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Don’t vote for PF, says UPND MP


Mazabuka Central member of Parliament Garry Nkombo
Mazabuka Central member of Parliament Garry Nkombo

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged that it would be politically tragic for Zambians to vote and usher into State House the Patriotic Front (PF) because the opposition party has exhibited strange and odious social and moral traits.

The UPND says openly supporting homosexuality to win a political vote is not only a spiritual sin but a moral and political abomination.

Mazabuka Central member of Parliament Garry Nkombo said PF president Michael Sata should never be allowed to get anywhere near the presidency because the man needs political and spiritual cleansing.

Mr Nkombo said in an interview in Mazabuka that Mr Sata should embark on a programme of cleansing himself before he can ask Zambians to vote for him.

He said homosexuality is an abomination that any morally upright political leader should abhor and condemn.

“It is an abomination and Mr Sata should cleanse himself before he can ask Zambians to vote for him. Mr Sata has openly said he supports homosexuality and all Zambians heard him. He has not even denied it,” Mr Nkombo said.

He said the PF has been comprehensively inconsistent in a lot of national matters adding that it was one of the reasons that led to the collapse of the PF-UPND Pact.

[pullquote]The scenario is that we are going to share votes in this election year. People know what is good for them and what is not. If ever one expected defections, they should have happened when President Banda was here,” Mr Nkombo said.[/pullquote]

Mr Nkombo said the UPND knew from the start that the PF was not sincere in the alliance and that the party had been scheming to ambush its partner with the dissolution of the pact.

He said that the PF was shocked that the UPND was wide awake when the death of the alliance was announced.

And Mr Nkombo has said the PF and a named daily tabloid have formed a pact that is working at scandalising other political leaders.

Mr Nkombo said it is clear that the PF and the tabloid are pursuing an agenda that is against the majority of the Zambians.

He said the tabloid has been channeling propaganda for the PF and that it has worked hard to rebrand Mr Sata but with little success.

Mr Nkombo said the newspaper and the PF have been lying about defections in Southern and Western Provinces but that Zambians have seen through the propaganda.

“It is clear that Zambians have seen through the lies being propagated by the PF and the newspaper. The defections are all stage managed. The scenario is that we are going to share votes in this election year. People know what is good for them and what is not. If ever one expected defections, they should have happened when President Banda was here,” Mr Nkombo said.

And Southern Province MMD chairman Edgar Keembe has said the PF has been faking defections because the opposition political party has realised that it cannot win any election.

Mr Keembe said in a separate interview that the people of Southern Province can never vote for Mr Sata and the PF.

He said it is not politically possible for the PF to suddenly become the most popular party in Southern Province when barely two years ago the party was at the tail end in the last election.

[pullquote]The truth is that although the MMD has not mustered complete support in Southern Province, it is illogical to assume that the PF could suddenly be the most popular party in the province.[/pullquote]

He said while the MMD has not mustered complete support of Southern Province, it is utopia for the PF to cruise past the ruling party and the UPND.

Mr Keembe said the PF popularity has hugely been damaged by the propaganda one newspaper has been churning since 2008.

“The most publicised defections are fake and stage-managed. The truth is that although the MMD has not mustered complete support in Southern Province, it is illogical to assume that the PF could suddenly be the most popular party in the province. The PF is giving the said defectors money and the same people come to tell us that they are being bought to defect. There is a lot of goodwill from the people and change in the province is coming,” Mr Keembe said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. **** ikeleni fye…. Jus campaign for yourselves and we will be able to vote wisely. Did you realy have to mention PF? Its pathetic.

  2. UPND has lost direction and requires a completely new leadership. It is currently courting for a relationship with the MMD. MMD is a party that has dehuminized the nation, and anybody cozying themselves to this arty requires to have their heads examined.

  3. Good morning

    The internal conflict between PF and UPND must not be played off against the voters. It appears to me as though both parties are behaving like angry bitter lovers, who after failing to get what they wanted from each other are now beginning to trade blows as their emotions bubble.

    Zambians voters should not allow themselves to be swayed by emotions of frustrated politicians but they must innocently ask themselves where they see the best prospective for their collective welfare. I’m not on the ground but going by my online assessment of the polit-barometer, MMD seems to have the upper hand at the momment. I stand to be corrected.

  4. Garry I have a lot of respect for you but this……? Please dont lose that respect through reckless emotioal political rhetoric.

  5. Upnd is the only party with a vision. 2011 vote for upnd and its leader HH. UPND the change we believe in!!!!!!!!

  6. UPND why always talking about PF you are now MMD ka u tonga’s with your HH tribe party let SATA also ruler if its time each person makes mistake ad HH is just wasting time you never be president again it will ron your life till 1 day you see that your party has a problem GOOD LUCKY PF WIINING PARTY TO BELONG!!!!!!!

  7. The post and Sata are both promoting Mwamuna Na Mwamuna Marriage . I wonder what Catholic priest C in Sata. If it is not about Most of them being Bemba speakers.

    • And those boys who look after cattle what do they promote. why cant you guys just campaign without attacking others. Can we say do not vote for Garry because ku Munzi ku botu.

    • Bwana Malozi,Catholic Priest C in Sata the love and mercy of God.Not that Sata is, himself that love and mercy.About Mwamuna and Mwamuna Marriage,only God knows whether that is actually what is in the mind of Sata.Happy Easter to you.

  8. I am not UPND, I used to have a lot of respect for Garry, now he is talking like a common cadre. Garry you think you can stop us to vote for Sata because of mare allegation. Then People will not vote for you because of what people think you guys do when looking after your Cattle.

  9. PF bloggers should only argue with MMD supporters because the race is ONLY between these two heavy weight political giants. Small parties like UPND,ULP,APC,Magande’s and Siulapwa’s parties are in their own category and should argue amongest themselves.
    I’m personally too senior and can’t sink myself so low to argue with UPND time wasters.
    ZCTU and every right thinking Zambian knows that the race is only between PF and MMD.
    Have you ever heard RB telling people that dont vote for UPND? MMD knows that UPND is not a factor in politics.

    • I used to Respect Garry, though I am not UPND, but I am amazed with the level of his thinking. he can not just campaign.

  10. Not surprising you are busy saying this instead of campaiging for your party. Guys in UPND were paid off up to 250 Million keys to start speaking against the pact and this guy was no exception. But they are now surprised that PF is growing ever stronger and should they even contemplate forming a pact with MMD, it will be the end of UPND.

  11. As much as i dont like PF i really would like UPND to say VOTE UPND and not trying to cheapen themselves. who ever wins i dont care i shall continue achieving.

