent or feel undermined, this is a free website with some terrible reporting but there’s a platform of free speech which you don’t get in zambia, because criticism is an insult and elders can’t listen to the young.Fairness in zambian society is relative to the traditional respect of…

  54. Continuing on “From experience, it is MMD who fear that HH will be PACT presidential candidate here“, MMD knows that even if Mr P/Sata MC wins the fight against corruption can not be better done so much that all questionable characters will probably be moving around scott free. However, if any member of the mighty UPND is to assume Zambian Presidency through the UPND alone or PACT, then those who have misbehaved in the recent past can be sent to jail where they belong.

    This is the panic we are witnesses of that president HH and the UPND must break away from the UPND-PF PACT — since MMD can resort to its tricks of spreading the votend take advantage to retain the ruling of GRZ.

    Therefore, let all PACT members, see throught this gimmick and only leave PACT when necessary.

  55. In all, the mighty UPND will only need to leave the PACT if the PF refuses to hold transparent elections for the 2011 PACT presidential candidate by insisting that Mr PF/Sata MC should be presidential candidate based on past glories.

    In a nutshell, “When he came on the scene he exhibited greatness, and freshness. But a few years down the line, he has not brought any change to the political front, but instead has joined the old and finished politicians in their thinking and manner of doing politics. This is so serious in that looking at HH’s utterances today you would not differentiate between him and Sata or Banda.” does not reflect the truth since president HH is only defening himself from those that insult especially the MMD.

    B blest o.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first…

  56. HH has no dillemma. it is Zambia in a dilemma. It is a change we need.No pact no change. No pact big dillema.sata, HH ARE SOLUTION AND NOT IN DILEMMA. KEEP THE FAITH.

  57. elders.
    Anyway i’m sure the article does and definitely refer to the editor’s views if yours differ and you have better counter arguments please write them down. Are we that ignorant that everything someone writes should be disregarded?thats why we have limited literature in zambia,narrow mindedness yet we are willing to accept democracy. And the worst is no one mentions policy, just like our leaders,what are you going to do about health,unemployment,food and shelter, education? Instead its if i win i’ll build you a road and schools and a hospital,20 years in power when one of them gets sick its milpark hospital in SA, when the average zambian is sick it’s either they rot in their house or hut or die at UTH. We dont question because they are elders,we follow because we are blind.


  59. get facts right. William banda was allowed back in Zambia by Levy thinking it will harm FTJ but instead FTJ and William are mates just as they have always been from the days of UNIP

  60. #64 – You do not understand the UPND – PF pact. You are not a supporter of HH. HH said, He is ready to save under anyone who the pact is chosing. Therefore, if you can not support HH now, then you do not support him at but RB. You can take you vote to RB. He said whoever is saying SATA is the leader of pact has small brain.

  61. the artcile is very good as it has woken up all the kaponya’s that were sleeping and now all they can do is insult and not find any argument to counter. the clock is ticking for pact and as one writer put it ‘ it is the beginning of the end for pact’. when HH loses mufumbwe he will be under serious pressure to give the pact presidency to sata

  62. LT ..why are all these insults on the blog just let to pass without punishment?.. i mean lets get some order

  63. MMD for life. I have always said this but HH and his advisers can not see that they are selling the UPND to PF. From a calculator to become a president is very bad. HH is full of insults now. He no longer use his brains very well. :d/:)>-:-\” If he gave SAKI a chance, we could not be talking of this pact now. VIVA RB, VIVA MMD

  64. indeed the analysis is very correct. the biggest loser in this pact is HH whatever decision he makes. Sata has NOTHING to lose. HH should heed the advice given in this article


  66. Elias Munshya wa Munshya is dreaming. As usual MMD cadre, who does not know some of these simple minded people who think can influence the break up of the pact. I would rather HH gives Sata support if chosen as a pact candidate than allowing the MMD form government in 2011. I think so are so many well minded Zambian that MMD is tired and must not be allowed to form the next government. My brother Elias whatever stop dreaming and making imaginations that HH is a loser. Unfortunately you might think he has joined the UNIP style of handling affairs, remember some of these old people don’t deserve respect. It is for this reason that HH calls them people with small brains because of their conduct, I support that language because it is used in Zambian politics. The pact should remain intact.

