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Luapula province minister tells off opposition

Rural News Luapula province minister tells off opposition

Luapula province minister Besa Chimbaka has charged that the opposition in the country have run out of campaign ideas and have thus resorted to empty criticism of government social and economical development programmes.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ZANIS yesterday, Mr Chimbaka charged that the opposition political parties do not have agenda to stick to.

He has told off the opposition political parties that are not able to tell the people what their parties are capable of doing when in power.

He advised the opposition to stop undermining the achievements the MMD government has continued to score especially in the Luapula province.

The provincial minister said the negative criticism on government will not deter its focus to ensure that various development projects are undertaken in all parts of the country including Luapula province.

Mr Chimbaka said the opposition must convince Zambians what they will offer them instead of hiding their manifestos and taking to enticing the people to believe government is not doing enough.

The minister said Zambians will not accept such people because they have nothing to deliver.

He accused some of the opposition party leaders as people who have questionable character and may just perpetuate plunder of government resources.

Mr Chimbaka said that everyone has been witnessing how President Rupiah Banda’s government is developing the country at a fast passé.

He further advised people in Luapula province to ignore all sorts of violence during the period of campaign.



  1. I dont believe this,then what is he doing in paliament getting noted on the ticket of an opposition,i have more respect for Milupi and Dr Xavier Chishimba at least they did not eat with both hands and were brave enough to cllearly choose sides.

    What an i***** of a character this outgrown villager

  2. #3,Mushota. I hope you get to learn to respect other peoples views/perceptions about issues while in scotland as the years cloak on. You sound like you still have your Zambia compound attitude…Does everyone have to agree with your opinion?

  3. If you are a member of the opposition and you tell them off, it means that you do not agree with them but you do not have to quit, it’s just your opinion.
    For example if you are a member of PF and Sata tells you to do something illegal, you can refuse but you do not have to resign, it is Sata who should resign. That is what happened with the so called rebel MPs over the NCC. It is Mr Sata who should have resigned or been expelled.

  4. 2011 elections are just around the corner. We will see how this so called rebel MPs are popular. Chimbaka you are what you are because of the opposition. Don’t bite fingers that feed you. Resign and show your populace you chameleon.

  5. #10 Deja Vu……i’ve been following your coments and must admit that, mostly you have been objective though biased sometimes except on FAZ issue, you really impressed me. But on this one, am disappointed that you have resorted to what appears to be an insult. Dont retard yourself to such language sir. Thanx.

  6. #11 Real Issue Man- Thanks for your concern, but this mahom I know personally is a disappointment and makes angry to see that he thinks we are children to be toyed around with. Many thanks, I will control my emotions next time

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