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Congrats, RB tells Patriotic Front

Headlines Congrats, RB tells Patriotic Front

Rupiah Banda

THE MMD has congratulated the Patriotic Front (PF) for winning the Mporokoso parliamentary by-election held on March 3.

And the MMD has won four, including Mutaba ward in Masaiti, out of the seven local government ward by-elections held simultaneously with the Mporokoso parliamentary by-election. The PF got two ward seats while UPND won one.

PF parliamentary candidate Maynard Misapa polled 2,844 votes against MMD’s Dominic Musonda, who got 2,217.

Congratulating the PF, President Banda told journalists in Kasumbalesa on March 4 that the election result is not a reflection that the ruling party is losing ground in Mporokoso, JERRY MUNTHALI reports.

“I congratulate very much the PF for winning that election, we think we gave it the best we could but that is the democracy we are talking about. We must go to elections to win or lose. When you lose, you must congratulate the other and wait for the next round,” he said.

He said it is sad that the MMD lost the seat but that the result does not mean that the ruling party is becoming unpopular in the district.

Mr Banda rated his chances of winning the presidential elections in Mporokoso as very high.

“Even in Mporokoso itself, I rate my chances very high. I think that in the elections, whose date I shall keep secret from you but it is very soon, we will re-organise ourselves,” he said.

“But that is politics, it is like boxing. If they hit you and you fall, you get up and start creating fear in the other person and you keep going. You can win the fight even if you had fallen earlier.”


In a Ward by elections on the Copperbelt, the MMD  Gilbert Kaindu got  477 votes, UPND’s John Tuseko  got 293  votes and PF’s West Phiri got  only 80 votes.

On the Copperbelt Mutaba ward by-election in Masaiti, the MMD says it has shamed Kafulafuta member of Parliament George Mpombo, who de-campaigned the ruling party in the run-up to the by-election, reports KANGWA MULENGA.

Provincial vice chairman Frank N’gambi said in an interview in Ndola on March 4 that winning the Mutaba ward by-election is testimony of the popularity the ruling party is gaining on the Copperbelt, contrary to claims by Mr Mpombo that the MMD is finished.

The MMD fielded Gilbert Kaindu, who polled 477 votes, beating other candidates, John Tuseko of the United Party for National Development, who got 293 and Patriotic Front’s West Phiri trailed with only 80 votes.

“As MMD on the Copperbelt, the victory in Mutaba ward is good news for George Mpombo, who spent sleepless nights de-campaigning the ruling party. We have shamed him,” Mr N’gambi said.

He assured President Banda that the party will continue to work hard ahead of this year’s general elections.

Mr Ng’ambi commended all party structures in the province for the good job done during the campaigns.

MMD Ndola district chairman Victor Konie said the victory is a warning to the opposition that the ruling party has regained its popularity on the Copperbelt. Mr Konie said the ruling party on the Copperbelt will not relent in mobilising the party ahead of the general elections this year.

“We will not spend our energies responding to insults from the opposition but to organise the party to ensure that President Banda and the MMD win this year’s general elections. We have demonstrated this in the Mutaba ward by-election,” Mr Konie said.

In the Mporokoso poll, National Restoration Party candidate Joyce Mukandocame a distant third with 435 votes while UNIP’s Anthony Nkonde only managed a paltry 71 votes.

Announcing the results at Bulangililo Community Hall at 08:50 hours yesterday, returning officer Felix Mukuka declared Mr Misapa the winner of the by-election.

This was after ballot boxes from Nkantanga and Sunkutu polling stations were air-lifted by a Zambia Air Force helicopter around 08:00 hours.

And Mr Misapa said shortly after being declared winner that he expected to win the by-election because he was the most popular candidate.

But MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu said although the ruling party had been negatively affected by the loss, the development was a temporary setback.

Anti-Voter Apathy Project executive director Bonny Tembo said it was worrying that only 5,567 people out of the 12,000 registered voters in the district took part in the election.

Mr Tembo said apart from the rains that disrupted the voting, many people could not manage to cast their ballots mainly because of the long distances they had to cover to reach polling stations which are far apart.

He, however, said the elections were conducted in a free and peaceful atmosphere.

The Mporokoso parliamentary seat fell vacant after Mr Misapa resigned from the MMD to join the PF.

This was after President Banda dropped him from the position of Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. UPND 293, PF 80 Mutaba ward CB still as pact mmd carried it all against 373 of 477 =104. UPND or MMD can win this year elections. Yes its possible.

  2. Ba President why cant you congratulate a hard working person like Great Kalu, but you instead go on to congratulate a group of thugs like PF. Any way well done for accepting defeat.

  3. Well said RB thats the sign of a true statesman unlike our opposition on life support who would be hurling insults at us if they had lost.Zambia needs a level headed and wise man like you.

