Night Life and Prostitution in Lusaka—Part II

Night revelers take to the stage at a night club in Lusaka

By Wesley Ngwenya
Because of the overwhelming email responses I got from the earlier published article on called “Zambia: Night Life and Prostitution in Lusaka” I feel obliged to give the readers just one story from the book in progress. Instead of sending numerous emails, let me publish an excerpt, from the book, so that other readers can benefit as well. The stories are fascinating, frightening and sometimes funny. Here is one of the thirty stories you will find in “Judge Me Not” (proposed name).

First time I met Cindy (not her real name) was in the Northmead area. We had a short conversation after I declined her request to buy her a drink. My usual reply to the girls when they ask me to buy them a drink is, “Why should I buy you a drink?” This unexpected response usually surprises them. Some will respond by saying, “You don’t buy drinks to girls who ask you?” This then leads to a conversation and before you know it we are talking about many other things. But no drinks.

Cindy and I had chatted briefly that night. Couple of years later, I met her at the Makeni Casino. Something seemed very different about her. She immediately recognized me but was too busy to talk to me since she was with the company of some Asian men. I looked for an opportunity to talk to her. When that opportunity came I talked to her. She joked with me about having given me a chance the last time we met. I talked to her about my mission and that I will tell her story without ever using her real name. She reluctantly agreed and we arranged to meet a week later.

Cindy lives in the upper middle class neighborhood of Ibex Hill on the East Side of Lusaka. She moved in with her grandparents after she completed school a couple of years earlier. Although she never seemed to have invested much time in job searching she blames the “Zambian System” for failing to provide jobs for people like her. Cindy speaks very good English and has very good high school grades.

It all started one night when Cindy and her cousin stayed out late at a drinking place. They were just enjoying a game of the English Premier League Football. She is a big fun of Manchester United. That night a man offered them to buy some beer. They accepted. She loved the attention she got from this man and the other men in the nightclub. This particular man was ready to spend that day. She had never had a man spend so much on her. It downed on her that nigh that, as a girl, she possessed certain powers that she could use to manipulate men.

The man took them home that night after exchanging numbers. Later in the week she met up with him and things escalated from there onwards. The man gave her money and other things she badly needed. He often took her out on weekends to nightclubs and afterwards would spend the night with him at a guesthouse. She never bothered to ask if this man was married or not. According to her she didn’t want to know besides she didn’t want to spoil the relationship with him.

Though they had sort of developed a relationship with this man she confesses that it was not serious. She was not in love with him. She liked that he gave her the opportunity to have certain things and go places around town. It was during these night adventures that other men gave her a lot of attention. She gave her phone number to some and would then link up with them during the week and on weekends. Suddenly, she had a busy schedule meeting all kinds of men who mostly wanted to sleep with her.

She recalls that her life turned around the night she asked the man how much money he was going to give her if she slept with him. The money had offered about $50. She could not believe the offer. She thought she can do it just this once and no one would ever know. She did it and it became a habit thereafter.

Soon she started getting offers from other men. The money was so good that she decided to be proactive. This is when she started hanging out at Alpha Bar in Northmead. Here she met all kinds of people. It was here that she was introduced to white men who were frequent patrons of the bar. The white men paid better.

The day I met her was one of her first visits at Alpha Bar. She is a skinny girl, tall and a fair dark and smooth complexion. She has thick black hair she likes to tie in a ponytail like. When she walks, her steps are deliberate like she is on a catwalk. She knows she is beautiful and loves to be watched by all the admiring eyes in the nightclub.

Cindy has gone out with all kinds of men from all corners of the globe. She has gone out with men who are older than her grandpa. She is quick to point out that these men are good men and treat her well. That is why she likes the white men especially.

When I pointed to her why she had graduated from the white men to the Asian men that day at the casino, she responded, “to me they are the same.” However, she liked the Chinese men because they loved the casinos and was learning a lot of card games and using the slot machines.

The story of Cindy is not an uncommon one. Both her parents are alive and well. Both sets of her grandparents are alive and well. “What happened then, one may ask?” Could it be that the parents and grandparents took things for granted? Is it the rebellious spirit of humans? Is it the lack of career guidance? Is it that we place so much emphasis on exams and not skills development? Is it the “System”? Many questions come to mind as I recount the story of Cindy…

Before the book comes to print, I need to identify a publisher. Ideas are welcome. In addition, I would welcome readers who want to help as advisors and be part of the editorial team. Please send me an email and we can discuss the details. [email protected] Thanks to those of you who contacted me directly. I really appreciate your comments and support. Keep them coming.


