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Katele convicted of corruption

Headlines Katele convicted of corruption

Katele Kalumba

A Lusaka magistrate Court has convicted former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba together with six of his co-accused on corruption charges.

Lusaka High Court deputy director of court operations Edward Musona sitting as magistrate convicted Dr Kalumba together with his co-accused today when he delivered judgment in the long running corruption trial.

Those convicted together with the MMD national secretary are former finance permanent secretary Stella Chibanda, former finance chief economist Bede Mphande, former finance director of budget Boniface Nonde, former secretary to the treasury Professor Benjamin Mweene, former Access Financial Services Limited (AFSL) directors Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu.

The corruption charges relate to the payments made to US security companies Systems Innovation and Wilbain Incorporation involving US$20 million during the time he served as Finance minister in former president Fredrick Chiluba’s Government.
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  1. Basopu! Well done Mr Musona. These characters must be locked up for stealing state money. Unfortunately the Chief Kawalala has been let to roam the streets freely. Nway time will also catch up with Kafupi Mpundu.

  2. Lets see whether this bootlicking Katele will continue with his antics, dancing and being the number one supporter of RB.

  3. There we go once again. The big fish has been shielded but the Kapenta type are in it again DRAMA. this is a clear manifestation that the first 10 years of the mmd government was corrupt. It is very unfortunate how certain fools amased wealth for themselves at the expense of our ordinaly people who can not afford to take their children to school, access good health care and decent meals on the table. Let these chaps tell the Zambian people how they had the Gat of stealing from the people of Zambia. We don’t want bails ‘mubapusika maningi’ jail them so that they can feel the pain of missing sex!!!

  4. Well done Judge. Well done M’tembo Nchito. Next is Legina. Kaili wamukulu ni Katele. Ubuloshi bwaku Luapula bwafilwa…

  5. Bravo Judge, Bravo M’tembo Nchito:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/

  6. Does this mean that the Zambian judiciary is independent? Anybody who says that Katele was a small kapenta and Chiluba a big fish, needs to have their heads examined. Katele and Chiluba were very tight which means that Katele has a lot of information that can damage Chiluba. Lets not try to paint Katele as the sacrificial lamb. Good to see that the judiciary is still independent despite what some detractors may say.

  7. Now this is what LT doing the thing.Condratulations LT for this kind of journalism.
    You see, those of you who still brag about MMD. The first in command, the bootlick has been caught pants down!! Nothing much to say til we see the sentencing. I rest my case.

    Well done Musona, you are the man.

  8. Waphya Munzi.:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/

  9. the cows have come home to roost
    it ll be interesting to see if Rupiah ll force Katele out of his MMD position.

  10. 5 years with hard labour. katele you appeal, and while we wait can RB please pardon this intellectual.

  11. It is very interesting and annoying to see the bleed of leaders that we seem to have in place should be associated with corruption cases!! Learn to be honesty to urselves and to others and avoid the decatates of ur selfish hearts to take control of u. You are going to account for all the wrongs that the Kapnya’s, and other usesless thieves from the compands have committed coz of YOUR greed and appetite for money making them vulnerable to harass and still from the poorest!! ‘That which is done on earth shall be done even in heaven’. Atleast everyone is sinner but with u, you are big sinners that have stollen from 12 million poor people!!

  12. LT YOU are a bunch of …. How come you havent mentioned the time Katele will spend in jail? Katele wanted to be president, but has been scared stiff necked by this case. He started worshiping RB for clemency, hence his frivolious support to RB. He was fond of dancing at MMD rallies addressed by RB so that he can be seen to embrase & suport RB. Well it’s the same RB that embrasses convicts, so Katele never worried. lelo JELE awaits Katele

  13. Good for the fight against graft. I hope they will be jailed for sure.

    But why has it taken 10 years to bring them to book. Can someone tell us how much we have spent on this case.

  14. This is all RB’s plan of bringing in UNIP. He is eliminating the original MMD slowly but surely before you know it MMD will be UNIP. This was well calculated, first he brings in a UNIP Home affairs minister to control any uprising, and now he has stuck a blow in the heart of MMD. He will probably keep comical Ali ( Shikapwasha) for last since he is the propaganda mouth piece.

  15. A very good test case for the Zambia Judiciary System. Let us wait and see how the case will be handled at the appeal stage. I believe some judge at appeal stage will say ” The lower judge erred in law ,completely overlooked evidence tendered in court and overstepped his authority. I consequently set aside the judgement passed in the lower court and have accordingly found the appellant without any case to answer. I have therefore acquitted him on all counts levelled against him”.