  4. This is mature politics Mr. President which PF is allergic to. Soon some bitter PF cadre will find something to itch about especially if we base this PF cadre on the definition by the blogger H.H. Sata on who or what a PF cadre is and I quote, “someone who argues over nothing; someone who knowingly argues with twisted facts; someone who contradicst himself everyday; someone who does not know what he is talking about; someone who takes pride in deception; someone who supports Sata”. That said Mr. President, I too am confident MMD will emerge victorious even in Mporokoso because even though the win is valid, it is hardly a landslide.

    Goes to show the MMD is still a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations PF.

  5. Rupiah may not want to publicly acknowledge that he has been bruised by the results in Mporokoso, because he is strategically an ineffectual politician who is dependent on corruption to win.

    Any political pundit worth his salt can be worried about this result.

    His congratulation to PF for wining is not more than just a simple PR stunt for MMD is now in damage control mode.

  6. and that’s how RB will win this year’s elections. Mporokoso’s supposed to be a PF stronghold, so the PF’s expected to win by a landslide. Now, the PF candidate only managed just over 600 more votes (2,844PF-2,217MMD). So, RB wins 2011 presidential polls, as Michael Sata has a heart attack and retires from active politics…HH focuses on 2016.

  7. Hats off your excellency for accepting defeat pf should emulate RB when defeated, politics of insults are long gone we want issue based politics.

  8. It’s a well known fact that mmd’s strong holds are rural areas. congrats to the winners and for the losers don’t lose hope. Lets get going.

  9. Except for die hard and short sighted MMD skeptics, this marks the beginning of the end of scandal-ridden and corruption-infested MMD party & govt.

    The MMD govt is so inept such that it has taken the country back to the medieval times.

    These political vultures raping the country at will now smell defeat at the polls political.

  10. LT why only giving us Mutaba ward results and not the other results from this other ward elections held in Kawambwa, Samfya Siavonga and Eastern Province so that the analysis could have been balanced?
    Masaiti and Ndola Rural has always been the MMD stronghold and looking at what was pumped into this small ward election by the MMD mafias what do you expect? UPND test your CB Polarity in Ndola central and Kitwe Central. The big one is coming.

  11. RB : “I think that in the elections, whose date I shall keep secret from you but it is very soon…”


  12. #5 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth,

    Your comment is full of false accusations and MMD propaganda as usual. Who is mature in politics between President Banda and PF leader Sata?
    All the time Sata has lost, he has never caused any trouble in Zambia, he has even gone on ZNBC before just to reassure the nation after disputed elections, unlike in other countries.

    Mind you remember the ZERO option (that was planned to make Zambia ungovernable) of UNIP that President Banda was involved (when he was in UNIP at that time) in and was arrested by his consultant former President Chiluba.

    Sata has never made a plan to make Zambia ungovernable but all the time he uses the Zambian judiciary to settle the election dispute.

    Let us praise where we should please!!!

  13. @2 you are dreaming,out of 7 wards mmd won 4,pf 2 and upnd 1,above all pf grabbed a MANDA HILL seat from mmd even though kaingu was busy with napsa plunderd funds. For your infor mutaba bye-election was a fight btwn RB and GM(george mpombo). MMD spent a fortune even sponsoring upnd not to back the pact. Please think objectively about the happenings for good of Mother Zambia.

  14. the good news is that UPND has clobered PF in Mutaba ward by 213 votes . who is popular between PF and UPND. WATCH the PACE

  15. Even in Bemba infested copperbelt upnd is still able to get good results. Watch up you tribalists like John Phiri

  16. @16 you are excused coz sensitivity and critical analysis is beyond your comprehension. congrats on your celebrated mutaba second slot,the win achieved!

  17. Now…!!!! PF are just group of follish people. They both contested Mutaba elections because they claimed to be popular in the copperbelt. The question which you have to answer now, who is popular in MUTABA.? How can PF be beaten by UPND when they were saying it is a tribal party. UPND won some seats in areas outside their strong hold. This analysis puts SATA at a very bad side and it is wishful thinking that he is going to win 2011 elections. it is very imposible…!! SATA can not celebrate about mporokoso victory unless you are just fools. Those are areas where sata can get votes not any other areas. UPND has a very big short this time around…!!!! watch my words…!!!!

  18. you are very useless CHI # 17 PF is not very strong on the copperbelt rural thats a fact and imwe ba UPND there is nothing you have proved….

  19. 18# You were beaten by UPND….What are you saying..? Do not say sata is popular. The same problems he faced in 2008, this time will be worse.. His votes are being eaten by NAREP, MMD and UPND. He will be stack at the votes form Copperbelt, Nothern and Lusaka urban provinces. No where else is going to get votes.

  20. kizito says
    and which areas can your HH get the vote from apart from SOUTHREN PROVINCE, partly western province and partly north western province?

  21. According to the issued voter registration list of January 2011, we are seeing a complex picture imaging which tells us a simple message that requires the PACT to work extremely hard in order to achieve the aspiration levels the Zambian people are yelling for.

