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Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde stays-Shikapwasha

General News Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde stays-Shikapwasha

Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha

CHIEF Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha says those calling for the resignation or dismissal of Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde are wasting their time.

Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Mr Kabonde is a professional who has been in the police service for many years and knows what his job entails.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha, who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said Mr Kabonde has contributed greatly to the country.

He said the inspector general worked under him when he was Minister of Home Affairs and served the country diligently, just as he is doing now.

UPND women last Friday staged a protest and marched to the Zambia Police Service headquarters where they presented a petition to Mr Kabonde, which was received by police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso.

The women complained, among other things, that Mr Kabonde failed to prevent violence in Mufumbwe during the by-election and that he was biased towards the MMD.

“Mr Kabonde is a seasoned policeman who does not arrest people on political grounds. He arrests anyone who causes trouble regardless of their political affiliation,” Lt. Gen Shikapwasha said.

He said the UPND must not complain about the violence that took place during the by-election but should instead blame its leaders who took the ‘Mapatizya formula’ to Mufumbwe.

“Mr Kabonde is a seasoned policeman who does not arrest people on political grounds. He arrests anyone who causes trouble regardless of their political affiliation,” Lt. Gen Shikapwasha said.

And Committee of Citizens executive director Gregory Cifire said it is sad that some people want to incite the appointing authority into firing a professional whose contribution to the country cannot be doubted.

Mr Cifire said such calls are misplaced because the inspector general acts independently.

He said the best would be to wait for investigations into the violence instead of blaming Mr Kabonde.

Leadership in Development executive director Moses Kalonde said President Banda should not be moved by calls to fire Mr Kabonde.

Mr Kalonde said in a statement yesterday that calls for Mr Kabonde to resign or be fired by the President are nothing but a calculated move to paralyse the Rupiah Banda-led administration.

He said civil society organisations such as Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes and the opposition UPND are allegedly championing this to make it seem as though Mr Kabonde is incompetent.

“Mr Kabonde must be given a chance, especially that there is a new Minister of Home Affairs, so that he can prove his capabilities,” he said.

He said the President has the prerogative of working with people whom he wishes to.

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  1. I wonder why the government still want to keep kabonde in service.Actually if anything the guy reached his retirement in mwanawasa government and was ready to retire to pursue farming,but was instead told to continue.Now the same trend has continued…..wonder where this game will end.:-?

  2. Ronnie iwe, you are not the appointing authority, for all we know you can also lose your job anytime. Such a statement should come from the presidential spokesman not a Government spokesman. You dont even know your boundaries,

  3. I hope you consulted your boss this time before making this statement. You seem out of sinyc and you might be just the next to go. Be carefule, you have been blundering in public a lot lately

  4. This is what you were saying about Mangani, where is Mangani now? Go and get a job instaed of wasting your time begging from RB. these tuntamba organisations ala bwafya sana.

  5. I suppose these ‘ executive directors’ of MMD NGOs are extremely executive for them to lose all their mind. Am sure Siulapwa and Cosmas Mumba will be issuing their statements later today, please LT dont forget to inform us.

  6. iwe chi fake Lieutenant-General just shut up !! u,l be next coz u,a very useless !! useless chap!!

  7. “Reverand” where is the humility? just last week you were embarassing your own sister (Maureen) with your uncontrolled mouth you use for preaching the word.These positions are not meant to last forever8->

  8. I wont be suprised if Shikapwasha is fired for being ‘too open’. Bane Pa Zed only a few people resign because of failure the rest carry on until the disaster day.

  9. #2
    ibange libi says:
    May 24, 2010 at 9:30 amRonnie iwe, you are not the appointing authority, for all we know you can also lose your job anytime. Such a statement should come from the presidential spokesman not a Government spokesman. You dont even know your boundaries

  10. Aha, Kabonde is a fool. he once said threatening violence is not a crime, well I’m threatening violence against him, I shall lead a squadron to stone him. let him set foot into Chibolya in Mufulira. He will regret it. He is such a brainless Cop who functions only with instructions from RB.

  11. Kabonde.

    Only in Zambia can someone of high calibre keep their job when accusations of corruption are leveled against them.

    Is the South Africa story of bribes for vehicles all a joke?
    Did this guy really act as he should have in Mufumbwe or run like a little girl to safety.
    Then House Arrest someone when he has lost control of MMD cadres.

    If big nose Ronnie says he is fine then we all know the real meaning.
    He will be sacked within the week.

  12. Kabonde knows where to get cheap(expensive) BMW motorcycles and Hummers.

    He tried to out do the O.P and have a kickass President Police Protection Service.

  13. Big nose there you go again making noise,just shut up for once,you said the same on mangani,but were is he now..you should be ashamed of yourself hypocrite.

  14. Shikas you are not the appointing authority. The way you speak and your vision is of dooms day. You are one of the people around RB who are misleading him with outdated ideas this is a democracy. Kabonde has done his lot for zambia his time is up let someone young take on his role he has failed to run the police. May be you shoud swap roles or RB to replace both of you.

  15. Ronnie gets on my last nerves!and wen you add on Angela Cifire’s brother, it even gets worse!Kabonde has the nation and should be reitired in national interest!

  16. Yes Ron, you never agree with the people who put you in power. What kind of a reverend are you?

  17. It does not make sense for Kabonde to be protected like he is an asset. What kind of a cop is Kaonde who only chose to maintain his newly found piece by running away from MMD hooligans in Munfumbwe. Kaonde is on record as having classified any threats or potential acts of violence and rape as not being criminal acts. This man and those shielding him are a danger to society in general and Zambia in particular. Now that Kabonde is not being shown the door as perhaps he partners well with William Banda, we shall show all of you the small exit come 2011.

  18. Shikapwasha was fired by Chiluba because he was useless. He only came back to life because Mrs. Mwanawasa is related to him (a relation that he has truned his back on). He’s lucky he was not fired by Banda for running against his (Banda) during the 2008 MMD Presidential candidature elections. He’s only talking like this because he knows he’s hanging onto a very thin tread.

    How honestly can 50%+1 cause any division? In fact, it’s opposite that has brought division in Zambia! To illustrate: under the current simple majority (FPTP system), assuming there are 9 Presidential candidates 1 from each Province, and each voting on regional lines, it would be the province with the largest population that would elect a President (and would always be guaranteed). Others lose out. How can you say such a result is likely to unite the country? Under 50%+1, no single region is likely to dominate without the support of others. Consider what just obtained in UK where we seem to have borrowed the FPTP? Haven’t they respected 50%+1? Why then should we insist on simple majority?

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