  67. #8 village concept.. you must be tonga,, the weakest species in zambia. HH took over a UPND after mazoka,, the party was a government in waiting:-? Sata walk out of MMD one man band and started a party single handly, look how PF has grown, compare UPND with PF, something in your head should tell you that, UPND needs PF more than they(UPND) are needed:-\”.. regretedably to say that mazoka was the last surving tonga with perdegree.. the rest of the tongas are weak and are only followers, blind followers in fact
    Chanda musonda.. you sound very bitter typicaly of you bembas,:o Sata will never rule zambia, reason? simple the international comunity can’t afford another zimbabwe in the region with erratic Sata,:o:o:-?

  68. #84 Mukwa ginger Brandy

    it is a public Holiday here in SA for your own information, besides who told you that embassy staff work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Get a life man than shouting over nothing with those CAPS. I know you feel the pain of your impeding PACT implosion, but you don’t have to shout, please. Try panodoh and stock up for more pain to come.

  69. HAKAINDE SATA the problem is that you think us supporters of HH do not think. The only reason we are in a pact is for numbers. But I can tell you that if you put the other guy as pact president we will give the vote to the lesser evil in the name of RB.Just becoz we in the pact doesnt mean we have accepted the other guy,not at all.HH will always remain our choice.

  70. by the way katie good, i cant read or understand your local language, stick to english please,no offence.i left zambia a long time ago and i never learnt the local tonga by the way,so u know

  71. good one no. 87. its amazing how other bloggers want others not to blog just because they have different viewpoints. why not argue your points instead of personalising things. PF is the same as BNP in UK and Tea Party in USA. extremists with no agenda except HATE. Zambians will never allow Sata or HH to even smell the grass at state house. better we put in a new guy or remain with MMD but not these kaponya’s from Kulima tower and bwacha bus stop in kitwe

  72. #23, I beg to differ. Chiluba is NOT popular in Luapula. MMD cadres are fearful in Luapula, a lot of them have defected and support Sata now. I am speaking from experience because I was there recently, passed thru Chiluba’s village where he put up a few street lights, with a school named after him. A pathetic attempt to “improve” his “village”.

    On another note, where is Walai nama deuces yakwe? I too miss him:)>-

  73. 86# NDOBO ku malota, I’m not a Tonga, but I love Tongas. What I’m saying is a fact.Mr. Sata can not win in those provinces i mentioned.I was in North Western during nomination in Mufumbwe the message there is clear they want change with condition of young President.My point is that PF will fight it with FTJ in Luapula, remember all the rebel MPS are for MMD.

  74. indeed that is what will happen. you think lubinda has forgiven HH for hounding him out of UPND. remember that all former UPND went to PF in 2006 with the late Mtonga leading them!! you so called tonga bulls have short memories and HH has put himself in a trap. Viva MMD because either way Pact will crumble as soon as candidate is selected. Given Lubinda has been heard to say that PF does not need UPND to win, it is UPND that needs PF because as of 2008 it remained a shell of a party winning only in southern province and one or two places in northwestern with RB second most of the time. so really HH has come to a dead end

  75. luapula has never been PF or Sata. it is chiluba who camnpaigned for sata using kaumbi money. Now the whole luapula has shifted to FTJ thats why the rebel MP’s are so united, they are all FTJ people

    Those in MMD know that their fear is that Councils will perform better, especially the City& Municipal Councils which are under the opposition, and that would be a threat to the survival of MMD. This is the perception of those in MMD, its sad to have such shallow minded leaders that can hold back the development of the nation for their own benefit at the expense of the masses.
    Finally, are MMD controlled Councils doing better than those under opposition?
    Can MMD tell us why Councils they control e.g. Kaoma in W. Province, Milenge in Luapula &Isoka have had misappropriation cases (not misapplication) What of AG reports on Central Govt?
    Minister of MLGH, who’s MMD, approves all budgets for Councils.

  77. Yes I meant SWOT not SORT
    #16 RED CARD furu time. Yes you can not agree with me. I’m looking at a weakness where Mr.Sata will fail the pact. Line of railway thinking is different from our rural population.We need each each other for this battle but our strength must be maximized to carry a day we can not avoid to lose because people will give a vote to MMD in protest of pact failing to give people their choice.

