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MMD, UPND reject Gay rights in Zambia


SOME political parties have said they cannot support and champion the legalisation of homosexuality in Zambia because the practice is unChristian and alien to the nation.

The MMD and United Party for National Development (UPND) said separately in Lusaka yesterday that Zambia was declared a Christian nation and the issue of homosexuality had no room in this society.

But the Patriotic Front (PF) said it had not dealt with the matter because it was concentrating on more important issues.

MMD acting spokesperson Mike Mulongoti said the ruling party could not embrace or support the gay rights because the party was founded on Christian norms.

“Zambia is declared a Christian nation and anything that is unChristian and alien to our society is deemed to be an abomination,” Mr Mulongoti said.

Mr Mulongoti, who is Works and Supply minister said the MMD strongly condemned people championing gay rights.

He said supporting anything that was unChristian was outrageous and the MMD would not want to associate itself with such activities.

Mr Mulongoti said there was no political leader from the ruling party who had associated themselves with championing homosexuality.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party could not support or talk about the gay rights because it had no room in the country.

Mr Kakoma said the fact that the gay rights were rejected at the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) was an indication that the UPND was not in support of homosexuality.

“The UPND was part of the NCC deliberations that rejected anything to deal with the homosexuality rights. We equally reject these rights,” he said.

PF spokesperson Given Lubinda said his party would not preoccupy itself with less pressing issues because it was currently more concerned with the welfare of the people.

Mr Lubinda said the PF had not even sat to discus the matter because the party wanted to concentrate on how best it would find solutions to pressing needs of serving the families in the country.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Homosexuality is wrong and should never be condoned , thats my opinion and Iam entitled to it. Can two men produce a baby? Can two women produce a baby? It’s a dead end! Evil people! We all know why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by God. Thankyou MMD and UNDP, you might just get my vote just on that merit because I hate HOMOSEXUALITY!

  2. “But the Patriotic Front (PF) said it had not dealt with the matter because it was concentrating on more important issues.” Lets hope the important issues are not the exporting of cadres to Luapula.
    On homos,as a Christian,I find it hard to side with them especially that people cropped in the bible during Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah) cos of the same issue.But again,its a reality and its happening just like Danny observed when he relaesed “Yakumbuyo” and we cant shy way from this reality forever.We ve to move with time and tell what the bible preaches about being homo.Remind them them its either they choose the kingdom of God by being straight or otherwise.It all comes to tolerance in my view.

  3. Now we know the party that is championing homosexuality in Zambia. I was for PF and now am anti PF. homosexuality goes hand in hand with satanism. Zambians, reject PF

  4. Those that are in such a relationship should have there little holes behind be sealed with silicon and waterproof cement and those with others that are long like mine should be caged and throw the paddlocks in the rivers.
    That is unheard of in Zambia

  5. it will never be acceptable in Zambia for as long as the sun rises from the east and settles in the west

  6. Bushe kanshi why are we being pressured into accepting backfilling. This is not Europe and much as we know that homos exist among us we we should not condon it cause its just wrong. As Mugabe correctly notes, even animals know better than homos cause you ll never find a male dog shagging another male. NO, pa zed ifwe TWAKANA. Ku mbuyo ni ku exit not ku entry

  7. Homosexual should not be supported by anyone,not even animals can support it.Dogs for example don’t do that.If the perpetuators of this Act are mad ‘it’s better to quickly get ready of them becoz zambian youths are crazy at imitating certain practices.Pliz the Govt should quickly act on this.

  8. I dont support Homesexuallity, but using Christian Declaration to fight it is wrong all together…It is just morally wrong form our traditional wisdom as people of Zambia. How do you really explain that nonsence to our sober society.

    How do explain that to your grand parents that you are or someone is crewing you is the Harse….:o:o:o:o
    Homosexuality yena…is sickness of the mind to those who do and support it… The primary reason for sex is reproduction..which expalins the logic that man and woman is the normal way to do it…..:o:o:o

  9. Leave gay people alone, LEAVE them alone. Arrest criminals and protect vulnerable children in Zambia. Politicians should do their jobs and re-write the law. Kill all child abusers and leave gays alone. If men prefer men, just let them be. It unChristian to have sex with more than one woman, it is stated in the old testement, but they do it . It unchristian to have sex with chidren, but is now common in Zambia. Parents have to protect their children from horny servants/domestic help abusing children while they are in work. Children in Zambia are raped everyday by uncles, fathers, brothers, cousins and domestic help. Deal with these problems first and sort out the mess.