    Thus, let us assess the real picture in hierarchy of significance for the Presidential elections:

    ”1. Copperbelt 1033211 (PF – WIN)
    2. Lusaka 927841 (PF – WIN)
    3. Eastern 839691 (PF/UPND 20% – WIN?)
    4. Northern 801224 (PF – WIN)
    5. Southern 777362 (UPND – WIN)
    6. Central 659033 (PF – WIN)
    7. Luapula 536443 (PF 30% – WIN?)
    8. Western 487095 (UPND – WIN)
    9. North West 372372 (UPND – WIN)”

  22. thats the clive chirwa formula and he is UPND not PF…..though there is a mistake i call it a mistake on luapula PF wins it all…..

  23. That Candidate will carry all of us forward as a united PACT. My suggestion, which may be rejected by some, is the only progressive way to victory. Other avenues will fail and should not be considered.
    I therefore propose His Excellency Michael Chilufia Sata to be our PACT Presidential Candidate and The Vice President to be His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema.

    This political move is the most preferred by the Zambian people and within both political parties (82.5%) after my extensive consultation with members.

  24. 20# JOHN PHIRI, this is why some people on this blog are questioning your level of understanding. Now you think votes from town alone will make your president with rotten teeth win election in 2011..? I do not suppose MMD or UPND but SATA’s meaningless talking distroyed him. Remember, this is his last chance to try.. If I was him, I would have allowed 50-50 PARLIAMENATRY seats with UPND and assure them that HH will take over in 2011. If I change, still HH will have up hand because of proposional presentation. But mayeee,, this standard 4 of yours calling his friend who could have assisted him to get to state house tribal party… This is why we are questioning his ability to lead,,so all those he called tribal will not be looked after when if God forbin he assumes president.

  25. “26 kizito,

    Please spare us your ignorant and lack of issue based comment here on the blogg!!! How do you insult Sata like that? No one his saying that OLD MAN President BANDA? NO!!

    Mr. Capitalist your consultant has been defining PF bloggers but you suit that difinition. You an ignorant MMD blogger.

    Let us base our comments on real issues.


  26. 20# John Phiri,, you ahve provided a good analysis on the side of the provincial votes but you just missed province which is central province, UPND have 3 members of parliament and PF have nothing, remember, some areas like katuba were UPND before he joined MMD. Now he wants to contest it with UPND not PF. Central belongs to UPND not PF. This is why am questioning your level of understanding to debate in this site…!! I meant HH to take over in 2016…but now your uncle with black teeth…mawee..

  27. 27# which real issues can I talk with you in your small skull….!!! where you are claiming sata to be popular in Central province. Are you blind…?

  28. #29 Kizito

    Do you even know where you name originated from? First search and then you will know that, your ancestors came from people with mental issues, you need medical help, you are sick that is why you can not understand any issues let alone you disarranged DNA in you!!!!!

    The last Zambian (person) i treated with the name Kizito, ended up being treated through PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS and GROUP THERAPY!!!!

    Your MENTAL ISSUES have blinded you, actually there is a lot in you, you have what we call in PSYCHOLOGY, “PSYCHOPATH.”

  29. #28kizito
    PF got more votes in central province in 2008 than your HH…yes your UPND can perform better in chibombo and mumbwa districts and PF performs better in kabwe, mkushi and serenje……kapiri mposhi they share so PF has an upper hand in central province.

  30. #28kizito
    PF got more votes in central province in 2008 than your HH…yes your UPND can perform better in chibombo and mumbwa districts and PF performs better in kabwe, mkushi and serenje districts……in kapiri mposhi they share so PF has an upper hand in central province.

  31. Mpombo campaigned alongside Guy Scot in Mutaba, but only galvanized 80 votes. Simply put, both Mpombo and PF ain’t popular in Kafulafuta that’s the reason why Mpombo is scared of a By-election. UPND apparently is more of a serious challenger in C/belt Rural.

  32. #5 mature politician??????????? the other day was insulting sata ati pamenso ukubipa! guys u shud be objective and not just hero worship. unless if u ar saying rb is like a bottle fish which loses memory each time it turns direction.

  33. RB be prepared to congratulate PF-UPND pact in sept-Oct general elections. Meanwell,thankyou for congratulation the PACT.

  34. Why is RB keeing the voting date a secret and we call it free and fair elections, free and fair to whom? This is also rigging ladies and gentlemen!

  35. RB is afraid fo leaving state house soon.That is why he has kept polling day a secret.He wants to make sure he puts all local & international trick in place before announcing the election date.

  36. damn shi*t bloggers of insults.I bet al of u thugs have no clue tat zambians on the ground are very united pipo living in harmony.this shirt of tribal talks is just haunting u minions on the internet.Think twice & watch out yr dirty political comments. Foolish..!

  37. WHY DOES UNIP EVEN BOTHER WASTE MONEY IN ELECTIONS WHEN THEY ALWAYS END LAST WITH PATHETIC RESULTS OVER AND OVER .. TJ TJ TJ .. it is OVER just forget this stup!d party UNIP IS DONE FOR LIFE . dead and buried decades ago why you hold on beats me .
    I am sure I can create my own tea party and beat UNIP in any Election without me even campaigning .

