Constitution Bill fails, 1996 constitution to remain in place

Speaker of the National Assembly Amusa Mwanamwambwa

The Constitution of Zambia Bill failed to pass through the second reading stage in Parliament today after failing to garner the minimum two thirds majority to pass.

This was after only ninety three Member of Parliament voted in favour of the Bill of the required 106.

Twenty Members of Parliament abstained from the voting which was conducted through a physical division after the electronic voting system developed a technical fault shortly before voting could take place.

Speaker of the National Assembly Amusa Mwanamwamba told the Members of Parliament that the failure of the Constitution Bill to GO through the second reading stage means that the 1991 constitution as amended substantially in 1996 will remain in place in its current form.

Earlier Vice president George Kunda told the house that the Constitution of Zambia bill sought to preserve laws in existence before the coming into effect of the constitution as amended.



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    This is after spending billions of kwacha in form of allowances for delegates to the National Constitutional Conference. Zambians we are jokers. We are never serious and those who got allownces from the NCC must be ashamed of themselves.

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    Twenty Members of Parliament abstained from the voting which was conducted through a physical division after the electronic voting system developed a technical fault shortly before voting could take place. Its typical of MMD techniques so SATA was right not to participate in the Constitution making process, JOB done ZERO, after all those sittings and tax payers money spent on allowances. Anyway come this yr 2011 SATA will be in state house and prevail over the constitution, so he will have chance to manipulate the constitution to favour his continuation in state house elo lyanya

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    It is time to take to streets. Zambians should not be taken for a joke. We need a new constitution before the elections.

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    What a waste of resources!!!Where are the noises of Machungwa and company now? wasting billions to pay themselves… Ati a Constitution to stand a test of time!!- BULL SH IT!! Mwanya mwe mbwa mwe!!!

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    I feel like crying. Just why has god endowed Zambians with such a wealth of lethargic st.u.pi.d.i ty? Millions were spent on this process and it has all come to zero, why? All those who received allowances, starting with Kunda, must return the money. I honestly feel like killing someone, imagine the opportunity cost of that money, so many street kids would be ok today if this money was channeled towards housing them and providing them with education and health. Hospitals remain dilapidated without medicines and doctors all because money went to fund a useless process whose answers we already know and is now still born, ya ya ya ya ya!

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    This is great news for public consensus. I found the following wrong with the constitutional process:
    1. boycott of major stakeholders, e.g. some church organisations and political parties;
    2. controversial clauses included in new bill, e.g. increasing number of MPs from 150 to 340!
    3. non-inclusion of presidential running mate and fixed election date in constitution;
    4. non-inclusion of fundamental human rights, e.g. access to clean drinking water for all citizens; and
    5. not allowing Zambians based abroad from voting at the Zambian embassies abroad!

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    #6,i totally agree with,billions of kwacha have been wasted & now a circus of aportioning blame on who caused the process to fail will ensue,while the common man continues 2 suffer!!These pipo hve bought cars,gone for shopping spree..Etc.There is a leadership crisis in Zambia!!

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    This is a joke! To the powers that may be, enough is enough. There comes a time when the system is so abused that it is worthless to refer further to it.
    Note that “air strikes by U.S., French and British planes remain key to smashing Gaddafi’s armor and facilitating rebel advances.”

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    I heard on tv that the votes were done FIRST electronically which developed a fualt then a physical vote was called for which was boycotted I hope I heard right anyway viva PVT

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    A lot of money gone to waste enjoyed by a few s.t.u.p.I.d people why do we Zambians allow this kind of nonsence let us stand up to these useless people. Charge is sweeping across Afirica and you are sleeping let remember 1991 why shold we allow the people we fought aganist to come back and rule us?

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    You know your MPs do something about it write to them let them know you feelings about the matter so its all of them raising the issue from there constituencies they will know that there jobs are in threat from the people that vote for them

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    What you did in parliament today is a good example of PVT, I am sure you saw how trasparent PVT is. What you see is what you get.

