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PF leaders scramble for houses

Headlines PF leaders scramble for houses

GOVERNMENT has unearthed a scam in which some top Patriotic Front (PF) officials in Chingola’s Mushishima area are allegedly trying to corruptly acquire ZCCM-IH houses following President Banda’s directive that outstanding balances on the units be written off.

This was brought to light when Chingola district commissioner Tobias Maliti addressed over 200 residents at Mushishima Basic School yesterday.

“Government has unearthed a scam in which some top PF officials in Kabungo ward wanted to take advantage of people in the settlement by buying the houses through corrupt means. Some of them started giving the houses to their daughters and other family members at the expense of the deserving sitting tenants,” Mr Maliti said.

He said some PF top officials are scrambling to buy the houses.

Mr Maliti said authorities have grabbed the house that PF Kabungo ward councillor Richard Katebe allocated himself and the property has been given to the sitting tenant

He said it is disappointing that individuals who have been criticising President Banda for empowering the vulnerable with housing are now trying to use corrupt means to acquire the houses.

“We are not saying PF members cannot benefit from the houses because they are also Zambians. What we are against is a situation where PF officials are taking advantage of their positions in certain areas to disadvantage other Zambians.

“These are the same people who condemned President Banda for empowering Zambians with houses, yet they are now in the forefront trying to benefit from the houses,” Mr Maliti said.

He said President Banda will continue implementing prudent policies to eradicate poverty in the communities.

He advised the PF not to politicise development programmes.

Mr Maliti warned that he will firmly deal with individuals who will use corrupt means to acquire houses in Mushishima.

But Mr Katebe said he has not benefited from the houses, and that he does not live in the area.

He said it is unfortunate that some people are trying to tarnish his image through accusations that he is trying to corruptly acquire houses.

Mr Katebe also said it is important for opposition political parties and Government to work together to develop the country.
[ Zambia Daily Mail ]


  1. ala bane muleikalafye, ba MMD just tell us what you have done so far. We are fed up of PF this, PF that , Sata this, Sata that nonsense.

  2. No. 2 – MMD can not tell us anything they have done because it’s not there. There just a bunch of Jokers, while this Country needs serious minded people. Donchi Kubeba but ni ZWAAA this year. It’s sad that you can see peoples lives improve in the DRC in the last 4 years than in Zambia. We all need to get fed up of this mediocrity

  3. MMD’s desperation is now disgusting.The person they are accusing hasn’t benefited and they say they have unearthed a scam.MMD chaps are sick.
    uno mwaka ni MICHAEL CHILUFYA SATA come what may.
    Beware of small parties which split votes.


  5. “Empowering pipo with houses” The house has no electricity,there is no road leading to the house,the empowered persons has no jobs,the empowered has no access to Citizen Economic whatever funds,No schools,no hospitals in the area Ba MMD think 1st. Empowerment is a big term and can not be explained or understood by cadres of your calibre. the houses u are talking of were built when RB was in sub A and they are now a danger to human life. Dont take advantage of the poor. God does not rejoice in seeing his creatures suffering.THE HOUR WILL SOON COME for you to feel how others feel when u inflict pain on them.

  6. Daily Lies of Zambia. Why not mention some names only PF officials and yet the one mentioned is not even a PF member! MMD… Its Banda Out and Sata In (BOSI) this year!

  7. These houses have sitting tenants and cannot be sold to any cadre; rubbish story

  8. Listen Banda-MMD even you said Sata stole form shoprites,no turning Banda ,we shall vote him IN.Twaumfwana ?

  9. Dear Bloggers,
    The quality of journalism by the GRZ media is totally below the required standards.It shows you the quality of education provided by the MMD. Kids today do not learn civics, do not sit for form three exams and all MMD is concerned with are numbers.We surely need quality education in our schools if that country has to move on.We just need to ask the education minister how many Lecturers she slept with at Unza to get her degree and do you thik she is concerned with the quality of education if shebelieves there’s ashort cut bu opening legs.Daily mail & Times must be privatised and retrain their staff

  10. Try to read some papers from East African countries and compare them to GRZ papers in terms of substance, quality and depth.In the Uk there are free newspapers which are more informative that all that GRZ crap put together.Those Journalists of GRZ papers can never work outside Zambia, they simply haven’t got the basic skills.I guess the only people buying those papers are GRZ employees and MMD cadres.Best solution is to privatise them and bring in professional and qualified journalists with high standards of reporting.Everyday, we only hear of Mumbi and Lifwekelo being interviewed– nobody else(per MMD instructions)

  11. PF is already corrupt even before they get into office. You can’t always be saying that some media hate you. If you don’t want these stories to come out please behave. It has been the same story at every council controlled by PF, what more if it was PF in poer? We would have gone back to 1964. PF has a lot to prove that they are not a bunch of hungry thieves, starting with Sata who has auctioned tracts of land in Luapula province to service his loans….why didn’t he go to his own home and auction land from his Mpika village??? Even Lusaka district council is still under investigation by ACC. No, PF you will never run this country and don’t blame anybody for it – it is you who have dumped shit in the very well you use for drinking water. You have abused all the good will from people!

  12. How silly! This is called gradual transition. Don’t you guys know that political power needs to be transferred in a smooth way. Things can go wrong if things are not smoothly passed on. Bill Clinton did the same when he left White House. He stole a few, not many, Government assets. It’s a universal trend, except PF members are doing it in the reverse way, starting to steal before they get in there. God knows what they will do on there way out!

  13. Jimbo tomba noko,what is the difference between journos in the pablic media and those loonies at the post. Cant you see that ka George chela is now licking sata’s ass where ever he goes pamo naka ka camera man ka eddie mwanfimofimo.they have been fine tuned to suit membe’s aspirations.so bonse weather public or private media chimo chine

  14. Patriotic F.o….o.l.s, you’re tribal and just popular in the post. you’re a bunch of criminals starting with your satan

  15. Ati “news” lol Welcome to ZNBC main news @ 19:00hrs,the top stories; crap crap crap crap crap.Now the news in detail;shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.To end the “News” a recap of the top stories; crap shit crap shit crap shit crap shit.This has been a presentation of ZNBC main “News” pleasant viewing.Whats so pleasant about that? Zambia Daily Mail leading story;CRAP CRAP CRAP.Times of Zambia leading story;SHIT SHIT SHIT.This is Zambia’s media institutions good luck.

  16. I can smell plander phase III. Tamwakaimone this time. First it was FTJ, now its RB next PF. 4get.

  17. wHAT DO U EXPECT, PF full of broke recycled politicians looking for a second chance to plunder!!! awe twakana,,, ABASH BA KAPONYA !
    Ni chwe chwe chwe chwe chwe chwe chwe PA NKOLOKO CHABE

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