  78. #95. I respect your point, but can you say approximately what percentage has shifted to FTJ? I have a problem with your statement that the “whole Luapula has shifted to FTJ” Thanks.

  79. MBULI
    Why are you so worked up? Have you not had your onions?
    This is just advice to HH.
    But as usual, advice can be taken or ignored. Only time will tell, whether it was good or not. Going by the comments on this topic, one loses hope for Zambia, because there are too many nasty people with the habit of not dealing with the topic but with the author! These are his views and he and every one else has the right to hold them. I suppose LT will publish anything decent, though not LT’s opinion.

  80. Article does not make sense. What insults has HH spoken? The article has failed to give examples.
    The truth is Rupiah Banda still has UNIP mentality where leaders were not criticised. So, he cant stand the heat of democracy. The guy is just a coward and no vision for the country and whoever criticises him he twists and calls it an insult. What rubbish! If he new he had a small brain did he offer himself to rule the country. Today`s are modern politics which demand that leaders are evaluated and criticised every day. If RB cant stand the heat pack-up and go back to your small farm in Chipata and give orders to farm work who dont answer back.

  81. #90 pmj, sorry I assumed that being a member of the PACT you would have cared to learn your partner’s language. I mistakenly thought that that would be a great show of true unity but I was wrong, wasn’t I, since the PACT itself has issues as Munshya has said? By the way how is the weather overseas there in Kalomo?

  82. Let us be honest, the authors crime is not being decided on whether to post something worth taking seriously or a laugher. Of course frustrations still remain, those stemming from a blatant ignoring of issues that carry substance, trading them in for those that evoke more of a response, Here we are in a situation where we are under-collecting tax from investors, investing next to nothing in education and frankly debating petty issues. The author makes a brave attempt at following the entertaining style of writing that one would find in a MSNBC gossip article, but then makes the fatal mistake of making it a headline NEWS, reminding us why we need to invest more in education, for clearly our journalist here could benefit from better quality training. Harsh I know, but the truth in irony

  83. 100 per cent MMD will win all constituencies. Chungu and his boys have been camped there since they came back into the country Katele will soon be acquitted and will begin proper campaigns in Luapula. even those mp’s still with sata right now are only waiting for gratuity and they will be out of there. wait and see the tsunami that will come from luapula. luapula has always been a united province like southern, western and eastern. and right now RB is winning in three of these provinces and if pact chooses sata, RB will also get southern. northern is divided so sata will get the bemba vote but will not get the northeast vote, mambwe, namwanga and lungu will vote RB. so on numbers alone RB is winning as lusaka/CB is always shared

  84. Munshya am not surprised that such a young man like you can lack substance a just cause and start confusing the nation in matters you don’t understand well. You are a mouthpiece of MMD and hired to provide seeds of deceit, hatred and division for mother Zambia. The fact remains that HH and SATA needs each other in the liberation of Zambia from poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, bad roads and all the evils brought about by the MMD.

  85. Awe zo-ona. PACT can only win if both leaders are not selfish………. And remember This MMD might bounce back easily if the PACT breaks.there will be vote sharing so much that MMD will even win with by 20% so believe me you people in Zambia vote for the PACT and don’t let the tribes be the reason to vote. I encourage you to vote for change. RB has notprogram for that nation.try these two guys Sata and HH. Join facebook PF/UPND pact for 2011 group.peace to all Zambians and May Our Good God Bless Zambia.

  86. #104, I see… quite a crystal ball you have there, my friend. It has actually helped you to foretell the future of MMD in Luapula province by 100% – which earns you one of my annual awards as MMD Spin Doctor. <):) If anyone else is interested in these awards, qualifications are simple: be able to salvage reputations that have landed down the toilet, foretell the future of ANY political party by 100%, and be very convinced of your facts. ;)&#41;;) **==

  87. This article reminds me of the story in the movie the lost boys.The writer is the most ill un analyticle person whose piece of writing i have ever read.This is indeed shallow 😕

  88. Asking Tongas to vote for Sata is tantamount to asking them to swallow polonium-210, a compound around 250,000 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide. With the Western province, its even worse, you have to kill the Litunga first, arise him from the dead before you can get him to vote for that wayward Satan. Let’s face it, Luapula too has gone beyond Sata’s reach, he has insulted them enough by ejected their elected representatives from Bwato and since they have swum ashore being the good swimmers that they are, there is no way they are going back. Unless Magande abandones his futile quest of trying to unseat Bwezani, we are in for another Bwezani term, and die in office he will to accord us another state funeral.