  1. Very interesting and informative. I think people would be intrested in knowing the HIV status of these girls. otherwise from the way you presented itslike they are know risks involved, while many of our girls are dying due to this same business.

  2. “Cindy and I had chatted briefly that night. Couple of years later, I met her at the Makeni Casino”
    I dont believe that,sluts dont remember faces unless you did something spectecular that night not mere chatting.”A couple of years later” [-x[-x[-x[-x Just be honest enough & tell us what you did,she became hardcore over the years how can she remember a penniless chat?[-x[-x[-x[-x

  3. hey Wes, i think there is more you are not telling us. your story is fake. an african women, prostitute for that matter telling you all that information. Liar. What are you upto?

  4. uyu Cindy is just purely lazy and likes and enjoys easy money were you get paid for enjoying[-(. But they are people who difficult circumstances has put them in those position and quickly get out of it if they find a stable environment8->

  5. #4 and 5….without sounding like am defending the writer, its is very possible to have a ‘penniless’ chat with a prostitute, she tells you a lot of things and even remembers you after a’ couple of years’. Some of these hookers get suprised when they find someone sympathetic and willing to listen. I had one or two encounters like that. Some of course have no time for a ‘penniless’ and ‘moneyless’ time waster and will tell you off!

    Caution though to Wes, dont go alone on these ‘fact finding’ missions. have someone to watch you from a distance otherwise baba you will meet your match and before you know it, you will be part of the story instead of being the story teller :d some hookers are really pretty ka!

  6. You seem to push the notion that foreigners ie Chinese, asians, whitemen et al are the people behind prostitution. This is wrong. These people are ready to pay more to the girls but this does not mean they are the ones behind it. There are many Zambian men who buy [email protected]#sy. Your book must reflect the truth and not blame one sector of society!

  7. Whats the point of the book, really? What will people gain in knowledge or insight in such a topic. This book just seems like a tale of a person who likes talking to ma hule while doing shushushu shabeenary. Theres no need to brainstorm on ma hule because they are very easy to figure out. They are just indisciplined immoral people who use sexual gratification to get what they want whether financially or emotionally, they refuse to work hard and suffer like most of us and prefer short cuts and luxuries without working hard.

  8. #8 cos-sign, I have noticed the same thing. the author seems to be mad that the whores are going for the highest bidders(muzungu’s). This book should be titled ‘why won’t they shag me’ because that seems to be the dominant undertone of these articles. Theres something about them that screams bitter man who blames prostitution on foreigners. These women are whores not because of foreigners but because they are whores from within, teach them to take personal responsility and respect themselves instead of blaming foreigners

  9. Hi, am not sure what you are trying to get across Wes but am willing to proof read the script for you. Just a few corrections if you like but well done and good luck. Regards from Melbourne

  10. Not a bad scrpt, but add more fancy words and introduce more conversations not much more narratives.
    Will send you my story too and you will c how ’em whores rock.

    Guys, the reason people(men) like whores & women for (young boys) is because of the freedom to do anything expolative without having to take each other into account of the stupidest things u do to each other.
    I had a whore who gave sex like anything at any time and at her own request sometimes.I did not like her eating my thing, it was so disgusting but would tire for it. She later infested my ‘things’. ……………Point is, all whores nowadys rock & ve some sickness…some AIDS.
    Your story must sound like mine……true.
    Am now ok & have been going for HIV test for past 2 years. Am negative….& stopped the…

  11. The book is progressing well. Like I advised last time, there are many categories of prostitutes and with different backgounds. An inquest into such dimensions is what would make the book interesting. Keep on!

  12. # 10 you’ve killed me with laughter ..lmao..mawe Ati the book should be entitled “WHY WONT THEY SHAG ME” lol.. Wes try to interview more whores to make the reading more interesting…

  13. “Cindy has gone out with all kinds of men from all corners of the globe. She has gone out with men who are older than her grandpa.” When Cindy starts purging in front of her inlaws, parents, and friends she shouldnt blame anyone.However, the AUTHOR of this article is doing a commendable job.My only free advice to the author is to also tell these women about the danger of contracting HIV.He should also be seen to be pumping some sense so that these women reform and start behaving normally.We all know that the end result of promiscuity is PAINFUL DEATH.Even in the movies, bad guys will do all sorts of evil things, at some point beats up the starring, but end up dying.