  38. I am beginning to like RB. If only he could keep the short one away. He might just get my vote to keep thugs from power.

  39. No. 35
    are you Zambian? RB was not insulting. He was simply playing CHIMBUYA the two are long time pals

  40. PF is no longer popular on the copperbelt. Bene Joe Kalusa are doing a good job dismantling PF. Even in Mpombo’s strong hold UPND clobbered PF. Who is popular?


    You are right, if President Banda can intensify the anti corruption fight, strengthen the Anti Corruption of commission, Drug Enforcement in the fight of corruption majority of us Zambians will support him. And also let the law take its course on the short one.

  42. #6, you with a politically incorrect PF name, President Banda promised free, fair and democratic elections. He has delivered on this promise and many others. That is the consistency that is required of the President of the Republic of Zambia, what more can Zambians wish for? But of course you fit the description of a PF cadre defined as at #5.

  43. RB has scored another point there. this is the politics we want, of respect for each other and the voters. RB has show great political maturity and i hope this will be infectious to all other politicians. have something good to say about each other we are all zambians and there is no enemies here

  44. #13, Who is mature in politics between President Banda and PF leader Sata? Of course it is President Banda. You can confirm that with Mr Sata.

  45. as for i think zambia will do well to continue with RB administration mainly because of two reasons
    1. RB has score heavily on the economic front. more needs to be done but also we need to maintain this momentum.
    2. the alternative we have is pure crap

  46. #49 H.H. Sata

    Sata supported late Zambain President Mwanawasa in the prosecution of Chiluba in his corruption cases, that is how Chiluba stopped supporting Sata, but alas President Banda has made Chiluba his consultant. So who is mature?

    All the time Sata has lost, he has never caused any trouble in Zambia, he has even gone on ZNBC before just to reassure the nation after disputed elections, unlike in other countries.

    Mind you remember the ZERO option (that was planned to make Zambia ungovernable) of UNIP that President Banda was involved (when he was in UNIP at that time) in and was arrested by his consultant former President Chiluba.

    Sata has never made a plan to make Zambia ungovernable but all the time he uses the Zambian judiciary to settle the election dispute.


  47. #10, “scandal-ridden and corruption-infested MMD party & govt.”.
    I have told you before and I repeat, it is not possible to use negative accusations against anyone without implicating Sata. If you were born yesterday I suggest that you enlighten yourself by reading past editions of your own vuvuzela the Post. That is the reason why Sata is difficult to sell as presidnetial candidate. He and the Post would have to start by publicly apologising for his past deeds and pledge that he is a changed man who deserves to be forgiven and given a second chance.

  48. Mr Banda said the people of Mporokoso received him well and wondered at what point they could have booed him. He said this frustrated the Patriotic Front cadres.

    Speaking on arrival at the Ndola International Airport, the president said the result of the by-election would show exactly who is popular in Mporokoso.

  49. Kizito #26 you are spot on. I like your analysis. If Sata can, even before he is elected republican president pour such scorn at people from Southern Province for their support of UPND, what will stop him from pouring scorn at some regions that will reject him. He can easily pour scorn at Eastern, North Western, Central, Western, regions that clearly reject his brutish outlook. Any person calling themselves national leaders should never be expected to talk tribal like SATA has done. For me he hit the last nail on his own coffin in terms of giving him support. I would rather HH or RB gets it, not this man who outrightly shows contempt for other people. That’s why when UPND youths challenge Sata over wisdom, they may be right. Maybe it was him in that cartoon we saw in The Post, wisdom…

  50. #23, do you know the difference between data and information?
    No? Okay let me put it in simple terms. The register of voters is data, it does not tell you how people will vote. A simplistic example of information is the result of the Mporokoso by election. Out of the total number of registered voters who turned out to vote, PF received 600 more votes than MMD. Why is this information and not data? Because it tells you that out of the total registered voters in particular area, not all will vote for PF, MMD or any other single party. Now you can apply your newly acquired knowledge.

  51. # 47..Rupiah has never delivered on free and fair elections. The fact that he has been defeated in the by-election is no indication that there were no electoral malpractices which form the core policies of conducting elections by MMD.

    In MMD you define free and fair as lacking violence just like you define peace in MMD as absent of war only

    People were just more vigilant in Mporokoso

    Rupiah is not politically savvy to understand what has hit him in Mporokoso. No wonder he cannot even articulate issues affecting the country intelligently.

    He has no idea what it takes to efficiently run the country. Rupiah lacks the nous to differentiate between politics and service delivery to the people.

  52. #54 H.H. Sata:

    The President suffers from old age dementia as he has already forgotten what he said in Ndola a few days ago. Just two days ago he said that “the result of the by-election would show exactly who is popular in Mporokoso” and now he says that “Even in Mporokoso itself, I rate my chances very high.”

