ECZ ready for nominations – Isaac


All is set for the filing in of nominations for Presidential candidates which starts on Sunday.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia says everything is on course for Sunday’s lodging of Presidential nominations at the Supreme Court for the September 20 polls.

Director Priscilla Isaac says the commission and police have worked out modalities to ensure that party cadres do not engage in physical confrontation during the filing in of nominations.

Ms Isaac has advised Presidential candidates to ensure they carry the necessary documents required for the filing of nominations.

She says only Presidential candidates and the required supporters will have access inside the Supreme Court building for filing in of nominations.

UNIP President Tilyenji Kaunda will be first to lodge in nominations on Sunday followed by the Forum for Democracy and Development -FDD- president Edith Nawakwi.

Later in the afternoon, Zambians for Empowerment and Development –ZED party president Dr Fred Mutesa will lodge in his nomination.

On Monday presidential candidates for the National Restoration party NAREP Elias Chipimo will file in his nomination.

United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema will then file in followed by Ng’andu Magande of the National Movement for Progress –NMP.

The National Revolution Party president Dr Cosmo Mumba, Michael Sata of the Patriotic Front, Charles Milupi of the Alliance for Democracy and Development -ADD- will file in their nominations on Tuesday.

President Rupiah Banda, who is also MMD leader, will file in his nomination of Wednesday.

The Peoples’Redemption Party- PRP and the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement -ZDDM- will file in nominations on Wednesday.

The Heritage Party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda will file in on Thursday.

The United Nationalist Party and Zambian Conservative party will also file in their nominations on Thursday.

The filing of Presidential nominations will close on Friday with the Zambia Progressive Party -ZPP- and Revolution Communist Party – RCP.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- has since restricted entry to the Supreme Court grounds, where Presidential candidates will be filing in nominations to avoid clashes and confusions among political parties.

Only candidates, their 200 supporters, two election agents and three senior party officials will be allowed entry into the Supreme Court grounds during the filing of nominations.

ECZ Director Priscilla Isaac has advised political parties to only carry along people that will support their Presidential nomination.



  1. Well done Priscilla Isaacs! Danny who? Bring on the elections … . You seem more competent that your predeccessor who thought he owned ECZ. Now let the people speak through the ballot and decide who leads Zambia for the next 5 years. Best wishes to the main contenders RB, MCS & HH. As for the other pretenders – EZN, TCK, GKM & CMM please don’t give up; start preparing for 2016 … you never know!

  2. Too much of anything is bad, i believe its only in Zambia where democracy is abused because of power hungry. too much political parties participating in this years election, and we all know that some of this folks will never even be voted to plot one no matter how many times they will try. All we see is that after election they disapear, coz they gat nothing to offer to the people of Zambia but just to spoil the votes. eg Miyanda, Tilyenji list is endless

  3. but why are these 14 other so called presidential candidates wasting the commission’s time, stationary and space? edith, elias godfrey, cosmos fred what is wrong with you? no doubt you are going to rent 200 supporters, kuyipa pa menso!

  4. Sata is shifting his campaign strategy just like a mother changes her baby’s diaper every too often. The PF configuration is simply so dead to resurrect or turbo charge itself back to life. No amount of “spare parts” can bring back PF to align itself going into the election.

    The Bogus Prophet made a mistake by allowing “The M5 Curtail” to stand on the pulpit and become his voice of hate. By that, I mean The M5 Curtail are: Mpompo, Masebo, Mulongoti, Mmembe and Mbita. (Residues or rejects from MMD)

    You cannot send the message to the voters by allowing those that are driven by Malice, Hate, Lies and twisting the truth that Zambians can see on the ground as far as progressive development is concerned.

  5. The fall from grace if at all, does not draw closer as a surprise to those that have followed Sata’s political life for decades, unless you were born yester-years

    The truth of the matter is, Sata is ill. PF is still struggling to find candidates when all long Sata has been calling RB to announce elections and pretending to be ready.

    It was just two weeks ago when Fred False Mmembe, realized and admitted to his confidant workforce at The Post that the boat is sinking so fast for PF. That coming from the Mmembe speaks volumes, but he has to put up a brave face to cover his pride

    Above all let the real men and women go out and fight it out. My big money is on MMD and seconded UPND as tangible opposition party to bring sanity and balanced debates in parliament.

  6. People in western province are very annoyed with Mr.Charles Milupi. some spoken to said, they do not understand why he is standing to be a president when he knows he hasno chance and is falling to join HH together with  his cousin the vice president of UPND Zaza Simenda. They told us, they will teach him a lesson so that in future he does not make such mistake again. In western province the battle is between UPND and MMD. They told us that Inonge is nothing PF and she will be chased just like how SAKWIBA was, when he was blindly made vice president to sata. In HH atleast, we have a tireless warrior, capable of defeating some of the tired brains.

  7. We are not foolish,after that shooting you think western will give a MMD a vote.Here it is PF and UPND and the killers MMD.oUR People aare in prison in mumbwa,you think we like it.Let BO BAnda come here for his public meetings and you will see.He can not even steep without bring back with our dead ones

  8. Let the games begin….
    First defeat on monday for PF with the court case…. RB might as well start his victory parade on Wednesday..

