Stop inciting people, Duffy told


Mongu Diocese Bishop Paul Duffy and Western province Minister Richard Mwapela cutting the ribbon during the official handover of the painting of the Mongu Central Prison
THE MMD has warned Catholic Church bishop Paul Duffy against inciting the people of Western Province to rise against Government.

Acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu said in an interview in Lusaka on March 8 Bishop Duffy’s allegations that Government has done nothing for the people of Western Province are unfounded.

He said Bishop Duffy’s statement has shown how ignorant he is on development taking place in Western Province.

Mr Nyangu was reacting to Bishop Duffy’s remarks in The Post newspaper of March 8 that the people of Western Province must vote the ruling MMD out because of the alleged high poverty levels and underdevelopment in the area.

Mr Nyangu described Bishop Duffy’s remarks as unfortunate because Government has not neglected the people of Western Province, and it is doing everything possible to raise their living standards.

“We, as a party which was formed or founded on the principles of democracy, feel offended and wish to register our deepest disappointment with the statement attributed to Bishop Duffy in The Post that the MMD should be voted out because it has failed to take development to Western Province.

“Fr Duffy’s remarks are very dangerous because he is inciting the people of Western Province to rise against this democratically elected Government,” he said.

Mr Nyangu said it is absurd that some Church leaders have continued to incite Zambians to rise against a democratically elected government instead of preaching peace and unity in the country in line with their calling of promoting unity and reconciliation.

He said it is sad that Bishop Duffy has decided to be an enemy of the MMD government instead of appreciating the efforts that the party is putting in to promote peace and reconciliation with the church and among the Zambian people.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. i am tired of reading news from the Zambia Daily Mail usually that they have their own website if we want we can go there not reading it here…fcuk who ever is sponsoring news from the Zambia Daily Mail on Lusaka times.

  2. Since inciting people to rise against govt is against the law, MMD must arrest Bishop Duffy and slap him with your favourite treason charges.

    In fact Bishop Duffy is helping imwe bakabalwe ba MMD so that you correct the ills.

    Kanshi mukomfwa lilali imwe sure?

  3. Just what is inciting people to rise against government. Does it mean people are now only allowed to speak about the good that government does. If they talk about the bad things then its inciting people. Chembe Nyangu Bishop Duffy knows Western province better than you do. He works with the rural people whilst you dine with the people in the corridors of power. He is better placed to talk about development in Western province than you. Mind you he has been living in Western province for a long long time.

  4. Inciting,… Which inciting? Tetimwaikalafye. Anyway we know u just want to make some noise so as to appear as if you are working, who knows what RB might do concerning you.

  5. Chembe Nyangu is too dull…Bishop Duffy has been in the Western province for more that 14yrs and he knows what is talking about. Can Nyangu tell the nation about the state of the roads in Western province? Which development is he talking about? It’s Duffy’s Church which built the Schools in Lukulu…tell the nation about the state of the hospitals in Western Provence…you are too dull Mr Nyangu…And I think this LT is funded by the MMD… LT is not objective just like other media institution in Zambia.. LT guys be objective and give us balanced news…

  6. Nyangu is a useless character and infact he is dull.He cant reason intellectually like Katele.
    1.He cant differentiate between real issues mere politiking and he thinks than everyone should think like him and his MMD.Change is coming very soon.
    2. He thinks everyone not in favour of his party is inciting people against MMD.Does he know the meaning of democracy?
    3.Bishop Duffy stays in Mongu & interacts with people directly on the ground for more than 25 years (longer than MMD’s stay in power)
    4.Nyangu cannot speak on behalf of the poor like Bishop Duffy what kind of developement is he talking about when the picture shown in this column even shows how catholics care for the people by painting the Mongu Central Police Station and hand it over to the government which has failed

  7. Whether you threaten or even kill Bishop Duffy for telling the truth like Jesus who was killed for saying the truth,Change is coming soon.

  8. Is there any Province being developed apart from Eastern Province. All I have heard is Eastern this, Eastern that, Eastern now, Eastern tomorrow. If I recall properly, RB even refused to attend Umutomboko in Kazembe. He has attended all Nyau dances in Eastern but chose to shun Umutomboko.

  9. Do you see the cost of keeping dinosaurs in the 21st Century? Nyangu does not even realise that the age of exclusive access to information is gone. He should first study the new way that information is flowing before commenting. Populations now have independent means to confirm or dispute what people like Duffy is saying realtime! They are not waiting for Daily Mail or any other paper-based, backward press to give them information that is warped and one-sided. Incitement is so yesterday!!! Everybody is a leader today, mate. Better facilitate for your survival. Bosses (read: Dictators) are out of fashion now…


  11. This kuklux klan Duffy should be deported from zambia.I cant be suprised to hear that he sponsored the Mongu riots.

  12. Who is inciting between Bishop Duffy and Chanda Chimba? MMD has spent alot of money advertising for PF, by allowing every news item on state media houses to talk ill about PF. But PF is not the anly party contesting in this year`s election. There are plenty of parties and we cannot say their candidates are all clean. Why Sata only? Cannot remember any day during past election like the one which the late Anderson Mazoka gave MMD a good run for their money where they spent alot of resources talking about him. The late Mwanawasa never did that but what is wrong today??????????? Wake up or you will be caught your pants down.