  89. Veep Kunda is admitted to Morningside very sick in the blood where immunity has been eaten up by a certain vicious “kadoyo”. Listening to that fool talking, one would even think he is going to be there during the 2011 polls when all indications are that he is going to be 6 feet under. On health grounds, and if he wants to spend the limited time he has with his family, he should be fired on health grounds in public interest. Maybe it also has to do with the Legal Affairs portfolio, do you still the way the same “kadoyo” emolated Mushota Remmy right before our eyes? Kunda, kwamana, chapwa, kwasila, kufelile, period. And when he passes, no state funeral ka, we are dry of tears.

  90. whoever wrote ths aticle is a big fool!! very foolish!! LT u,a just useless!! no mater how much u campaign for fool bwezani we shal vote for the PACT. foolish lusaka times!!!!

  91. Unfortunately current political leadership in Zambia, both government and opposition, does not inspire too much confidence.

  92. Let’s be honest. There is no way The PACT will let Mr. Hichilea stand on their ticket. Given Mr. Hichilema’s political history, it would be a terrible move.

    Mr. Hichilema presided over what was the strongest opposition at the time, the UPND whilst th PF was a non factor. In 2006, the UPND formed an alliance with some other political parties and formed what was supposed to be an opposition of mammoth proportions and given the UPND’s strength, was surely supposed to make the next govt but instead they came third in the elections.

    Let’s look at the figures. In 2001 MMD (28.6%), UPND (26.7%).

    In 2006 when HH took over MMD (42.98%), UDA (25.32%) with HH having a combined force under the UDA and losing badly to the ruling however only falling by 1%.


  93. in 2008, MMD (40.09%), UPND (19.7%) this time resulting in an almost 5% drop in UPND.

    With this track record, I highly doubt Mr. Hichilema can be chosen as the pact candidate. If we follow figures alone, we can see that UPND has been losing supporters rather than gaining them and Mr. Hichilema seems to have been more of a liability rather than an asset to the UPND (just following figures and putting all other factors as constant). With these figures at the arsenal of the PF, they can make a compelling argument as to why they should field Mr. Sata as opposed to Mr. Hichilema.

    The advice I would give to Mr. Hichilema is to get out of the pact now whilst you still have a chance.

  94. Lets also be honest,once HH leaves the PACT then it means the votes will split, between PF and UPND,thereby giving an upper hand to the mmd,the only way they can win is to form an alliance,which they have and results are there to back it all up,so far they have won recent by elections,and if they win tomorrows elections,alarm bells will ring even louder for mmd. HH and Sata seem to be comfortable with this PACT and if its working for them well and good,it really shouldnt bother mmd as to who leads the PACT

  95. HH at KUOMBOKA last year was dressed in a Siziba written HH FOR 2011 this time around he was the only one putting on a jackect, aparently to hide the writtings.

  96. could be that #112 and his family and friends have unanimously decided to vote for the PACT,hence the “WE”
    just a decision that can be made in a united family that stands on a firm foundation

    But as for me and my house, We will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:2, 15).

  97. HH is in deep problems, but so is SATA if PACT says SATA then Western, Southern and N/W will not vot PACT hence RB gets it. If HH says he will stand SATA will also stand so again RB will win. If SATA so where is the pact tell me whats the pact shadow cabinate like? whats their policy on immigration, health Care , Education etc????? SAD FACTS are hard to swallow.

  98. There’s no need to try and lynch MMD Chief Bootliker over his views. To be honest, I think this analysis is correct. PF (and MCS) will never accept HH as the Pact presidential candidate and UPND general membership (and Southern Prov.) will never accept MCS in the same role.
    If HH is intelligent as is being alleged by a lot of people, he should face reality and make a decision to quit the Pact now. He needs to do it now because by the time MCS is chosen (and believe you me, he will), it will be too late to start campaining on his own platform.
    Though MCS is a thug by nature, there aint no way he can be defeated in the pact for the presidential race and there is no way on this earth he can accept such a situation.