  53. #56Kalimwitobo says
    iwe your HH is on record of having said that we have had bembas as presidents but now we need a tonga to stir around the economy…do you remmeber…this was during the run up to 2006 elecion.
    is that not being tribal?

  54. H.H. Sata says
    you are not making any sense take a long break like senior citizen aka veteran has done….you will soon go mad if you are not already mad at all.

  55. #54 H.H. Sata,

    It just show that you have run out ideas like President Banda, we are waiting what he going to do next in regard to what to seize or to make bankrupt as he as done to the POST Zambian Airways, Mahatani’s FBZ, may be he is to seize the American Embassy if they support the Post Newspaper.

    I wont be surprised if you start seeing, regarding and take the PF supporters as hostile, since your MMD and President Banda regard the POST as Hstile MEDIA. The Post should be regarded by the president as an institution of democracy, but alas…………………

    MMD culture of regarding political enemies as ……..Please issue based campaigns is what we need………

  56. #60..Like your rupiah, you are equally wallowing in the political abyss. You lack the clout and acumen to comprehend the intricacies and complexity of the issues at hand.

    Just let your empty MMD head rest a while, maybe only maybe you might be able to make meaningful contributions here.

  57. # 17 Point of correction, I think for the fact that Bemba is widely spoken on the copper belt doesn’t mean that Copper belt is Bemba land, the same principle applies to Lusaka. These cities are multi faceted towns thank you.

  58. Mabenga is a mad person. How can he accuse PF of bribery in Mporokoso when every body knows that the MMD dished out close to $500000 in both cash and material? These are the guys after talking to some foolish chiefs in Luapula came back to Lusaka to cheat their President RB that PF was finished in that province only to see PF scoop all the ward by elections in the Province. Senior Citizen your propaganda wont help us change our minds. Short of rigging MMD wont win this years elections.

  59. Any one suporting this rotten teeth must find another country to live…!!! You want SATA to embarass us at the united nations. You claimant that you treated me with a desease which you are even failing to mention it, Get to hell with your uncle with rotten teeth SATA…!!! There is no place where he is going to get votes, apart from bemba areas. MMD will make sure they call all the areas where he is popular and clober him in other provinces…AS far as am concerned, no province will give him votes…apart from bemba speaking area…!!!!

  60. ya pipo can have brains like sata thugs not to rule zambia sata borrowed money from matahni post writes sata coz they also begged money from matahni now who is gonna pay this money sata is panicking mmembe is panicking matahni finnished crook guys think we must not presidents like empty drums such that when we roll it it makes so much noise……………………….we dont want presidents who are like empty drums

  61. #68kizito says
    and which other provinces will give votes to your HH? you are just frustrated coz SATA is more popular among the youths than your so called educated youthful HH…..we have told HH to be veep the clive chirwa proposal is the best at the moment. If UPND reject it i am afraid even 2016 won´t be easy for him we the pact supporters will reject him in 2016 if he disappoint us now.

  62. Is RB talking or crying in this picture? it looks as if he is crying. or may be it is a painful congratulatory message. I wish he can post this picture on his face book.

  63. kizito says
    instead of us finding another country to live in you and your father together with tribesmen should do so!!! you are very fooolish infact you should go to hell chikkala you are not normal…how can you write such a thing.

  64. Senior citizen is here in a military hospital in coma out of shock. $-SILIYA is by the bed side. For now you wont hear from them.

  65. guys thanks 4 the comments i MR RB saying the truth now that truly and fact i am not a political , it just coz name of being a president every 1 like it , every 1 want to be, now i appeal to all zambian people to to vote 4 SATA coz he is matured in politics and i think he cam do best to change zambia , HH he is still young to rule the big country he must wait may be …… , thanks , thats y i am congrts the wining pf in mporokoso, bye


  67. #76 Octopus in 2008 sata got 3991 votes rb got 1449. hh got 62 only. In mporokoso. Sata is waging a psycologcal terror to cause defections.

  68. This is true nature of a statesman we remain to see when my uncle Chilufya Sata acknowledge defeat without speaking with a forked tongue as in the past. RB you are a leader please lead the way to mature politics in Zambia. For those who like burying their heads in the sand and sack their thumbs for results, please start adding up figures. While the PF has won this seat please review the differences in the number of votes. The overall winner(Presidential) in the upcoming tripartite elections will have pooled the majority votes countrywide and not just on one corner of the country. Our comrades in the PF should bear that in mind to avoid crying foul as has always been the case.

  69. @ #13 SHAKA OZ

    President Banda is more mature than Mr. Sata because President Banda has accepted defeat. Mr. Sata would be ranting left right and center about how the elections were rigged which is typical for PF. In fact, I think the MMD is still waiting for a court case from Mr. Sata concerning one of the by-elections PF lost.