  16. We are stil spending on sentencing ’em thieves. Hoping RB doesnt do what he does best-acquit. We are in for another ride for our hard earned money.

    In any case, eventually he will go down to were he belongs KUJELE. Inga FTJ, was he not amoungest them? This is what makes me amazed at such stories. Who knows its just a political gymic, find katele guilty but not FTJ, no sentencing and after the elections , acquit him i.e when they are stil in power.
    I doubt they will sentence him – ’em MMD. Smells fishy.


  18. Next we will hear-they have been sentenced to 10 years, with a 10 year suspended sentence,meaning they wont spend any time in jail. Ni pa Zed bane.:o

  19. People don`t celebrate prematurely, remember this is only round one and it could be a gimmick to hood wink us into beleiving that our judicial system is impartial when we know beyond any shadow of doubt that it aint. The scheme is to humiliate these guys modestly and then give them a big win( acquital) in round two when they appeal. So we neeed to keep up the pressure to send a signal to the higher court to uphold the judgement.

  20. Typical of fliers by night. Today they are seeing the independence of the court but when constitutionally Katele’s filed court appeal will be granted and judgement overturned, the same fliers by night who don’t understand the law will be insulting the judiciary. Be informed that Katele has filed an appeal and bail.

  21. i don’t think katele can go to jail with banda in state house, you guys you are joking. forget about this case. it not going anywhere.

  22. LUSAKA High Court deputy director of court operations Edward Musona, sitting as magistrate, has jailed MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba for five years for corruption.

    Magistrate Musona also slapped a five-year sentence on former finance permanent secretary Stella Chibanda, Access Financial Services Limited (AFSL) directors Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu.

    Former finance chief economist Bede Mphande, former finance director of budget Boniface Nonde and former finance secretary to the treasury Professor Benjamin Mweene were given a five-year suspended sentence each.

    This is in a matter where Kalumba, Chibanda, Chungu, Kabwe, Prof Mweene, Mphande and Nonde were facing corruption charges in relation to an irregular payment of US $20 million to two US security companies, Systems…

  23. WAKE UP!

    What do you mean when you say we should pressure the court? Who are the we in your statement? Aren’t you the sameone the other month you were collecting money for the pro-DARIUS Mukuka’s legal defense? After taking donations you went underground and now changed your blog ID. Mukuka was rotting at Kansenshi Remand prison until yesterday RB pardoned him. No blogger acted on your words here.

  24. Pardoned Mukuka hails President Banda

    DARIUS Mukuka, the man who was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for insulting and defaming the President, has thanked President Banda for pardoning him, describing the gesture as fatherly. And Mr Mukuka has advised people against insulting President Banda because he holds the highest office in the land and deserves respect.

    Mr Mukuka, 36, a driver of Ndola’s Chifubu Township, said this in an interview yesterday.

  25. “I would like to thank His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia, Rupiah Bwezani Banda, for the fatherly act he has shown and done for me because my conviction has greatly affected my family,” Mr Mukuka said.

    He said his family would have suffered if he had served his entire sentence.

    “I have been praying ever since I went to prison and God has finally answered my prayers, I am grateful that the President has helped me in this matter. I knew that God would answer my prayers, praise be to God.”

    Mr Mukuka said it was a joyous moment for him, especially that being a husband and a father of four, his family would have suffered if he had served the entire sentence.

  26. The whole set up is quiet suspicious and looks open to challenges. First the court uses a director of the high court to sit in as a Magistrate, why?

  27. “It is not good to insult the President because he holds the highest office of the land. Whatever political differences you have or if you are bitter with the President, it is better to use the right channels to be heard instead of insulting,” Mr. Mukuka said.

    He said people should refrain from insulting leaders because life in jail is not good.

    Mr. Mukuka is one of the 350 prisoners President Banda has pardoned by remitting the remainder of their sentences.

    Mr Banda ordered Minister of Home Affairs Mkhondo Lungu to remit the sentence slapped on Mukuka by Ndola Chief Resident Magistrate Kelvin Limbani on March 17, 2010.

    This was in a matter in which Mukuka was charged for defaming the President.

    Facts of the case were that Mukuka, on March 22, 2009, uttered words with…


    Please reduce your ignorance. Only a treasonous and capital murder cases go without constitutional appeal. Katele has already filed an appeal. Acquint yourselves with basic law if you have to graduate from this brainless trolling in public domains.