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    Mps. Pastors. Chiefs. Headmasters. Ngo’s. Zaloumis. Fostna sinyangwe. Machungwa. PAY BACK THE NCC MONEY

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    Fellow Zambians what did you expect from those Vultures in parliament?There is no hope for Zambia be it under Banda,Sata,HH or whoever.All of them are just the same greedy old politicians.I have long given up .Only the lord will redeem the once mighty nation of Zambia.

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    That money spent on this useless NCC could have constructed dilapidated township roads in Chingola. I have never seen such a worthless effort. Delegates of the NCC return the allowances you earned because while we told you that NCC is a waste of resources you never heard.

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    I agree with you Canadian Zambian, this issue is both good and bad. We wasted a lot of time and resources to come to this end, however, many of the amendments that had been suggested were only meant to serve individual interests and not the nation as a whole, while the main issues that should have been included were left out such as an individual’s right to clean water and education. Even people in power will not remain in their positions for eternity, every dog has its day, I honestly believe that a time will come when the voice of the people will finally be heard and enshrined in a people driven constituional process. I haven’t given up on my country yet.

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    On “Twenty Members of Parliament abstained from the voting which was conducted through a physical division after the electronic voting system developed a technical fault shortly before voting could take place” it appears this physical division method compromised the secrecy involved in voting and interestingly the MMD managed to retain the use of the 1996 Constitution of Zambia.

    I hope the 1996 Constitution which was used to bar KK of UNIP from contesting in the election of President of Zambia in 1996 by MMD will again be used by MMD to block any non-Zambians or Zambians who dont qualify to contest the Presidency of Zambia election over birth.

    Have a blessed day all and vote for HH and UPND to form GRZ Administration this 2011.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of…

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    Thieves as usual. We knew as long as the will of people was short down in the NCC and only came up with the MMD preferred constitution things can not work. Shame on those who participated in the looting of the public resources. They must be made to pay for this in one way or the other. Reject all of them at polls.

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    This the worst news from Zambia. The people of Zambia wanted a new constitution. We have been treated like fools. This is undermining democracy!!!!

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    The question that any rational Zambian must ask is:

    Was the failure of the electronic system of voting deliberately caused or was not? If it was deliberately caused, is it some Opposition party that caused it or was it the MMD?

    With this lost opportunity to given us Zambians a better Constitution, will MMD manage to convince Zambians that MMD will one day give us Zambian a better Constitution than what MMD gave us in 1996? Will UPND take this opportunity to promise Zambians that UPND can give Zambians a credible Constitution once elected to form GRZ Administration? Will PF convince any serious Zambian that it has the interest of Zambians at heart by its shunning of participating in important National issues?

    Lets wait and see as HH/UPND Launch the 2011 Real change Campaign…

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    Excuse my ignorance guys, does this means the new constitution is dead in the water? what will happen NCC members that received allowances for nothing?

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    This is good news indeed!!

    The Constitution making process was too “MMDized”. Most of the important values that people demanded under the Mungomba’s review process where completely ignored (the 50 + 1 threshold being the case in point). At least this time the entire Parliament has refused to be strong-armed by the MMD rubber-stamping-sycophants in the people’s house. Now, the next govt can make things right by coming up with a Constitution that majority Zambians want and support—-not an MMD manifesto in disguise!

    MMD knuckleheads, especially VP Kunda, should learn to listen to people in a Democracy. People have spoken through their representatives in Parliament by rejecting this piece of “SHINDA PAPER”.


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    Im not a fan of Sata but i got to think again. The man foresaw all this. NCC was a joke and a waste of man. Zambians we need to wake up.

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    VOTE SATA COME 2011.

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    We all agree that this waste of colossal sums of resources is not what Zambia needed at the moment. I don’t understand two things: 1. Why did UPND MPs participate in the NCC and abstain from voting? At least they should have voted for or against. 2. Why is it that such a costly exercise was depended on 150 people when govt new well that they do not command two third of this number? Someone must be held accountable!!!!

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    Especially those that are resting in eternity. We must always leave them to rest in peace and not make mention of them here.