  10. Leave your demonic practices to yourselves, and please stop Zambian kids from listening to g.ay little Wayne and company. Abasungu balapapusha mwe. Nothing is better for a man in a marriage like a Va.Gina that is a sweet like honey gift from God. It’s biblical people study a d let’s not lose our African heritage.

  11. some people lack reasoning in their headz. the mighty PF is not in sapot of homoz. think b4 u express yo low levelz of thinking, useless chaps.

  12. How does this even arise on a black forum and the African continent. I would rather we went back to our olden days of Egypt, Timbuktu, zimbazamabwe, Ethiopia and great golden central before Europeans and their sickness invaded the motherland. How did they even start is a wonder to me. Black woman have boo.tys that attract us and nice thighs mostly smart and whiity wise when raised right. it’s about time we kick foolishness out of Africa.

  13. Zed yes we have those problems but adding hom.o craziness to the list complicates the scenario. How do Zambians even support this issue, ” then it hit me some posting here are not Zambian” if your Back side is a recepticle don’t try corrupt the motherland please. This listen to Buju Bantons song Butty man hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  14. Do not hide behind religion talk openly. Boarding schools in Zambia practice homosexuality, it is known. Girls Only boarding schools and Boys Only schools in Zambia engage in homosexual practices. This has been so since the 1960s till now, the practice goes one.
    We have transgender men in Zambia. some men wear ladies clothes and go to clubs dresses as women, just like in the west. This is not new in Zambia, it is not foreign, there are men who dress like women. We also have a term for men who do not Marry *********. These men never join fellow men in work, or clubs, they like ot hang about with women because they feel feminine,and notmasculine. They female side shows more in them even when they are in men’s clothes.
    Christianity is borrowed, what happend to our our traditional deliefs?

  15. Zed Christianity is not borrowed learn your history mount Zion is in Africa. A blackman Jethro introduced Moses to God. Remember he ended marrying his jethro’s daughter Zipporah. And the issue about transgender men in Zambia please lol. Thus I have always called for the abolition of all boys and all girls boarding schools. you have answered yourself the enviroment breeds caos. Thus you see alot of single parent children in the US being a little fruity, because a balance is missing. We shall correct all that, put real men in the childrens lives and real women not sissy sellouts of the Greek and roman kind.

  16. There we go again with pipo discussing trivial things.Pf is right to say we are looking at other important things and this is the first time i am agreeing with the party.I don`t see a reason why we should be discusing something we don`t understand.A man hammering a fellow man indeed is absurd but that should not give us a reason to say ill against pipo doing it,Orientation is not a choice just like you all pipo on this block did not decide to be he.tro.se.xu.ul but you found yourselves in it because it seems to be a more natural thing to do,the same could be applied to pipo who are gay if it seems more normal and logical to them so be it.Remember that “if it is not your hole then never mind what happens to it”.So close your bibles,traditions and fears and emblace mutual undestanding.:-?

  17. List of things not African/Zambian by above bloggers’ reasoning:
    1.Democracy, 2.Formal Education, 3.The English language 4. Christianity (may provide a great escape, but not ours, sorry) 5.Concept of Human Rights for all humans 6. Development/Technology
    List Of things that are African/ Zambian
    1. Corruption 2.HIV/AIDS 3.Heavy Alcohol consumption 4.Abundant mineral wealth 5.Cultural preservation (e.g. polygamy) 7.War 8.Selfish leadership 9.Prostitution (and don’t blame women, we the men keep it going) 10.Poverty 11.Illiteracy
    Am I the only one that sees the irony or are we all just playing stupid and blind? I know it is a knee-jerk reaction to judge others, but come on. Have a mind of your own. Nothing is Christian about Zambia today. Hypocrites though; in abundance.