  14. I know this gal, i once shagged her. She used to be a regular at Alpha but she now frequents Arcades, particulary Rhapsodys. She has a nyc hole tho.

  15. I kinda like this Wesley Ngwenya dude,lets critisize him with an intention to uplift him and offer advice,not PHD mentality
    expect an email from me,will support you all the way.Im pledging a laptop!!!

  16. This book will be complete if it shows that all forms of prostitution ie street walking, call-girls, massage parlors, Mistresses (yes mistresses) are inherently destructive to the girls involved even though it seems like a shortcut out of bad situations.

  17. Wesley
    I want you to take a different dimension and look at women folk in general.I have come to believe that even marriage is just regularised prostitution.How many pipo lose their marriages once the money stops coming.Granted their are some exceptions but by and large no money means no romance

  18. This Artical is like Mutabaruka’s Poem, the Author can decide what to tell us and what not to tell us but the truth is we ve been there and we know what happens on the other side of the day, most of us have been there!!

  19. Bruce Lee…Thanks for sharing LOL. I agree that the writers work is comemndable but he needs to improve by adding dialouge and possibly doing a spell check? I however don’t want another AIDS lesson. It should obviosly be mentioned but i dont think it should take over the general theme of the book because it then becomes just another book on the shelf of many. As another blogger said, an insight into the variosu dimensons of this industy and the various reasons and circumstances that lead these girls into it.I think it will be an interesting read. Keep writing Wes. Have a nice day people!


  21. Abu Ali, drop the caps, dude.

    I think Cindy represents a small percentage of prostitutes that comes from middle class families. The larger number do it for economic survival. For food and shelter. Those are the ones that need our help. Not the likes of Cindy. She’s just lazy and immoral.

  22. Underwhat prosititution has less to do with status(financially) it your mind.What benefit is there to gain the all food,good cloths and good life but at the end of it whole u loose ur life-ADIS above all u go to HELL>

  23. This book won’t sell to be honest with you. Firstly as some bloggers have pointed out, it lacks creative writing. I think the author is not gifted in creative story telling writing. He seems to be jumping here and there and there are a lot of grammatical inconsistencies. A short course in creative writing before publishing this book wouldn’t be a bad idea. I would also suggest you broaden your horizon. I don’t think there will be something new in your projected book. It would be better to bring in an aspect of HIV/AIDS issues, moral decays, cultural relativisms, arguments on legalising prostitution and cultural constructions, etc.

  24. Just one question before I advise; is Cindy the girl in the pic above? I f you want to include pics make sure you use the right ones. Nevertheless, you are good writer I believe and can make money. Good ! Just make sure one story has a gradient ie from bad to good or other way bround. Equally, make sure you find answers to your questions ( at bottom of story, above), otherwise there is no point of writing a story book that has unanswered questions. It will be better then to just write a questionare and not book.

  25. # 25 i would like to tell you that prostitute dont just come from poor backgrounds, most of these girls you see in lusaka living alone in flats ,driving cars and live a good life have, i used to wonder how some of these girls make it without a salary and sometime with salary that may not even pay their rent, run the car and have expensive clothes not forgetting the weekend hang outs.
    Many of these girls have alot of stories to tell but only when you make them feel comfortable to open up to you.actually most of these prostitutes are very lovely to talk to, they are just like kaponyas, if you go to them like you look down on them, they will insult the breath out of you,

  26. Make prostitution legal, have the women get regular checkups for STDs and HIV and have IDs to prove. Something that is already being done in Singapore. I commend prostitutes – at least they are honest about what they are giving you unlike politicians and used car salesmen. A fair deal – money for pleasure. Legalising morality has lead to people having a pre-pubescent or adolescent (if lucky) attitude towards sex among other things. People should do whatever they want with their bodies as long as they cause no harm to other people and do not disturb the peace. Personal responsibility goes beyond satisfying your needs – you look out for your family, friends. So you dont go diping your wick anywhere when you can prove the provenance of the honeypot. Liberty with responsibility! Pass the vino!

  27. continued…i learned that some of the girls go to hotels to hook the so called muzungu guests at local hotels. some who dont want to be seen go as far as RSA or Namibia and sit around bars in the hotels.. after that i realised what my mother told me while growing up that do not admire things you dont even know how they where aquired. well done wesley we demonise these people yet we know very little about them. i remember an incident,while living along a street where alot of girls used to parade (Rhode Park)i dont know if they still do,as married women we make it obvious when we meet these women and that can bring comflict as they get to know you well. i remember one prostitute giving one of our neigbours an acccount of how many times her hubby went ot these girls.they can be nasty be ware

  28. everyone needs a strong character against bad behaviour, education is not enough but parental guidance is vital.

