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Construction of a new international terminal building in Livingstone begins

Economy Construction of a new international terminal building in Livingstone begins

Communication and Transport Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa

Communications and Transport Minister Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa has said that it is governments priority to ensure that all airports in the country are operational.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of new international terminal building at Livingstone international airport estimated to cost about $12 million, Professor Lungwangwa said that it is for this reason that government is carrying out maintenance works in provincial airports to improve connectivity in the country.

Professor Lungwangwa noted that with massive investment witnessed in Livingstone especially in the hospitality industry the number of tourists flying into Livingstone has been on the upswing.

And speaking at the same function Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe said that one does not need to doubt that the Government under the leadership of Rupiah Banda is a working government.

He said that government through its sound economic policies is attracting a lot of investors and hence need to increase airport capacity.

And at the same function National Airports Corporation Limited Managing Director Robinson Masitala said that the corporation has many challenges but that it will endeavor to provide efficient services to airline operators and the traveling public.

He said that the corporation is in the process of acquiring state of the art ground handling equipment to enhance service delivery capabilities at all the four international airports in the country.



  1. This is great news. The Airport in Livingstone has been in a pathetic state. Now I hope all the money will be invested in the airport and not in your pockets guys!!

  2. Good development. But please let us move away from the equation tourism = Livingstone. Can we start developing infrastructure elsewhere

  3. Why does it always have to be about RB and MMD???? Just build the d.a.m.n thing. Its your faken country and duty. Dont act like you are doing it (Zambia) or the Zambian people a favor. Seriously come on now!!!!

  4. I hope the same will be done for Ndola International Airport. This airport urgently needs a serious facelift, I heard it was built during the 2nd world war and has remained the same ever since.Not good for our image.

  5. This project is long overdue. First impressions matter and visitors are greeted by ugly buildings when they arrive in Zambia. Good work.

  6. There is need to start planning for relocation of Solwezi airport from its current site. There is going to be a lot of air traffic into North-Western through Solwezi airport during the next few years to come. With the Chines begining to explore and open mines in the Province and its being opened up for oil exploration there is need for GRZ to start planning ahead. You cantn have an airport with plnes taking off straight over the town centre and residential areas. Thereb is no consideration for disturbance to envirnment such as noise and air polution. The airport area could be turned into a high cost or some commercial centre. What are the civic leaders doing about it in Solwezi. I dont think there is much infrastructure to be talked about on that airport apart from from he runway.

  7. Kenya has a population of about 40 million pipo and a relatively well diversified economy. While Kenya has other organised Airports in Mombasa and Kisumu, the Jomo kenyata Airport remains the mainstay of air travel to this country, hence, the Airport has developed a critical mass of planes that it makes sense to conect through Nairobi.

    However in Zambia, we seem to be confused. We are developing so many interanational airports, even when they dont make alot of sense. Eg Mfuwe. Would it not make sense to concentrate on Lusaka, give it world class infrastructure, and just make conecting to these other sites more efficient. Perhaps then we could attract more Airlines and optimally use our infrastrucure, rather than scattering them all over the country. $12m and yet i flight per day?.

  8. Please make Copperbelt International Airport! A modern one to cater for CB and eliminate the Ndola airdrome! Bushe Ba Lungwangwa tamwenda?

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