  12. Is this MP normal? He should go and have his brain checked. Why not campaign for your party without mentioning Sata. Just tell the people what you will do for them and not these cheap propanda sponsored by MMD. Aso just come out openly and tell the nation that you have formed a pact with finished MMD. Your HH lost the opportunity to be president in 2016 if he had stayed with PF. Now he will never even smell the sweet smell from state house. PF is the party for the people. VIVA PF, VIVA SATA.

  13. The PF propaganda machine wants to make people believe that Sata has now become more popular in Western and Southern Provinces. Whereas President Banda and HH do indeed represent different and competing political interests in the country, they are indeed political principals who should not be undermined the Post. With breathtaking irresponsibility, PF MPs rejected a constitution that would have allowed over 600,000 Zambians living abroad to acquire dual nationality status. The height of Sata’s irresponsibility is demonstrated when PF is promising its foreign donors that once in govt he will change (without a referendum) the way families have been raised in last 2,000 years.

    • More chiefs in Southern province have distanced themselves from the Royal Foundation of Zambia Southern province chapter’s declaration of support for President Rupiah Banda’s candidature in this year’s general election.
      In an interview with the Watchdog Monday, chief Haamusonde of Monze West said it is misleading for chief Mukuni to announce a binding declaration without support from other traditional leaders.
      “As chiefs we didn’t agree or endorse President Rupiah Banda for presidency in that meeting which was held in Mazabuka, I can’t remember endorsing him for this year’s election. It is wrong for chief Mukuni and Mwanachingwala to suggest their personal opinion to the entire traditional leadership, that is why some chiefs are saying the institution of traditional leaders lacks…

  14. Sata killed ULP and thought he would do the same to UPND, he was shocked that he has remained alone. The Post newspaper is the worst evil tabloid in the world, they are busy painting Sata with the good things the man never dreams of in his heart. The Catholic priests never campaigned for Mazoka when he was the candidate in 2001, they never praised Mwanwasa when he had changed the fortunes of the country. However, from nowhere just like the Post newspaper are supporting PF and Sata. I hope Sata loses by ten (10) votes so that it pains and hurts those who think such stubborn character can rule our country. 


  16. Garry Nkombo was in MMD but suffered several defeats by UPND. It was after he defected to UPND when he became an MP. Now that UPND is a stranded party after MMD refused them a coaliton, he is confused and without direction. Tell us about your party and let Sata tell us about his. We will make our own judgments. Fight MMD which has taken over the support of your chiefs not PF. PF is concerned about the grassroot people.

  17. #10. The problems in Zambia is not just about Dual Citizenship. NO. NO. You are in Britain and ran away from Zambia becaue of poverty. Now why do you want Dual Citizenship. Just continue ukupipa abakote and sweeping the streets of London. What we want in Zambia is to end the culture of corruption that is deep rooted in our country. We also need good health, education, good roads, decent salaries, a transparent system not the dubious deals by your president with his children. VIVA SATA.

  18. Any one who talks about the PF insteady of the MMD and they call them selves the opposition and F.U.Ls. Nkombo has become one of them. Its not up to him to decide for the Zambian. Let him talk about Mazabuka constituency which he should fight. The bigger fight of becomes president is for the Zambians not I.D yotes like him. If he feels he and his party are losing hard luck.

  19. Gary welcometo reality we told you long long ago not to trust PF….but also thanks for being fair the vote will indeed be split and not a clean sweep by PF or MMD….Why didnt you jump into bed with MMD? Then we wouldbe talking about something else and not politics…like how to getpiped water to Sinazeze

  20. Those of you who were saying the post had lied that the police had shot dead two people in Mansa, have u seen the interview in the post with the parents to the deceased? You people shud know that the police do alot of PR to protect their jobs.

  21. Garry, you are very right on this one. It will be a grave mistake 4 Zambians to elect Sata.That man is no Presidential material.His Party lacks the right accumen to steer meaningful Economic & social development.

    In my view, UPND is the only Party out of these 3 big Parties with the capacity & accumen to develop this Nation. What is that Sata will do when in pwr which he has failed to do ib 47 yrs? Let’s be pragmatic Citizens!

  22. It’s belittling oneself to respond to rantings from small tribal clubs like Choma party, we have a more serious contender in MMD than wasting our time and energy on losers based in Monze. Instead of boring us with nonsense their chiefs and long suffering cadres are eagerly waiting for these losers to officially announce that they are ready to be swallowed by MMD. They keep on barking about homosexuality when they themselves are guilty of beastiality, they abuse pigs and cows like there’s no tomorrow, .

  23. #16. If Sata is not a presidential material, then where to put your RB because Sata is 1000 times better than your RB.

  24. # 12 “ukupipa abakote and sweeping the streets of London” is not a correct description of Zambians living the UK. There are Zambian engineers heliping with manufacturing of jet engines. There are Zambians with immerse factory experience .They are Zambians managing multi million pound budgets of local entities whose experience Zambia badly needs. If you look at the model of Israel, its citizens are spread all over the globe and they are helping the homeland. I don’t quite understand why PF MPs voted no to a constitution that would have allowed Zambians and their families to have dual nationality and participate in Zambia’s affairs without fear of retribution. For this, they should be punished at the general elections.

    • # 26, the point is dual citizenship was not the only thing in the failed constitution, such that it becomes an issue here. Though I don’t subscribe to the descriptions #12 has used concerning people inthe diaspora, you must understand other several important matter which were not taken into consideration but of very imporatance to the governance and democracy of the nation. For your own information even some MMD members absconded from votiing, and also the UPND which participated in NCC (though they had other reasons) refused to vote because teh thing was defective. So, I advise you to be objective and broad minded when analysing issues. If you registered to vote lets wait for that day then we shall see who would have the last laugh!

  25. I understand why Garry is talking like that. As a stranded party, UPND is now feelilng the heat after missing out on the only chance for them to rule. Their double dealings where they wanted to have it both ways- the PF/UPND and the MMD/UPND coalition gvt have proved to be costly. As things stand, they will lose out the only province they held.

