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Tell the nation veep’s condition-Mumba


FLASHBACK:New Revolution Party leader Cozmo Mumba kneels before vice president George Kunda

The National Revolution Party NRP president Cosmo Mumba has demanded to know the condition of vice president George Kunda who is receiving treatment in South Africa.

Mr Mumba said the fact that the vice president has been using tax payer’s money to receive treatment in South Africa, Zambians deserved to know his condition.

He said as a national leader, Zambians deserved to know the condition of their vice president and how their tax payers money was being utilized on his treatment.

Mr Mumba said it is saddening that government has decided to hide the condition of the vice president when it is tax payers’ money being spent on his medical bills.

He added that President Rupiah Banda should relieve the Vice President of his duties on medical grounds if necessary. He said political life was very demanding and that one needed to be in good health for them to discharge their duties effectively.

The vice president left the country for South Africa on Wednesday 21st April 2010.



  1. Nigerian president has died,Umanu Yar’adua died after along illness of kidney failure. He had been absent from his presidential duties since February 2010. According to Nigerian constitution his vice president becomes national president.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. I hear he went for a walk with Lesly Mbula SA high commisioner.. It reminds me of Levy Jogging in London !!

  3. Listening to Sata and Kakoma on Radio Phoenix’s Face The Media,I find it hard to be excited by this idae of the Pact cos Sata made it very clear that he will stand in 2011 as a presidential candidate vindicating RB.Now is this the HH who has a big brain as opposed to that of RB.Kakoma further said for now there is no presidential pact.What this? Thats why i ve little faith in the oppositin,instead of strategising and strengthening their influence,they are busy playing hide-and-seek on the presidential candidate.One thing is very clear here,if Sata is not adopted,he will leave the Pact cos he said he has intentions of standing even after 2011.

  4. Sad. These guys are responsible (supposed to be) for sorting out Zambia’s hospitals and health system. I fail to understand how they all take great pride in rushing to South Africa for treatment – No sense of shame!!! Mr RB and GK what about your children, brothers, friends and relatives who can’t ride on the tax payer – no sense of justice and fairplay? I just can’t get it.

  5. Mr Mumba said ………… when it is tax payers’ money being spent on his medical bills.

    not only medical bills but also hotel bills

  6. Am sure they will tell something on the lines of national security! The man is sick and its not alien to be…i totally agree that as a national leader it is in our best interest to know what is wrong with him…everything else considered, i will him well and may Lord be with his family in this time of need.

  7. i hear b veep has been on antiviral drugs for sometime now…the diesease is in its very late stage…

  8. Iwe, the government just stated that GK was discharged from hospital and that he is recovering in Joburg. He has a review on Friday after which he will be allowed to travel back home. Dont you read the papers or watch ZNBC? How else are you going to know whats realy going on in your country?

  9. Wishing our beloved red-lipped serpent a quick recovery from his review ( A new disease as per Dora Sillier )

  10. Moses Mutabwa unfortunately some of us dont watch ZNBC or read the government papers because they are full of lies. the acting chief government spokesperson said he went for review. But how does someone go for review on an emergency basis.

  11. I can’t remember when i last watched ZNBC. I gave up listening to these Goverment Media, they are full of Sh*t! And iam not interested in anything that happens. Its now that we need to change this Government by Bullets, as we are sick and tired of whatever they do. We are coming in, wait and see!!!!!

  12. Sharp Shooter

    its unfortunate your thinking. we are talking about the veep of zambia and not the PACT. your thinking is retrogressive.
    if GK is very sick it simply means he is very sick. this government is supposed to be providing good medical services to every zambian. its sad that george has decided(or decided for) to go and have a routine medical check up in SA when alot of people cant even get panado from UTH.

    Moses Mutabwa:
    read alot to have broad knowledge. i dont think you are so foolish to trust the government and later on ZNBC. the government lied on Levy and also on Teta. so what guarantee do you have they are telling the truth this time.
    you can fool some people all the time but you cant fool all the people all the time
    zambia needs a good medical system for all

  13. B.u.l.l S.h.i.t Lets wait and c. obviously another lie will be taught..lets c if he wil come back on saturday or he is coming in a box.

  14. I hear he died on Sunday,after jogging in the hospital grounds.
    Seriously,the man is ill and the earlier he is replaced the better.Anyone who has seen GK can see that he is a walking dead body(sorry if it sounds harsh) but he doesn’t look well and the stressful post of not only VEEP but Attorney general too cannot be left vacant for lengthy times and need people with vision and energy to run.RB’s govt has a serious leadership crisis.You will probably hear that RB is on his way to Nigeria..hahahaha.zambia has become a political circus.Anyway,I send my thoughts to the Kunda family.

  15. #14 & 15, you do not know what you are missing, and more importantly what you are subjecting your body and brains to by confining yourself to the clearly discredited Post. They say where there is no competition prices are high. But it is a free world, you can choose what information you want to receive, with the caveat that you do not interfere with other people’s freedom or blame anybody if you develop the symptoms of ignorance.

  16. Imwe ba Cosmo, that is a dead issue. We have been told that the Right Hon. VP is not well. Let’s wait for further information shall we? In the meantime it is more fruitful to pray for your fellow Zambian citizen. By so doing you will have comforted many souls, and opened yourself a chink in the gate to heaven!

  17. Who is Cosmo Mumba this chap does not deserve to no anything.otherwise he should be the last person pa Zed to know G.k’s condition.

  18. There’s been a medical breakthrough, am american doctor has just said life transplanting is possible and the first operation will be done in a about a year’s time. somebody tell red lip to hung in there for at least a year, he’s a potential donor.