  29. what about men, boys and fathers are they not victims of prostitution? try also to find out on married men, boys and bachelors who launch this field, do not be bias on girls, ladies and women because they don’t do prostitution alone. you are doing very well:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?

  30. Mr Ngwenya, this could be a good book, if only you could get a good editor that would correct the grammatical errors that are too many in the few lines that we have been priviliged to sample

  31. Wes, don’t be discouraged. Continue writing the book to the end, have it proof read, and publish it. Wether it sells or not, the bottom line is that you will be looked at as having published something. Moreover, we need a lot of locally published literature. As a nation we should not always import literature to read and enrich our brains.

  32. Cindy is a nasty $50 hooker spreading the plague and she should be locked up! Altho congrats on the book. I would be happy to proof read it for you, also try talking to the high end high class processionals who are third wives of many wealth men. I know of a girl and her sisters who have never worked a day in their lives but always rocking designer things(real Chanel, Fendi, Gucci etc), latest expensive phones you and I would need to plan months to buy, she rents two posh apartments in two cities-its a gucci life for sure! But she has no job-well not a moral job anyway! Try talking to those too.
    And of course the men-ask men why they still go for these women with more mileage than a BA aircraft? Do they not feel dirty sleeping with hookers?

  33. But seriously guys do you not feel dirty doing it with someone you know could has had hundreds other men? There is some dirt you just cant wash off. Personally I would rather starve in my rags and be buried with my self respect and dignity intact. Or I could just wake up everyday and work hard to earn a good life the rightful and morally upright way. Prostitutes are just like the lot with excuses why they cant abc. Always want easy money but I guess,for them it doesn’t get easier than making money lying down :)>-:)>-

  34. Writing is a form art that reqiures a lot of creativity, epecially if you writing about real life situations.
    Selling is one of the most difficult thing if you do not know your market.
    You are a good writer, but who are targeting as your customers? Prostitutes wont buy your book and so are the men who indulge. My advice is , change your approach and make it a documentary, people like visual unlike reading , especially if your market is the third world.

  35. Free advice/ideas.
    1. Spell check (the stakes are much higher when you are a self proclaimed author). Let us have a Man U. fan not a fun.
    2. Make it a little more sophisticated, and for the book to be sophisticated you might want to start by setting objectives for you inquiry; What is it that you want to know, disprove accomplish.
    3. Be aware of your own biases, prejudices etc, then make a conscious effort to avoid their altering your findings.
    4. Be honest. The truth can be strikingly engaging.
    Best of luck.

  36. #41.
    All of the above is what a professional editor does for a living. Mr Ngwenya should just divulge his ideas and the professional editing can be done later. Any book worth its salt gets edited professionally.

    In the meantime, Mr Ngwenya should continue exploring this complex subject that literally all men have fallen victim to at one time or another (YES, this can include prostitutes in disguise whom may even have dignified titles such as “wife”). If you analyse critically, you get a sense that men get played much more than they would want to admit. Prostitution is/can be a deep and multifaceted concept.

  37. mr ngwenya – not to be discouraging, but your writing skills are lacking to say the least. if this is a snippet of a good bookk, it will send people to sleep. i hope you are not doing this for profit because you will lose money – word of advice.

  38. Hello Nqwenya san, you are on the right path to achieve your goal. writing is a long journey with frustrations along the way. some comments may be helpful, others not necessary at all: trash them out and keep moving. understand the potential consumers of your message and get to the roots of what the would like to buy from (by reading your book) those issues which are unique in your book will make up wats called USP (Unique Selling Points). You need not be in a hurry to publish but maintain a good focus. Also try to gather more information from all stakeholders in this market (both men and sex workers themselves). If you can also get as much information from the parents or relatives of the sex workers on the actual triggers and how they (parents) feel and reacted on first knowledge

  39. Depending on what type of book you want to publish, you need necessary information and level of analytical detail. A story book may be simpler but does not offer solutions to the problem you would want to address rather than just describing it. Therefore, take good care of all those issues. Notice that Night life is a growing industry and prostitution is not cross-sectional but rather a trend. You would do well to to consider the trends in this sector. Remember the songs by the likes of Paul Ngozi, Smoky Hangala etc. I am sure you will have a clue of how this industry has evolved in Zambia. I wish you good lucky “Never Give Up”you are on truck.