  99. HH has embarked on the ‘Mapatizya Formula’ which uses life threats to force voters not to vote for the ruling party. This is a breach of democracy in the grandest way! It would be unfortunate if the MMD retaliated in the same way.

    Violence will not bring salvation to Zambia. If anything, it will bring anarchy and civil war. I guess UPND headed by HH has no problem with bringing Zambia to this lower level.

    This is a lesson to learn, that when a person loses an election, they should resign and let others take over or they begin to develop very destructive ideas. In the USA, losing presidential candidates change with every general election because we want improvement in politics.

    Furthermore, the USA has a huge rule book which if broken, disqualifies the party from contesting.

  100. I advise here that we discuss issues. Is RB presidential material in all honest? The answer is no. Look at his performance, its not there. Listen to his speeches, I have never seen such a president who has no culture, he doesn’t know what to say, what not to say etc. He is a disgrace to this nation. Other countries must be thinking we are daft to field such a person for a president. Ladies and gentlemen lets make things right and put in a credible person for the highest office of our land not this corrupt immoral excuse for president

  101. No. 112, you need to sober up. No. 117 Smooth Criminal, do not hide your head in the sand. The Pact will always win in parliamentary bye-elections (including this week-ends) because they float one candidate and both support him to the fullest.
    But when the position is for the presidential candidate, the two main protagonists will both be fighting for the prize hence the inevitable split with the likely scenario that neither will accept the result (either way). It’s like you don’t understand what this article is all about.


  103. #124, Nkani, should it not be the people of Zambia who should decide whether RB is fit to be their president or not? Why should your opinion be the best for Zambia when Zambians have the ability to choose for themselves what they want at every general election? All the candidates have to do is meet the criteria to stand for presidency and RB meets these requirements. So does HH.

  104. #125 Ricky bobby
    Is that your opinion or its a known fact from the masses,what really makes me wonder is why mmd is so concerned about who leads the PACT,i believe thats their own issue to sort out,they are going to vote for a leader at an appropriate time according to HH,once that is done they will go back to the people and explain themselves,i believe there’s more strife in mmd than the PACT at the moment

    BTW im not a PACT member,just a nuetral

  105. LT…The article is utter Rubish. You need time to grow before uyou can give serious analysis about our Politics,or The D.O.G.S are usin you?

  106. This article is very shallow and lacks substance.Also,some analyses by certain bloggers leaves much to be desired.Mr Capitalist uses percentages and tells us that HH has lost support,that thinking is mathematically incorrect.For example,you 20% is lower than 30% yet we could talk of 20% of one million and 30% of 100.It would therefore mean that 20% of a mil would be higher than 30% of 100.Guys let be more analytical and avoid bushitting other bloggers.So,Mr. Capitalist,start first by looking at actual number of voters before looking at percentages.

  107. Nkani so Mr Sata is more credible than RB? Which one is the better devil? Because HH wont lead the PACT so is Sata better….this is reality………Ba Mambala just as your name u cant face reality….the script is reality. For sure the PACT at Parlamentary level will get more votes at Presidential let them forget.

  108. @ #130 General Laurent Nkunda

    WAIT JUST A DAMN MOTHER ……MINUTE, In my post on #116, I said “If we follow figures alone” meaning I am looking at it at a figures point of view and the figures I am using are percentages. If you have a counter argument to my figures, present it instead of posting crap directed at me OK!!!!

  109. General Laurent Nkunda , whats your point! i agree with your mathematical comuputations but you know UPND was the second largest during Mazoka, but under HH they only have less than 25 seats…during Mazoka they were above 45 so as a measure we see the party going down. Forget the number number of voters we looking at the MPs. Do u realise that in western province Mazoka was tops but not HH…..why the shift? I really sympathaise with you. I equally want change but is it coming….let PACT settle for a neutral Presidentail candidate not SATA or HH.

  110. Ndobo my cow boy have you not gone for Lunch down there at Sun Hotels , please greet my girl friend shupiw as you know you will be always my slave although I’m intentending to promote you so that you take over from David and stop leaving in Malota.I have not seen you in the bus today why or could it be that you chasing my girl friend shipiw.