  26. Gary whom are you, telling all this nonsense? Just compaign for mmd. When your party Upnd went into the pact with PF you knew your partners very well than any of us.You are talking like a man who has divorced a woman after having lived and enjoyed with the same woman for a long time, after divorce you start telling us that, that woman used to( bed wet) while asleep). Only a fool like yourself can believe you. After the demise of the pact of which you voluntaliry left, Why are you still talking about PF? Thats childish behaviour you are exhibiting as a party. Don’t tell us who to vote for, we know whom we shall vote for. Zambians don’t need your small brain to know what is wrong and right.They are mature people in politics. You are now barking like a rabid dog which has completely LOST

  27. The people who should have their heads checked are the one critising Gary Nkombo here. Gary is simply asking the electors not to vote for an opponent. What is wrong with that you id!ots. He has given reasons why you shouldn’t. You have a choice to believe him or not but that is no reason to call him names. For once show maturity in your reasoning.

    • You showed unreasonableness when you called his critics “*****s” yet you are asking them to be reasonable. Something about you is not judging well. I hope you find out what it is sooner than later.

  28. The big problem z that all PF suppoters do not think and have never been to school just like SATA is.The fact is that UPND has got wat it takes to improve Bembas know this fact but u dont just want a tonga to lead u thats y u dont want to vote for UPND.HH has got the carriber than ChiSATANA and Banda .whether win or loose will vote for UPND VIVA HH

    • stop being trible,bemba and tonga are human being.Some tonga have married bembas and bemba has married tongas.
      Stop that nonsensi

  29. As Zambians we should unite to pray for our country that we should not go the North African way
    The Pa Fwaka and the propaganda wing POST think they will win but this is not possible. The Law of averages will not favour them because of:
    1.MMD will always be No2 even in PF strongholds of Luapula,C/BELT (only in the towns),Lusaka( towns only)
    2.Southern Province is UPND area and MMD will be no2
    3.Western province is up for grabs(UPND & ADD will do well.)MMD Will be 2nd
    PF will be 3rd despite propaganda from post. SATA is anti Lozi( facts are there).
    4.Central province (In towns PF will do well) MMD will be 2nd
    5.Eastern is MMD territory .UPND will be 2nd
    6.N/W is UPND ,MMD will be 2nd they can never vote for SATA who insulted them.
    These are facts which they don’t want…

  30. #26. I am sorry about the statement. I am working as a doctor here in Australia and not cleaning abakote or sweeping streets. I withdraw the statement.

    • Dr., First of all, I salute you for showing the humility and strengthening humble tradition of tolerance and love for fellow humans. Your saying sorry has set the tone for all of us to follow. A good emulation. Whosoever wins next elections, dual citizenship will come as zambian politicians understand the importance of “roots” of Zambians.
      Stay blesses.

  31. memory. Politics is a game and calls for alot of patience and maturity.Sata started the PF party single handred and never inherited it from someone like upnd is. The man (sata ) has kept quiet eversince you left the pact and doesn’t even mention upnd in his compaigns at all but talks about mmd the party in power. That is talking sense not directing your vernom against a fellow opposition party.Its like a poacher who goes into the bush hoping to shoot a buffallo, instead of targetting a buffallo this foolish poacher aims his gun at whatever animal comes across his eyes or shoots when ever he hears any noise be it in the air or indeed any direction without thinking. This is unfortunately what has become of the upnd. You don’t understand your purpose of being an opposition party. PF is not

  32. in government but mmd. Waste your energy on mmd if you are blind poacher to have some credibility, if there is any left. People know that a vote for upnd is a vote for mmd and they won’t make that mistake. Go and eat your own vomits mmd whom not so long ago you castigated and called them all sorts of names. When some sections of zambian society say you are under five in politics this is exactly what they mean. An under five has no direction and entirely depends on its mother or any elderly person.You are yet to mature in politics you are NOT even the match to the Great Andy Mazoka. Grow up and time is not with you. People have already decided.

  33. @29, we dont need a Tonga for president but a Zambian. Dont mention tribes, thats why you will always remain inferior on the political stage of our country

  34. Fulishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh observation.We told you to not to bed with the mmd now RB has been endorsed by yo chief instead of yo HH.Nonsense.

  35. #30. Don’t show your illeteracy here. Go back to grade 1 and do addition and subtraction. If MMD will becoming No. 2, what will be the difference between PF and your MMD.

    1. C/Belt – PF 600,000, MMD 40,000, UPND 1000

    2. LP – PF 400,000, MMD 20,000, UPND, 1

    3. LUSAKA – PF 750,000, MMD 150,000,UPND 15

    4. NP – PF 450,000, MMD 65,000, UPND 12

    5. CENTRAL – PF 380,000, MMD 160,000, UPND 17

    6. WP – ALP, 300,000, MMD 10,000, UPND 9,200, PF 9,000

  36. #2 Mwiya Bruce, “MMD is a party that has dehuminized the nation, and anybody cozying themselves to this arty requires to have their heads examined”. Was that cut and paste as usual? Everyone except you knows who needs to have their heads examined. All PF cadres, deep in their hearts, they know this but are just too embarrassed to say it openly.

  37. 7. NWP PF 350,000 MMD 24,000, UPND 3
    8. EASTERN MMD 200,000, PF 190,000, UPND 2, ALP 1

    9. SP UPND 280,000, MMD 10,000, PF 9500 Now who wind despite MMD being number 2?

  38. CHPATA DISCO 26; Its people like you who have sold the country  to foreigners just to satisfy yourselves. If you don’t who let me tell you. You are so docile in your way of thinking. Just imagine you wished the constitution to go through just for you to get a dual  Citizenship on the expense of 12 million Zambians. Ulichipuba mwana, i now know why we have suffered so much in our own Land and that coz of  our own brothers in the MMD who have been selling as. So  Cobra was right when he told people in Mpulungu last time that it was our on brothers and sister  who are selling is, Like Judas Escaliot who Sold Yesu. I’ve seen this in most Zambians we lack patriotism to our country hence we are too weak to defend Zambia like the sellouts who want dual  Citezenships on our expense

  39. my only comment is one mans poison is another mans sausage, so Garry you have no right to tell me who to vote for. i know both you and Sata personally you both have your own histories , Garry SGS maize Scandal , Sata 500million carried using a Helicopter,

  40. Gary, you can say that again, we are all ears.
    All voters know what to do in the polling booth. No sane person can entrust the nation’s peace and prosperity to people who cannot even run a council, who cannot even keep a simple promise to be the model of PF governance.


  42. Ba Dr.XYZ in Austrailia no need to appologise to some of these mmd/upnd cadres they are blind to the reality on the ground. You have done good to be where you and your family are.We are proud of you don’t be intimidated by by cheap polical cadres who are brain awshed to worship RB and mmd. Thats what they are paid for. We need people like you to continue blogging on this fora. You have a tread thats why you are wherever you are. To be in diaspora means you have what it takes. If it was easy every jim and jack would have migrated. They are just jealous of you these mmd cadres as they know that their bread and butter is soon coming to an end. Thats why the are barking in support of mmd.Don’t even worry of small sponsored boys. When mmd goes they will never blog again as they will be…

  43. Neither UPND nor PF will win this year’s elections. You lot both took Zambians for granted, tried to create a pact and showed the country just how unreliable you both are. Obviously UPND and PF cadres will vote for their parties…the majority other Zambians will vote for other parties.

