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ZIHRM to host regional conference next month

Economy ZIHRM to host regional conference next month

The Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management (ZIHRM) will host the first ever regional conference in Livingstone which is scheduled to take place from 12th – 13th May, 2011.

Institute President Namucana Musiwa told journalists during a breakfast meeting in Lusaka today that this regional conference will be important because it will attract foreign dignitaries from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and many other African countries.

Ms Musiwa said since the world has become a global village, Zambia would greatly benefit from this conference, whose theme is “Leadership through people”.

She explained that there will be many people with different experiences adding that challenges experienced by human resource personnel in many parts of Africa and the world over will be shared for the benefit of all countries that will participate.

“There will be Permanent Secretaries, Chief Executives, Heads of Departments, Accountants and Engineers who will be part of the delegation in Livingstone,” Ms Musiwa said.

Ms. Musiwa added that the institute has also invited ESCOM, an electricity company from South Africa, Founder Inter party Bank of Zimbabwe and local Zambian human resource experts and those based in the United Kingdom.

She added that the Africa Federation of Human Resource Management and the International Labour Organization will be part of the high profile delegation at the meeting.

The Africa Federation of Human Resource is the umbrella body of all human resource management institution in Africa.

She disclosed that over 300,000 delegates are expected to attend the regional conference in Livingstone which is expected to gobble over K75 million excluding participation fees.

She said no organizations in the world can do business without knowledgeable human resource personnel who are entrusted with a core business of administering staff.

She said Zambia cannot achieve her vision 2030 without a properly harnessed human resource management.

Ms. Musiwa further said the conference will be of great value to the country’s tourism sector since many foreign dignitaries will be interested in visiting and viewing the Victoria Falls and some game ranches in Chief Mukuni’s palace respectively.


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  1. MMD now call clinics as Mega-hospitals, Mbesuma scoring a non-stopper from 100m away from penalty spot. And now 300,000 world-class Zambian managers will flock to Livingstone to learn how to manage human beings (Human Resources), at a ultra-modern lodge.

  2. 300pin delegates ba LT, umglaublich. Did you mean 300. Deing a member of zihrm myself, i hav never attended any of its conferences with more than 500 delegates.

  3. You a toothless organisation.Some people are practising Human resources without your knowledge.Do you get stock of your people.

  4. 300,000 delegates is one hell of a huge gathering!! I wonder what criteria ZIHRM is using to invite local delegates or HR Practtioners to be part of this huge gathering.

    • Sorry readers our President has been misquoted – obviously figures have been transposed she meant 300 delegates and a budget of ZMK750m. We have no venue in Zambia that is big enough to host a conference of that magnitude. Thanks for noticing the anormaly.

  5. No 5, I conquer! Most of these Associations are there to benefit office bearers. Since they are mandated by an Act of Parliament, I would advise them to put their act together.

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