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The Week in Pictures



Ambassador Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika inspects a guard of honor after presenting Credentials to Queen Beatrix of Netherlands


Ambassador Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika inspects a guard of honor after presenting Credentials to Queen Beatrix of Netherlands


Former Zambia Army Commnder Isaac Chisuzi (l) greets former Zambia Air Force Commander Peter Zuze. General Zuze was a fighter pilot who fought air battles against Rhodesias enemies


Defence Minister Kalombo Mwansa launches the book by former Zambia Army Commander Francis Sibamba at a dinner in Lusaka.


Mission Press director Father Miha Drevensek positions a microphone for former Zambia Army Commander Francis Sibamba during the launch of a book called The Zambia Army and I.


Former Zambia Air Force Commander Samuel Mapala (l) and his counterpart from Zambia Army Isaac Chisuzi (c) and the wife of former Zambia Army Commander Francis Sibamba, Catherine in Lusaka


Soldiers from the Zambia Air Force make a toast during the annual ball in Lusaka


Some senior Zambia Air Force officers and their spouses make a toast during the annual ball in Lusaka


Bare Feet dance troupe in action during the Zambia Air Force Officers' annual ball in Lusaka


First lady Thandiwe Banda tries out one of the two tractors donated to two farmers from Kazungula and Kalomo districts during the launch of The Conservation Agriculture Mechanization Scheme in Kazungula


The Mwale Sisters in action at one of Lusaka's popular night spots.


Dancers for the Mwale Sisters putting up a traditional stunt in Lusaka.


A male dancer for the Mwale Sisters in action in Lusaka


FAZ interin committee Secretary General Simataa Simataa and National Sports Council of Zambia chairman Chifumu Banda captured before leaving for Zurich at Lusaka international airport.


FAZ interim Committee secretary General Simataa Simataa captured before departure for Zurich.


New Generation Party leader Humphrey Siulapwa (r) with his secretary general Robert Chabinga before a press briefing in Lusaka


New Generation Party leader Humphrey Siulapwa addressing a press briefing in Lusaka


The New look emblem for the New Generation Party


Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane (l) with Nchelenge Member of Parliament Ben Mwila


Vice president George Kunda receives the ZANAMA attire with his wife Irene on the right


Vice president George Kunda donning the ZANAMA chitenge outfit


Vice president George Kunda when he arrived in for a three day working visit in Kitwe


Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia Salah Eldin Sadek addressing 10 Zambian engineers who have been sponsored for training to Egypt


Chief Justice Ernest Sakala waits to present awards to journalists during the 2010 MISA Zambia awards


Chief Justice Ernest Sakala (l) presents the Freedom of the Press award to United Liberal Party leader Sakwiba Sikota during the 2010 MISA Zambia awards


  1. Pic #1 Mbikusita- is she a head of state to inspect an honour guard?

    Pic# 13 is that really a man? Why the bra?

    Pic # 18 seems to send the message that don’t trust this party since they are still learning to crawl.We want a party that is ready to talk and walk the talk.

  2. Picture #1 and 2,is she always a bad dresser? Are those flip flops with socks? Woman in pic #6 nice outfit but throw out the skin-lightening creams.Same to you woman in pic #8 throw out those creams.

  3. pic #6 Namayo, kwati chinyau!! Hahahaa the two guys are so tight lipped probably embarassed standing with a chinyau lookalike!

  4. #18 Siulapwa and his hilarious wishful thinking! Anyway, I totally agree with the message his emblem portrays about him… just as laughable as it is to even imagine an infant graduate, this chap too is too immature for any leadership role!!

  5. Ba LT on photo No.03 mwati “General Zuze was a fighter pilot who fought air battles against Rhodesias enemies”. Ninshi the man was a traiter.

  6. Photos 17 & 18,

    How can any right thinking Zambian suppport a party with such a banner . Ati new Generation Party zoona. This is the original “Under Five” Party. Ama guys tabali serious and are a waste of space.

  7. I was expecting to see a summary of the year in pictures. All the same…

    We’ve seen some ups and downs throughout this year
    And we hope things will be better in the next year
    Now let’s drink a little Mosi and let our hearts be light
    But let us not forget the troubles in sight
    So may God bless our people and give them strength to fight…

  8. Pic #10, Good to see first lady ‘trying out’ her expertise on a tractor but I’m not too sure if she even started the engine.

  9. #3 LT, When was Zambia in air battles against Rhodesias enemies??????

    I remember the Rhodesian Selous Scouts bombing Zambia as far north as Chambeshi River Bridge, Chikumbi refugee camp – 20 kilometers north of Lusaka, etc and where was the former Zambia Air Force Commander Peter Zuze.

    Give correct history and don’t wrongly credit people with achievements that they never achieved.

  10. Picture 14. Ba Simataa, is that a face towel hanging from the pocket? (jacket). Teti mwashitako a descent handkerchief? Mwalitusebanya ku Zurich uku mwaile!!

  11. #3. In 1979, the BBC played a sound-byte over and over of a Rhodesian fighter pilot instructing the control tower at Lusaka’s International Airport for the Zambia Air force to stay on the ground while they undertook their bombing mission within Zambia and nobody was gonna get hurt. Not a single Zambian Air force pilot took to the skies. I got tired of listening to that sound-byte. It was a national humiliation and I believe the BBC intended it so. By the way Did I mention that Peter Zuze was the Zambia Air force Commander at the time?