  44. recalled from diplomatic missions and will never afford to be online, as for you ,you are blogging from your own home all bills paid by your self and not mmd.Just look at the way people talk on mobile phones at home . they can hardly call you but simply page you as if you are the one who wants to speak to them . And this is what they want to continue, no chance. Only the few with mmd connections can afford to be online.This is not right, it should be for every zambian rich or poor irrespective of what party they belong to.

  45. #26: You never read teh draft constitution, kapena!! Dual citizenship, just get and keep quiet, when you travel to Zambia use the Zed passport, when you travel somewhere else, use your british passport, simples!! The constitution was a very poor legal document concocted by Kunda (SC); and if these guys cared about costs, they would have used the Mun’gomba document which was perfect, and had unanimous representation. But our friends from the legal profession did not think about the cost implications of their pomposity.

  46. This thread is full of PF cadres!! What is strange is that none of you is putting up a decent defense against Gary by explaining why people should vote for PF— instead all you are doing is insulting Gary, in short you are being exactly like him! You see, that’s why both UPND and PF are the same in the eyes of the majority of voters. So where is the love that the lot of you were singing about UPND at the time of announcing the PACT. You are a bunch of pretenders, wolves in ship-skin. There is no difference between Gary and your selves. If you can’t make a Pact work, how can you run a country? No wonder all opposition-controlled Councils are either failing or are involved in land corrupt practices!!

  47. Hachi, I agree with you, no wonder we are where we are, intelligent people not wanting scrutiny of people wanting to hold big offices and accepting any innuendos as gospel truth. I have not seen any comments clearly stating why MCS makes a better candidate apart from ” He is popular” and not anything based on his record of over 30 years in various roles. Zambians will be crying next year. the man is not a democrat, he has a history of intimidating other people and he was in the forefront of supporting the 3rd term, was Chilubas main backer when Chiluba had the court cases, always at the airport and clearly stating that Chiluba was being persecuted. He changed tune only once Banda and Chiluba became each others supporters. I dont see any consistency in this leader. Let him come out in…

  48. Ba Dr XYZ in Australia, if indeed you are a medical doctor, that good for you. I however get very disappointed by educated people who look down on other people’s way of living. If there is something I have learnt in Diaspora is the respect people have for every job out there. I do not believe its a right thing to even talk about what individuals do on the blog; but I would never look down on people that work in carehomes because through their work, multitudes are looked after back home. For as long as people are progressing in their lives, thats what matters. As an educated person doing a good job in australia, learn to use your professionalism to restrain your words. However, its your choice.

  49. :) now the upnd is confused and have sour grapes against PF. Tell zambia what upnd will do and don’t talk about pf. Secondly Gary your biggest problem is your leadership. Period. Change it now or upnd will be history. Free advise.

  50. UPND focus your campaigns on what you want to do once given a vote. Forget about PF, the ‘marriage’ is over and move on or grow up!

  51. UPND you have lost all. HH will be tailends in this year’s elections. It will be even more worse when UPND teams up with the corrupt MMD. It seems UPND has even conceded defeat by attacking PF just like RB who seem to now more desperate for support even in areas like Copperbelt where its anything he does falls on deaf ears. UPND just throw in the towel. Its game over for you! Vote SATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

  52. #20 me…………….what makes you think that post can conive with those parents to say what they are saying???? we need the actual proof from an independent person. What makes you think that whatever Mmembe say is the TRUTH in this land. Wake up as you need spiritual cleansing since large is the road that goes to hell and narrow is the road that goes to salvation. In Zambia people have taken the largest road of hatred and deciept in the name of the post, unfortunately the most deceived are the so called charismatic christians( my God, Zambia is in trouble).

  53. #52. Please I appologised for that statement. I stay with people doing that type of work and I have respect for them. I am so sorry. Mwifulwa bane.

  54. Garry is right, it would be foolish to retain OLD leader both born in 1937 ( SATA and RB) PRESIDENCY IS BEST below 55years (age of normal retirement), That’s is why Africa has political problems. Before an old politician relinquishes power, there has to be bloodshed. SHAME TO OLD POLITICIANS.

  55. Tiyeni uko ba Gary , since when did we need you to tell us who and who not to vote, deliver us from evil as this is Easter mwitubembusha! Amen!!

  56. On
    Mazabuka Central member of Parliament Garry Nkombo said PF president Michael Sata should never be allowed to get anywhere near the presidency because the man needs political and spiritual cleansing.

    Mr Nkombo said in an interview in Mazabuka that Mr Sata should embark on a programme of cleansing himself before he can ask Zambians to vote for him

    it is clear that PF and the PF Tabloid miscalculated on the homosexual message and this will cost them dearly.

    I just hope Mr Sata MC will consider not contesting the 2011 elections so that he does not suffer a humiliating defeat. It is not too late for Mr Sata MC to announce that PF will support Mr 2011 APC-UPND PACT presidential candidate HH in this 2011 election for President so that HH can consider appointing Sata to…

  57. #51. Sata is the best because when I used to work at UTH, that man really changed things for the better. Medicine was available, nurses and doctors were happy and the general atmosphere at UTH was welcoming. He would come himself without telling anyone to inspect the wards. He is a man who does not tolerate any nonsense. He is able to disciplne a serving minister or member of the party. He will discipline anyone as long as he has committed an offence. He also means what he says. He is also down to earth and in touch with people’s problems. He know the solutions also. Thats why he is popular. So what we are saying is that lets try him and see if things will improve for the Zambian people and NOT improving things for the foreigners and MMD bootleakers.

    • I will quote you “He also means what he says.” My foot, so when he first opposed the windfall taxes and then turned around he meant what he said in both cases? Bane be serious – your guy is a flip-flopper.

