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Pictures this Week



This is what happens muslim countries if you are found committing adultery.(Sent by Hunter George)


Nchanga Rangers skipper Moses Mulambi shielding the ball from Kennedy Mudenda of Power Dynamos during a pre season friendly match played at Watson stadium


MMD Candidate for Mporokoso bye election Dominic Musonda campaigns as he cycles through the central business district of Mporokoso on Saturday,February 26,2011.


Vice-President George Kunda (centre) with MMD cadres and Mporokoso candidate Dominic Musonda (second from left) during a campaign rally at Katutwa Basic school.


Thousands of Lusaka youths queing for Police recruitment at Sikanze Camp


Youths queing for Police recruitment at Sikanze Camp


Zambia’s goal keeper Miriam Katamanda blocks a shot from a Zimbabwean player during the 10th All Africa Games qualifier at Nkoloma stadium


Zambia’s defender Debora Chisanga (r) tries to stop Zimbabwe’s Rudo Neshamba during the 10th All Africa Games qualifier at Nkoloma stadium.


Zambia’s defender Debora Chisanga (l) beats Zimbabwe’s Rudo Neshamba during the 10th All Africa Games qualifier at Nkoloma stadium.


Zambia’s Kabahge Mupopo tries to beat her defender Zimbabwean markers during the 10th All Africa Games qualifier at Nkoloma stadium


Paramount Senior Chief Chiti Mukulu with close relatives at the fast track VIP ward at UTH


Paramount Senior Chief Chiti Mukulu with the wife Shipikisha at the fast track VIP ward at UTH.


Chitimukulu and his wife share a private moment as the guard tries not to look


Chief Chitimukulu at UTH with wife Shipikisha


Equipment at the Luanshya Copper Mine which is one of Zambia's mines promising a profitable future.


Men at work at Muliayashi Mine


Muliayashi Leach Plant


Equipment at Muliayashi mine


David mukuka (l) tries to sweep Chipo Yaiti off his feet in the Samsung Youths Sports Challenge judo tournament at the Olympic Youth Development center in Lusaka


Young judokas Chembe Sinakala and Mainza try to over power each other during the Samsung Youths Sports Challenge judo tournament at the Olympic Youth Development center in Lusaka.


Young Zambian judokas watching games during the Samsung Youths Sports Challenge judo tournament at the Olympic Youth Development center in Lusaka.


Thomas Mbewe takes over powers Davy Zita at the Samsung Youths Sports Challenge judo tournament at the Olympic Youth Development center in Lusaka.


Young Zambian judokas watching games during the Samsung Youths Sports Challenge judo tournament at the Olympic Youth Development center in Lusaka.


PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda talks to Chief Machiya (r) of the Lamba people in Mpongwe district while new Works and Supply Minister Gabriel Namulambe (c) observes after a swearing in ceremony at State House.


RESIDENT Rupiah Banda talks to new Works and Supply Minister Gabriel Namulambe (r) as Chief Machiya of the Lamba people in Mpongwe district listens after a swearing in ceremony at State House


  1. Pic 1 is out of place here. If we want to see Arabs violating each other we can watch Al Jazeera TV

    LMAO Chiti Mukulu with his Kapaso!. He even brought his yellow comforter, contaminating the hospital. Leave ifyabufumu ku house. Concentrate on getting better chief!

  2. pics 24,25 – RB’s last photo call before losing Mporokoso. He is right on time on his exit trail. Going back to the land! Tupele dual citizenship before you go.

  3. Pic #3 i will be glad when we secede if this is the kind of CBD bloggers like Shaka OZ are so proud of made of that shack and grass.You can even tell the police recruits are enduring the dilapidated roads and being zedian.Viva Barotseland.

  4. Chiti Mukulu fast track Very Insecure Person (VIP) to heaven

  5. I am still awake. Canada and US, Lets blog in peace before some people wake up and start yaking nonsense

  6. RB, MMD must be closely watched now. This is when they are going to do all the stealing because Mporokoso is a wake up call to the general elections.

  7. Hahaa, That MMD Chap is riding a humble bike now that he needs votes, Just wait and see if he gets elected…He will ditch that poor bike like shit……Politics amazes me!

  8. Pic 1: That’s inhuman action. Without any apology, that’s a pagan’s religion. What sort of religion is it that does not preach forgiveness? They’re the same chaps who go around blowing themselves off believing that they’ll go to paradise! Damn!!

  9. pic 19-22 we are training future thieves. once those small idddiots gain ama black belts and grow up wafya. we better start training karate all of us.

  10. Picture 1 , shows how cruel the Muslim are! Jesus said let he that has never committed any sin caste the first stone….I think are kind of people Jesus was talking about….they are so insure….silly, evil , insignificant and any impropriety words fits them.

  11. # 12-14 Ah walai nice 2 see you tho under a different name.But careful th buga lady can lead u 2 being beaten like tht guy in pic 1

  12. iye mo taim! how are you iwe? good to see ama old timers. i missed u guys bane. where is kalya ka gelo ka miss daisy? i have alot planned for her. i miss the old chaps. ama new guys have too much gangsta american wanabe personality ama yo. awe my white wife is very happy and doing fine. wat about you? ba madamu vali shani?