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    Pastors without shame and dead conscious. What are going to tell your church members after wasting billions of Kwacha. Shame on you
    Come and vote VIVA SATA

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    Bravo shikulu BA SATA,MMD and UPND participated in looting billions of kwacha’s thru NCC,bought cars,suits,living large at the expence of poor zambians living under a dollar per day.SATA has been vindicated now.He had told you about NCC outcome,see what has happened today?its a shame wasting alot of tax payers money,RB,GK,Shikapwasha,Lifwekelo,Mumbi,Cifire,Hungry Bishops/Pastors should pay back 150billion paid to them as allowances so we buy medicines in hospitals.SHAME ON ALL WHO SUPPORTED NCC

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    Why is everyone complaining – democracy worked – whether we like the result or not. Spending billions should not guarantee passage of the bill as a matter of course. MPs chose not to vote, the real question here is whether they did so in line with the wishes of their constituents, not about how much money was spent on the consultation process. If the MPs did not represent the wishes of those who voted for them, then the electorate have a chance to vote them out. That, my friends, is why our country continues to be peaceful.

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    #27, yes the “new constitution” is buried now and forever. That is why we are going back to the 1996 constitution. About the money, it is all gone into the pockets.

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    Don’t be so ignorant No.38

    An uprising for what? You think getting people killed is some kind enjoyable game? Try and cut your wrists and then post a few comments about how enjoyable that is. How many people do you think will die in the so called uprising?

    We have an elected parliament for a reason.

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    The failure of the electronic voting system was purposeful. So that political mercenaries could readily identify any victims to shoot down. Ifyabupuba fulu fulu. I.d.i.o.c.y will never end. Ba kolokombwa.

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    Yes yes. The only pure constitution can only be brought by the mighty upnd under hh. This bill failed because it supports the bem.Ba homo laws brought in by sata. I am sure the upnd mps abstained what a great job. This tribe thinks it can ride on us. Viva upnd viva hh.

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    This is now getting out of hand. RB and his crew, which include my dad should leave government this year. I don’t care what happens to my dads job but RB needs to go. I am really pissed off. FCUK!

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    For the first time in my life I have actually seen a bill shut down in Zambia. Most people here seem not to understand, though billions were spent not every unholy shady piece of amendment can become our nations constitution hahahaha. Wow MPs actually standing up for their constituents am so emotional right now, I end my post here.

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    Meanwhile, UPND thugs in Monze district have reportedly beaten up one of the cadres who were said to have defected to the ruling MMD over the weekend.
    A Mwale has been since hospitalised in Monze general hospital after beein attacked by suspected UPND thugs.( Zambia watch dog)
    I thought sata said the constitution won’t be ready before election. A constitution which is just for few rich and mmd individuals can’t go through. The whole paper is shiit, it was not meant to represent the views of majority…..

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    Now the BRE is in the constitution and shooting in mongu is justfied. A person has lost a leg and some dead yet the BRE is in constitution. What a mess. Kunda, RB and mmd will not develop this country. It is all lies. Give sata a chance to lead then we will see whose good. It is health to change leadership.

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    @ # 38, NAPAPA SANA!!!!!! we are democractic, and it’s we the people to vote for the right people. plus we need non tribalistic regional politics. Uprisings are for nations like Zimbabwe.

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    Good evening

    I’m also really wondering to myself why so many people are outraged and others even calling for an uprising just because a constitutional Bill failed to make it through parley. Maybe they need to go back and learn a few more basics on democracy.

    Parliament is a forum where the civil society can effectively participate in law-making and this is why they have MPs there to represent them. Now, if some 20 MPs decide (for reasons unknown) to abstain from voting, as in this case, then it’s not the ruling party to take the blame – regardless of how much money was spent on the amendments.

    In a democracy, the majority rules BUT only if the vote of the majority is counted. There are times when a simple passive act is better than a more complicated forcing one.

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    Its democracy folks, Its not the end of the world. It just means we have to look at contentious clauses and try again. MMD usually forgets that politics have changed since kaunda. Peoples will has to prevail.

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    Good news. Intelligent people saw through this fraud before it even began as another useless venture calculated to benfit only the handful i.d.i.ots who schemed it. Sata told you. HH and his cohorts chose to sit at the table with the devil. This is the guy dimwits think is the best thing that has happened to Zambia since sliced bread!!