  58. Leaks from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) indicate that despite extending the voters registration 3 to 4 times in a bid to catch up with PF strongholds, the final voters registration figures still indicate an upper hand in the Northern and Urban provinces for the Patriotic Front. The informer has indicated the latest figures to be as follows:

    Copperbelt 869,406
    Lusaka 776,866
    Northern 658,902
    Southern 655,380
    Eastern 654,204
    Central 482,571
    Luapula 409,754
    N/Western 310,398
    Western 389,609

  59. The total number of registered voters is 5.2 million; an increase of almost 100% from the 2006 cast figures of 2.7 million.
    The ECZ informer stated that a strategic analysis of the above figures gives PF the upper hand on both MMD and UPND, all factors being equal. This can be illustrated by the following summation:

    Copperbelt, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula ;total: 2,714,928 representing 52.1%
    Southern, Eastern, Central, Western, Northwestern;Total: 2,492,162 which is 47.9%

  60. The informer stated that probable factors in favour of PF could include:

    • The Panji Kaunda factor will slightly cut into the Eastern bloc dominated by MMD and a relatively fair share will swing to PF.

    • UPND and MMD will share bigger parts of Central Province with PF taking the Kabwe Urban votes.

  61. • Western will be shared equally between all four candidates with PF making late inroads arising from the Inonge Wina factor supported by the Barotse detainees issue. Milupi will also get his quarter from the Province using the wako ni wako factor.

    • Northwestern will be shared between MMD and UPND with the PF getting significant votes in urban Solwezi town.

  62. • Loyal votes in various strong pockets of MMD in Northern and Luapula will be superseded or compensated by PF gains in the Western and Eastern Provinces.

    Given the above, the informers at ECZ predict PF carrying the day with a significant simple majority.

  63. Dr. XYZ you are not a doctor becoz you talk a lot of nonsense. Your mathematics is very useless because just take a look at 2008 figures. where pf won MMD was a very close no. 2. For instance in Lusaka province sata got about 208,000 votes while Rb got about 162,000. then in eastern where rb was first he got over 300,000 votes while sata only got less than 80,000 and he came no 3 to HH. In southern, western and northwestern it was even worse as in all these 3 provinces combined sata got only less than 200,000 while RB in northern, luapula and CB achieved half of what sata got. thats why sata is always losing and hence his need to co-opt UPND. sata always comes last in the non bemba speaking provinces

  64. max mbizo those are lies from the pits of hell. the only stronghold PF has is CB and bemba speaking northern province. Luapula is not a stronghold anymore and Lusaka will be shared as usual. then in the rest of the provinces MMD will be no 1 and UPND no 2. so where will pF get votes. demonic lies will not get you desperate PF thugs anywhere

  65. # 64 DR. XYZ, Pliz dont cheat. I also used to work at UTH at Clinic 6 as a consultant during the time the cobra was Minister of Health. There is nothing substantial which he did except intimidating the Executive director and the many young junior Doctors who were pushing for improved working conditions. The serpent together with Chiluba ended up dismissing all the junior doctors at UTH, Ndola and Kitwe central hospitals. Who are u cheating that UTH was welcoming. I dont think u worked there. The chap even started bringing in his ill qualified bululuz and those of his girl friends to sensitive positions. What are u talking about. What about his drunk Dr. “Ugeni” he took to medical stores. I dont know which conditions u PF kaponyaz always claim he did coz us who were there didnt see those.

  66. #70: Sata is a Gonga!

    Your extreme anger, evidenced by your use of highly emotive language, will not change the facts on the ground. The data given here is not fake; it is in the public domain. You can get it from the ECZ Website if you want. You are at liberty to disbelieve this analysis and put forward your own arguments. It is entirely within your rights, and I will respect you for that. I rest my case.


  68. Why doesnt SATA attend Traditional Ceremonies???????? no one has ever answered this question which was started by FJT at his press conference last year.


  70. #71. You worked there consultant not full time doctor or nurse. Its you who is cheating and never worked at UTH. The doctors including me were where not fired (after 7 months strike) when Sata was the minister there. Just accept that things improved when sata was there. You and me will even meet at UTH when Sata becomes president 4-5 months from now.

  71. #71 Zebs you are right. I too worked at UTH during the same period and attest to the fact that Sata did nothing to write home about.


  73. HH has no experience in politics, but what have all these with vast experience done to our nation only poverty and protecting each other in corruption, hence I believe Sata cannot fight corruption as he will just protect all his corrupt fellow MMD members as he was part of them in plundering the nation though he never use to sign anywhere for the law to catch up with him. He used people like Katele, Kabwe etc, who are now sufering for his actions, because of his political experience


  75. PF cares please answer this question for me in honesty, If you get a crocodile from Zambiezi river and put it in Kafue river, will it change from crocodile to Tilapia fish? I need a no or yes answer. All those who need Sata as president ask yourselves this question and you will be making better decisions come elections. Sata’s past in his previous MMD regime with Chiluba leave much to desire, no wonder people like Xiaviour Chungu, Edith Nawakwi, etc are regrouping in this party for protection. They cannot join clean parties as they know protection is not certain.


    Between december 2010 and february 2011, the First Lady through Women Empowerment with known Police top blass at Service Headquarters told the Women police officers and the spouses of male officer to join the club. The conditions were that Women has to be in the group of ten and each has to submit,NRC, VOTERS CARDS AND WERE MADE TO TO PAY K100,000

  77. MMD need to go, but we cannot make a mistake of putting a former MMD leader into statehouse again because it will not save any purpose. Sata was part of MMD for 10 years, and what we saw with his regime with Chiluba was just economic plunder, where him Sata was abole to divorce and marry 4 women with out GRZ money, no wonder he still want our tax money because that time he never served money for him to enjoy in his old age, but was busy womanising. If he was inocent of that economic plunder where we were reduced to zero economically, why didn’t he resign, as this time around we could have believed him, but instead he was pushing for the third term for us to suffer more, whrn them enjoy. We cannot remove UNIP/MMD Banda to replace him with UNIP/MMD/PF Sata. Viva HH with UPND.

  78. PF supporters are now faking statistics to forecast a PF victory in the coming elections. The problem is that his supporters are basing their assumptions on the 2008 election which was an impromptu BYE ELECTION. To make a better forecast, it’s safer to use the figures of 2001 or 2006 which were the last two general elections. 2008 elections had a far much lower turnout of 45% which translated into approximately 1.8 million voters. In 2006 elections we had nearly 2.8 million voters turning out on Election Day. In today’s tabloid, a tribesman of Mr Sata from ZCTU was suggesting that PF will do better without explaining methods he used for his analysis. In the same vein HH will do himself a favour not to rely on numbers when he stood the UDA ticket. The game is on!

  79. What a shallow minded politics by this so called senior Memebrs of UPND, this kind of politics by Garry Nkombo they dont even deserve space in any media, its actually a recipe for disastar for people of southern province considering that their MP sinks so low and start using politics of character assination instead politics of national agenda. For sure the battle is between MMD and PF, obviously under five is not factor.

