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Government declares Mpulungu,Mbala as tax free zones

Economy Government declares Mpulungu,Mbala as tax free zones

Government has given a go ahead for the setting up of tax free zones in Nakonde and Mpulungu districts in the Northern Province.

Provincial Permanent Secretary Mwalimu Simfukwe disclosed the development during a conducted tour of Kalungwishi Sugar Estate in Kasama recently.

And the PS further said that Zambia has the potential to export to most of Africa adding tat this can only be realized if production or enhancing of available resources is improved.

And speaking during the same occasion, Director for Kalungwishi Sugar Estate, Navit Patel appealed to Government to help stabilize electricity in the province.

Mr. Patel said the intermittent power supply was negatively affecting the operations of the only sugar industry in the province.

He however thanked the government for its continued support which has enabled the company to expand its production.

Kalungwishi Sugar Estate which has been in existence for the past 10 years has increased its production capacity to 300,000 tons of sugar per annum.



  1. Good move, eventhough it is not clear for how long will this last??. No tax, I think It will attract investment like Monaco in France.

  2. Good news. How many chinese companies are setting up there?
    The government should also be looking at bringing industrial relations issues to international standards to include improved workers conditions of service, health and safety issues, pension entitlements, etc which will be the main benefits for the local population.

  3. Well done MMD governament this is indeed what a working government is supposed to be doing ,clear vision and foresight for the country’s economic advancement.To Mr Patel ,this is way forward for the country we can’t all run shops in Lusaka.A long journey starts with a step and this is a step in theright direction.This is about wealth and job creation.

  4. Kumwitu ku Mbala.. good move. That place is unnecessarily expensive in goods and services except for lodges. Fuel is usually nearly twice the Lusaka rate. Even Mpulungu fish is more expensive in Mbala than in Ndola. And yet that place has more tourism potential, if tapped properly, than Livingstone: Vic/Falls, Mbala has Kalambo Falls (both are icons in their own right),Mosiotunya Game Park, Mbala has Nsumbu and Kasaba not far off. Beside it has two lakes with amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing scenery!!! Chila and Tanganyika. Other sites include Motomoto Museum with some world famous stoneage relics, historical sites (world war 1 and 2 artifacts), mystical stories about rivers, lakes and swamps awaiting exposure… awesome place. Good move whoever thought of a tax break

  5. Are we anticipating bye elections in those areas any time soon? This government has a tendency to start “development projects” when there is bye elections in the area. These project seize as soon as the elections are over.
    We want to see projects even in MMD strong holds then we can say these are not polical

  6. These declarations has never yielded any fruits,what matters is the infrustructure of that particular place and also the cost of doing business.The only business that can readily find market in Mbala and Mpulungu is a brewery,just like in Lusaka.Examples are there for tax-free zones,Kabwe and Ndola are tax-free zones and how many Companies have been set up there and are succefully operating???????.The cost of doing business in Zambia is very high,no genuine Investor can sacrifice his money to invest in Mbala/Mpulungu when the road starting from Serenje to Mbala- to Mpulubu is a ‘Hell run’.On top of that,the cost of fuel(diesel) is very very high,how are they going to transport raw materials?.These sentiments are political aiming at appeasing the locals and dull people like ‘Veteran’.

  7. What exactly do they mean by tax free zones. I have heard such pronouncement before but not seen the actual implementaion. Goverment needs to consult more with the private sector before they implement such policies

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