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    Kobla has foresight . Upnd chaps have fallen in a ditch. The so called intellectuals are just greedy chaps for money .

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    If yousay it is democracy then you are wrong. The majority of people was not represented in making that shiit paper. Then democracy is lacking. Secondly it was a few MPs that did not vote and not the majority population.
    Sata is uneducated but smart than the so called intellectuals. You will also notice that the people who are stealing of late are educatede.g accountants. And not a street kaponya who works hard selling goods on the street. Sata is wise and knew the motive of these thugs in mmd. Unlike the useless HH H though claiming to the best person for presidence sent his delegates to eat hard earned puplic money

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    Yesterday PF MP in droves ran AWOL from Constitution proceeding in the Chamber

    What this Desertion means to the dismay of Citizens that sent them to parliament

    1)-PF desertion has killed hope for proportional representation.

    2)-PF desertion has killed hope of increasing the number of constituencies citizens asked for.

    3)-PF desertion has killed RB’s endorsed clause of Zambians in the Diaspora dual earning citizenship.

    4)-PF desertion has refused the reinforcement of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

    5)-Instead the PF would rather have the recognition of homosexuality and lesbianism before supporting the Constitution of Zambia Bill.

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    Empirical evidence has surfaced that Sata ordered his MPs to kill the constitutional bills in preference for his sponsored 1996 constitution. Zambians know very well that the 1996 was a Sata sponsored constitution. Like he killed people’s aspirations in 1996, he has killed it again through orders on his MP to be AWOL in the chamber. Sad day for Zambia indeed.

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    #56 What is wrong with killing the useless constitution. Some of you “seniors” are really not mature enough.

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    No 55 and 56 Senior Citizen in Ministry of Nothing! Always an expert! This must be a sad day for us all whether you are MMD, PF, UPND or whichever party! Don’t blame Sat who is not in Government, blame RB- He has failed and is not getting a gratuity! Period!

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    Our professors are wondering why PF cadres are rejoicing instead of condemning their PF MPs for abstaining to vote. Those who will suffer are you PF cadres in the Diaspora because your PF MPs have killed your aspiration for dual citizenship. Sata has been against the new constitution and so he has achieved his goal.

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    all those who participated and got paid for doing nothing should be asked to pay back our money, those who fail must be arrest and be charged with fraud. i cant believe how our leaders are, everyone knew from the very beginning that this thing was going nowhere but they continued anyway cos they wanted to steal our hard earned money! fack them all! someone must pay for this!!!

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    Does this mean RB cannot stand, because he was not born in Zambia? This got crazy real fast lol.

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    In the end, Mr. Sata still keeps his 1996 constitution. No dual citizenship, No 50%+1, No Women, Youth and disabled’s representation in parliament, No fixed election date (the president only knows that now), No local govt reforms, No Land reforms…etc all because of Mr. Sata’s ego.

    He still keeps the constitution he drafted in 1996. Shame on the opposition.

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    We can not continue to blame the MMD its us Zambians, who should stand up and fight for our Children’s future. Until we act collectivelly we are doomed this not how a country should be ruled. Look at Mozambique quite not stupid matters there. Look at Botswana only us and we claim to educated yet we allow mediocre people to rule us, its un beliveable. Power does not concede easily we must put up a fierce fight and let these cowards go back Kumuzi.

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    i am not surprised with the turn events in Z…the process was not inclusive to say the least, the constitution should be people driven everyone should be on board but in this case, a number of NGOs, Civil society, churches and political party were not on board…how do you hope to succeed?these people expressed their concerns and misgiving but they were not listened to by the Gvt. all was needed was to address their concerns and today we would have had a constitution agreed by all and that would stand a test of time…its a shame so much of resources have been wasted…those billions of kwacha would have been put to good use…Zian politics so dirty

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    Zambian will keep loosing collosal sum of monies through dubious MPs only to accumulate personal wealth let them pay back money they were paid for sitting on ACC, waste of time and resources .Sata saw it coming and he emphasised MPS were there to reap from day one it was announced, wrong priority all times zambia in a limbo,

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    We wanted 50/1,running mate,90 days change of power etc which where not included in the draft constitution.MMD instead put single sourcing,removal of abuse of office close,removal of basic human rights like food,shelter,education etc.MMD has failed as it wanted to pin down SATA but GOD has stopped their evil works together with CHILUBA.This time around SATA will also RULE ZAMBIA.kekekekekeke VIVA PF

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    O don’t get it why do some PF cadres advocating for taking to the streets when it was their Sata who messed this thing up. MMD wanted to push through all the items in the constitution bill and the opposition refused to go with it and so the results. This is the fult of PF and I thought you would be celebrating our democracy today, but it seems you are just as lost as your leaders and really don’t know what you want.