  29. RB is there to serve them….Katele has been such a devoted bootlicker….. We have such a rare country where highly educated people Docs and Prof have no moral ethnics. What you do expect of a kaponya in the streets

  30. Atleast they are some people in the judiciary who are honesty. Thanx Nchinto and Musona. these are great men of God!!!!!!

  31. YES! There is no way Katele could have stolen all that money without Chiluba’s involvement, in other words this is just a chip of the iceberg. Cage them all and throw away the keys.

  32. This is a set up.. just wait and see the London case won`t be registered…and wen we question, they will say why not question the Katele case…Zambia zero– Chiluba One…(enjoy the 8meter)

  33. I will wait and not celebrate until the appeal-phase is over!! Anything can happen, especially the higher judges finding fault in this ruling, and acquit them. We have seen this happening with our own eyes here in Zambia!!! Dennis Liwewe would say: “LET US WAIT AND SEE, AS WE ENTER THE SECOND HALF”.

  34. # 35 if indeed Mukuka said those words then he is a fool. He is supposed to be suing RB, the Government for infringing his rights. True heroes never crawl back after being sentenced to jail for what you believe in. Look at the great Nelson Mandela he stood by his words and look where he is today. Look at KK. he was never apologetic for his principles. But look at Simon Kapwepwe who crawled back to UNIP after serving his jail term when UPP supporters were jailed and the party banned. Kapwepwe was reduced from a mighty force to a nobody because he was apologetic for what was right

  35. #41 Mwata,
    You seem to have a problem by pretending to be the most qualified and know-it-all.

  36. This is not making sense…just free all of them. Why should you jail them while chiluba is free?

  37. #s 30, 34, 35, 37, 39 and 41: Mwata, you seem to be so unsettled with the ruling on Katele. In my own humble judgement, I find your rantings to be bent on abetting corruption. Batata, kuti mwachekela ko left overs? For a poor man like me who truly live out of own sweat, left overs will really be sufficient and will trully go a long way in ——–. But I will only accept these left overs on one condition: that I will not be made to appear in court for————from ba Mwata.

  38. iwe ka #10 who can u fool? ze judiciary is not independent are u teelin ze zambians that kafupi never stole from them? be realistic rb can never protect katele bt he protected kafupi for his personal gain and katele he hates coz ze man is a secret threat to ze throne

  39. Iwe chi MWATA take yo foolishness to hell ! However, ths jus showz that chiluba n hz frendz stole! Cum next year rb will b in jail. Cnt wait for 2011 elections so that we elect sensible leaders n ths group (mmd) of thieves. GO PACT GO!

  40. But where are the number of years bane ? Does it mean that we are yet to hear the final sentencing ?
    Mwebaishiba law educate us.

  41. The celebrations on this blog should only be reserved for the highest court in zambia the supreme court not one by a magistrate. Katele will appeal and will be free just like chiluba and his dodgy wife, dora and many others before. The only time you will see a proper conviction is when MMD leaves office because if Katele was to go down he would take a whole lot of people who still in power.

  42. Good job, justice served. Now get Chiluba because this corruption happened under his watch. $20 million is a lot of money. Chiluba can’t say he didn’t know about it. If he didn’t, then his the biggest ***** we have who served as president of Zambia and deserves to be arrested.

  43. Here is the perfect timeline of events here: 1. Katele knows Nchito is a damn good prosecutor and he’s not gonna let him off the hook. 2. Katale starts hero-worshiping RB so he could pull the dirt trick he did on ka chiluba’s case. 3. RB realizes it’s not gonna work; Katele is too healthy and can’t feign illness to delay the case. 4. RB dismantles Task Force but to his chagrin Nchito still makes tremendous break throughs in his prosecutions: nails down Regina, former military bosses and so on, even ka chiluba’s case clearly shows he is guilty. 5. RB “kills” ka chiluba’s case. 6. RB realizes Nchito has made headway on Katele and fires him, later fires Mangani for not letting him know Nchito has nailed Katele. 7. RB tries to corrupt Musona but Musona can’t take it and convicts the…

  44. #54 Mo taim
    5 yrs each with hard labour for Katele,Chibanda,Chungu and Kabwe

    Mphande,Mweene and Nonde 5 yrs suspended cos they paid back.

