Transport minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa
Transport minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa

Zambia and India have underscored Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a catalyst for social-economic transformation.

The Indian Government has since pledged continued support to Zambia’s quest to ensure that ICT is made available and affordable to the general population of the country.

Communication and Transport Minister Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa said it was Government’s intention to ensure that the citizenry including those in rural areas were brought into the orbit of ICT as this was key to stimulating socio-economic development.

Prof. Lungwangwa was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Indian Minister of Urban Development Kamal Nath in New Delhi, India yesterday.

This is according to a Press Statement released to ZANIS by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian High Commission in India, Bwalya Nondo.

Prof Lungwangwa observed that the presence of AIRTEL in Zambia, with a big market- share, was already making a positive impact on the country’s communication need and looked forward to the company expanding further into rural areas.

He said Zambia was making great strides in socio-economic development and was inspired by India’s Information Technology acumen from which Zambia has a lot to learn.

Speaking earlier, Indian Minister of Urban Development Kamal Nath extolled the warm relations existing between India and Zambia with a pledge to further strengthen the bonds through increased economic collaboration.

Prof. Lungwangwa was accompanied during the courtesy call by Zambia’s Ambassador to India, Brig. Gen Allan Kalebuka.

Prof. Lungwangwa is in India to attend a Commonwealth Communication Conference.


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  1. This is good news and am sure Zambia can a lot from the Indians in the implementation of ICT projects and programmes in Zambia. India has been developing at a great speed in ICT to develop many sectors of their society. One aspect is improving the health sector by the means of introducing ICT in the health industry. This has therefore led to improved health improved practices amongst the health professionals and easy access to information. Zambia has very high potential to also follow suit from countries like India and hopefully Zambia can develop many sectors of its society with the help of ICT!


  2. Terminator you have spoken the truth. Despite all their endeavours bali na kaso maningi aba bantu, focus ili pali ndrama che. However, why do we report the obvious? or is this when they have learnt that ICT is relevant in various sectors of a country’s development? Govt should learn to report certain things after they have been done.Maybe we would appreciate it more.



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