UPND/PF pact is doomed – Munkombwe


SOUTHERN Province Minister, Daniel Munkombwe has said the campaign gimmick by leaders of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF) Pact that people are suffering is not new and that they will tumble in the 2011 general elections because Zambians know who the genuine leaders are.

Mr Munkombwe has since challenged PF president Michael Sata and UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema to provide empirical data on their allegations that the Zambian people were suffering.

In an Interview in Livingstone yesterday, Mr Munkombwe said the same message was used by the opposition in the 2001, 2006 and 2008 elections but did not yield tangible results as the ruling party continued to hold the grip on power.
[ Times of Zambia ]

“They (leaders of the pact) are saying that people are suffering. When you ask them who is suffering they fail to say who. Let them name them and where they are,” he said.

He said worldwide, the economy was going through hard times and Zambia was not an exception.

Meanwhile, Mr Munkombwe has said it will be a miracle for Change Life Zambia executive director Frank Bwalya to issue a red card to President Banda.

Reacting to a statement by Father Bwalya that time had come for President Banda to get a red card, Mr Munkombwe said the campaign by the Catholic priest against the Government would not succeed.

“It will be a miracle for President Banda to receive a red card. We are yet to see that miracle,” he said.

And Mr Munkombwe has predicted that the MMD will get more votes in Southern Province than it did in the 2008 presidential election.

“It will be a miracle for President Banda to receive a red card. We are yet to see that miracle,” he said.

He said in the 2006 polls, late president Levy Mwanawasa got about 33,000 votes and in 2008 President Banda got more than 90,000 votes in the province.

Mr Munkombwe said next year, President Banda will get more than 90,000 because the MMD was gaining more support from the people.

He said the MMD had not lost hope of gaining more votes because it was clear that the UPND/PF Pact was unpopular in the province.

Mr Munkombwe said the pact was unpopular because Mr Hichilema’s supporters preferred that he stood on his own and not in the company of Mr Sata.

He said the political calculations that Mr Sata would win the 2011 general elections if he teamed up with Mr Hichilema were ill-timed.

He said teaming up with a minority shareholder like Mr Hichilema who was only popular in Southern Province would not produce the results they anticipated in the 2011 general elections.


  1. Munkombwe is such as “BIG political FOOL” I have come to know. Empirical data on the poor in Zambia and where they are found? Ooh my God! He is such a lunatic for sure!! It is maddening for him to challenge the opposition on the data about poverty in Zambia. Instead of stupidly challenging the opposition on empirical data about the poor, let him read government reports such as those from MoFNP and its corp partners and also CSO, then he will get the data and know which people are suffering and where they are found.

    For God’s sake one doesn’t need empirical data to tell who are the poor and where they are found, but one just have to travel around the country and see. It is clear that Munkombe hasn’t traveled around Zambia and he doesn’t have eyes to see

  2. While he claims that the opposition have said so many times yet lost the election, that doesn’t change the truth about poverty in Zambia. In fact, poverty level in Zambia are very high compared to many countries in SSA. If my memory serves me right, Zambia ‘s current poverty level stand around 67% after dropping from 86.7 in 2007. The reason is due to poor delivery of public services such as health, education, poor public transport in rural areas to name but a few. It is shocking that Munkobwe as old as he is doesn’t see this sad reality. I am really emotional about his silly statement and I think Munkombwe is ****ed up in his head.

  3. Don’t be surprised if before the end of the day our blog i.d.i.o.t called Senior Citizen throws all his weight behind this nonsense from this Tonga bigot.

  4. Does this old man read? Even government documents such Living Conditions by CSO show that most Zambians are living in poverty. And that more than 50% of Zambians are stunted. And he is called a minister. What a shame! No wonder they are not able to see that we have poor roads, poor medical services, etc.

  5. #5 – Don’t be suprised if Senior Citizen/ Veteran comes to you to repent. Asm sure he will change and very very soon. Munkombwe probably doesn’t ever know what’s going on in this Country. He just doesn’t read and maybe even can’t read but relys on been told of what’s happening around. Let us please spare the OLD MAN. He is rather to OLD and honestly speaking he can’t do anything else. I feel sorry for him

  6. The old man should go back to the village. Infact i think he is already there but just have to cross the ka street over there then he is Geography.

