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ZEC calls for calm

Headlines ZEC calls for calm

The Zambia Episcopal Conference-ZEC has called on all Catholics in the country to embrace a calm spirit and an attitude of forgiveness and reconciliation.

ZEC President George Lungu says the dignity of the faithful in Christ is in forgiveness and reconciliation.

Bishop Lungu who is also Bishop of Chipata, also states that Catholic teaching does not promote homosexuality.

He says acts of homosexuality are seriously wrong and sinful.

Bishop Lungu says under no circumstances can homosexual acts be approved.

And Bishop Lungu has stressed that the official position of the Zambian Catholic Bishops is to remain neutral in as far as partisan politics are concerned while concentrating on the prophetic ministry of helping the poor.

This is contained in the Pastoral letter from the Catholic Bishops which was read out in Catholic Churches across the country on Sunday.

Recently, president Rupiah Banda said at no time has he and the MMD government planned to campaign against the Catholic church.

To the contrary, president Banda said government appreciates the role the church plays in the development of the country.

The president said this in a speech read on his behalf by Defence Minister Kalombo Mwansa during the ordination of Bishop Evans Chinyemba as Mongu Diocese bishop.
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  1. Apologise to the Catholic Church and its Priests.
    Dora Siliya and MMD insulted them and Bishop Duffy was threatened by MMD’s Chiko Chibale but Rupiah and his followers were mute.
    Swallow your pride and apologise rather than pretending that all is well.

  2. na imwe ba warrior, are you so pf-daft that you cannot read plain language? the catholic church and the state are simply saying that they are good buddies. the church has also effectively disowned pf and the post who wanted to create the impression that the catholic church is their ally. the catholic church has now categorically stated that they are non-partisan and have publicly disowned the likes of father bwalya (and maybe bishop telephone indirectly) as indisciplined charlatan priests, the shame is on the post and pf actually.

  3. i wonder how father bwalya and father miha are feeling today, those messages from the catholic hierarchy are very strong. the one from the cardinal especially, where he says that the church is a creation of God and that those who deviate from the teachings of Christ will be judged in heaven. i don’t think that we shall hear from father bwalya again!

  4. PF Govt I dearly feel sorry for you. You are MMD cadre and anything that has different point of view from your MMD, you always character assassinate those individuals. As evidence compels me to believe, the injuries that MMD has rushed on Catholic Church will bear fruits that MMD will regret. The Church as a whole is injured and very angry. What the MMD has to remember is there is no political party or Kingdom that has survived from the old days to now that finds happiness in inflicting pain on God’s people. The Catholic has in many cases met with the govt and highlight it concerns regarding the social teachings and how the poor, voiceless and needy are left behind. Jesus spoke against the greed rulers and defended the needy. It is difficult to reconcil and forgive MMD-RB’s govt.

  5. Let the cardinal discipline Mr Bwalya Frank and this foreigner Miha. I have never seen such a disgruntled priest like Fr Bwalya. I have invited Bishop TB JOSHUA to come and cast demons from our confused cregy in Zambia.

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