  70. imwe mwelaibepa ifwe pa kopala nokwaba finbi nipa bwato fye mudala!!! kuno hh no upnd tatwabeshiba nga ni rupiah ina tatumufya niku mufwaya.

  71. 64# SHAKA OZ

    You are entitled to be critical to RB. But let’s not start believing in our own imagination and lies.

    $$ – The Post went broke before RB came back from retirement. This was one of the reasons why they went and applied for a K36billion Overdraft to keep the business afloat.

    Fred M’membe had applied for loans from Barclays, Stanbic, StanChart & Citibank and all these banks rejected him due to his business empire being at risk & without good collateral . His last resort was Fraudster Mahthani.

  72. cont…from 82#

    $$ – Zambian Airways – Fred M’membe in addition to the loan he and Nchito got for ZA, Fred diverted billions of kwacha’s from The Post reserves to Zambian Airways, leaving The Post operating on a Skeleton Financial position. This was one of the reason why in 2007-2008 they started having problems paying the workers. Besides, ZA did not have a good tangible business plan to run an Airline. They did not consult properly, rushed everything because they wanted to beat Zambezi Airlines. They also were duped with an old finished plane, which caused them hell. In the end filed for insolvent.

  73. cont.. from 83#

    $$ – Finance Bank – As for Mahthani the writing is on the wall. The evidence is all there. He abused his position by putting the bank at:

    || Operation Risks|| & || Performance Risk||

    Above all Fraud and “Money Laundering” is what got him into trouble. So how does one blame RB with all these self-inflictions.

  74. I am worried of Sata’s future if he leaves the pact. Many people know his schemes of calling all non-Bembas tribalists, but this time around we are not bothered at all, if you want call it louder or even make a song about tribalism. He called Banda tribal, HH, Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika where he even refered her part Genda for Zambia as a tribal party with secret agendas for Zambia. Wake up guys this word tribalism is a campaign too for Sata, hence we are used to it, though this time around we are punishing. Us westerners know what he did when he was Local government and housing minister where he recomended to Chiluba to strip of his powers and authority as the King of Barotseland. This time around your mouth will make you lose, no matter how you campaign in our land.

  75. Whenever Sata opens the mouth, it talking bad about other tribes, as such this time around we are making sure Banda wins instead of these thugs who do not know how to talk and relate to people, too much looking down on others.

  76. # 37 Way Forward

    # 38 Mr Things Change

    The CHARTER entitles RB to keep the Election Day at In-Hand. However, when time nears he will exercise an obligation to give the Fixed Notice to the Opposition & all Zambians when the Election Day will commence as the CHARTER stipulates.

    The same applies, if SATA & HH were in power -they would be given the same Privilege by keeping the date In-Hand.

  77. 73# John phiri even you chikhala chobe, iwe bwa….!!!! That is the way your president with black teeth insults…!!! RB will never give presidency to this war lord of yours. I wish I know you, I would have taught you a lesson iwe Kabova…..!!!!!

  78. There is a story going around in Lusaka that Rupiah’s son James west Castro Chiluba in a club and was boasting that his father (RB) is now a $$billionaire and he can buy the continent of Africa. Is there any fire on this smoke? If that is true, where have these billions come from? Are we seeing another Ben Ali (Tunisia former President) with his stash of cash in the making?

  79. Kizito and John Phiri, Lol chapwa/chasila – You’re brothers eh!

    RB and MMD no way back now; time to go!

  80. Please dont over-rant. learn a lesson from lady gaga and senior citizen who are now leakin their wounds in hiding . Pf is power ..

  81. I know this is not natubalondole but

    I would appreciate if anyone knows a guy by the name of Brown Mwale in Kitwe. He is 41 years old and works for the copper mines. He went to school in Chingola at Chingola secondary school, class of ’89. I owe him money from back then and I would like to pay him back.


  82. if RB continues ruling i am telling u that side i will never come back to zambia , i will even get acitizenship of this country becoz jobs alot, development can’t say it food very cheap , fuel even a 2 year old boy can afford to buy it, Zambia continue suffering with your RB , some of you seem SATA is insulting no this man wants to help every live good life,RB and the MMD can nt insult coz of full of corruption,even the wife always see the man showing his happy on his face every time , my nigger she will cheat cheat on u , thats what the RB and the MMD doing, you Zambia learn to change theres new technology now.keep on the mmd mamamama ine malawi is more developed now more that ZAMBIA. i think u all used to work 6 to 6 and have k5000 per day, people of zambia still sleeping…

  83. Dear Bloggers, lets debate objectively here. The greatest enermy for every Zambian is MMD and Zacheaus. Wether we like it or Not MMD must Go. They have made alot of money corruptly. We must vote them out to stop the rot of same people getting rich. Abash booty lickers. Spare your last drop of blood campaigning for the removal MMD THUGS. It doesnt matter who comes. MMD must go. Period!

  84. 94#Makes two of us
    I hope you find the lead to your friend…..

