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Chief Chipepo orders latrine per house in his chiefdom

Rural News Chief Chipepo orders latrine per house in his chiefdom

Chief Chipepo of the Tonga people in Gwembe District has with immediate effect ordered for the sinking of toilets per household in an effort to improve sanitation in his chiefdom.

Speaking during an annual general meeting in his chiefdom recently, the chief said having toilets per household would greatly reduce diseases and snake bite incidences.

Quoting scripture in the book of Deuteronomy 23 verse 9 to 14; Chief Chipepo said God intends that communities have toilets to maintain cleanliness.

He warned that any household that will be found to have no toilet by the on set of the rains will be severely punished.

“If you want snakes to stop biting you, stop defecating in the bush. That is why snakes bite you. Which one of you enjoys seeing his/her faeces?” Chief Chipepo asked.

Gwembe District is one of the districts in the country with good coverage of rural water supply, currently standing at 87.5%.

In addition, Gwembe District Council Secretary Fred Mooya has also expressed worry at lack of toilets at household level in the district.

Mr. Mooya noted that despite the district performing well in the water sector, the district is far behind in terms of sanitary facilities such as toilets.

He explained that there are few households that have toilets in the district, with Munyumbwe trailing at 14% toilet coverage.

“We should realize that if we dispose our excreta in the open, the chances of eating our own excreta through vectors like flies are very high,” the Council Secretary cautioned.

And Chief Chipepo has given his subjects six months in which to purge themselves of all witchcraft acts.

The chief expressed worry that his chiefdom will continue lagging behind in terms of development owing to witchcraft acts that scare away government workers.

He observed that schools and clinics in his chiefdom have continued to be understaffed despite government’s effort to deploy more qualified staff to his chiefdom.

Chief Chipepo threatened his village headmen and communities that he would make a follow at the end of six months to ensure that no witch exists in his chiefdom.

“This chiefdom does not belong to you. It belongs to God. I have a list of sorcerers and witches and I will chase you from my chiefdom if you do not cleanse yourselves of the dirty acts. I will send you off my chiefdom with an introductory letter stating that you are a witch so that you will have no place to settle,” he warned.


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  1. Tongas are something else. Who builds a house without building a toilet?

    Snakes have the right to bite those backsides because they are tire of seeing them in their domain.

  2. We are in the 21st century people!! Ask Marodona, toilets have advanced these days. Its a good start to your right to sanitation. Enjoy!

  3. About time too, this is the basic leadership that is required. The DCs during colonial time imposed this on every village and household, for the sake of hygiene and minimising food relted illnesses. In addition teach people to wash hands with soap seperately and not in the same contaminated water as you pass the same water container of water from one person to the next.

  4. #1
    You always try find ways to become a tribalist, give up man, who told you tongas are the only ones building village houses without toilets.
    I’have been to
    many parts of the country in rural areas many villages households need toiletss.
    This Cheif deserve to be priased, this is the leadership we want in Zambia.
    Well done cheif Chepepo.

  5. some Nduna wa Silalo in western province should be reading this and take leaf, the all of Western Province is a big loo, pipo rarely build loos!

  6. #4
    Spot on.Anybody who has visited a village in Zed will agree with what Chief Chipepo is lamenting about.The chief is proactive and chould be praised.Just some days ago,he took Ntundu to task for non-performance.Continue with the good works chief!!

  7. Well said Chief. This should spread to all Chiefdoms as it is very common throughout the Country. #1 You have not travelled my brother

  8. #1, I think you are naturaly dull or you’ve not travelled around Zambia. The Chief is right and he has great point that can be used to develop peoples lives in both rural and uban areas . Toilets are a problem in Zambia, you don’t even have to go far, just check what happens in Missis, John leng and so fourth were the so called town people leave.

  9. Chief.
    Well done.
    You have more vision than most of the people in government.

    But stop it with this witch hunt bull story.
    You will only incite mob justice.

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