  45. 8. RB consults ka kunda on the way forward but kunda is too ill to think. 9. Katele thinks he has been dribbled but RB consoles him that he should appeal to high court and RB will then do the Dora trick and get Katele off the hook. 9. RB and ka kunda are optimistic that since Nchito won’t be prosecuting this time, they can just pull out a Nolle through Mchenga and Co. 10. Let’s wait and see!

  46. Bane mwiponta sana….as if you don`t know how RB and i are now working with the courts and our own chief maffioso,FJT?This is just to deceive some of you…that the courts are independent….i will appeal soon..and b4 u know it…i will be championing RB to be the sole candidate and go unopposed in 2011 elections…..

    Ka computer balipoka abene..yaba.

  47. Hahahahahahahaaaa Are you sure this FTJ’S hand man has been convicted? LT update us on LONDON Judgement

  48. Playing on ignorants mind!appeal will take 2 years till elections,then let loose.Presidential parole etc.These Guys convicted on paper but will not see Jail

  49. Of course he will appeal and if RB wants him to go free, he will go free. But to get a conviction in at least one court is still a victory for justice in Zambia. What is more important now is that the law and regulations that allowed the loophole they exploited be looked at fixed. There are always plenty of selfish people in power ready to steal public funds via weaknesses that exist in our public financial regulatory system.

  50. ¥ 16 Katele has already been sentenced to 5 years with hard labour starting today check for full story on QFM.

  51. ***Edit # 65: What is more important now is that the loopholes in the law and regulations that these people exploited are fixed prevent or reduce theft of public funds. ***

  52. Brovo comrade Nchito!! You have acheived what most people spend their all lives trying to find, that ever elusive victory within. Comrade i just wanted you to know that I am so proud of you!!

  53. This news was long over due but has this got an impact on the operations of the MMD? I hope it does! What happened today should have happened five years or so ago. this conviction of the Zambian people especially the poor. It is our conviction because we have for a long time advocated to have these thieves get behind bars. For those of you who like drinking wine or something like that, this is the time to toss up for their hard labour in jail. But we must not be over excited over this sentencing until the biggest FISH of corruption and theft of public funds, CHILUBA follows them too.

  54. This is a conviction for all the Zambian people out there especially the poor. It is “our” conviction because we have for a long time advocated to have these thieves get behind bars. For those of you who like drinking wine or something like that, this is the time to toss up for their hard labour in jail. But we must not be over excited over this sentencing until the biggest FISH of corruption and theft of public funds, CHILUBA follows them too.

  55. # 58 Sharp Shooter thanks for that information.I just hope that when these guys appeals it won`t take years before the supreme court will pass it`s judgement and while they will be waiting for that, they will be enjoying freedom on bail.That will also intail that the judgement might not be likely to be passed before lupiya Banda is re-elected.:-?

  56. If these small fish stole what about chichi who was giving his concubine television sets stolen from State House

  57. Ooooh no i pity Katele. Whatever reasons advanced for the convictions, these guys (RB,Chilu,judges etc) talk or rehearse about these issues and pull a stint. Don’t be fooled Katele is being played here believe me. MMD and it’s leadership fear this Fulwe computer wiz as they can’t stand against him in the MMD circles. For the wiz sorry you will be intangled till after 2011 as they are not leaving ant stone unturned- u are a treat to them. If you stood with banda at MMD convetion, he wud be no match hence to deter you with delayed cases.

  58. in a civilised world, Katele should have relinquished his position and apologised to the nation. But pa Zed katwishi if that is possible

  59. The Laptop Kalumba used is oudated.
    It was using Windows 2000 Operating Systems, the judiciary now uses Windows 7 Operating System !

    MMD is a funny party with so many characters – Wife grabbers , Public fund embezzlers, Defilers, Sickly , Loud mouthed, Violent thugs , Kaponyas, Puppy haters, Amnesia inflicted, Incompetent , etc, etc !

    Multi Mixed Democrats indeed !

  60. Sorry fulwe compu-wiz, you can’t join PF coz you wud be locked up and you wud be appealling from jail. Again to be with MMD is labouring to be used and gain a little ‘freedom’ which can be withheld depending on your relationship with the dons and performance. Whichever way, boy its hard though being with MMD and do tuchawa to RB a bit wud help for as the future is uncertain.Now i kno for sure why you chose to surpport Banda even before the convention when you needed to imbrace all aspirants before that. It means no presidency for you boy, your own pipo kicking and killing you softly.