  40. #39,SHARP. The dirtier it is,the more explorative and innovative it gets. We don’t. You see, sex has been made in such a way that, the more crazy it becomes, the more hot it will go down. Thats why, it becomes more strange to do these crazy things with a wife or fiancee coz mukala imwenamo thereafter-the respect aspect. Wives & fiancees do not like to be treated like an i dont care whore who is ready to rock from behind, sucking & other staff ’em whores invent. In as much as u get clean with you morals-any human being has masturbated b4 worse ’em that dont need to be shagged of shag. This act is more degrading.I think u do.Its also not about being lazy, but some are born in prostitution(their mothers). They grow up seeing ’em being shagged by all faces.I ve seen kids & mums 2getha…

  41. Its about fate. Others r born rich & others poor. Background also matters, u can be poor but born from a family of values & u can be rich & be born in a family devoid of values. Ngwenya has brought up a topic most zambians feel r more ‘christian’ to handle such or disscuss but i must say a ‘girl’ i once rocked with was a staunch church gower & would need us do sex after or before church. Today,churches r brooding vampires who bring down pastors as well as comon men like us. Sex has no class or level,the higher the status the more prone u r.I need ngwenya too infuse moral lessons and also show not so much of MUZUNGU but Zambians as blacks. Then we will associate ourselves more with his book coz it speaks to our skin. We always blame it on ’em muzungus bt we r getting into it.bravo…

  42. Ngwenya, avoid HIV -AIDS inclinations in your story coz it may just be one of the many shelved books we have all read.Like many bloggers have advised.You may talk about these diseaes in the last chapter & in a ‘hanging way’. Good direction and good writer coz u r open to critiszm & advice.

  43. To balance this story Wes needs to interview men that go for girls like Cindy. It will be interesting to know what devasting effect prostitution has on men who go for prostitutes. Economically men end up being bankcrupt, socially their marriages go to the rocks, healthwize HIV/AIDS which they infect to their wives. Some men end up being fired from their workplaces due to fraud. Let men also speak!

  44. Bruce lee you are a very candid writer 😮 haha. If you are comfortable with your other half I see no reason to be adventurous with them. Marriage and relationships of pretence dont go far, the type where you are too shy to let your husband see you in certain attire or even know you use the toilet – what is that about. I talk freely with my other half and very open – we are so used to each other there is nothing we cant talk about or do together. You need to be comfortable with each other that you can tell him off for leaving the toilet do open when doing heavy labour! You hear ladies – treat your guys good, it wont make him love you or respect you less, it will make him come home running at 15hrs instead of 17hrs just to be with the madam! otherwise Cindy will be waitin with hands..con

  45. stretched for cash out to do to your man what you wont. And there are hundreds of Cindys near you stalking your hubby.
    BRUCE LEE how can enjoy doing that while worrying if you may catch something from her?If i was a man i would feel like am sleeping with all her other partners and thats dirt. No, just find a madam and teach her what you like, tell her stuff and ask her what she likes, that way both needs are met not paying for your own death. Maybe you should send your own account of encounters to the writer so we can hear from men’s point of view and why they go to hookers and what can be done to curb this suicidal behaviour. S e x is over rated, so not worth dying for at the hands of Cindys.

  46. SHARP, i think we agree somewhere. Thats why i called for Ngwenya to also talk about lessons we men must learn. However, in Zambia like any other counrties, old women r hooking up boys for cash. Was suprised one old women admired the exposed rough dick of a madman on the streets. That in itself is dirty. Rich women hook up poor or vulnerable men or boys while men of all sorts hook up vulnerable girls & boys. Its a pity. If all of us told our encounters of encounters,u will be surprised how prostitution has developed in pa Zed. SHARP, i know there is some risk of disease, but man has been made in such a way that the more riskier the ‘thing’ is the more he would like to attempt it. SEX IS OVERated-coz no grownup man or woman can live without sex on earth-those that claim to do-ve other…

  47. Prostitution is quite a complex issue. I remember pa C.B.U, girls were using lecturers to get good grades, using intelligent unsuspecting guys to do their assignments and in the evening going out wit ballies for fun and money! But the point is girls @ C.B.U and UNZA get stipend same as the boys but the problem is that girls @ varsity want to maintain a high social status. so its not about poverty but about bling and fun!. When these girls graduate, they continue the same habit @ places of work. I know a lot of girls who are doing this!

  48. I really like your article..a great view of how materialism can turned someone into a 1st class whore.Keep on writing Wesley and keep up your good work.

