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Grandstand: Dario, Drop Kalaba

Sports Grandstand: Dario, Drop Kalaba

Dario Bonetti should drop Rainford Kalaba.

The club-less little midfielder on Sunday hit headlines again with another misdemeanor this time with a car accident after an alleged social outing with some female companions just outside Ndola.

This guy has not played any competitive football for eight months, has sulked at the prospect of going to play for Zamalek in Egypt on loan because of a phobia of facing harsh treatment by Arabs and has basked in the glory of self-indulgence.

He is now an outcast at Portuguese side Braga who want to loan him out but it seems no suitors are willing to take him on.

Kalaba has shown little respect for his profession, the green shirt of Zambia that is keeping his profile going.

It is insulting to see a player, worshiped by many, resigned to just working out and vigorously raising his elbow rather than his foot or knee on the weekend.

A player with little regard for his trade has no place in our national team no matter how good he is.

To flirt with players like Kalaba is a recipe for disaster for the team and is bad PR for an already fallen giant like Zambia who will be seen to be in begging desperately for their star players.

He should be thinking of his own welfare and that of his family. But is he?

Kalaba is misguided to think that people dish out money for free just to sit at home for doing nothing.

Bonetti be warned, rouge players like Kalaba using a national team call-up to try and caps to spice up their CV’s with the prospect of finding a new club should not be entertained.

We have seen this happen with a lot of indiscipline players in Zambia and they have all been but a burden to tax payers money who foot their bonus while on national duty.

It is a tough decision but Bonetti a harsh example has to be made of where one is coming from and where they are going.


  1. This article is personal vendetta against Kalaba by the author who has not disclosed his identity. What has an accident got to do with football? Kalaba is a very good footballer, though he is a bad driver arcoding to this article. The best thing the author can do is to encourage Kalaba so that he can make better decisions and avoid driving when he is drunk. I hope he did not break is leg because thats what makes his money.

  2. Great article but very inappropriate. This event outside the football pitch has nothing to do with the article. Why do we want to kill the boy. Lets speak positivity into his life. Kalaba, you can make it and coach, there is no need of dropping the boy from the team.
    Thanks for considering my very important advice

  3. The author has lost 2-0 to Kalaba. 1 the jealous author can’t even kick a ball, neither does he understand soccer contracts. 2 the real-Zambian-MMD wants can’t even find his own women, he is following Kalaba so he can get some rejects from the boy. Let him rest and enjoy his time in Copperbelt..

  4. Grammer is important. Always edit your work, you are mocking chipolopolo atase ‘green skirt’?may be in your village, you person. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

  5. U author why hide yo name? Pls know that anybody is capable of being involved in an accident & Kalaba is no exception. Sorry yo article has no data apart from showing just jealous to the boy. What do u expect Kalaba to do? Everyone needs to socialise some days. Life is not about being in the football pitch all the time?

  6. I am not saying what kalaba did is okay but worldover renowned sports stars have erred in even worse fashion but their organisations and supporters have continued to give them chance after chance to redeem themselves. pettiness will kill us

  7. I agree with the author in totality. He has hit the nail on the heard. That is the problem with us Zambians, we are just obsessed with the past and like worship people’s glory days. Look at Mbesuma, when he used to report late for national duty and instead go in shabeens to drink people used to say he is a good football player ignore his bad acts outside the pitch. Where is he today? The fact that Kalaba could not hold a place at his European club speaks volume. All the signs are there that we have another Mbesuma train wreck in the marking here. Discipline and good conduct on and off the pitch is crucial for any football player to make it into the elite zone. This boy is going nowhere and the sad part is that he is in a career with a short timer running fast .

  8. The boy must look at his career first,he must take care of his legs jealously otherwise he will not kick the ball and no kicking the ball,no cash.Let him ask Elijah Litana.
    Remember ikaponya mundala life siiponya bwino (ngayaposa taiposa bwino)

  9. \:d/ yes we can talk becoz thats a national duty. No one should crucify kalaba we need him stil our hereëoo. Go k. He nids our support.

  10. Since there iz no ID of the author, should take it this iz from the LT editorial. So Kalaba iz worshiped by many? If our wonder boy iz to win praize, sympathy and admiration az an inspiration to others, he should watch hiz charactor on and off the pitch.

  11. Kalaba lacks displine not to say had an accident. We are basing our judgement based on the life of scandals he has lead since he became clubless, fight after fight. He should tale a leaf from Emmanuel Zulu, the guy who had a great talent. This time could have been the Cristiano of this world. Hope Mbola will learn from this.

  12. just ver a week i was reading an article about roonie pissing in the streets.but he is still a respected player for his country.just encourage the young star and help him find a good club to enhance his talent.He is still young and energetic.which means the chap has potential.lets not just be judgemental gentlemen.socializing is not a crime after all.He is just enjoying his own hard earned cash.The end is for him to regret.but help if you can the young star is still young and talented.thats why we don’t develop africans?how can you cerebrate on your friends downfall?Uplift him unless you yourself has never fallen before then cast the first stone.