  7. Has Munkombwe declared the results of his tests for Prostate cancer? Tulefwaya ukumfwa…..

  8. Tonga bull,Ba Daniel Munkombwe you are my grandfather but you seem to be too much into pleasing the MMD than serving the people,i have respect for you because of you being my grannie but if i sit and watch you my friends will think we are all happy.You had money before ,you had Choma hotel and plenty animals on your farm but today your farm is a museum why.Stop talking crap grannie let the PF/UPND fail on thier own than you judging.If you continue talking crap next time you come to the farm i`ll organise your workers to chase you because you are saying there is no one suffering.

  9. How did this muppet become a Minister? Young folks in Zambia, please get into politics. Does not matter if it is MMD, PF or UPND. Please get into politics. Its obvious that this old man is into politics to rebuild his farm and fortunes, hence the nonsense.

    Thanks for the info #10 MUJUNAUNE!

  10. The Old Toothless polygmous Munkombwe is a grerat fool. Few weeks ago he failed to even conduct a card renewal for the MMD in Mazabuka (Comedian John Malambo alias Chief Mwanchingwala’s Cheifdom). The executive leaders fled with the cards and joined UPND. Now he is openning his mouth to talk rubbish about the PACT. he knows the PACT has no use for him, hence the foolish outbursts.

  11. I like the “He said in the 2006 polls, late president Levy Mwanawasa got about 33,000 votes and in 2008 President Banda got more than 90,000 votes in the province” although I think that Minister Munkombwe should have spoken in a better manner over his “Mr Munkombwe said next year, President Banda will get more than 90,000 because the MMD was gaining more support from the people“.

    It will be more prudent for the MMD to consider using truth than unnecessary propaganda which saw UNIP in a shock after the 1991 elections.

    The most clear message that any normal Zambian is able to note from Mr President RB Banda’s presidency of Zambia and MMD is the very brother, 74 yrs or so, is a failure in leading.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the…

  12. Zedians Imagine the shame of appointing this fool as a minister in this day & time.All he knows is to bewitch youngsters.Its high time you retired you F*****g piece of human flesh.we are not intereted to undergo disturbed mentalities that we are punishing someone who is supposed to in the home for the aged

  13. We need to pray without ceasing for new leaders, new thinking, leaders who can bring life to Zambians, leaders with intergrity, leaders with morals , leaders with vision for the nxt generations, leaders with ears and eyes, leaders who can be directed by God not by fellow medicrity friends or so called advisors, leaders of peace, leaders of unity, leaders with equit thoughts. leaders with a firm hand on corrupt practices. we need to pray without ceasing…1 Thes 5:15-16

  14. Old Daniel, what can you tell us when you are a total failure and disaster all your life. You had Choma Hotel, You had Kalundu Motel and a vibrant farm through money you got in UNIP times.as soon as you had expired with your UNIP, so did all these fortunes .Now you want to give us statistical lectures on “empirical data” that you do not even understand.I will try to help you anyway with one exampke of how Zambian are suffering because of poverty: YOUR OWN SON LIVING IN CHONGWE AND DYING OF HUNGER.EDUCATED, BUT CANT FIND A JOB COZ THERE ARE NO JOBS.HE IS EVEN RUNNING CRAZY NOW. .that what we mean Old daniel by people suffering as Government can not provide jobs since the Minister are only interested in reviving thier dead farms in Chief Singani, choma district

  15. If old Munkombwe does not see the poverty many Zambians are grappling with, and he is Provincial Minister, no wonder we are in such a mess. On the other hand, it just shows how these chaps are fattening themselves on the wealth of this nation to the exclusion of the ordinary people. They are so comfortable that they can’t see the misery surrounding them. May they choke on their ill-gotten fat!

  16. This is annoying and insulting to the people. Certainly, we dont deserve such crap of leaders who cannt even comprehend the basics. Good heavens, what have we done as a country to earn ourselves such impotent and incompentent leadership. 2011, let it be a year true CHANGE!

  17. The one commented first is an embassil. He is naturally foolish. How does he call that old man Political Fool you *****?

  18. let’s cut the old man munkombwe some slack, he is senile, he is too old, he has lost touch with reality,no wonder the post newspapers don’t bother to diss him, he is not worth it

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