  18. #17 The likes of you may have been practicing in Zed but what the majority of us are saying is that we won’t legalize in Zambia and believe you me, if we catch you we will kick the S.h.it out of your butt. Enjoy it wherever you are but don’t even think of showing your narrow-contaminated butt in Zed.:d

  19. MMD acting spokesperson Mike Mulongoti said the ruling party could not embrace or support the gay rights because the party was founded on Christian norms.
    LIER..wHICH CHRISTIAN NORMS DOES THE MMD FOLLOW… violence? Corruption? selfishness?.
    Christianity and politics are two divergent entities b cause Politics is DIRTY and Christianity is CLEAN. For Zambia,there will be nothing better for our future than maintaining a secular society.

  20. Mwanawakwitu: Not only was Christianity borrowed, it was thrust upon you. You were probably born around Christians that evidently thrust it on you even before you could reason for yourself. Someone else was born in Nigeria and had Islam thrust upon them and so forth. That is not all, Europeans thrust it upon your ancestors, and in many cases used it to conquer and enslave them. So on your way back to Ethiopia/Mount Zion ponder on that. You talk of abolishing boarding schools, I went to a boarding school myself, can’t tell you if there was single gay person but I will tell you that 80% of the folks had a superior reasoning ability to yours. So if you truly are Africanist as you pretend to be, rethink abolishing boarding schools, they do for Zambian folk more than anything you could ever…

  21. moral compromise of “bibi nabwana” yakumbuyo, they are in a Catch 22.This ambiquity will continue all the way to their political grave considering that christian Nation Zambia will not curve in.

    PF has been pulling in conditioned money from some pro-Yakumbuyo foundations based in countries such as those in the Scandinavia among them Norway, the Netherlands (Holland), Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Taiwan. A comprehensive list of their Diaspora based yakumbuyo Zambians being used to network and lobby with their fellow yakumbuyo groups for PF is at hand.

  22. “Mr Lubinda said the PF had not even sat to discus the matter because the party wanted to concentrate on how best it would find solutions to pressing needs of serving the families in the country.” Period! Indeed PF’s priority is to serve families.

    In the first place, where does this story stem from?
    Could there be donor countries demanding Homosexual rights in order for them to offer Zambeziland assistance?
    Zambeziland and any thinking human being does not need to be ‘Christian’ to abhor this psychological problem!

  23. Lets also ban one-keying (in public), fornication and adultery, including a law against ogling at married persons. All these evils are an abomination before God.

  24. as a Christian I do not support gay movements but its a personal issue, Adultery is also un-Christian like how many ministers of even pastors will agree to be arrested coz of committing adultery? I know where it mentions the sin of homoXuality in the bible it also says liers thieves fornicatros i think that if a minor is assulted thats another issue but if two adults make this choice, then the consequences are for them to share otherwise i propose we also criminalise adultery it may well me our solution to the AIDS dilema.You don’t have to condone or accept someones behavior but you can tolerate.

  25. Where are these people?. I think we should talk about important issues than waste time on stupid things. Where were they at independence?

  26. U chaps practicing this yakumbuyo (***) thing illegally in Zambia,we will flash u out before u turn our beloved country into hell. Dont u feel ashamed of yoselves? Soon dogs will start laughing at you as yo behavior falls below that of dogs. Man and woman are very different and their bodies designed 4 specific functions. How can a man become a woman? That hole is 4 feaces and how can u even be proud 2 be eating feaces? Reason properly u maggots !!!

  27. It’s sad to see so many backward, primitive comments from Zambians here. Christianity was forced down our throats by the whites and now we make noise about how Christian we are. Like dogs barking loud for their master

  28. That is satanic no one should entertain such ideas. The west will never give you what you want but useless things which are not part of our culture

  29. Those that have eyes have seen that in Zambia we mean business NO Homos.Those that can hear very clear, the message is tha God does not allow that to his childrens, MAN will only be married to a WOMAN.
    God gracious hear us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Zambia is no go area 4 these inhuman and nonsensical practices called *** or lesbianism. U can practice in your manner-less countries where your parents, bothers and sisters seat and watch u having shameless *** on the streets. In Zambia, sorry we have manners and we dont tolerate such rubbish. May be U were born through the male “exit holes” as yo mothers are men. Ha ha ha…….

  31. Good Afternoon

    Well done MMD, UPND for showing the sodomites a red card!