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    The F.U.C.kin speaker is to blame too, he could have postponed this VERY IMPORTANT VOTE till the system was up & running!! What was the hurry ,if this is not conniving with the thieves that are in power??

    The MP’s that abstained should be revealed as this was no secret ballot, so nothing should stop us from knowing who they are. We need to know, becoz THEY SEEM TO BE THERE ONLY FOR ALLOWANCES – HOW COULD THEY NOT VOTE FOR SOMETHING AS IMPORTANT AS THE CONSTITUTION!!! They DON”T DESERVE TO BE SITTING IN PARLY!!!!

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    93 mps voted for the constitution, 20 didn’t not vote and 1 voted against. Total 114. I thought we have 150 elected mps and 5 or so nominated. What happened to the other mps?

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    This is pure National sabotage! all the aspirations of 13 million+ people dashed by 20 retards and one im.becile.

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    ”The Speaker said there was going to be a physical vote after the counting machine in Parliament malfunctioned. At that point, PF MPs walked out of Parliament in protest at about 15:15 hours, claiming the bill had collapsed”.

    ”Before the second voting, UPND MPs were not agreed on whether to support the bill or not but after consulting each other for several minutes, they decided to abstain”.

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    Good theres nothing in that constitution formulated by danderheads seeking after taxpayers money. The only bad thing is that they have already chewed it.

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    Painfully has it may sound regarding the waste of public funds….. the right thing has happened. Zambians there were a lot of flaws with the constitution. Sata having pulled out causing unnecessary tension within the party has proved them all wrong that ignored his call for proper review in the whole process of the constitution and any that went ahead are the ones to be fished out who want those huge allowance to be paid to them. I totally agree with #7 above if it was passed the next government will be forced to spend yet again public fund to correct the mistakes is carried with. Viva Sata viva PF…..

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    1 sam…………….i cant understand how your reasoning is! this is not the fault of those who participated in the NCC but members of parliament who refused to vote and voted against. Now what is better in your understanding, to have used the proposed constitution or using the worst 1996 constitution. Actually 1996 works in favour of MMD than opposition. So Mp’s are the ones to blame for this loss of funds.

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    Why don’t y’all join the winning ruling party like me? Chwe chwe chwe chweh!!!!!!!

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    The calibre of arguments and opinions by the majority of bloggers here is a good indication of why Zambia is the way it is today.Before an issue is carefully thought out and digested people just rant about what a sad day it is, how they should take to the streets…….Good Luck to Zambias future -you surely need it!

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    PF was right to boycott NCC. If it was wrong, UPND with their numbers in aprliament and that participated could have seen the Bill go through. But UPND has later abeit to late, realised it was a FAKE constitution making process driven by George Kunda. This time UPND Voted against or abstained. Rendering it dysfuntional. Only people like Chizyuka and the rebel spent force PF chaps sided with the Losing MMD.

    Warning shots. The MMD wasted illions of dollars to pay allowances as a bribe. They forgot pople like Zaloumis, fake pastors that attended NCC deliberaions and Hikaumba are not Mp’s. The NNC delegates eat with both hands. He He He he he

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    @ #83.. Aren’t these bloggers just amazing? On top of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll they say and stand for, some actually believe Sata will one day lead this wonderful country. LOL!!!

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    Please lets be factual.This parliament does not understand the implications.We have the worst parliament ever in terms of educational, especially on the PF side.Just look at what happend.Do you think our memebers think straight and have independent minds,no.Do you think that they even know what the constitution is all about.i dont think so.its a sorry sight.This issue is supposed to be handled without being partisan.

