Jesse is an upcoming Zambian RnB singer. His songs fuse English, Bemba and Nyanja.

KAPA187: Welcome to the interview, for the readers who do not know you, can u tell us a bit about yourself.

JESSE: My full name is Jesse Phiri, born in Lusaka, Zambia, 23 years ago. I am the fourth in a family of 6. Currently, I am a graduate with a Diploma in Insurance and I am also an RnB Artist.

KAPA187: How long have u been doing music and what was your inspiration to start?

JESSE: I started singing solo in church at the age of 6. To be honest, no one really inspired me to start singing. I just remember my mom choosing and helping me to learn songs that I would sing. But of course along the way I developed interest in some well renowned singers such as Mainza Chipenzi and R. Kelly to mention a few, who have inspired me to what I am today.

KAPA187: What is your motto, or advice you live by?

JESSE: In everything that you do, every noble cause that you endeavor, put GOD first and apply your best effort

KAPA187: If you could be any singer in the whole for a day, who would it be and why?

JESSE: I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me because I believe I am a unique and special singer and I delight in what I do.

KAPA187: What has been your biggest achievement since starting your music career?

JESSE: My biggest achievement to date would be reaching the last 5 from 30 contestants of “The Ultimate Slinger Season 2”, a very tough and challenging but educative singing contest. It is a Sling Beats/ZNBC initiative. Unfortunately I had to withdraw from the contest due to circumstances beyond my control.

KAPA187: Do you write your own songs, and do u have any plans of releasing an album?

JESSE: Yes I do write my own songs, I have plans of releasing an album as soon as possible but first I am looking to establish myself in the Zambian music industry as a force to reckon with.

KAPA187: Nakupeza is a nice song. How did it come about?

JESSE: Nakupeza is a concept that I have always had. When I got the beat to the song and wrote, everything just fell in place. I intended Nakupeza to not only be a wedding song but also for anyone who has found ‘the one’.

KAPA187: where do u see yourself in the next 5 years?

JESSE: I see myself as an internationally recognized artist/inspiration/role model with so much to offer to my country.

KAPA187: Do you do any vocal training?

JESSE: I have attained beginner’s level of voice training at the moment. Am awaiting to start intermediate voice training soon.

KAPA187: Where can your fans listen to your music.

JESSE: Facebook/jesse Zambia and reverbnation


Jesse is new to the music industry and hasn’t released a lot of music. A stand out track that has releases is Nikupeza. This is a song for those who have found that special someone.


another good song of his is Nikukonda


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  1. JESSE, have you ever asked your fellow zambian musicians the difference between music and insults?


    • Dont Kubeba ….
      yes i have and thats a growing trend that am gona fight to chnge. When asked, most of them cant even give a straight answer and just end up with the ‘it sells like hot cake’ answer.


  2. I wld lv to listn to his music this guy sounds lyk he knws wat he is doing and belivz in himslf….


  3. i like it all the song from u boy , keep it coming bro . am also producer i lived 8 years in zambia but am thinkin to come one day again there and to bring new musicien whos has talent to work with me


  4. Jesse has a good voice….this is not chileya. I put him in the PJ, JK ranks and he has potential. keep it up young man


  5. k mushota i dont know why people think England is the shit like kamushota after all you live with the brits in a backward society led by the queen so socialistic brits are backwards and snobish common the Apartments are dirty and theres less job diversity come to the States


  6. Ba Lusaka Times usually singers/dancers(Michael Jackson etc) are  called artistes That identifies them from artiists (Picasso, you knoow those who paint or draw)


  7. Thank you so so so much people I’m really humbled and I guarantee you I will work harder. Nakupeza is being redone for my album so it will start getting enough rounds on radio after the album version is done. THANX AGAIN PEOPLE.



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