  80. If we want the old to work for us while we sit to enjoy their labour, then retirement age also should be pushed to 85 or 90 years old. It is just natural that when you reach a certain age in life you are no longer active the way you should be when you are still young and energetic, hence these old people should take up the advisory role and not work for us as president. Wake up please Zambian youths and take up the challenge of leadership as you are the ones affected by a poor economy. Panji’s strategy is not working as he received a shocking atmosphere in Livingstone, where only street kids attended his campaign for Sata. Viva HH you inspire me a lot young man.

  81. It cannot be people’s pact when you are campigning for your own particular candidate Mr Panji thats why people of Livingstone never attended your rally. If Mr Sata promised Panji a job just go alone and not subjecting zambians as if you own them in your pursuit to reduce ypur poverty. Zambians are now politically mature, they know waht they want, as they know that a few individuals cannot be coming in different parties to manipulate them again e.g Mr Sata the former MMD number 3 of the Chiluba regime coming under pf to manipulate us again. People like Sata started politics in 1963 when Kanyama was dry and are still in politics now 2011 when the same Kanyama is in floods. We really need new blood as voting for failures has reduced our economy to zero and have sufered enough.

  82. Its almost 5 years down the line wat has PF done with the monies meant for development under WD and CDF. MP’s and councilors are busy buyin cars and building houses, honestly how do we trust them with GRZ wen they hav faild LSK and CB councils and ignorantly pipo blame the President instead of askin who they voted for. ATI CHANGE GIVIN PF! PIPO LET’S WOKE UP THESE ARE FAILURES.

  83. Replacing RB with King Cobra will never amount to meaningful change. When most Countries are modernising we place our hopes and fortunes on very very tired great-grand parents, it will just be a situation of settling old scores for either of the two. Probably we need to go down this road again in order to feel severe self induced pain until we can take it no more. If King Cobra moves into Plot one history will repeat itself, there will be a shock announcement of Cabinet similar to FTJ’s surprised announcement which ushered in crocked leaders and we are still paying consequences to-date. King Cobra was in FTJ’s inner circle.

  84. Given Lubinda is responsible for demolishing people’s houses in Libala and Chilenje where he instructed the Lusaka city council. He was also the first person to condemn the demolishings and even talked bad about the government. Lubinda is again involved in the plot allocation saga. PF guys are not to be trusted as you can find a pf guy urinating on the war, but instead they will come out of that room accusing you to the public, Please never trust these guys as they are dangerous to our society. Voting for PF is like throwing the whole nation in a den of lions.

  85. There were times the post would discredit Mr. Sata with facts about his misdeeds I wonder what has happened to that

  86. Pa Fwaka’s Cabinet is of low caliber .
    A leader is supposed to inspire those he leads as he has been where he wants to take people himself.THAT IS A DEFINITION OF A LEADER .Look at this and decide:
    2.husband of one wife- no infidelity begins at home- one leader is no liked where he comes from coz they know him better.
    4.GOOD Mentors- one leader has Mugabe for a mentor and his party is modeled after
    ZANU-PF speaks volumes of his character.or lack of it
    5.What does he model himself on? A snake symbol of evil not only in the Bible but in our various cultures .
    6.IS PREDICTABLE- Sata changes his positions to suit occasion, he at one time opposed
    windfall tax during Magande’s tenure at MOF
    7.CHRISTIAN -Not Guy activist
    This yardstick will help us…

  87. I fade up of hearing reasons as to y I shudn’t vote 4 this one or that 1.The real question here z ‘ y shud i vote 4 u?’

  88. No. 92 do not be Problem is that most of you bloggers can never differentiate propaganda from reality. The PF is being backed by highly educated individuals. The shadow PF cabinet that was published in the state vuvuzelas were meant to hoodwink dull chaps like yourself. The truth is that PF has made undisputable inroads into all strongholds. These include the choma cow party areas. Whether you like it or not PF is a very BIG force to reckon with. Thats why HH and his stooges have concentrated on attacking PF instead of MMD coz they have seen that their having pulled out of the pact HAS HAD NO EFFECT AT ALL. What you are seeing in Nkombo are last kicks coz he has realised that he is not goinG to be a minister as he had previously thought..

  89. Not matter how much you rebrand SATAn you wont succeed.Let him go to S AFRICA and reclaim the money confiscated from him at OLIVER TAMBO airport and the so called $100,000 from GBM.I dont think GBM doesnt expect anything in return.We are aware that he has got alot of credits from scrumplous characters and are waiting for him to repay, in case he became president.Since he is losing, we shall see how he is going to repay.VIVA HHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  90. I suprised that some people always talk of tribe whenever or whatever is said by UPND now how about some of us TONGA but dont subscribe to UPND and even associated much with other tribes cause here in Copperbelt no tribe no race plse people avoid talking on tribe lines instead attack the dower

  91. To be honest it is clear to everyone that anyone who claims to be educated and supports PF or Sata is either very sick in the head or his claim of being educated is nowhere near the truth. It is as plain as that. Fullstop.

  92. # 76. Dr. XYZ. U were not probably fired becoz u were one of those booklicking Doctors ( assuming u are one ) who were informing the serpent of the names of Doctors who were cordinating meetings with their clleagues at Athur Davison, Ndola Central and Kitwe central hospitals. I do remember very well advising young Doctors like Dr. Banda and his colleagues never to give up. My colleague Dr. Mwaba ( current PS ) whom we were working with at Clinic 6 can attest to this. Pliz dont expose your ignorance, this is very well known even by the serpent himself how he misadvised Chiluba to Dismiss the Doctors. Only Snr. Doctors and Consultants remained. The serpent has no capacity to preside the affairs of the nation. There is not anything he did except shouting and insulting workers at UTH.

  93. Whether Sata is backed by well educated people or not, fact is that he has passed sale-by-date! It is desperation to place your hopes in him. Similarly FTJ was backed by highly educated people, he left the credible ones in the cold and went for those who he could nyunya with. This is the same situation we had with the late Patrick Mwanawasa MHSRIP, we were saying from inception that he was not fit enough to be at the helm, but his supporters insisted that he was fit, but you see what happened in the end? Let us learn from past experience/mistakes and usher in fresh blood, let the educated elite supporting Sata come to the front line instead! Zambians are a poor people in a Rich Country, this can only change if we usher in energetic, selfless, non-tribal, forward thinking leaders.