  61. yangu mwaiche baikata na katele! yaa …zona fyabipa ifitu 😮 chi…. Banda ta chaba steady kuti chakwikata……

  62. The problem is ma bail pending appeal until the government changes and the new president says: Mwana, naine nina dyako so acquit and do not appeal against the acquittal. All of you are umpes.

  63. Ho-hum, boring… nothing to celebrate about here… the circus is in town, with all the bells, whistles and clowns to entertain; and magicians to deceive kids and the gullible. Politics as usual, bane, nothing special here 8-|8-|8-|8-|8-|

  64. Convicted without jail term what is that guys. This guy is going no where. He will be convicted but out of prison. Rupiah will protect this guy. He is one of the machines for MMD success in 2011. Wait and see

  65. What’s the status on the London high court? I have started gaining confidence in our courts? The short one will be locked soon???

  66. Ba Boss, you forgot to get the latest anti-virus software so your laptop was infected by a virus!! You should have upgraded to the latest anti-virus ba Boss!! RB’s programme of Re-UNIPilizing the MMD is succeeding nicely!! One by one, they are being shunted out of the way to pave the perfect path for RB’s continued presidency beyond 2011 andthe return of UNIP in power. Next week I will tell you about Banda’s 2011 cabinet. It will include Tilyenji, William Banda, but NO Shikapwasha, who is next to go before the end of this year.

  67. Its about time. This guy should have been locked up long ago. Next up ladies and gentlemen…..the biggest Sakala….Chiluba. And then for aiding and abetting thieves, Banda. I cant wait. All those for say I.

  68. Where is chi Bootlicker, chi Capitalist, chi Senior Citizen kanshi?

    These foo ls only appear when it suits them.

  69. Do we need to go to Luapula to celebrate Dr.Katele’s conviction,like what happened to Dr.Chiluba’s aquital?

  70. Something fishy here? Who make payements? The Minister, permanent secretary or the accountants? What about audits? Who verified the figures? Didn’t any of these see the overpayment of $20 USA????? something very wrong with our system. Hope we’re not being fooled again.

  71. Honourable Katele knows and respects the great judicial foundations upon which our lovely country Zambia has developed in the last 20 years. As Movement for Multiparty Democracy members and supporters we respect our independent judiciary. We will continue to support our Great President Rupiah Bwezani Banda.
    Our courts will also afford us a chance to exercise our right to appeal which the president greatly encourages anyone to do in this case. Mr. Kalumba, do not feel alone at this moment because we are all behind you as peace loving Zambians. We all need a bit roasting.

  72. I still believe that our President is showing the public the very reasons he retired Top Generals. This will pave way for our president to do his job without the possibility of a coup by a few disgrantled individuals. Viva MMD!

  73. Infact he won`t even go in. There is going to be a fake appeal and as always-the lower court erred in finding Katele guilty. Only fo o ls would be appeased like this.

    Senior Citizen what a mug you are! Behind who? Katele? We cinangwawe.

  74. Its seems ba High Court are doing there job buti ku Supreme court kwaliba ba Sebele ba kwa Rupiah, so in that case the Circus aint over yet. @-)

  75. Kwa shala ukucita sentence Regina, remember that song ati ‘wa papusha ii Ndola iwe we mwanakashi….uke paisha abengi’ [-o<

  76. Mwata

    What is wrong with you? you mean you dont know how to analyse a story and write in your own words. Dont embarrass yourself to the public by exactly re writing what has been written by someone else. Come on, you must comment using your own words an language. Mukazinkalako na nsoni

  77. When was that photograph of Katele taken mwebantu? Bushe balibwino batata aba? I have a feeling we have another one going for a medical in SA in Katele shuwa!

  78. rrested for how long? I don’t believe it until I see the sentence. It may be 7/8 years from the time the case started and therefore they are free now.

  79. #34 ba Mwata, mwaitaya. What are you smoking? You should have looked yourself in the mirror before posting your squeaky delirious ranting against “WAKE UP.” I don`t even know who Mukuka is.Your insinuations about me collecting money on behalf of Mukuka and then disappear are unfounded and malicious. Stop making such wild accusations. Keep your hallucinations enclosed in your bubble. Don`t expose your moronness. And just how do you know I changed my ID? Is it due to my prose or syntax or both and there isn`t much room for either on the blog. Yes, RB bowed to public pressure and dropped mangani( a whole is better than the sum of it`s parts). By the way, stop posting zeroxed material ( wu mwembeshi muleke),shame on you! We want originality. Otherwise, leave space for authentic…

  80. A warning to Senior Citzen
    Your bootlicking will never shield you from the law when it takes course.What you need is hardwork,vision and honesty for you to be economically emancipated.
    The CEO of the ruling party Katele Kalumba found guilty.This party of bandits needs to booted out of office.Katele will find out first hand about the condition of our prisons.
    Good job Mutembo Nchito and Judge Edward Musona.

