About 78,000 people, are likely to be negatively affected by floods in Mongu District of Western Province.

Out of these, 60 percent to be affected are women and children.

This is according Mongu District Commissioner Jethrow Mumbuwa when he officiated the workshop at Mongu lodge over the weekend.

Mr. Mumbuwa said this in a speech read on his behalf by District Board Secretary Mulonda Sendoi during the launch of the Mongu District Disaster Management Contingency plan for 2011, in Mongu.

The District Commissioner said that the contingency plan outlines the measures Mongu District Disaster Management has put in place, in case of any eventuality of the disaster.

Mr. Mumbuwa has since challenged the implementing agencies in disaster management that they should amulet Oxfam, Concern Worldwide, World Vision, People’s Participation service for their effort in supporting Mongu Disaster Management Committee and the Satellite Management Committee through a number of interventions.

Two weeks ago, Government procured a dredger worth K 7 billion To open water channels in Mongu District and Western Province as general in order to mitigate the negative impacts of floods.

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  1. There is always money to conduct by-elections; money for ‘8 people plus other senior govenment officials’ to go and tour companies as far as Brasil and Egypt; money to pay an expatriate coach and 3 other assistants; money to buy ‘not so useful’ mobile hosipitals, etc, BUT, there are alwys no resources to provide the basic neccesities to the thousands of poor people in remote areas of the country. Corruption, Inefficiency and misplaced priorities best describe our authorities.


  2. Iwe #3 and # 2 have you not read?Do you want the rescuers to be killed What are you talking about non Lozis have been threatened with death are you in the real world.If you are told that there is a hungry lion residing near that water hole It would be extremly foolish to vist that water hole. Wake up which world are from??????


  3. Compashion for people who have threatened you with murder,What a joke!!!!! Oh I guess It goes Like ;
    Offender:All non Lozis should leave or the will be killed
    Victim:Oh Hi I heard you threatened me with death,but how are you am here to help you with the floods
    Just how stupid does this sound or look,Please give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.This is pathetic


  4. Who cares if they are not Zedians, let them fatten the crocs, we need more croc fat for exporting to china!



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