  94. Whats up folks! Garry is right.

    In this era we need people with intellectual capital to get things done. no ´ngwa´gwazi leaders will be entertained this election.

  95. Be ware of a Bemba man,we not give or vote fo a Bemba again we gave already but u completely failed nothing tht u cn point instead bukabwala chabe u wnt us all to be thieves get out nkuku imwe. Wil never vote fo sata of yos we wnt to try a Tonga HHHH viva upnd na) awamako mwati ni sata bukawala vibemba imwe fo get.


  97. I concur with that Zebs #76 and Vitali #77- Sata didn’t do anything beyond the call of duty.I always wonder why people have continued to talk of his time as health minister.There was really nothing to write home about.Ofcourse the man is a comedian and if he shows up unexpectedly at a place of work it will leave the workers something to talk about.Throw in a few uniforms and the man seems to have gathered himself an un-informed crowd!

  98. please go back and read # 22 carefully. I like the last part and that Long suffering carders. Indeed its long suffering from 2001 todate.

  99. I feel sorry and saddend about people who support Michael Sata, its like they are bewitched or something. A graduate supporting Sata to be President of Zambia Mwebatu Mwe Shibukeni,or else Zambia will go back Hundred times backwards than it is today! Ala Mukajeba.

  100. PF you may say whatever you want. The UPND base will vote very tactfully to make sure Sata does not go to Stare House. We know the areas were UPND voters will vote for MMD to kill of PF candidates.

    HH has said that he will make sure that Sata does become President. Even Sata had to pull many votes and MMD & UPND were behind, HH will make sure the RB continues to be a president until 2016

    Here me!! This is coming from a person who has hands on to the tactics on the ground
    It does not matter how many lies The Post prints.

  101. Ba Zebs @ #99, learn to always give credit where its due. Do you correctly remember the type of uniform the nurses were wearing before Sata became MOH miniter? come on guys am no supporter of Sata and will not even vote this year coz of distance but its better to give credit where its due. Nga ama fly over bridges across the line of rail in lusaka, under whose leadership where they built to avoid train accidents? One of my former workmates, a US prof was hit in 1985 right at the kafue great east road junction near ZESCO and by 1989 Sata had through him being governor of Lusaka District put up those flyover bridges. Yeah give credit where its due.

  102. It is very disappointing that educated people like Dr XYZ whom Zambia should be relying on to help develop it can be there supporting bakaponya to rule Zambia. BA dokota, u r living in a developed country,lets not start talking about the story of the monkey & the jungle. Im so disappointed.

  103. Zero Option

    The thinking of some PF supporters like you can be nauseating at times, why is it that you want to associate Sata with the good things that happened during his MMD and UNIP days but at the same time absorb him of any blame for all the bad things claiming he was not president? Leadership is about shared responsibilities. Sata was part of the corrupt MMD during Chiluba’s time and he never disagreed with FTJ then. What we are witnessing now is a regrouping of former MMD thieves under Sata to remove the current MMD thieves. That is why we are wisely advising Zambians to vote for real change under HH. HH was not part of the corrupt MMD but was a smart Zambian took an opportunity.

  104. continued from #112

    HH was not part of the corrupt MMD but was a smart Zambian worker who took advantage of opportunities that were being exploited by foriegners (under Sata’s nose) to make money. We should be proud of such self made Zambian millionaires and learn from them instead of being jeaulosy of them. There is no value in trying to bring back to power the same thieves under a different name.


  106. @ 104, Nurse G. Hate him or not, politics is about delivering what you promised not matter how many credentials you have before your name. In 1989, he delivered and what have you delivered if at all your flag is showing you based in the states? Atleast you are spared by agreeing that he threw in some uniforms but what you are failing to nail is that clinics had an overall sanitary facelift and lazy nurses were trotting. I am a graduate but i support Sata on one thing, HARD WORK and please dont steal govt time by just blogging WORK HARD and this is the spirit Sata has and its always good to tap into such abilities. Many who hate SATA are simply lazy chaps who wear their pants below the buttocks

  107. Empty utterances. We still want PF

    Garry Nkombo seems to have image problem. He has nothing to say. Every word is so outdated.

    Change is coming and we are all for SATA no hiding. Don’t waste your time thinking you have some brain to influence some dull souls. Only those without eyes can not see that change is through PF. Get the favours, get the money, -but DONCHI Kubeba.

    Pa BWATO ……Noa’s ark is announcing boarding time. Though who will not get on Board will have to blame themselves. The water is coming, violence has become too rampant by these so called amapaka.(MMDs). Watch out so that you may not be carried away.

  108. Only the dull of the dullest can vote for Sata to be President of Zambia, it’s simple logic Mwebantu.


  109. Our student’s research has revealed that any party leader who promotes homosexuality in Zambia is digging his or her own political grave. Zambians are ready to defend their culture against this abominable practice.

  110. Gary shuld have been UPND President and not that fourtini called HH. HH got drank with 21 billion kwacha and thought he was smart.he run the Tonga card like he it was going out of fashion..time and time and again he has been offered a silver spoon but he crushed like the myopic person he is..He could have been President if he had listened to Mwanawasa….he could have been next VP and President if he had listened to Sata…he could have been the in coming 2016 President if he had listened to RB..but no! Now he willbe history….not even a comma in statehouse annuals.

  111. # 26: your bitterness is out of selfishness. You don’t seem to care about the suffering Zambians back home but all you are interested in is dual citizenship to benefit you. What is dual citizenship when the proposed constitution rejected social rights like food, shelter and water! May be you have forgotten: NCC said demands to have access to food, water and shelter by Zambians is utopian. They said if that was in the constitution then even mad people will be asking for shelter. Question is: don’t mad people need shelter? Those social rights did not mean that GRZ would be forced to feed us! NCC rejected 50%+1, NCC rejected several other submissions Zambians have been consistent about. People like you should try to see beyond their nose! By the way myopia can be corrected by the right…

  112. @118 mate: HH is a principled person, exactly what Zambia needs for president. The fact that he has refused to be V/P to LPM, Sata and RB without agreeing on a program of action is testimony that the man honest and is geniunly interested in serving the people of Zambia. Tell me how many Zambians, incluing yourself, would refuse to be appointed V/P in a corrupt system were you can make millions of $$$ within a short time? Imagine with the money HH already has, how much more would he make if he was in the system? This just tells you how principled the man is. Why can’t you people look beyond tribe and choose geniune leaders?