  49. # 38/39/50/51 Sharp. A whore`s pussy don`t stink `cos it sucks cock all day long.
    By the way, you must be a men-magnet going by the posted sharp pic if it really belongs to u and Beats me how you just are able to fend them all off. Your morality must really be on the higher end of the spectrum

  50. # 38/39/50/51 Sharp.
    A whore`s p*ssy don`t stink `cos it sucks cock all day long.
    By the way, you must be a men-magnet going by the posted sharp pic if it really belongs to u and Beats me how you just are able to fend them all off. Your morality must really be on the higher end of the spectrum

  51. i have similar stories. But, in the so called developed countries. You do not have to sleep with these girls for them to tell you their life stories. What amazes me is that Zambian girls develop a ‘relationship’ with the client. Sometimes they even call them ‘boyfriend.’ In the west, it is strictly business. You have to really coerce the girls to get money from you without a ‘service.’ One is pure poverty and greed and the other is necessity from a drug dependence, although I have met college girls in Britain who are on the game to fund their studies. In short, the heart of man is raceless, colourless, classless, creedless, it is just dark with deceit and desperately sick!

  52. Cindy popped in the club. The first thing i felt was a twich in ma pants. Something was rising from slumber inside. It cocked straight and i was ashamed to get to the dance floor to get her recognise i was in company tonight.
    “Hi babe”, i greeted her with a sigh and she replied, “am good & u”. I had met her twice this time around. The first time i took her out, i doubt she ever reached cloud number nine. I gave up my ghost a minute or so when my ‘thing’ met flesh & blood running hot inside out. They say women r the same. Whatever that means. My experience tells me, they r different. Some shoot up immediately u sigh to her eye or breath on her delicate nipple & yet others lie like log unaware of your shivering body. cindy was one who by the look of the eye, her glow & sensual…

  53. ialty would ooz man’s energy btn his legs. This time around i felt i was more prepared to rock all night and make her read stars and moons if any. I pulled her hand and made her sit besides me as music rammed the night & sacadelicks lit our aboad.
    ” i want a beer” she asked. Which one? ” I drink Hunters gold” she said.
    I made up a short stride to the counter where they gave me some cold bottle. There were other girls old & young alike. My eyes were on her & her alone on this particular day.
    Whores & Hunters Dold make one i hear. She picked up the bottle and made a quick sip.
    ” So, how have you been?” i asked her.” i have been ok” she replied with some made up english in her accent.
    “why did you rash last time? i didnt feel anything and in a minute you were already…

  54. she teased. “do you ve a CD?” she asked. I pretended to check my pockets and signled to her that everything was under contol.
    I hear women dnt like CD. If i said no, she would refuse and i would spend my night like always-dry.I knew, i could get one on my way to the guest house. In our society, guesthouses are aboads for ’em whores. They hardly sleep in their own beds.
    “which place do we go to this time around?” she asked again. “i will tell you later may be The calabash will do” i replied. I knew back at my brains this place hosted the elite. I was prepared to have a go at her just this once. She rocked my heart at the many glances i made on her. I was sweating too.I doubt i would find the time in the world to purchase some CD’s. I wish i would. ……….to be continued.

  55. nice project. remember there are also male prostitutes … maybe that’s another project for you? Sharp – the half look z kool . . hope it’s real!

  56. Everytime you sleep with a person you join to that person in the flesh. You always pick up something from all the partners you have. If it is a prostitute, you become one flesh with a prostitute and sooner rather than later you feel the same as they felt. It becomes difficult to go back to ‘normal.’ These are soul matters.

  57. Very enlightening and all the best with your book.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  58. This book is not going to sale. There is no revealation here. This is prostitution. Its the oldest “profession”. Its always been there since even biblical times. When you groww up you know about it. Its there, always has been. We all have had a relative who was in it. We men can not even pretend, we have checked it out, even if just to see what the fuss is about. You the decide whether its your thing or not. In the Western World, women work normal jobs in the day & this job in the nite. Your work mates! So move on to better & bigger things.

  59. Mune, you are not a skilled writer at all. You need a ghost writer to rewrite your basic ideas and not an editor. Also, you are a lier. Your story is just improbable. You have to buy drinks for hookers to talk to you for a long time. I know one such researcher who married a hooker.

  60. #69,
    Yeah, George should have been the writer. Got taken by his style.
    Now, Wes, you shagged cindy. Actually, alot of cindys. Translate your experiences into a book. Then you will sell. finito.