  69. vote


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    ”Meanwhile, PF parliamentarians celebrated the failure of the bill, as they sung songs of mockery to the MMD…..In the process, PF rebel MP for Bwana Mkubwa, Joseph Zulu, arrived at Parliament grounds heading towards the chamber…but when he was passing by, Kambwili exclaimed ”imwe ba rebel ka constitution mwalefwaya twakashuta (we have shot down your constitution)”.

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    I feel so sad and depressed. Can’t believe this. But well looks like majority of Zambians were against the NCC or whatever. We can’t blame PF or anyone. That’s democracy. Its sad we have lost billions of kwacha in a drain. Shame to those who got money for doing nothing. Some clergy and legal fimofimo. . .

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    # 55 Senior Citizen, I think your assertion is a clear admission that this country is on auto pilot. Sata is not a member of parliament and his party does not even hold a majority in the house. To make matters worse, MMD curved the Luapulan rebel PF house contingent out to support them, and it did, but you still failed to gunner the required two-thirds majority. You cannot therefore blame this fiasco on Sata. I also do not like the lumpen but cannot see how he is to blame on this matter. Right from the start, this constitution was destined for the rubbish bin. We all know what we want and the Mvunga and Mwanakatwe constitutions contain it all. Elyo you MMD chaps come up with “ifyenu” thinking they’ll pass the house, damn you i.d.i.ots.

  73. vote

    is there a way we can demand a refund from all the delegates who attended the NCC starting with George Kunda?as a tax payer l feel robbed and there are times like this where l feel ashamed of being a Zambian.The following questions always haunt my mind?when will our leaders/politicians going to be serious in their responsibilities ? when will they ever stop wasting our meagre resources?When will they start listening to the peoples’ demands and will they ever fulfil their empty promises?lastly when will they ever stop stealing from their own people?as long as these question remain unanswered development pa zed will remain a pipedream worse with MMD clinging on to power…

  74. vote

    Before ,I comment, may I Know the Twenty who didn;t vote?are they from the opposition or the ruling party or they are from both.If they are from the ruling then really zambians should do something becoz a lot of money has been wasted.

  75. vote

    President Sata has been proved right, Viva PF, Pabwato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. vote

    So all you who say UPND is a non entity in Zambia politics do you realise that if the UPND memebres you had abstained from voting had actually voted it would have swung the vote. PF memebers were absent and UPND memebers abstained from voting because they couldnt reach a consensus amongst themselves. You should never under estimate others.

  77. vote

    Upnd mps were part of NCC and they got paid. But why did they participate in NCC if they knew that they would abstain. Intellectuals are thieves. The so called educated people are the ones cheating. Viva pf.

  78. vote

    The MMD has 95 MPs. Shikapwasha should have said that the betrayal came from the Rebel PF MPs from which MMD would have sort support. With their support 2rds would have been reached.
    MMD should be aware that if they had Chilanga, Mufumbwe, Solwezi Central, Bwacha, Isoka and Dr. Musonda’s (the shooter) consituencey, support from Mulongoti, support from Shakas, support from Mpombo; the bill could have gone through!

  79. vote

    SATA in was at the hight of SUPPORTING the 2006 ammendments to the constitution which has allowed more than K200 billions to waste in the effort of Changing it. At that time MMD top brass wanted to BAR KK from Standing….I remember the Church and many NGOs opposed to ammendments to the 1991 Documents. SATA having been the most outspoken then supported the 2006 ammendments as the Constitution that would stand the test of time. This led to people like SIMON ZUKAS and DIPAK PATEL to resign in protest of this constitution. SATA was on record telling D PATEL to go INDIA if he is NOT happy with 2006 constitution……..NOW since Parliament has failed to change the CONSTITUTION….can SATA stand up and say the 2006 constitution is NOT correct when he was the most out spoken supporting it?