  19. The more reason why we need young healthy vibrant Leaders, we can not afford to always be flying these people to SA for medics we could spend that money on buying medications for the rural areas or at least send our children to school…

  20. Apparently the President is out VEEP is out, The Chief Government Spokesperson not around,Deputy Chief governement Spokesperson out who is going to lead us.

  21. Let the chap just kick the bucket.We also have relatives who can’t access medical care from within Zambia.So why worry about some rotten mouth bastard.GK is so insolent and his boss was telling the nation just before the two by-elections that we have so much medicines/drugs in Zambia.Why was he rushed to SA if our hospitals are well stocked.

  22. Katie Good.
    I honestly agree-in times of illnes we should wish each well coz NO-ONE selects to get sick.But on the other hand u should be displeased with the way yr MMd govt.has handled this issue,instead of worrying about the POST all the time.In whose eyes is the POST discredited? yours? In the past i ve acussed u of probably been jeaslous of Fred.maybe am fight.What happrned did he fire?turn u down?Lastly i wiil be the first say the POST isnt perfect.But can u imagine ZED without the POST!!!!!

  23. Dear bloggers, let us not laugh at the veep’s ailment whatever it is. If you have never lost a loved due to AIDS, then you must be extremely lucky but remember chikuza sichiimba ngo’ma (misfortune does not anounce its arrival). Lets put our veep in our prayers.

  24. Katie Good when were you told he was not well. before the bye election. What did Dora tell us?/////////// that he is recovering well.What did Mbula tell us? he could not see him as he had gone for a walk. now they are telling us he is having his review on Friday. Why should we wait, they should just tell us what the problem is so we put him in our prayers. How did he even go in the first palce? did he fall sick or did he just go for review. Again there are conflicting statements. What a government. My dear learn to ask question when things are wrong dont just let things flow. In the end you will end up accepting mediocrety and in turn become a mediocre individual.

  25. Nigeria president Umaru Yar’Adua has died, after more than five months of battling with diseased kidneys and a debilitating heart ailment. One does not need to be a Sangoma to figure out that George “Red-Lipped Snake” Kunda will very soon be the next high profile African politician to die in office. Why Africans keep on clinging to diseased and dying politicians is beyond me.

  26. # 24. No need for any of those you have listed. Zambia has been on auto pilot since RB became President. We do us we please, we rule ourselves. We have no President, no Police, no nothing. Just mention any changes you see when Banda, Kunda and all the others are out and when they are in. It is business as usual.

  27. The country is more peaceful when RB, GK, Shikapwasha and Dora are out. No insults flying around. You will know when they are back.

  28. I wish George a quick recovery. The truth will eventually come out, however much the government is economical with infomation for now.

  29. #19 Katie Good…from your posts, one can infer that you are a direct MMD beneficiary. If you are, PLEASE do tell your bosses or relatives in MMD that the only way they will continue in govt is to be truthful and serious with their work. If GK is very ill (hope not), the Govt should just say so.

    Its already bad enough that while the poor die in Zambia, the leaders have access to the the best medical facilities in the world….talk of Animal farm!

    I dont buy the crap that leaders are special…all human being are equal. The lives of politicians are just as important as the lives of the poor peasants. Anyone of us can die but Zambia will not gring to a halt.

    That said, I wish GK’s family God’s streangth…I know it must be hard for them, God be with them.

  30. guys this disease which has taken a number of minister’s now is called ( HEARSES DISEAESES) teta malilo infected them all before his departure. just wait and see8-| by 2011 everybody from this movement for mad dogs party will vanish…

  31. 😕
    Who will be next in line for a By-election?? Prepare for the worst now, I say let all these guyz be tested for HIV/AIDs seroiusly bakamba we can be served by a deseased flock!!

  32. My fellow country men and women, don’t worry. He is in a ‘stable’ condition. And you know what that means in Zed. :)>-

  33. We wait………………………………….Friday is here. Oh! maybe they thot 2moro never comes. Im very eager to hear an update on ‘my VEEP’ from a “responsible GRZ”. :-?:-w8-|

  34. The powers that be please learn to tell us the truth. Do u really want God to laugh at us when we are praying for healing for the dead pipo o bcoz u have not told us?

  35. Ba QSTICK on 42,do you mean deceased flock?.OMG i have never laughed so much. That was a good one.I also agree with peace Zambian on number 16.

  36. George was taken ill in Mufumbwe. He is at Milpark hopsital in JHB recieving anti retro drugs. There were not enough in Mufumbwe so his condition worsened.

    Come on George, dont play Dead.

  37. Kunda is dying and the better he is relieved of his posts to spend the rest of his short remaining days with his family, the better. I still cannot understand how an AIDS sickling like him can be laden with two ministerial portfolios, I mean, the fool is working a quarter times and one wonders how he can serve as veep and minister of legal affairs at the same time. Its us the tax payers who are being cheated out here. The earlier he kicks the bucket, the better.

  38. OK, so today is Saturday. According to Mr Mbula in South Africa, GK should have had his review yesterday, and returned to Zambia today. So where is George?

  39. The big scary George is back and spitting fire left, right and centre including at the real spitting cobra himself. It seems the evacuation did the trick, presumably they did an over-load of ARTs to boost the immunity at least for the next few days and see what happens there after. He talked about his children being affected and stuff, my advice is dont buy Post at home and keep them away from sites like LT and ZDW because we cant guarantee them it won’t be PG on the blogs. Welcome back red lip the fight continues, last round gong!

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