    People – I need help too. I am from Lusaka. I went to Samfya Secondary School ( Luapula Province ) and finished in 1985. I am looking for a good friend that I have not heard from.
    Her Name is ” Freda Chita Mumba”

    I need to catch up with her and have some girl talk. She used to have a sister that used to work for Bank Of Zambia. The sister’s name is Marjory Mumba. Any help will been very appreicated

  85. Ba Adviser. I am sorry. I just saw after you responded. I really meant to say he “went” and not west. If you know what it means “to go ….” My sincere apologies to you. I really did not mean to make a joke about that boy. MHSRP. If God has forgiven him.

  86. Ladies and Gentlemen lets give SATA change trust me Zambia will not be a mediocre state just looking at the kind of man he is. Lusaka will be totally clean hospitals will have medicines roads will be built and gove stealing will be a thing of the past. Please lets give this TIGER of a man a chance!

  87. please get my adivice there is no PF in western province.What RB can do is just to look into the affairs of those youth that is all.RB can stiill carry a day in western province.The political Advisor shud not waste his time in urban Copperbelt definately RB will come No 2 on the copperbelt urban.Unless RB visits all conistituences on the copperbalt and this shud be now.For example he address 4 meetings in Ndola.That is mushili, Chifubu, NKwazi and chipulukusu and Twapia.He can also go to Kitwe and adress meetings in Ndeke, Kwacha, Chimwemwe and chamboli.He can also move to other towns like

  88. chingola, Mufuliura, luashya etc see President Obama campained for 12 months for him to win the election.Please advise the presdent what i have suggested.If UPND stands on its own definately HH will win the whole sourthern province.As for North western province it is 50-50 between MMD and UPND.The Political Advisor shud not waste his time misadvising the president.

  89. #101 and 102 Gilbert Lubinda- Lets give Mr Michael Chilufya Sata a chance for the sake of the poor and for the sake of Zambia as a country. He will definitely produce good results.

  90. #99 Kalos2121 – For the first time I see that you can be intelligent and sensible. I think if you were to concentrate more on a non-partisan and more patriotic approach to your blogs, you would come out as a very intelligent boy – you would need to disown some wild statements you have made in the past though (most likely made in anger). Anyway, this is besides the point, your response has been noted.

  91. The 4th March 2011 by-elections tells us the following:
    1) Maynard Misapa retained his MP seat without the help of PF.
    2) UPND has gained popularity on the Copperbelt Province while PF’s popularity there has diminished as eveidenced by “The MMD fielded Gilbert Kaindu, who polled 477 votes, beating other candidates, John Tuseko of the United Party for National Development, who got 293 and Patriotic Front’s West Phiri trailed with only 80 votes” results provide in this article.
    3) Let the PF-UPND PACT be disbanded by UPND on Tuesday 8th March 2011 so that UPND can intensify its campaign to form GRZ Administration this year without PF misfits like Sata MC and Wynter KABIMBA.

    UPND must call for a new PACT with Zambians with ADD and NAREP.

    Be blest all and vote for HH/UPND…

  92. #2 can you please write your mathematical equations correctly. What does 373 of 477 =104 mean? Otherwise restake your claim.

  93. #2 can you please write your mathematical equations correctly. What does 373 of 477 =104 mean? Otherwise restate your claim. I beg your pardon.

  94. Useless people you all are, chila bushiku na akasuba lwa ma by-elections while the nation is starving. You must be a cursed lot!

  95. Some well informed sources have revealed that the UPND current president, Hakainde Hichilema, can not contest the presidency at their forthcoming party convention, having previously lost two elections. This is in accordance with the UPND constitution.The named source claims that HH may only be alowed to contest after 2012. Efforts to contact the UPND secretariate for confirmation proved futile as no one responded to the many phone calls.

  96. Using john phiri’s number but corrected as follows for the 2011 elections possible outcome:
    ”1. Copperbelt 1033211 (PF 35% MMD35% UNPN 30%)
    2. Lusaka 927841 (PF 25% MMD35% UPND 37%)
    3. Eastern 839691 (PF 5% MMD 75% UPND 16%)
    4. Northern 801224 (PF45% MMD 46% UPND 5%)
    5. Southern 777362 (PF 1% MMD 20% UPND 75%)
    6. Central 659033 (PF 8% MMD 30% UPND 60%)
    7. Luapula 536443 (PF 30% MMD 60% UPND 3%)
    8. Western 487095 (PF2% MMD 43% UPND 50%)
    9. North West 372372 (PF1% MMD 45% UPND 55%)”

    MMD may win with 43.2% while UPND may obtain about 36.8% in 2nd position while PF may be sent to the politics dust bin of Zambia with only about 16.9% as the rest of the parties will share some spoils only significant as rejected votess and/or votes not cast.

    I wish PF luck as UPND makes a step…


  98. Country men and women lets give Mr Michael Chilufya Sata the vote in 2011.Trust me this man will change Zambia. Lusaka will be totally clean, hospitals will have medicines roads will be built and govt stealing will be a thing of the past. Please lets give this TIGER of a man a chance in 2011. Vote SATA!