  61. Wesley keep working on it but you need a story my man. Girl becomes prostitute is not a story, it happens all over the world. The character needs some more depth

  62. …….from #69…It was getting late, nearly midnight. I could not resist sex with her even if earth broke loose. Some whores are just magnetic. She was clad in high sensual heeled shoes. Her little dress, cut some 15 cm above her knees. If she bent over, whoever looked was assured of some good rare fruit. I wonder if she even put on a pant or had a G-string that just rightly passed through her ass.

    In between sips and dialogs, she would sneak to the dance flow, enticing my innocent soul to hell,whatever that meant. I could watch her moves, like a snake rolling and glowing below colourfull sacadericks amid smoke. She made the rarest of moves-those taught to just -be marrieds. How she become an expert in that, only the devil can tell. She was basically irresistable.
    When she came…

  63. …..from 63. Even if earth broke loose, i was prepared to go to any length with her. She was irresistable. Sometimes as human beings, we are drawn by pretting trivial things, like the curve of her hips. For this one, her legs were long and brown, clad in some sensual high heeled shoes-the likes they like being shagged on. Whether they turn them on-remains behind the back of the head of every womanfolk.

  64. It was getting late, nearly midnight but she appeared sober as they come. She would sneak to the dance floor in between sips and dialogs. Every time she made to the floor, watching her image in the mirror-platted walls, she made some giggs. She enjoyed it. I have never seem people who enjoy their proffession like whores. In the first place, someone gets her to cloud number nine, which is rare among our fellow beings and gets paid for that besides free bed, food and uncountable bottles of beer that the shagger may not even be able to buy for himself, late alone buy for ’em whores.

    As she dashed to the dance floor, i watched her dance, shadowed in colourfull sacadericks, amidst smoke. She danced better than the newly weds, those taught by veteran shagstars. Wherever she got the skil,…

  65. I could not hold any longer or else i would let loose-rest i got accused for raping someone-am not sure whether a whore can be raped.
    “lets go, i whispered to her ear, amidst the noise of voices, men and women, young and old, drunk and sober, holy and unholy.
    “get me a beer”, she asked. I dashed to the counter and got us two Reds. Whether whores get drunk or not, their brains needs to be studied.
    We got in the car and rolled off like dust. There was no returning, at least i could not allow that.
    “oh,i feel sexy” she shouted. “I thought we are going to have sex down the whole night?” i asked too.
    ” yearh, but i want to suck your dick. I had never been sucked before all my life, let alone sucking some else, i knew had some pretty good record of celebacy. Then it was my…

  66. She grabbed my dick, he was hard as they come-straight from slumber. I prayed, he would perform nonstop, till i dropped this girl down into sleep. I could take some Viagra, but shops had closed this time around and i knew i had my whits to proove that even naturally, its poosible to ride home seven times till cloud number nine for both of us. Then it would be six or seven am and i would dress up, bath together, have breakfast in bed and ride her for the last time, then take her to wherever she stayed or booked a cab for her and then make my way for work, innocently, clad in my suit like a holy alter boy.

  67. It was a thought, by the time i woke up from the short dream, i was shivering as she made him roll in her mouth like a pornstar. I twitched,nearly lost control and reallity rolled into Sharon Stone’s movie. It was nice, but was half myself to enjoying the extacy brought about by her.
    To some extent, i felt worse than the devil himself but who ever said “No” to a man? However, i knew i risked my life, her life whether it counted to the society she was destroying and much more my car bought from some loan i obtained from a bank on the pretext of a house loan.
    “baby, No”, i shouted at her. Letting me loose, i took a deep breath, though i wanted more. I made a turn and honked into the gate leading into the guesthouse. A guard cremated in cold, openned and we made way to the reception…

  68. …If i did not have enough cash on me,i would ask her for a discount. However, i would only do this if she enjoyed my ride. Not like they fake it. I hear some of ’em whores have different styles to offer at different prices. The most expensive one being the accrobatic ones. I wanted to have a go at one, even if it meant for a second,just to explore the world-after all thats what makes sex pleasurable. And the curtain closed on us.
    The next day, right from work i rushed to the bank to withdraw some cash for one or two beers for the later party of the day. I was soaked in dellusion. I could not believe i just had sex with a pro, let alone that i sung in my praise team at church. The experience was a once in a life time, probably others die without experiencing it, but it was sin of the…

