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PF/UPND pact National Governing Council to meet soon

Headlines PF/UPND pact National Governing Council to meet soon

United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General, Winstone Chibwe, has written to Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General, Winter Kabimba, proposing for a meeting to resolve the problems in the pact.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma revealed this to QFM in a telephone interview.

Mr Kakoma who expressed optimism that the pact will not break explains that the meeting will be composed of the PF/UPND National Governing Council.

He said the National Governing Council will soon sit to discuss the way forward in the UPND/PF pact which has been going through problems of late.

And earlier UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema, assured Zambians that the PF/UPND pact will not break.

There have been calls from stakeholders for the two presidents in this political pact that there is need for them to dialogue and find the way forward.

SACCORD Information Officer, Obby Chibuluma, said last week that the two presidents in the pact must hold a joint press conference in order to address the problems in the pact.
[ QFM ]


  1. Way to Go. Way to Go. UPND & PF you are in my prayers. Way to Go. Countrymen see how RB has appointed his over-aged and rertired childrern into the Foreign service, we see these things but we tend to forget very easily. RB is driving Zambia into a ditch and we are accomplices for failing to stop him. At least the POLICE in Ndola have started the RED Card campign by using Sata’s motorcade without PF & Mr. Sata knowing to push Goerge off the road in protest. The MMD want to shut down Indeni so that they use oil raod tankers to be supplied by their friends to ferry finished fule into Zambia. Ndola companies have been closed down, people sufferingwhat do you expect. ndola teach MMD a lesson.

  2. No doubt it is out of protruding ignorance that Winstone Chibwe is vainly fire fighting to salvage a pact already in the intensive care beyond redemption. Hasn’t he known that from day one the so called pact been on your deathbed-a moribund?

  3. Some of us have painstakingly looked at the pact circus and steadfastly forewarned them that in politics, the worst thing is to trap members for long time in a valley of uncertainty on the fundamental issues of leadership and political power framework in view of the challenges political marriages of convenience create.

  4. Voters align with leadership that is clear, historically risk-adjusted, measured across a broad spectrum of criteria and with a record of holding best practices and building upon them. When norms are missing in party politics, members become disillusioned and susceptible in the political arena.

  5. I repeat and challenge the pact to tell us why they hold the delusion that right thinking people could have hope in a failed project ab initio? The sooner these comedians accept that their circus was built on falsehood, deceit and needless hatred for RB, the better. It is structurally defective, gasping for air, in ICU and like a house built on sand, the pact is history to Zambians because the currents of truth now assail its false foundation constructed by two bitter opportunists. This bad contraption has a lot of defects and to brazenly pretend that there are no problems but a redemable future is dangerous self-deceit which noble Zambian can stomach no more.

  6. #1, You may wish to know that Andrew Banda was a politician in UPND and was appointed to the Diplomatic service by Levy Mwanawasa. THere are no other children of RB in the diplomatic service. You may not like RB, and that is your choice and your right but you have an obligation to tell the truth.

  7. #8 To you foreign service means only diplomatic service. I see your reasoning, my friend in my office has just shown me how naive and narrow minded you are on this issue. Refer to my comment on #10 above.

  8. #10 Mpangula, I have no problem if you think of me as narrow minded neither do I begrudge you because of your support for any political party. I understand enough about politics to know that you can not be popular with everybody. Please support whoever you want, but the truth is that Andrew Banda went into the diplomatic service long before his father became president. In fact he supported MMD and UPND when his father was still in UNIP. Which other children of Rupiah are in the Diplomatic service. His brother James is in Lusaka and his sisters are in Chipata at the farm. I do not understand why you want to insist on lies. OK I am narrow minded.

  9. #10 Mpangula, May I take it that your insistence on the term “foreign service”, might be in reference to Dolika Banda, a niece to RB who is with the World Bank or is it the IMF. She went to the World Bank on the strength of her qualifications as an economist. I believe you are smart enough to work there. Please do apply. I warn you. It is tough to get an acceptance and the interviews are for ever. Trust me, I know what I am talking about and RB has no influence there what so ever.

  10. Populary known in UPND as ‘KOKOLIKO’, Andrew Banda campaigned country wide for the late Anderson Mazoka.He was one of the few dependable campaigners together with his friend Daglous Shing’andu who is now with ADD. The depature of the duo from UPND has left HH with the likes of Hon Sejani who frustrated the founder members. Am of the view that MMD got Andrew after seeing what he did for UPND. He is a political asset that HH has lost. He needed such people in Luena.