  12. @22 Larry: Blame KK for that!

    You should understand the channels of command that defence forces live by. It is not that the Air Force didn’t want to responded. In such situations, commands come from beyond the ZAF commander, but remember the regional politics KK was pursuing at the time. So, to insinuate that the Air Force just sat on their hands and were scared to respond is ridiculous.

    I encourage you to find out the circumstances of General Zuze’s retirement/firing from the Air Force by KK. His exploits are well known to Zambians of a certain generation! If my memory serves me right, didn’t he once pursue the Smith boys into Rhodesia after he got fed up with KK’s policy of NON-RESPONSE to attacks by Smith? For disobeying orders, KK came down hard on General Zuze—alright!

  13. I would love to see someone like Dr guy Scot rule zambia. Just someone with a different race background, its the way forward look at Obama? who knew?


  14. By the way, for some reason I thought General Zuze was already “Late”. Thank God I was wrong. Nice to see him still alive and well. These were Soldiers/Airmen of character. Zambian patriots who “cut their teeth” in the military at a time when Zambia was at the cross-roads as a FRONTLINE STATE in the struggle for Africa’s human rights and political independence. Men and women who can teach a thing or two to our young Military Officers what it means to be loyal to Country and Duty!!

    Remember on which side BBC operated during these dark days in Southern Africa? So to expect a balanced take on military and political issues of the period from the BBC is, quite frankly, expecting too much. Rhodesia was still under the crutches of Britain, and the British media fell in line!!

  15. #24, Yambayamba, Bululu wandi relax.

    The caption says, “General Zuze was a fighter pilot who fought air battles against Rhodesias enemies” which we find as a false claim. We are not worried about the chain of command or who pursued who, awe.

  16. #24 , you da man my brother! forget about these revisionists who will never see any good in their own.
    #27, 24 is only correcting #22’s wrong impressions about the non response to the rhodesian’s air raids, can’t you follow a simple thread?

  17. iwe ka mushota! walipena iwe! eh!? sataaanyoko iwe! why white man? am married white woman thts way forward buti buga ruling us u can forget! mbolllo ya galu iwe. fuuuking merry xmas. makaka iwe. tomba wiso

  18. #25 Mushota I hope you are kidding? White people already ruled Zambia along with the rest of Africa, didn’t you learn that in school? Among the less atrocious acts that they did in Zambia was to not allow black Zambians to enter a store and buy something but to do it through a window.If a white person entered a room black people had to stand until she or he left the room.Is that what you want to go back to? Ulicipuba sana.

  19. By the way bloggers how can I lay my hands on one of these books? Please LT help these authors sell their books to Zambians abroad. I would like to buy this book as well as Chibamba Kanyama’s book and the one by Andrew Sardanis.

  20. I don’t think #25 meant any malice with her blog. I am rather sad that some bloggers proceeded to post disrespectful comments, let us all offer object solutions even when we disagree with other bloggers!

  21. iwe ka mushota grow up and act your age! from your post i can see u are trying to get an emotional reaction to what you are posting. in other words you are a troll! i will further go ahead and define to you what troll means. a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. mushota grow up and get a man in your life. we dont care what race the man is as long as you get a man and he takes all your free time as we are tired of your anal analysis of issues. kagonay voyi walema!

  22. @24 Yambayamba

    I doubt the veracity of Gen. Zuze’s exploits as I do not recall any reported incidents. Perhaps you’re privy to information about his exploits which you might share with us. For instance, how many enemy planes did he shoot down, how many targets did he destroy in Rhodesia? I personally think that the old man KK was batting for both teams. How else would you explain the raids such as the one on 13 April 1979 on Joshua Nkomo’s house right next to State House? If you can stomach it, you can listen to the raid on chikumbi at this link

  23. #24. I remember an article in the Times Of Zambia and The Daily Mail that claimed that “Our Galant Zambia Army Boys” had shot down a Rhodesian Air force plane that fell into the Zambezi river. I’m positive it was instantly devoured by some bionic crocodile. Darn that croc. He just ate up all the evidence. Give one documented dog fight or sortie in which Peter Zuze was involved. Stop dwelling on tall tales and state only facts.

  24. @37 Larry

    The fact is the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts were running circles round our defence forces. They would waltz in and out of Zambia to carry out their missions with impunity. When Nkomo’s house near State House was attacked, KK is said to have regretted the disturbance the gunfire had caused the 300 delegates attending the OAU summit he was hosting. I am afraid that without documented evidence, Gen Zuze’s exploits are and will remain tall tales

  25. It’s ages since I heard that ‘Green Leader’ recording. How embarrassing was that?! After telling Lusaka Tower to keep all flights grounded he asks, ‘did you catch all that?’ Tower: ‘Roger.’

    I remember the tales of Peter Zuze from when I was growing up. We used to make paper planes and write ‘Zuze’ on the side before playing.

    Even more embarrassing was that our planes were far superior to what ‘Rhodesia’ had at the time, so we should have been able to sort out Green Leader and his boys. From the recording it even sounds like those chaps were home taught. ‘left a bit, left a bit, yah spot on’!!!

  26. #40 What is even more embarrassing is Nkomo’s house being attacked just a few hundred metres from State House and an army barracks. The raiders then “drove” all the way back to Kariba and crossed back into Rhodesia on a makeshift pontoon.

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