The Great Debate: Coach, Club & Country


The Faz Super Division clubs have this week taken on the club versus country issue to another level.

Not too long ago, clubs barely raised a voice when a coach was attached to the national team.

However, now patriotism seems to have been thrown out of the window with coaches joining their players in being reminded of their contractual obligations by their clubs.

More and more it seema, club duty is now taking a more serious turn and is a priority for Super Division teams than the prestigious honor of playing for the national team.

Zanaco and Kabwe Warriors are two subjects in question with both sides privately and publicly voicing their misgivings over their head trainer’s call-ups for national duty.

Warriors is threatening to withdraw George Lwandamina from Zambia’s CHAN preparations as the Railwaymen struggle  on the table with just two wins from seven matches and are 6th from bottom in 11th place on 8 points.

Zanaco are said to be reluctant to release Wedson Nyirenda for CHAN duties with insiders citing that his understudies Mumamba Numba and Kelvin Kaindu are not yet ready to take full control of the team in his absence.

The question is, are the days of a part-time national team coach numbered in Zambia?

If Faz does settle on a local trainer for the national team, should they consider one on a fulltime basis to avoid the minefield that is being laid in the post-Renard  period?


  1. I support the Zambian clubs 100%. Their coaches are always taken for a ride by FAZ in these transition periods while they embark on their search for the next white PE teacher. I remember all the sacrifices that the likes of the Late George Mungwa, Patrick Phiri, the late Ben Bamfuchile and many others have made to the detriment of their clubs only for them to be dumped by the wayside. If FAZ want a local coach, they must give him a proper full time contract and, in turn, whoever they appoint will be 100% committed.

  2. FAZ is only interested in Lwandamina now because they want him to drill the team for the 2 legged Chan qualifier i guess the question is what happens to him after June 5 and moreso if he doesn’t qualify for Chan which i hope wont be the case, Will FAZ Maintain him if he gets fired by Warriors like they did when he was fired by Buffoloes remember that was mainly becoz the team was busy playing AFCON nad World Cup Qualifiers.

  3. This whole issue speaks volumez about the ill-happeningz at Football House. Before any announcement iz made about a public/national job appointment, izn’t it wize consult/agree/disagree with all stake holderz on modalitiez and termz of reference? I agree 100% with # 2 and 3 and hope that sooner than later we won’t hear that FAZ owez Chicken George so many millionz after hiz long stin withe National Team.

  4. We must all understand that this is a short term measure. Clubs must understand that the coaches are JUST seconded to national team till the end of the two legged games with South africa develpomental team period. After that its back to their clubs. So the job is purely part-time and FAZ has made it clear on this. is this the first time a local coach is being assigned to the national team? Lets be fair on this. The national team won’t be very active and hence this will give FAZ enough time to find a proper coach. Clubs should also know that Wada Wada and ‘Chicken George’ may also have interest in the job. I hope Msiska lands in Zed soonest.

  5. The point still remainz that theze coachez appointed even for a short period have allegience to the clubs that employ them and there iz the money issue involved( with due regard to the “partriotizm” to tha country. Else we would have Scotland just calling up Sir Alex Ferguson; France- Arsene Wenger; Portugal- Jose Maurhino; Pep Guardiola- Spain in the name of patriotizm!

  6. GBFC is a classic example.Their coach went on an ill fated trip with the under 17 national team .Now look at their progress in the league.

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