  11. Iwe chi senior citizen ure a real twit! How can u say the pact has neva existed wen is send shivers in mmd,mmd waz beaten pants down in kasama,solwezi,mufumbwe en wil fall in chifubu.let them resolve their small misunderstands.jest go en endorse yo old dinosaur ku fake convention



  14. PACT , PACT please , dead and rotten. Ma Presidents are so selfish. Actually get a neutral man to lead it. Prof Chirwa….but unfortunetly in Zambia we look at the Tribe. All will say aaaah..easterner again awe . HH my dear why join Politics, business is what you know best not politics. marrying with SATA was the worst decision the UPND has ever done. Its sad Mazoka died otherwise you could not have even made his first cabinet….u were in the background. Unless God wants you to led Zambia am sorry to say if you lose in 2011 stop it.

  15. Next week we shall be talking of how ADD and Milupi will clobber them all. In mongu there is a saying it rains Milupi………

    Actually HH would have made a good politician had he first tested parliament…but alas.

  16. iwechi #17,what are u talking about?UPND is too strong to crumble under whatever circumstances,look,chisanga left,sikota left,and mind u sichinga left when andy was around,so who is sata to finish The UPND?eh iwe ka#17.i still believe that the pact will work and iwill support it regardless of the candidate.frankly speaking even if the ctopus was the opposition candidate ild still vote 4 it.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOR ME IVE HAD IT MWE WITH THIS CORRUPT GVT.

  17. naiwe#18did mazoka ever test parliament?wasnt he a gud politician.he even won 2001 polls hands down,period.

  18. The pact is not dead imwe bantu do u want another five years wit that mobile president who thinks mobile hospitals can wok pa zed. jest luk at the procurement of the hearses fro china daylight scandal.so ba mmd go en endorse yo presidential import fro unip,an old dinosaur fro unip meseum,we meet head on come 2011

  19. On “He said the National Governing Council will soon sit to discuss the way forward in the UPND/PF pact which has been going through problems of late… There have been calls from stakeholders for the two presidents in this political pact that there is need for them to dialogue and find the way forward” it is interesting that the UPND has proposed a National Governing Council (NGC) meeting which is composed of junior party members and not the Joint National Council (JNC) where Mr PF unelected leader (2-university-degrees holding-claimant) Michael Chilufya SATA as well as the UPND elected president HH are participants.

    Anyhow, let PF-UPND PACT tell the Nation the truth about Mr PF/Sata MC’s claim that he has 2 university degrees so a 2011 PACT president can be elected.

  20. On “Mr [UPND Spokesperson Charles] Kakoma who expressed optimism that the pact will not break explains that the meeting will be composed of the PF/UPND National Governing Council… And earlier UPND [elected] President, Hakainde Hichilema, assured Zambians that the PF/UPND pact will not break,” it is interesting that the mighty UPND has reassured the Nation that the PF-UPND PACT will not break but I urge the UPND to make sure that the UPND-Zambians PACT is consolidated in light of the PF vuvuzela’s (the POST Newspaper’s) anti-HH and anti-PF/UPND PACT mentality that might cause PF/Sata MC to ditch the PF-UPND PACT.

    Be blest all and apply pressure on PF to be sincere in the PF-UPND PACT by telling the Nation the truth about Mr Sata MC’s 2 degrees.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye…

  21. Go go go!!!! Ba PACT, it’s 2011 or NEVER!!! HH you are intelligent and young. Surely you can afford to wait for your turn in 2016 or is it 2021 let the big man Mr. MC Sata spearhead the 2011 electoral fight. I will be looking forward to your Press conference pledging total support to MCS.

  22. number 8 Andrew Banda has always been MMD and he is one of the founder members of MMD.Dont open your beak anyhow if you dont know sh!it about politics which UPND? !MBWA IWE..

  23. the marriage bt HH and Sata is for convinience. ech one of them wants to use the friend to get state house.
    there is ne political party which can developm zambia exception zambian themselves. the falacy of tonga uniting with bembas to rule cannot work because this is tribalism and it is sin.
    let sata and HH not use regional politics. this will not work in zambia. they may have somtinh to offer to the pipo of zambia, but the moment you talk tribal, you have lost it. coz not all tongas or Bembas are shallow minded, they have a great heart for zambia. So let the two parties delink themselves from the ghosts of tribalism and offer politics based on issues and character. this is the only way for zambia or else MDD will rule for some time to come. MDD has had three pres so far, diff tribes.

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