  69. My balance was less than what i thought. I grabbed a 30$ and sped down one popular nightclub. It was getting to 19hrs. I stole myself in the bar and ordered two beers. Music was playing. There were whores, male and female. I pledged to myself never will i run another again. I could stay like that, like a father or an alterboy. But was that possible-now that i had tasted the sweetest of the game.
    I remember i was coming through to the bar, all corridors were lined up with pretty girls, young ones who are prohibited into these bars. The corridor ones are called ‘pick ups’. Whoever wishes picks whichever he likes and takes wherever he wants to eat-like an orange. After satisfaction, you pay them there due and you may or may never see them again. Some of them run 3 to 5 men a night…

  70. well most zobigos i kno are mere lazy chaps who wants to live well without much effort. You will also find them in offices. Some women even want to get promotions thru skirt power. Even in politics some women like that one wants jobs and protection thru skirt power. The question is whats the objective of the book? prostitution is the oldest profession so whats da big deal? state your objectives before we support u.

  71. Believe me or not, almost all men have have picked a whore before thats why it exists even up to is a very dangerous game and a SIN . whores on the other side are almost everywhere at work places especially. there are women who will do just ANYTHING just to get what they want from a superior and there are some superiors who will give just anything in exchange for sex. so both men and women are to blame.

  72. This sounds too ‘made-up’. I will buy the book but I fail to see the point except for entertainment purposes. To all those criticizing prostitution, remember that prostitutes do not come to your doorstep; you go out to find them. They have to earn a living, if there are men looking for the services they provide; may they live long and prosper.

  73. Prositution is an old trade read your bible guys. yes, African women and men prositute themselves for money… chapter for your book.

    Zambian men like to cheat on their wives like any other national…. they sleep with the maid, the sister and the niece and in some cases daughters, then they visit Cindy at a fee for the price of HIV/AIDS

  74. ata ba Cindy ninsala? women respect your pussy..s dont just allow any dick black,yellow,white,brown etc to **** you.
    The nation is becoming immoral bcoz of foolish girls like Cindy watchout girls keep yr pussy…s clean.
    story pamaule maybe men will buy, to get more info where they can find ama dick ****ers like Cindy in Lusaka ataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bane ifiko!!!!!!!!!!

  75. I supposed that this is the progress that Banda was talking about last week? After all isn’t it under similar circumstances he met Thandiwe? I wonder how many johns she had before becoming first Hoo… I meant the resident of plot 1? This could be a great chapter for the book.

  76. ……….prostitution is no big deal, marriage is more expensive! Checkout the story of a german 64yrs old prostitute on metropolis tv clip, she attended to 10-15 men a day for 30 yrs, which makes up to 90,000- 100,000 men and she’s still going strong unlike our “Zedian Cindys” who either perish from aids after a 100-1000 punters, or end up in shanty compounds puddling in sewerage floods in kanyama or kamwala… very few ‘lucky’ women have actually never prostituted themselves, in zed we have families where 3 to 4 generations in one family are prostitutes greatgrandma, granny, mom, daughter, granddaughter…etc

  77. There is more undercovered than this blog or any book will ever prove. Not just on the “tarmac” areas, but ask yourself why all the beggars in town are boy: where are the little girls? markets. Pretending to sell peanuts, when we know too well that’s not their main activity. Yes the tarmac girls are more viewable, but it’s not the only commerce. There is more, and i hear you can get almost anything you want at Papa Ntembo or likes.

  78. Yaba… your book has been already started by GeorgeBush#75 to#79 comments. Prositution is not a job or a business, and it is not a cup of tea either. People involved in this kind of behaviour are just harming themselves. It is like a criminal stealing for a living, is that business? It is an addiction which one cannot lay off once they start. One cannot steal from the neighbour and claim that they earned that money through honest channels. Prositution is not an honest business and that is why it is practised underground or in hidden/secret environments. Had it been an honest business one would buy it from shopright, Spa or Game.
    Married men pay for these favours because they do not want to be caught by their wives. Men go to prositutes because they are bored or are not able to get that a

  79. Also married men engage in prostitution because they want to fullfil their fantasies and they want to experience other women’s bodies thinking it gives them a thrill. This is done in secret so it is not good, it is crimina. Women prostitute themselves fo attention indeed – most prostitutes have had problems in their lives, they would tell you that they felt unloved by their parents and to overcome this they started harming themselves to reduce the rejection of pain. No sane woman or man would want to have 10-20 lovers in one night, that is selfharm. For women out there, how many of you demand sex 20 times every day from your husbands; same days and night? Prostitutes have different men in them every night, and numbers could stretch from 10-30 men of different built, this self harming


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