  13. btw mo taim, me i beat. nshiyangala! am just like he-man. espeecially nga na bayila awe if my white woman led to me been beaten i wud just go away for 5 mins to smoke a tough one and come back and fight. thats how i beat ba headmaster when in high school. headmaster was used whiping students live pa assembly. ya one day nalibayila bad kind, i fulamad the headmaster and whipped him in front of school. ya ama memories ya wu ka budo

  14. Photo #1 is good coz those who commit adultery break families how i wish this was extended to Zambia to deal with those who misuse public office and resources. We need more of those photos.

  15. am richer than your father – Are you normal? Seems to me like you have an intellect rivaled only by garden tools.
    Barotseman @ 4 – So which CBD would you go for, the one in Senanga?

  16. @ am richer than your father. I knew it was walai, you will be happy to know that you now have a cousin on LT called MUSHOTA.

  17. If only all youths prospecting to join the police service could be employed. That would surely out number the bandits and crooks and make Zambia the safest nation. If only that is.

    Good Night

  18. # 17-am richer than your father-I`m good mune.I haven`t been seeing Daisy pa blog.. hmm but mune ayo ama plan yaumfwika well planned, awe mune just go for that.But chances are that she will make you to forget about your buga.You will realize what you are like that ka story ka headmaster awe wantekunya mwe.Deuces mune.:-?

  19. numbala 24 the days of walai are long gone. i was legendary at that point in time . till LT felt threatened by my rising fame and heard rumours i was hoping to start a new online news site so they blocked me and took up a vigorous censorhip campaign against my blogd. even now they are doing it. as my blogs are been moderated. i will inform everyone on my new news site once in operation. forget sites like kachepa. i know the monkey beghind that site personally. twale bayila ku skulu pamo. alipena mulenga! btw slumdog shamapungu or whater that frog calls himself is a sell out to this page he is now active pa kachepa

  20. I applaud that punishment on number 1. now ka kafupu is again harrasing Tenants in those aprtment units. Lets win this years elections and have this crook behind bars.

  21. Pic 1 – Thats seriously uncalled for. But thats the arab world for u.
    Pic 2 – Unemployment pa Zed, Thousands live University or College and up in the streets, sad senario indeed.
    Pics 7-10 – Do lady footballers exchange jerseys in the pitch after the game, just wondering…as usual.
    Pics 11 – 14 – Nice to see your better half came along to watch over you Chief.

  22. I think ba chief kanayaka have you seen the dudes lips lol. Just like G. Kunda. Tu ma maids where getting chopped by that chief awe sure wafya!

  23. Yeah What is Pic one doing here? To correct the caption in Shariah, they stone you to death if caught in adultery not whipping you. Pic 5 and 6 Look at Lilayi’s decaying tarmac. Can someone say that tarmac was eaten away because Lilayi is under PF? Guys in Z where is Muliayashi?

  24. #10. Lets not bash Islam, when we christians are just as guilty of punishing what we consider crimes. Is there not a death penalty in Zambia, or even in the US? We kill criminals don’t we, heck we even hang them in other parts of the world.

    We also put them in prisons where men are raped or killed by fellow inmates yet we are christians… so lets not pick specs out of others eyes when we have beams in our own.

  25. pic # 25 partly incorrectly described:Namulambe not in pic

    pics # 6 & 7 portraying realistic extremely high level (80%+) of unemployment in Zed

  26. Pics# 5&6 If those folks waiting for police recruitment had worked harder they’d be the creators of jobs instead of being job seekers.Also pic#1 i think we should do that in zed to gays,prostitutes and their clients.It would be lesser punishment than the proposed death sentence in Uganda for spreading AIDS but very effective.

  27. Ndipo zigololo ndi zoipa in Pic 1, where is the woman? because it takes 2 to tangle in this saga.
    Ba Chief, well looked after in Hospital, na ba kapaso 24/24, na ba madamu pa side ..get well soon.

  28. Pic#1. I thought Zambia was in cahouts with the Arabs. Aren’t you guys always voting with the Arabs at the U.N. against Israel? And you’re a Christian nation, right? These are the values you perpetuate in the Arab world by being political bed-fellows with them.

  29. Good evening

    pic #1 no “muka bene” is good enough to get you into that kind of punishment and yet you will find that even that wont scare the real “dominoes” from humping around.

    pic #11-14 just wondering why the chief was not taken to the newly openned Fairview clinic? Anyway, wishing him a complete recovery.

    Otherwise, it appears to have been just another ordinary week in Zambia with some avarage activity in politics, business and sports here and there.

  30. pic1: stupidity is not always where it seems to be looking at all the racist comments here, especially those saying “that’s Arabs…”:

    1- you don’t know what you are talking about, and are not even able to make a difference between Arabs and Muslims…open a dictionary, maybe you’ll understand

    2- Looking at the picture the scene doesn’t seem to be taken from an Arab country but rather Iran…not arab at all

    3- saying “This is what happens in muslim countries….” is nonsense…: can LT tell us the number of countries applying the shariah in such a narrow-minded way that these stupid punishments can take place? 3? 4? out of how many Muslim countries??

  31. 4- you’d rather admire the Arabs fighting and dying for freedom at the moment instead of acting as if pic1 was representative of a supposed Muslim way of life, when in reality such a barbarian punishment can only be found in a few countries, which doesn’t mean by the way that people agree with it, and that this way of interpreting the Koran is the right one….

    thank you for your tolerance

  32. Thank you for any other magnificent post. Where else may anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m at the search for such info.

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