    Sodomy is what we Africans neither tolerate, nor appreciate. Fellow Zambians, at home and abroad, let us all unite and stop these wicked men from spreading their evil concept on our ancestral domain.

    I will never have kind words for sodomites as long as I live. They are physically, spiritually and emotionally unbalanced! How can a normal man seriously enjoy taking off another man’s underpant??? Rubbish!!!

    They belong to the Muganda or garbage pit – that’s where we put rubbish in Zambia… on top of that, we even pour fuel on rubbish, strike a match and burn it up!

  32. #33 Mune, tekanya. Was education forced down your throat? You found it works for you, right? Ignorance however, is never forced down one’s throat – it’s a state of being. Wherever you find good Christian communities, there is almost zero ignorance (am not talking Phd here) because people find out that God loves them and He teaches them how to live – intelligently. Being made in His own image, we can use our brain, learn from Him and come up with a perfect recipe for peace, health, prosperity and above all true love – not “love” as in “lust” for all sorts of abominable practices that steal our peace of mind and joy. Don’t blame white people, they have their own problems to take care of. Peace, mune :)>-

  33. MMD and UPND congrats on throwing this satanic practice of gaizm out of Zambia. PF is suspect No1. Shame on u. U call this issue small? Given Lubinda u seem 2 be one of the those maggots doing this “yakumbuyo” thing. U dont have 2 seat as PF committee or whatever 4 u to know that gay is useless and shameful and only 4 small brains / confused pipo of the world. NOW RED CARD AWAY FROM MMD TO PF!!!

  34. MMD and UPND congrats on throwing this satanic practice of gaizm out of Zambia. PF is suspect No1. Shame on u. U call this issue small? Given Lubinda u seem 2 be one of the those maggots doing this “yakumbuyo” thing. U dont have 2 seat as PF committee or whatever 4 u to know that *** is useless and shameful and only 4 small brains / confused pipo of the world. NOW RED CARD AWAY FROM MMD TO PF!!!
    Complain about this comment

  35. The issue is not debatable, it’s not up for discussion.Those who engage in ho-mo-se-xual behaviour are just crazy. It’s just madness. Insanity. We can’t do it or the dead will turn in their graves.

  36. Those that engage in such acts are insane. We cannot tolerate this, otherwise the dead will rise against us.

  37. Ho-mo-se-xua-lity degrades human dignity. It’s unnatural, and there is no question ever of allowing these people to behave worse than dogs and p-i-g-s. If dogs and p-i-g-s do not do it, why must human beings? We have our own culture, and we must re-dedicate ourselves to our traditional values that make us human beings.
    What we are being persuaded to accept is sub-animal behavior and we will never allow it in Zed. If you see people parading themselves as L-e-s-bians and G-a-y-s, arrest them and hand them over to the police

  38. All these arguments both for and against the practice of h.omos.exu.ality and l.e.sbiani.sm further convinces me that humans are crazy beings looking for meaning in a meaningless world.Everyone has his or her reason why he or she thinks one specific orientation is the stardard to compare others to and the influence of reasoning comes from all spheres religion,experience,”tradition”,”culture”,belief and fears.The fact that each one is ready to die for what he or she believes in and not ready to compromise adds to this philosophy.Indeed we are all crazy beings no doubt about it.

  39. #44
    I don’t agree with the idea of a man breathing hard on the neck of another man while humping him. I totally don’t agree with this.
    I want to see how they will procreate. If they manage, then I will admit that I am crazy.

  40. So Lubinda thinks homo***lity is not a serious issue. This chap must know that there is actually nothing to talk about this is a practice that must be reject even without having to sit down

  41. #47, with a leader as unpredictable as Mr Sata, what Lubinda said is safe territory for him. But the common stand taken by UPND and MMD is encouraging. It is such common grounds when they are sufficient that give strong Pacts, not the marriage of convenience between UPND and PF. Fancy a Pact between UPND and MMD? Except that in the current scenario, MMD does not really need a Pact to win 2011.

  42. List of things that animals dogs don’t do:

    1. Fall in love.
    2. Practice monogamy.
    3. Provide for their families
    4. Worship God.

    Since dogs do not do these things why must we?