  80. vote

    Most of the people who are attended the NCC were NOT part of the corruption that brought in the 2006 BAD constitution. SATA and CHILUBA, VJ, etc were architect of the 2006 document. UPND were not part off that Document. SATA was. so UPND participated to drive changes to the new constitution like:
    50+1 clause, bill of rights,etc
    These rights were removed as by MMD in the draft constitution, against the peoples wish and that of the NCC delegates…….The question is dd u want MMD tio give us a BAD constitution? when the made unilateral changes to the Doc

  81. vote

    B.A.F.I.K.A.L.A. ba MMD mwaiba pafula, ci Kunda waba itobo!! Machungwa naiwe uka mwaumfwa VIVA FP, VIVA Bashi Mulenga Pabwato!!!!!!!!!!

  82. vote

    It is now the turn of Non Govermental Individuals(NGIs) of the likes of Lifwekelo,Mumbi,Siulapwa,Cifire, Kalonde,Kawana,Chimumbwa to make money out of the failed constitution Bill-Watch today’s ZNBC News

    Lifwekelo Twalya na Lelo!!

  83. vote

    The electronic voting had a mulfunction and PVT was applied to correct the situation. VIVA PVT, the way to go.

  84. vote

    HH and his UPND MPs are hypocrites and sell outs, they wanted their car loans to be written off, and their salaries increased before they could vote with the MMD on the new consititution despite them having gotten so much many from the NCC. We can as well believe the allegation that HH is scheduled to indose RB in exchange with 5milion pounds plus VP job. it is clear the only genuine opposition party is PF, HH and his UPND MPs are just Blackmailers and thieves who are only interested in fatterning their pockets and not bettering the lives of the people of Zambia. Only PF MPs have been consistent, they opposed the NCC, and they abstained from voting. while on the other hand the UPND MPs took part in the NCC and enjoyed those hefty allowances and today they turn arround and decide to vote…

  85. vote

    • while on the other hand the UPND MPs took part in the NCC and enjoyed those hefty allowances and today they turn arround and decide to vote against the bill. it is clear the only thing theyu were interested in NCC was the money and not the Constitution Making process. PF must not even consider getting into another pact with these hypocrites. i urge my fellow UPND members to Support PF President as he is the only Genuine alternative to RB.

  86. vote

    What F.akin’gi waste of time and resources.I do not know where we headed to as a country. And the like of senior citizen…the st.upid and most childish zambian I have ever heard of..continues to support tfhe mad dogs even after failing the Zambians..I AM TIREEEEED OF THIS GOVERNMENT.PLEASE LETS DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE..TWANAKA TWACHULA SANA PANO PA CHALO. EGYPT AND TUNISIA,NOT LIBYA..HERE WE JOIN YOU

  87. vote

    But pa ZED paba ama COMEDIANS. The Bill fails and we rejoice sure! The old consititution allows minority president. RB will rule us for the next 5 years. Why have we left in politics. BA YESU ISENI MUTWAFWE. BA MWANKOLE BAFULA MU PARLIAMENT.

  88. vote

    Ba LT you have allowed insults and you censor words like kaponya? The truth of the matter is that some of our MPs were once KAPONYAS. No development in Zambia bcoz of such pipo.

  89. vote

    Hon. Chifumu Banda this is what happens if you don’t listen to what people are saying, people talked but you did not listen, but you forget that it is the same people put you in the office. Now just wait you will see what will happen during elections you are going to loose pakwebati musumine! Wina azalila. You want to do the same mu FAZ.

  90. vote

    I don’t see any winner in this situation. If anything it suits the MMD as they have always won elections under the current constitution. What all the loud mouthed greedy MPs should have done is try and make an imperfect draft into a good one. How? By sensible free debates and deliberations in the house. Our current MPs are to say the least quite dull. As for these NGOs, to them it is an opportunity to ask for more money from their funders in the guise of helping come up with a good constitution. No country has a perfect constitution.

    Now I am hearing that Sata at a media briefing today has asked the govt. to resign. What a joke! So all this nonsense of not passing the bill is for the sole purpose of getting into state house even by back door. Shame!! National interest first!!!!!!

  91. vote

    At the same media briefing that Clown Sata claims ‘President Rupiah Banda has been successfully impeached by the PF/UPND Pact’. Is Sata normal? Why is it that to him everything is comedy? He thinks what happened yesterday is already proof of his victory in this year’s elections.