  13. just over a week ago i was reading an article about roonie pissing in the streets.but he is still a respected player for his country.just encourage the young star and help him find a good club to enhance his talent.He is still young and energetic.which means the chap has potential.lets don’t just be judgemental gentlemen?socializing is not a crime after all.He is just enjoying his own hard earned cash.The end is for him to regret.but help if you can the young star is still young and talented.thats why we don’t develop africans?how can you cerebrate on your friends downfall?Uplift him unless you yourself has never fallen before then cast the first stone.

  14. Leave the boy alone! Can you compare Kalaba’s behaviuor to some big soccer stars in Europe?Our young lads are generally well behaved going by their profession and educational levels.These are simply footballers and we shouldn’t be expecting so much from them.

  15. #12 So u think the British, the FA and indeed Fabio Capello were all smilez when they got newz that Rooney had made a public nuisance of himself? We would like our Kalaba to desist from vicez that may bring him into ridicule, becauze we care.

  16. Rooney was urinating in public,bet his still going to play for England.I personally think the author has got a personal vandetta against the young man.May be anamupoka gelo.There is no proof that Kalaba hasnt been practising.

  17. Lets let private life be private. Yes he is a public figure but an accident is just an accident. He proved you wrong in Uganda. You must also learn that Stophira and Fwayo tembo also proved you wrong. Enjoy your humble pie bwana. ONCE BEATEN TWICE SHY!!!!

  18. thwe article is gud but too emotional.wht i hv understood of football it’s not only the school of playing but also discipline,the private life of the player can be the public life bcoz he is representing our country.look at john terry bcoz of lack of discipline he is no longer captain of england,talk aboutronaldinho bcoz of indicipline he is no longer at campo nuo.so kalaba shud be dropped out he is not the only player we hv in zambia,there many young and strong players.

  19. jealous *****s leave the boy alone,he got his manager and father to advice him,the problem with u stupid zambians you like concluding things,there issues with clubs thats why he is in zambia,u chaps if u just see a player drinking with women to u its wrong?wen most of u have several girlfriends,its his like,he can drink and drive like most of us do,he can sleep around like most of us,let him do whatever he wants,its his money talent..so **** off all

  20. #19 Kalaba can drink as much as he wants and be with as many women as he wishes, plus smash as many cars as he wants, however the fact is that he has no club at the the momemt and should therefore not be anywhere near the Zambia National Team. It is only in Zambia where clubless players are considered stars and the reason is simple, Zambia has not star football players locally, anyone who goes abroad and fails at many clubs and is sent back to Zed becomes a star. No wonder our country is the most developed in the entire world. Anyway naumfwa sex mwe

  21. I support, Kalaba, why did they want to loan him to Zamalek? A player can not be forced to go where he does not want. If Braga, think Kalaba is not a good player why not let him go as a free agent?

  22. I totally agree with Mr. Bwaima, the chap is clubless and you should first play for your club before you play for the national team. Kalaba can enjoy himself but should be mindful that as a public figure people will always be interested in his private life. I hope the young man can straighten his life because he is gifted and should not end up like shake shake Mbesuma..clubless

  23. #22 Kalaba signed a contract accepting to go on loan to Zamalek then he rescinded after the fact. These guys need to be serious, and people are right in pointing to Mbesuma as an example of a player whom you let off the hook too many times. The results of such indulgence are definately not good.

  24. I think give Kalaba chance….Kalaba his a person who can do what a human being can do….we talk about manchester united players likes of Rooney and Aderson being guided under Sir alex……these guys make alot of crazy things…but we have never head of Sir alex drooping the guys … but why in zambia?

  25. I personally had a long chat with Kalu over Kalaba’s sad stroty and he said it’s not healthy for a club to loan out a player on 2 consecutive season. he was of the hope that they release him. Thats the afvice he gave to Kalaba’s agents who don’t have the guts to face FC Braga chaps. It’s the only way out.

  26. Yes, 28. Real bought Etoo at 16 or 17. The kept loaning the boy out for years and did not let him play for them, when Barca showed interest while he was at Malloca, Real refused to sell him, Etoo threatened to sue that is why he ended up at Barca. My point is Braga can not do what they want with Kalaba, I mean if they don’t want him, let him go as a free agent like what the club in France did with Felix.

  27. The author is correct.I happen to meet the chap on several occasion in drinking stupor. The chap aletomba sana amaule. Akafilya ukuteya bola. Find a replacement as soon as possible. Indisciplined players should not be condoned. Nombaline nga tabachenjele ba la komboka kuli AIDS.

  28. I have Known Kalaba since he was in grade 6 and he has only been a humble boy.readers they should be somethin really big which made him refuse 2 go 2 zamalaki.Your Boy need support and proper advise.

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