Remain loyal, RB advises defense forces


President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda has urged members of the Defence forces not to be used by politicians who do not mean well for the country ahead of the elections.

President Banda says defence forces belong to a noble profession which requires them to be loyal to the country and the government of the day.

Mr. Banda says 2011 is a critical year for Zambia and as such men and women in uniform are expected to remain steadfast, focused and resolute in defending the country.

The President was speaking in Kapiri Friday morning when he officiated at a pass out parade of one thousand 1-hundred and 90 recruits for intake 32 at Lukanga Army battle training area.

Mr. Banda assured the men and women in Uniform that government will ensure that the Defence forces are not left out from the positive economic developments the country is enjoying.

President Banda also praised the defence forces for helping alleviate the suffering of civilians during floods that hit some parts of the country last season.

And Army Commander Lieutenant General Wisdom Lopa says the army has not been left-out by the unprecedented levels of development taking place in the country.

General Lopa says the Army has benefited from the Housing empowerment programme with housing units constructed for officers.

He has also appealed to graduating soldiers to remain non-partisan and support the government of the day.
[ ZNBC ]


  1. Is this the same noble profession the Vee Pee considers low caliber? Remember not long ago the Vee Pee disparaged one Panji as not educated despite rising to Colonel in this “noble profession”!

  2. The Egyptian or Tunisian revolutions teach us that the security forces ultimate loyalty is to the country and the citizenry and not the so called govt of the day. RB you are very irrelevant in this equation. You are a Public servant. You are not a Monarch. Ask Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak! You are very dispensable!

  3. #2 Theophilus – Panji was son of Commander-in-Chief at the time, thus naturally raising questions as to whether his rank was purely on merit. Worse still his challenge to the current C-in-C to address him as Col. leaves much to be desired from somebody who ought to know very well that that rank can be revoked by C-in-C as his father did to Gen. Christon Tembo.

  4. Not so long ago the soldiers of Niger took over government in a bloodless coup and have probably been the most democratic leaders in Africa during their reign. Loyalty is to the people and the needs of the people, not to ruling parties. When the government of the day betrays the people, soldiers must do what they must to correct that situation.

  5. @6Adviser

    You seem to so much hate Dr KK and his son , because you are really speaking I’ll of him and Panji,
    Let us respect one another please

  6. Please give respect where its due Col. Panji earned that rank and the uniform not your daft  President Banda who probably even wears that uniform he wore at ZAF base the other day  in the master bedroom to impress his little “sweet 16” young wife!!
    Banda is a caretaker president time for him to go back to the farm to delegate daily chores to his workers!!

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