  43. # 45 that is the essence quite as you don`t agree to man breathing over bla bla…i don`t care the details….but the thing being that each person is a complicated being striving to find a meaning in a meaningless world…he might as well find you meaningless just as you find him meaningless.:-?

  44. Me thinks if sexuality should be legislated, lets start with the legalization of heterosexuality. May be those fellows at the NCC will explain why. At the moment I have no clue why I find the opposite sex attractive. I don’t particularly find the female genitals beautiful but I wouldn’t exchange my preference for anything else. Saying heterosexuality is normal or natural is does not explain the why. It is simply opting for the easy answer. Referring to the bible or any other religious book is not enough because not everyone believes in those books anyway. Personally, I can’t trust a book that says all those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. Hitler, Idi Amin, Bokassa too? There are better things to focus on in this country than who shags who.

  45. #45, procreate, procreate…with no idea of how to feed, cloth, shelter or pay school fees for the offspring doesn’t sound like a great idea. This kind of reasoning is worrisome. By the way, how do you suggest policing those that engage in this? Put CCTV in each and every bedroom? Why spend time discussing something that cannot be effectively enforced? Gay marriages are already illegal in this country but how many people still co-habit. And what advantage would adding the word “marriage” bring to their arrangement? Even for heteros there are no benefit for being married, so why do you think gays will be bothered anyway. The only thing the country will achieve is drive gays underground. And not seeing them is not the same as eliminating them.

  46. The country is faced with too many problems for this gay nonsense to be the centre of attention. Leave it just a nuisance to society that it is by not legislating for or against it.

  47. The country is faced with too many problems for this g-ay nonsense to be the centre of attention. Leave it just a nuisance to society that it is by not legislating for or against it.

  48. I weep for my country. Especially when I see the levels of ignorance exhibited by most of you people on this forum. I am gay. Deal with it! What does that have to do with you? I am a productive member of society and I probably contribute more to society than you jerks! Priortise! The gay issue should not take precedence over the numerous challenges Zambia continues to grapple with. Grow up.

  49. Someone ,must stand up and even refuse to allow a debate on this foolish idea. Its not only against the bible but also against our culture. Even before the coming of the bible this practice was treated as an abomination. For example impotent men upon dying were inserted with a sponge or whatever through their asses as a sign that they were a curse to society and many other related reasons. We as Zambians should not inherit an alien practice just for the sake of donor funding. Lets be determined by our values and not just follow whatever nonsense the west considers right. Homo**ty is just unzambian and therefore should ‘ve no space in our society.We ‘ve our own sins lets not inherit more.

  50. Hello friends!

    What will be happend, if the German Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Westerwelle is coming to Zambia. He is such a guy with a male “Woman” on his side.

    We will see then how strong in this matter is the Zambian Government.

  51. God is not deaf. Indeed these are the last days thats why Romans 1 is all abt homosexuality before the close of time. If u dont believe in God, it doesn’t mean He ceases to exist. Beware, He told us aforetime. ZAMBIA WILL DANCE TO CHAOS BEFORE ELECTIONS OVER THIS CONSTITUTION..

  52. You G’a’y’s SHOULD THANK YOUR PARENTS, for if they were as orientated as you, we wouldn’t have been having this argument with you – YOU SEE THE POINT!!!

  53. I’m a Black man who lives outside of Africa but I am pleased about your opposition to homosexuality.
    I don’t want to see that destructive sickness spread anywhere in Africa.

  54. I am a tourist in Zambia, and it’s very sad that in this beautiful country so much hate exists.
    Isn’t God love? It seems quite contradictory to read these comments promoting hate, when the greatest command was all about loving God and loving others.

    God does not force anyone into his love, look at Jesus in the cross. Do you really believe that God is love? So explain to me: why there is so much hate towards homossexuals in this nation?

    More than that – as I visit this country, I find lots of cassinos, and I see that people drink an awful lot. I also read one of the posters describing the sad situation of the children that are abused. Well, do you want the world or anyone to hear what you say to believe? Then stop just talking on Sundays and start practicing it in your day to day.

  55. iwe ka zed with a british flag, ifu are in london link us we touch u manners, if mr lozi was ****ing your father in the arse you would not be alive

  56. It’s appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have read this publish and if I may just I wish to recommend you some interesting issues or advice. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read more issues about it!

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