  81. ^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:)):)):)):)):)):)):-?

  82. Who says MMD is not a popular party ? . . . It has wife grabbers , convicted criminals, public fund embezzling geniuses, political prostitutes (defecters), sickly, puppy haters, violent thugs(kaponyas), chibolya commandos, political “engineers”, career politicians, amnesia sufferers, boot lickers, recycled politicians, renegade traditional leaders, hit and run drivers, ex diplomats, defilers, rapists, …… Oh dear me, who else?

    They are a Multi Mixed Democratic party indeed !

  83. These guys will never go to jail. They will be on an indefinate appeal like Regina or other senior citizens

  84. Katele is not going to jail. MMD and RB need him and they will not let him go to jail. He will appeal and apply for bond. These guys will only go to jail once MMD is booted out of power.

  85. The last elected member of MMD is a criminal. Now MMD is a party with no mandated officials. Everyone from the top to the bottom is a hassler in MMD. Some members and appointed thugs can never step a foot in the US, some are Husseins when they escaped from India. Today we add more to the list of criminals in MMD. Katele now is worse than Kambwili. Wow, another empty seat for the PACT to grab. The trouble continues in the MMD history books.

  86. CHIKABENGA BA MANGA.Its greatr to see judgemwent been passesd.The Judge is an exeplary man.Aka mange naabena kafupi to

  87. “But magistrate Musona said it was surprising that the payments to the two companies continued even after the government had paid the last instalment despite Kalumba’s memo. He said the decision by Kalumba to approve all the payments at the time equally raised curiosity.

    Magistrate Musona found Kalumba guilty on one count of receipt of 4,000 pounds as gratification and he convicted him accordingly”.

    £4,000 that`s just pockect money to him. In the mean time a child in Misis goes to sleep without a meal. Yet the dim Mr Capitalist will still come out spouting rubbish on here.

  88. “He said there was also some level of involvement from the Office of the President (OP) and leading among the officers involved was former Zambia Security Intelligence Services (ZSIS) director general Xavier Chungu”.

    Eeerrrrmmmm OK. But what about the short man himself? By the way people, wasn`t this case Mutembo`s? I mean Task Force?

  89. “Magistrate Musona said the ninth instalment payment was paid four times, the eleventh was paid three times, the thirteenth was paid twice and these repeated payments were more than 13 in total”.

    This has been going on I think the moment we got independence. Even in RCM/NCCM and ZCCM it was there. Yet a mother dies of birth complications. No wonder they have too many cars on the road shikamona was blubbing about. Development? What development? How many ministers, Perm Secs do these things?

  90. A moment of joy, no matter how short is still a moment. So drink up Zambians, drink up! We are aware RB can step in any time but for now, the albatross is hanging around the bald Dr.’s neck. I will toast to it, with or without y’all!

    PS: I don’t post here but on this one, I had to. Sorry!

  91. In the case of Chibanda, magistrate Musona convicted her to five years simple imprisonment on grounds that her Niseo Farm in Kabwe was procured using Zamtrop funds and therefore corruptly obtained.

    Magistrate Musona sentenced Mpande to five years imprisonment with hard labour but suspended for 24 months on the two charges of corrupt practice by a public officer.

    Nonde was on the other hand sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour but suspended for 24 months on all the charges against him.

    Prof Mweene was also slapped with a five-year suspended prison sentence for 24 months with hard labour on one count involving the erection of a cottage at his plot in Lusaka’s Jesmondine area by Access Financial Services as gratification.

  92. Imwe ba Pakiti, chairs are getting empty by the week. Let’s face it, you have a lot of work on your hands – find people fill up those seats. Luck’s on your side. Hey if you need help, let me know. You know where to find me. Right here. Na imwe ba MMD koseni, bola panshi, tatuteya nefyoni!

  93. I doubt if this will go any far… if it does, Katele will have been paid to keep quiet because I don’t think he would just sit and serve his setence if sentenced while Chiluba is free when they ruled in the same Govt. If this is real and the judges go hard on him, he will tell otherwise I think it’s just a way of clearing his name like they did with Chiluba. Lets wait & [email protected])@-)@-)@-)

  94. Magistrate Musona said the trio had shown remorse, repentance and regret by refunding the money they received in the Zamtrop transactions to the state.