  99. John Phiri, please you are fine guy. Let Maestro hallucinate with his ka small party. I have started wondering why UPND was started in the first place. Was it to help the Zambian people or just to have a some Tonga guy in State House? Not even HH or the late Mazoka can answer this question.

  100. #111 lives in a world of his own. Take it or leave it RB and MMD is finished countrywide. The Party and its Government is no more in nearly all provinces with the exception of only one or two provinces whre RB/MMD won’t get more than 51% of the vote. Elsewhere the oppostion will wack them hands down and winner may even get 50 plus 1,especially SATA whom MMD has helped so much in terms of indirect campaigns through the public media.VIVA PACT.

  101. Well spoken Mr President. Good language used in congatulating the winners, and by so doing, good maturity and leadership displayed. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU, says the lord himself. (Matthew 7v12). Warning! This is a wanderfully ‘contagious’ verse and may it spead across our nation, and beyond.

  102. #103 what chance, when this same man Sata was there for 10 years with Chiluba just mismanaging our economy and marrying and even divorcing women. He is for the dustbin let him rest in piece. He commited all those atrocities such as forgoing the constitution for just his benefit and Chiluba. He we allow him he will rule like Gadaffi of Libya as this same man does not like documents like constitutions, just realise that his party has no manifesto, so no program of action when he gets to power, what a party.

  103. #116Kanguya rest assured no one can be allowed to be a dictator in Zambia. Zambians will arise, we rose against Chiluba and we won as Zambians and Sata knows very well that we can rise against him should he want to be a dictator. What we want is a hard working individual and Sata is exactly that.

  104. What hard working, if you do not know Sata including his family then keep quiet, because the man cannot even grow tomatoes in his backyard. His children are selling drugs because of laziness. Rupiah has demonstrated hard work as he is not just full of rhetoric but action, he owns a farm in Chipata which is enough evidence of a hard working man, living a decent life even after retirement. Before he became president he was not only depending on politics for a living, he had something tangible to do. Sata can protest about high melie meal prices but cannot grow any, what a man full of noice. Thats why in Bemba we say abakali tabalanda, noise makers concentrate their energy on making noise not work. Sata just wants to fulfil his dream of state house before he dies.

  105. #117 Sata is a dictator as evidenced from his push for Chiluba’s third term, if your memory is short, leave us who can still remember. The same man is so divisive in nature, other tribes would be looked down upon, RB is much better as he does not look down or talk bad about other tribes. This man is a senior citizen who should grow up and show some respect to young ones and those who do not believe in him. Shame on him.

  106. #119 Kanguya – What has RB done for Zambians that we can look at so far? What has he done for you? We are still facing bread and butter issues in Zambians i.e. no medicines in hospitals, no proper sanitation, no water, poor roads and these Mr Sata can address immediately.

  107. In zambia we are much better now than the time of Sata/Chiluba regime where Diplomats accrediteed to Zambia at that time use to be paid hardship allowances by their countries. Zambia was reduced to zero by the MMD of Sata/Chiluba. If it was any other person heading the pf I was going to vote for the party, but for Sata whose integrit and character is questionable. Sata is not the right person for Zambia, he wants to rule us so that he can finish up his atrocities that remained in their Sata/Chiluba regime, period. We know what Sata is capable of doing and as such no one can today cheat us just because he has come out in another party called pf. We do not want to be manipulated again the way they did with Chiluba during the third term scandle and what is that he can do now he could not

    Some well informed sources have revealed that the UPND current president, Hakainde Hichilema, can not contest the presidency at their forthcoming party convention, having previously lost two elections. This is in accordance with the UPND constitution.The named source claims that HH may only be alowed to contest after 2012.

  109. The truth is Rupiah has a bad mouth, bad-mouths other people, insults others, accuses his opponents of wrongs they have not done and that he has no evidence of. It is alright for him to do so to others but it’s not okay for others to do the same to him. So when Rupiah says politicians must not bad-mouth their opponents during campaigns, what he means is that they should not bad-mouth him – he can bad-mouth them, but they shouldn’t do the same to him.

  110. # 109 & 122, who of you is plagiarising? Or should we conclude, and rightly so, that you are one and the same person?

  111. All level headed Zambians looking for progress continuity will vote for MMD. A vote otherwise, will take us back….. We Zambians in the Diaspora have got our pride back as our country has become the envy of many. They even wonder what we are still doing abroad!…… Zambians at home take heart, you will soon start enjoying the fruits of this economic growth. Many countries are looking to Zambia to learn how this Government has turned the fortunes of the country around. Go MMD Go! Go RB GO!
    Countries like Singapore turned from 3rd world by growing Middle class through SMEs and MMEs. Zambian Empowerment policy is the way. Singapore’s economic strategy proved a success, producing real growth that averaged 7.9% for over a decade… The direction this MMD Government is on, is the right one.



Comments are closed.

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