  111. One presidential election is enough. Thereafter, you need retirement. This is how we do it in the west and this is why we maintain peace, unity and accelerate development.

  112. RB is the most Calm and Tolerant President (of the four) Zambia has had so far. Zambians, we do not seem to appreciate this cardinal leadership quality in RB.

  113. To begin with there is nothing wrong with this topic. It however brings out frustrations, despair in certain people and hop in others. All in all its a good subject worth blogging on.
    I have noticed something very interesting that Zambians fear to discuss and this is the subject of tribalism. When you read through this blog it is our fathers that are contributing but the young of today yet we cheat ourselves and believe the generation of today knows no tribalism. I was once victmised for not speaking bemba to a certain group of “friends” who hail from Chinsali. One of these guys actually called me a pretender as Bemba was the official language in Zambia. I tried reasoning with him that Bemba was no better than my own language or Tonga, Lozi Lala etc.
    The point am driving home is that

  114. Munshya,your article is so shallow and if you are a journalist by profession then we are producing half baked and not ready for the world scribes.Do a worthwhile research,come up with an article that keeps your reader glued and not this mumble jumble.Get a life.

  115. # 54 You have an exellent point here! See PF/UPND cadres, Munshya has produced his analysis without any single insult, so GUYS PLEASE DO YOUR OWN ANALYSIS WITHOUT INSULTS IF YOU CAN (THOUGH INSULTS IS WHAT KEEPS PACT INTACT) AND POST ON LT for debate.

    Post as many analyses as possible for us to judge you.

  116. ….meant to say it is NOT our fathers………Now i continue where i left.there are tribes that feel superior over others. There seems to be some unwritten rule that a Tonga or Lozi cant rule this country. When you walk around you hear people say that and i believe some of the bloggers know what am talking about but may not be courageous enough to accept this. Lozis and Tongas are no different from Easterners and Northners yet it would appear that the latter cousinship is insensitive to the fact that others also want to rule. When you hear people say they cant accept Sata as leader of the PACT, know that they are rooted in what am saying. Ref #64.
    MMDs tactic is divide and rule which i feel has nothing wrong in it. MMD should be reminded that whoever emerges leader of the PACT should

  117. #111, Sebuloni something…You must be a nut! You are so inhuman, you need God’s salvation. Please ask Father “Red Card” to pray for you. Sober up and debate issues at hand. Why do you habour so much hatred for your fellow Zambians? Maybe you are immortal and will never fall ill. This great nation will never get anywhere with people like you and your ilk. God bless you!!

  118. not be their concern. However this tactic is really working to the advantage of MMD. The young generation of today where i put HH is so scared to take the bull by its horns. I have had discussions with friends and i feel frustrated when they believe that Sata, Rupiah, Wina,Venon etc can continue to lead us. These are people that we read about in our civics books years ago yet will never relinguish power to the young. We the young ones also have failed to wrestle power from them instead we have started insulting like what HH is doing now. The PACT (not necessarily PF/UPND) is
    the best. We need to identify young leaders that the Satas can follow. However we need to be mindful. Its not just change. For example we need to be reviewing the performance of MMD. What is it that they should have

  119. done that they have not done? My worry is that we get caught in the frenzy of just blaming the MMD simply because they have “overstayed” as opposed to failing to deliver.

  120. Anyway, as the electoral tough gets going, I doubt Sata’s lousy “patch-work” heart will hold. Levy was good enough to send him out to South Africa to patch it up but I doubt Bwezani will do so. This time around it will be that chief from North-Western touching an expired Zondwe’s cold big head. You can actually count the number of political pundits I would, like Goldman Sachs, bet heavily against being alive when we go to the polls in 2011. If any of them lives to see the polls and win, then we are in for another state funeral fimo fimo!

  121. MK the truth is, the majority of us HH supporters in this pact are like passengers in a van with one leg in and another out,our journey on this van will depend on the face in the driving seat,once the drank driver shows his face we will jump out and continue the journey on our feet. We want change but replacing RB with Sata,is not change but a step backward.