    They stole and paid back so it was enough to let them off?

  95. What happened to Katele’s laptop? Did someone spill some Kawambwa tea on it? Now we are burying MMD in Luapula. The foolish Rebel MPs must know that it is time to either packing or go crying to the hard working PACT. Bye bye MMD.

  96. # 120, Yes. This is another seat for the grabs by the PACT. Katele will lose the appeal. After all the evidence is so overwhelming as shown by the return of the money by his co-accused. . Ba Capitalist, you have been asking for evidence to show that MMD is a criminal syndicate, there you go. You MMD cadres must be so frustrated and embarrassed. How many over payments again? Oh, by the way wait for more prosecutions after 2011 elections. MMD will be tried for negligence of the schools, roads, hospitals,UNZA, shielding FTJ, corruption and breach of peace in Mufumbwe and the threats on innocent citizens like Nawakwi and Fr. Bwalya. William Banda will be hanged at Mukobeko like his uncle Sadam. MMD must be busy counting days backwards trying to avoid that day.

  97. Don’t be happy this is just a ploy to please the masses after the Chiluba court mess…so they will delay this as far as possible & acquit him.

  98. Thats just a toss to silence some people.Blieve me or nt this guy is not gonna go to jail.Remember the guyz says it very expensive to send government official to jail.just like FTJ.Its just one of those moves on the chase board.before you realise they will suck the judge or …?lets wait and see:-?

  99. Dr.Katele sat next to Mangani in the picture above,were he jokingly said Mangani needs abit of roasting .

  100. The law is finally taking its coarse and Kaka must know that he is jailed for his wrong doing and practices not serving the Zambian people. He erred in his financial dealings and he did not even think about the poor Zambians. Therefore he and his colleagues have been found guilty according to the law so he must no even try to justify his conviction. He is just one of the thieves that worked with FTJ!

  101. How come FTJ was let off? May be after elections whether RB wins or not this dwarfool will go to court again- RB will have no use for him and the PACT have already

  102. Sorry Dr.Kalumba, we will miss you on the political platform. Hope Mr.Mulongoti will rise to the challenge and fill the gap you leave behind.

  103. The noose has been wrongly removed from the neck of FTJ, we wanted to ensure he is convicted for the crimes against Humanity.

  104. thats it for mmd !! we can,t wait for the PACT to be in power !! VIVA PACT

  105. These guys take us for f.o.o.ls its a well planned escape unlike the FTJ ameuture one, state prosecutors will be pressured to bangle the appeal but first they had to get rid of Mutembo.

  106. Where is the MMD Chief Bootlicker? Its not true that he has not heard this conviction! Its not true that he knows that LT and the WD will publish this story. Come out and let us know what next. An apeal will come, but this doesnot change the tag of being a convict. Bravo Musona and Mutembo

  107. Prison is a bad place but sometimes we remain with no option-Former Honourable Katele has just paid for 0.0002% of what he has been doing….Sorry to the Doc but let him go and reflect on his doings with FJT

  108. He did his crime, it looks like its pay back time.He is a Nice guy but also a criminal and Government has a place for criminals.

  109. This Ndoshi will never go to Jail, just look at the MMD supporter’s comments they are saying that they are behind him. For me it means they support thiefs. As long as MMD remainsin Power these guys will never to jail.

  110. chi #114 who cares whether you blog here,go to hell you pf bemba cadre,king katele will appeal n get fair justice from our able courts

  111. Katele went to jail flashing the MMD symbol. It was symbolic indeed, corruption. But he cried that for all he did in qualifying Zambia to the HIPC decision point, what he got was jail! Shameless,

  112. Ba senior Citizen ala some times mulekwatako insoni. Bushe nangu ni boot licker nifi? Man you have to be very carefull, you have children….the way things happen you may cause your children to suffer because of your careless talk. God hears the cries of his children and he punishes people like you. Please be reasonable in your postings.[-([-(

  113. #137 bandano- No need to react like that. The man stole. Iam from Luapula, but I do not condone theft by any person.