  13. VJ Rigger the foul mouthed P.ig.

    You bring racist comments into a topic not even about the color of someones skin.

    Rupiah the old lazy frequent flyer uses pi.g comments like you.
    Much the same mentality in cadres from MMD.

    Rupiah is an UGLY FAT OLD Pedophile.

  14. Has criticising govt become synonymous with inciting people to rise against it!!! What fooolishness id this. By the where does mmd get some of these morons from?

  15. Deport him he can talk in his own country. MMD will rule from 2016 – 2021 and some of you will faint. ke,ke,ke!!

  16. Ba Mr. Paul Duffy, I hope you have the balls to go back to your country and challenge your Masai president on the ills being suffered by US citizens. Thanks very much for your feedback, we appreciate, including that of your country man Mr. Peter Henriot. But I think your country needs you more than we do. There is no justification for Black people in America living in Third World conditions when they have brilliant minds like yours to speak out for them. Yankee go home.

  17. Ba MMD KUYA whether you like it or not. Don’t you think it would be better to go out with the Ballot than the Tunisia or Egipty way. NAULYA BAMAMBALA PAFULA SHILENIKO BANENU NABENA BALYE. Watch out BAMAMBALA PABWATO is busy sailing from the Northen Part of Zambia steadly but surely. Those who think PF has lost popularity in Luapula, Northern and CB think twice BANE. I am blogging from Luapula and I am talking from 1st hand information. Yesterday’s Womens Day in Luapula was almost a PF Show. The rebbel MPs are not a factor at all. I know its painful to some of us to see the momentum at which Sata is approaching State House. But come election day he will be there. I gues thats what democracy is all about. LEAVE THE BISHOP ALONE. NGAMWAMWIKATA KUPYA. DO IT AND IT WILL BE GOOD FOR THE…

  18. Ba father Duffy is not an honest priest.I come from Western province and if you ask me I will tell you that western province has seen more development now than ever.Just last week was their…The senanga road is being worked on,the mongu kalabo road is also being worked on besides the many schools that have either been rehabilitated or constructed.Ba father should not come to zambia and incite people to rise against the state.
    Surely is it true that the underdevelopment of western province stated when RB came into office,before then their was development.Lets be HONEST ba Duffy.

  19. The MMD is the one inciting the people of barotseland by shooting innocent ones well your time of reckoning is coming dont expect a single vote from barotseland. You have put the final nail in the coffin by not encouraging dialogue

  20. Ka Bishop Duffy is the oldest Catholic bishop in Africa let him go and rot in cold HELL .This retiree is useless more than the word itself .These child abusers have no love for Africans ,they are happy to see us fighting so that we continually beg from them thereby creating employment for them in the name of volunteers.Go to hell Duffy.

  21. no. 23. Give respect to your father if you are to be blessed. 4th commandment. otherwise you will be cursed for the rest of your life. Bishop Paul Duffy has power to bless and equally has power to curse. be careful.

  22. #24 Educationist ,only God the Almighty has the power to bless and curse not mortal men like ka Duffy read your scriptures bwana.

  23. Pity Duffy has left breaking of bread and drinking wine to become a cardre why doesnt he register as a voter and come and cast his vote…

  24. How I wish the MMD we founded in 1991 was the MMD of today. We hoped we were going to have a listening rather than a defending government. If advice means attacking then those managing our party must call quits and leave, unless they suggest the term Democracy be removed and remain with MM. The shooting of people in Barotseland is no small issue, we need to swallow our pride and appologize to the people of Barotseland. Our brothers are not game to be hunted when they ask for ears. If people are in prisons and others are running away from their homes, where is inciting? and who is inciting who? Is Duffy wrong? Big No. Duffy is actually advising being a stakeholder to peace and reconciliation. Mr.Nyangu Sir, better listen than defend. Good governance is about having people at heart.

  25. I would have liked a reaction that simply explains what efforts government is doing to redress the anormally, and claims by the Bishop rather than going to extents of creating several impressions. This is an election year and MMD must seek to win hearts even of those in opposition including Mr.Sata. If MMD can convince Michael to reseign from PF better than go on defence when told what has not been done correctly.

  26. #13, #18 and 23 you are big fools…You are MMD…Have respect…Do you know how people are suffering in the Western province?

  27. #30 Doncci Kubeba
    If people are suffering in western province, how come they still vote for MMD than vote for you kaponyas?

  28. Good question VJ Rigger, tell this retard something to think about for a change.

  29. Fr Duffy; you’re very keen on reminding us that the ‘people’ of western prov want change but you’re conspicuously quiet over the widespread sexual exploitation of children by catholic priests worldwide.

  30. Lets call a spade a spade,Why does the truth hates? i am Bemba from Kasama and had an opportunity to visit Mongu and had a small office at Mongu Diocese ,Fr.Duffy is right and there is nothing wrong he sa said to criticize him ,if bwezani Banda thinks Duffy is inciting the pipo of western province ,the province is very much behind in development and it is time for the government to heed what pipo are saying and do act to bring D-E-V-E-L-O-P-M-E-N-T in Western Province,how come there is more projects under taken in eastern province?

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