  113. thats so true Garry..sata needs cleansing..he’s dead spiritually..we shall make sure he doesnt get anywhere near..Edgar..your analysis is right..pF can’t win in that

  114. #114 ZERO OPTION – Please stop living in the past. Sata now cannot even climb stairs. we are not going to vote in another sick chap just to give him a job and then have another by-election in a few years. I’m also tired of voting less educated people into office. Already recent experience is clearly showing that less educated people come in to wreck things rather than build: chiluba, kalusha are perfect examples of clueless uneducated leaders. There is no way Sata is going to be voted into office. To some of you, Sata should be voted for because he built flyover bridges…my gosh, that just goes to show the calibre of Sata’s supporters and that’s the very reason why we don’t want him anywhere near state house.


  116. I was a section chairman for Lubwa Ward when Sata was Lusaka Governor. He was no doubt a hard working-man, I also remember how good he was at mobilising the masses and command of local markets with his right hand-man William Banda. This was during one party state. I remember how Sata hounded KK out of State House when MMD came into power giving the old-man only one week to vacate Plot one. I also remember the how Sata and FTJ set the paramilitaries on innocent men and women at Mulungushi rock, during MMD nominations, the people of Kabwe wanted the famous Captain, but results were manipulated, women with babies on their backs were gun-wipped whilst FTJ and King Cobra danced to some song. An out-dated politician and whose differences with FTJ, William Banda and RB are just merely to hoodwink

  117. Its never about a service but money for these old men i strongly believe Mutati could have been given a chancein MMD for PF without Ba SATA PF will be gone Kabimba is not capable who else UPND should jump into the wagon no media coverage (not even monitor no tv station very litle apart from lusaka based radio stations and maybe lusaka times )HH please handover power to someone else cause those principles are not for but UPND

  118. This is the most unreasonable young man I’ve ever heard talk in years. Garry you are being such a clown. How dare you campaign for PF like that? Sell your party, don’t say never vote for ABC. Like that you give people second eyes to look at the condemned party. Wake up, Tonga bull.

  119. I dont think Zambians can risk being ruled by a bunch of Kaponyas in the PF.We should be serious guys, can we for sure take Micheal Satana to be our president?!.Zambians are wise and cautious people and they wouldn’t go for that suicide mission

  120. I have just realised how confused i have been all this time!! I have just realised that MC is not Presidential material. I am hereby promising to defect to ‘REAL CHANGE’ at their next rally in Mandevu. I beg for the forgiveness of all those I have been insulting and calling names all this time. Jesus said, “forgive 70 x 70 every day”.

  121. For give me for my ignorance on this one; Is it that people dont understand English or have just chosen to ignore the facts? Zambians have heard the audio about homosexuality and Sata never said that he supports homosexuality. I am very concerned with politicians who tell lies as  facts and facts as lies in the name of Christianity. Please sir, campaign on facts not lies! Are you insulting the intelligence of your listeners? May be people of Mazabuka dont deserve the facts but lies; and lies they will have forever.

  122. It is share waste of time talking about PF. Can you say what you as UPND will do and why the silence on MMD?

    Is it true that these guys are supporting MMD? I see disaster in UPND

  123. No wondr Zambia is struggling. Most of the citizens are dull and cant make informed decisons.
    very few can analyse situations and make intellectual conclusions.

    It seem Zambia will have to remain the same for many more years to come as most of the people are of low calibre.

    We all need change, but very few can do arithmetic of change and conclude that to beat MMD we all need to come together and vote PF if MMD has to go.
    Stone age bitterness from grandma/pad till existing in people’s minds.

    Move on. Live history behind, join hands and be part of change and move forward together.
    “Tiyende pamodzi ndi mutima umo”

  124. Why is Sata supportive of homosexuality?….I can guess why, he has of late found a friend in one! Most Zambians know who!

  125. …When the excitement of the ‘Pact’ was at its hight, we said it that it would not stick, but alas, didn’t we hear all kinds of dumb analyses from the so called ‘well read’ and the ‘kaponyas’ about how the Pact was going to assume power. Now…I dare say it again…if the Pact had stuck together, the people of this country were going to suffer as the Pact was going to spend all its tenure in office fighting each other. Zambia….you survived one clear danger, don’t allow another kind of danger by tolerating backwardness. A Serpent has been known from biblical times to be a liar and the cause of human suffering. Wake up

  126. @all who stare in disbelief at Sata’a popularity.

    I understand your incredulity.Remember telling my twin bro,who is in the diaspora like most on this site, that dandy crazy a kitwe misician is the most happening artist.he was shocked because when leavin zambia DANDY CRAZY was a clown like figure.He had developed a diconnect with his homeland which is inevitable when you aint there.And so it is with the political pipo out there cant understand how a “buffoon” like sata can be so popular.well it just shows you how deperate pipo are to improve their lot.pipo are desperate for salvation and will latch onto any hero they can!

  127. @all who stare in disbelief at Sata’a popularity.

    I understand your incredulity.Remember telling my twin bro,who is in the diaspora like most on this site, that dandy crazy a kitwe misician is the most happening artist.he was shocked because when leavin zambia DANDY CRAZY was a clown like figure.He had developed a diconnect with his homeland which is inevitable when you aint there.And so it is with the political pipo out there cant understand how a “buffoon” like sata can be so popular.well it just shows you how deperate pipo are to improve their lot.pipo are desperate for salvation and will latch onto any hero they can!

  128. for sure UPND is in shock at how PF is finding its way in southern province
    as long as UPND is talking about Sata all the time, they are actually campaigning for him.
    not until they stop mentioning Sata, HH will be a forgotten leader. you cant be talking about your enemy all the time, its a sign that you are scared of him. GO GO UPND GO GO UPND and make Sata even more popular. its free campaigning for Sata

  129. There is no future for UPND because the man who claims to carry the party on his shoulders has lost direction and suffered political annihilation. UPND is done! They are comfortable in the third position they cling to in election results.
    Advice:HH must concentrate on counting his animals to continue with his dream of making more billions. That is the only dream possible for him.He lacks leadership that was demonstrated by his late tribes-mate.If he continues to be UPND, the UPND is doomed forever and eternally so.

  130. The fact that you are even dreaming of PF being popular in Southern province is an indication that our brothers and sisters in the province are accomodative unlike the northerners

  131. Mwebantu mwe what really do you see in sata now that all the right thinking zambians can’t see? I really dont get it.The post has gone out of their way trying to clean his dirty image, obviously its not working. Do you knw why? You can f.o.o.l. some people sometimes, but you cant f.o.o.l. all the people all the time-Late Peter Tosh.Ba Pa Fwaka prepare for a heart attack. State house tamwakaimone. Mark my words.

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