  114. Anyandule!!! You supporters of fulwe computer wizard should know that your Wiz has intentions of standing as a republican president. The conviction whether in or out of jail deters him, and that leaves RB and the other dribblers smiling. They will be comforting him and telling him all thoughts of nice stories but in the background they are maneuvering to block him from contesting. Wiz you are in a fix, mukakubila, dieing without attempting your dream. Pipo be informed that Katele oh sorry fulwe computer wizard or wiz inshort attempted to stand last time and he was cooled to wait, that was that nomination you heard that was withheld. Just like Austin Kabwe was a threat so you are. Your situ is like being soothed by a vampire on a fresh sore, it is actually sucking.

  115. :-w:-w:-w:-w people think critically about this,this whole arrest leaves much to be desired think about it.watch and see what will follow dont get jumping on your feet cause the drama bas just began.we know these people lets not celebrate cause its too early something fishy is going on,trust me:-?:-?:-?:-w:-w

  116. Katele plays a blue eyed boy for RB. So i smell something fishy here. Cause if RB was serious in the fight against corruption he wouldn’t have fired Nchito. This is just a mask RB wants to put on his face so that we can think that the judiciary is Independent

  117. :-?:-?:-?:-? honestly we should wait and see i think we haven’t witness the true MMD chaps trust soon we will be uhuhuhhuhuh

  118. he’ll probably apeal en the case will continually be adjurned en by then it will be elections time,this is zed,but all in all the outcome is sad,i like the man

  119. Bloggers, just how much of this money was really stolen? Or is it a question of not following tender procedures? There appears to be a lack of understanding by many bloggers as to whether or not this USD 20m was just stolen. Just how much of this money was stolen if it was? If not how much kick back was given to the convicted by the USA companies? This is not coming out so far.

  120. Don’t get excited bloggers, how many convictees do we have still walking around in Zambia? There are many like one Regina Chiluba, with elections coming RB just wants us to believe he is serious about corruption and then delay the actual imprisonment, until it lapses after 5 yrs. If RB was serious he could have started with FTJ, then his son, the Regina, the Katele, and the rest.

  121. justice is finally done u c pipo shud bear in mind that no all days are Sundays ” Tulelenda ati inshiku mutanda tashichela mumo”

  122. Just politicking. Until such time that the Chief Lisholi, kafupi of Zaire, is convicted and actually spends a night in prison, i won’t be convinced we have a free juiciary. Bo Masona, will you still have a job next year? Lu k’a bona, ndate.

  123. My only worry is that the Courts take too long! Why cant we have a duration attached to political cases? e.g. not to take more than 5 months? That way the legal process can attain dignity and respect from the people. The longer a case takes, the more diluted the people’s attention becomes!

  124. Whale!!! can we also reposes all the assets and invest in poor peoples activities.
    taking advantages of the poor is Sin. these should have been locked up for 25 years not 5. how do you stop corruption with such low punishment????
    What a shame to the educated so called prof and Dr. is this what you were taught.
    God bless you and I hope you will learn something from the Jail sentence…..what about the big thief???? the chief admin???

  125. Our father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name they kindom come.Forgive this guy for he knew not what he was doing.lead us not into temptation but deliver us form evil for they is the kindom the power and glory amn.The bible say weakeness will not depart form those those who practice it.But he constitution says no one is above the law.Let us just pray for this man so that he does not get burnt to ashes as he further gets roasted.The brii awaits this guy.And sinner will be throwed in the lake of fire.There will be weeping ,whailing nad knashing of teeth.thou saith the lord.ends the message

  126. Katele will never set a foot in our poor and dilapileted prison.This is just an under cover to help those that cry in public to be quiet

  127. Wait until he puts his wizard glasses and develops a new upgraded program for his computer to replace the old one, you guys who are talking ill about him will see in the night…!

  128. Guys, it doesn’t add up and I don’t agree with the laws of Zambia. The whole thing is very confused and confusing. How do you expect the Director of court operations to sit as a magistrate and convinct someone? Where was the high court judge? How long has this case taken? Where did Musoma base the conviction if those who pursued this case (Nchito) is abolished? How much money was stolen?. How can the president (Chiluba) be free while most of his ministers be found with corruption cases? Bane Changa baseka uwacelwa. The judiciary system in Zambia is rotten because it is driven by one person (the president). Get me right, I am not supporting corruption in the country but condemning the corrupt practices of our judiciary system. To be fair Chiluba too must be locked up together with his…

  129. Why r we deceiving ourselves these guyz NEVER go to jail or feel how it feels so stop wasting your time its like the stil untouchable. the sentence is like public show but in reality do the ever go to jail??

Comments are closed.

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