  122. The article is not the best in terms of style and depth but it definitely raises vry important and vaild points. HH clearly appears like a stranded junior partner in the pact and all he can hope for at best if the pact forms govt is to be a token veep with no clout, much like Tsvangirai in Zim. As the const. stands goin into the next elections, the Veep is not a running mate, so if HH were to become veep he will merely be a yes man fearing for his job because he can be fired at any time. I def don’t see any evidence that should lead HH to trust Sata. As things stand if the only option is for sata to be the next pres. we might as well stick with RB. No need to change from one Unipist to another
    If we want to see real change there has to be a generation change, HH and Elias should unite

  123. //147 you have a point. The earlier HH gets out of the so callled pact, the better. The opportunity cost of him hanging arround the loose arrangement till late is quite high. If he can not go it alone, it would even be better for HH to collaborate with RB. For sure; RB can offer him the VP portifolio, and come 2016 we would be assured of HH as president. MMD is the only party that seems liberal enough to create opportunities for leaders from other parties at the highest level, RB is a living testimony of MMD’s open-arms policy.

  124. Mr Capitalist,stop being a dimwit and defend your thinking rationally.The question i paused was,how could you talk about loss in popularity by just using percentages.What i would expect is for you to tie those percentages to actual numbers then it would make that sensible corellation.Also,there is a huge difference between voters’ support and party cadre support,so which support has gone down?Instead of calling me names and be insollent give us facts and defend your thinking.Stop blogging if you one hell of an emotional freak.

  125. HH is throwing punches in the air without an idea what he is aiming at. If he openly submits under Sata, he loses his base.

    But equally daunting is the battle ahead head of him to meet his partner Sata at the assumed ‘pact’ convention to be. Politics is not for the faint hearted.

  126. we miss Levy Mwanawasa…RB is yapping all over and he thinks like a child since he’s old..HH mwaiche..ninshita yobe 2011…imbwa nimbwa …

  127. Finally brethren, what so ever things are true,honest,just,pure,lovely,good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise think on these things. Philippians 4:8 We have spoken a lot on this matter let our conscience always guide us.

  128. Most of you clueless HH supporters want PF supporters to support him if he emerges as pact leader but you triballists are not willing to support Sata if things turn out otherwise.What rank hypocrisy!! You bastards deserve to remain suffering under MMD. As for me I am a permanent resident in the UK and am voting for Labour on May 6. Continue suffering!!

  129. Chanda Musonda (38) you are pathetic, if you have nothing to say go and sleep. Just remember to wee before you go to sleep otherwise walasundila mu bed! Please dont trade insults. That is not helping that country at all. It does not even help Sata, HH, Banda or indeed anyone. Be level headed and discuss important matters.

  130. Mulenga New Castle Upon Tyne (154).
    Lilya Mwapoka ka indefinite bafikamba elyo mwalaba kumyenu. Bunkusa fuulu!!!!!
    Dont participate in this forum then!

  131. You guys are no better than our politicians very few have given a solution to the readers questions. the artical may not reach the “standards” of what you guys abroad claim to be acustomed to but it brings out one thing; the PACT needs to elect its president now if the people of Zambia Bembas, Tongas, Lozis, etc are to give the candidate a benefit of doubt. that way, the next few months to 2011 will be spent on gaining the trust of the would voters be it Sata or HH because of the unity the party will portray in supporting who ever wins. frankly speaking if it were up to me, i would chose HH because he is younger but still give recognistion to Sata for his efforts to lead the people of zambia because his sruggle cannot be overlooked.

  132. 44 BMC, What ever you are. Yo celebration of Lozis losing Vice Presidency is a clear indication of yo backwardness. Tribalism is a game of fools and iliterates. Lozis will never support the Pact. No matter what cos they are happy to be rulled by an Easterner RB. Easterners are generally good people. Not Snakes who pretend to be popular. The snake is an enemy to the Royal Establishment and he will never rule Zed that is why he lost 3times in a series. That is his pay for hating Lozis. The same is with Kaondes, Luvales Luchazis, Lundas, etc. VIVA RB.!!!!!!

  133. Iam very sure the pact will fail due to greedness. Sata would never allow democracy to prevail as he doesnt believe in any freedom of choice ,PF has been there for over ten years, no convention. HH a humble honest youngman who deserves a chance this time. If SATA is a true patriot of this country and his main aim is to see zambia prosper let him allow HH to stand.

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