  92. vote

    in future all allowances should be paid when a new constitution has been approved by parliament accomodation and transport can be provided for delegets but the actual sitting allowance after approval:-@

  93. vote

    1.Let us not glorify our leaders.
    2.Late Mwanawasa m.h.s.r.i.p. created this mercy hoping it will work to his benefit and MMD.
    3.HH had good judgement but his MPS democratically overulled him(hope they were not bought )
    4.SATA had good judgement but his mps undemocratically overruled him.
    5.HH had good judgement when he called for the pact but he was forsaken by SATA.
    6.HH good judgement to say zambians want issues not insultsor negative propaganda.

  94. vote

    eya lelo latest major chizyuka aulula that all the upnd mps who got the allowances during the ncc sittings should pay back the money they got back to the govt for cheating that they will vote infavour of the constituition in parliament .mwamona bana mwanya filikwisaya you are a let down no wander you cheated pf so you did to mmd.

  95. vote

    I thought PF Bemba-Kaponyas were saying UPND is a small party but today the kaponyas are blaming the 25 MPs of MMD for not working to pass the Constitution.

    It is also interesting that PF Kaponyas have been accusing UPND of working with MMD this 2011, but UPND have shown that they are a separate entity from the MMD’s activities.

    Be blest all and vote for the mighty UPND Team to form GRZ Administration this 201 to form GRZ Administration.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  96. vote

    Reality indeed…. representation in parliament has made both losers and winners equally win and lose respectively…. Loser were hopeful to change the constitution and failed but won by defrauding us our public funds through over exaggerated allowances and winners are those that got the anticipated results but have equally lost to many good clauses that the new constitution would have brought and future cost in re-doing the whole process over again….It’s sad and painful… which ever side one looks at Zambian have been divided by both winners and losers its the degree of proportion that seperate the difference but that can be debated. Question is, is this what the whole issue has resulted at….I speak with a pain in my heart.

  97. vote

    You do not support a Draft Constitution on the basis of it having some good parts. The same way you should NOT TAKE POISON just because it is disguised in a cookie—-the poison will surely kill you still. And this Constitution/Process was flawed right from the start. Whether the proposed draft Constitution contains some good parts is really a side issue. The most important thing is what it does not contain, or what the architects of this fraud decided to leave out. That is what should be worrying to everybody.

    Also, spending so much money on a flawed process or Constitution should not be used as reason to pass unsatisfactory Bills/Constitutions. That is really a ridiculous way of doing the Country’s business, to say the least. The only acceptable antidote should be CONSENSACE!!

  98. vote

    Why are you empty heads blaming Sata for this? PF never participated in this day light robbery so then how do you expect them to rubber-stamp the nonsense they never had an input? What a bunch of bakolwe!!! they poached mercenaries from PF but still couldn’t push through Kunda’s drafted constitution. Everyone who participated in this robbery deserves a burning tyre round their necks and that includes UPND flip-flops

  99. vote

    Retrogressive move, so what next on the game plan, Re-introduce it or what?

  100. vote

    Mu western PF is gaining proper mileage as you pipo are busy tossing about trying to see what has suddenly hit. MMD+UPND=0, the truth is dawning upon one man called HH, your party is small and in as much as i dont want to vote for sata, iam left with no choice than retaining MMD in power

  101. vote

    zambians zambians wake up. the 1996 constitution favors MMD. THROWING OUT OF THE RUPIAH CONSTITUTION IS A BLESSING TO MMD. How are we going to get the 50+1 now coz i thought if this was passed we could have pressured the govt to hold a REFERENDUM on these clauses before elections???.Selfishness has cost us an opportunity we could have also pressured for the 90 days waiting before swearing in of president now how are we going to do it. LAWYERS OR LIARS HELP ME!!!!!

  102. vote

    The o process has failed to go thru because of selfishness by MMD leaders whose aim was to come up with a CONSTITUTION only beneficial to them. My word of advice to o politicians is that your desire and inner motives will not take you anywhere hence the need for u o to adhere to the pipos demands after o u are just mare servantsof the general populace.

    Bravo UPND and PF MPs for doing the right thing.

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