  9. Apart from last minute dash projects like roads and clinics, show us one major development project undertaken by this MMD GRZ in the last 20 yrs that is for the benifit of the country ? there is none ! in that 20 yrs zambia has produced billions of dollars in minerals yet we cant even print ballot papers. It is time for change

  10. No 9

    Former US President Richard Nixon once said the biggest skill in politics is timing.Thats the biggest skill SATA lacks. The timing of the court case just passed the winning goal to RB

    MMD does not need to show you projects for 20 years… you are misunderstanding politics. Its all about timing. Thats why Obama ordered the killing of Osama at a particular time not any other. Thats why Bush went to war in Iraq and Afg at a particular time. Politics is not a science its an art. The art to win. Unfortunately Bwana Sata does not have it.

    MMD 4 : PF 0

  11. # 10- Ba Engineer who told u Obama timed the killing of Osama B. Laden.Stop misleading yr self.If u are ignorant of the history of OSB hunting and killing just zip up!!!

  12. No 11 am surprised you are in the USA and can not read the fact that the marines knew about Osama a month before… i guess its a case of another dull Zambian we can excuse u

  13. Ba Engineer there u go again-displaying yr ignorance -the Marines had nothing -NOTHING to do with the search and killing of OSB.He was hunted by special forces and the CIA but killed by a SEALS team.Read widely plse.

  14. # 10
    The majority of Zambians vote with their stomachs, timing and all those ploys are meant for advanced places like the west. All Zambians see is poverty, unemployment and skyhight food prices with the majority unable to afford anything in those shopping malls, an MMD legacy.
    The fact remanis 90% of Zambians remain poor and have been so for the past 20 MMD yrs. This vote is about changing the status quo.

  15. No 15

    I guess you do not know that the SEALS are part of the marines like commandos are part of the army …  i can not exchange words with a F.O.O.L from Libala people might not notice the difference

  16. #
    16- Thanks .

    But unfortunately our Engineer is incapable of seeing the larger picture 4 him/her everything starts and ends with RB/MMD.

  17. No 19.

    Indeed you got it right for me its RB/MMD i can not let my beloved country in the hands of Call Boyz.
    The do not even know which court to take a case….
    Mwana uno mwaka ni 4:0

  18. Ba Engineer u ve messed up my saturday. That PF took the case to a wrong court is Eric Silwamba s opinion-lets wait to hear what the judge will say.
    Where did u do yr engineering coz am shocked at how u get exicited with little infor.

  19. No 22 

    I will buy you a whisky on Monday if you win. I do not need Eric Silwamba to teach me Law 101 to know that you took the case to the wrong court. It will be thrown out on Monday

  20. Ba Engineer u said am a fool from Libala so how can u buy me whisky-the people of my class drink nkwazi beer.Secondly u smartly glossed over my point i didnt say PF will win the case.Even my daughter knows that it will b thrown out regardless of wheather it has merit or not.Bye ba Engineer need 2 start preparing 4 wrk.

  21. @22, So you are not yet convinced that the PF case is ill conceived? Just consider this, how does a properly trained lawyer sue the National Secretary of MMD for adopting RB? How would the poor National Secretary know that the candidate who was elected and adopted by his party members, RB is not a Zambian? That is a matter for the Supreme Court.

  22. this lady priscilla isaacs looks like a filipino, is the ECZ also run by a foreigner? whats wrong in zambia, all important institutions are run by foreigners.

  23. I would not be surprised that the PF lawyers, Winter Kabimba and Chola Chama, have failed to make written submissions to the court today. Do they even know how to do it? Can they meet the deadline? Chola Chama, official watering hole Camp David, Garden Compound Lusaka, registered office Garden Compound Lusaka.

  24. 25 Tony Blair

    I think its about time we named this F00L Independent Observer. He is a black Zambian based in the UK. He is an Investment Banker, made his millions similar to the way HH did by Acquisitions & Mergers but he does it in UK. He is friends to former Spice Girls & Radio DJ (Emma Bunton), Supper Model Naomi Campbell who he has done some Charity Work with, as well as Entrepreneur Lord Alan Sugar ( BBC Apprentice ) I think money is stinking in his pockets.

  25. Witness @ 9; Schools and clinics cannot be built in 90 days. RB commissioning these means they have been in the pipeline for years. The Lusaka General Hospital cannot be said to be a last minute development. Even roads cannot be done in 90 days; you have to survey the terrain and do soil sampling; thereafter you have to do a tender process after which those that win the tender have to mobilise their equipment. All of this takes no less than six months. Give credit where it is due- RB has brought about development.

  26. Even the stadium has been completed, at least we ca now boast of having one of the best staduis in Africa. Mind you all this did not start 90 days ago. It has been planned a long time ago. I know most of us dont like Rb but he has performed better that chiluba. And certainly you can not compare him to MCS. Be it academic wise or the positions that he has held in his life. The gist of the matter here is not wether someone is zambian or not but wether his is able to performe and come up with bright ideas to move this country forward. After all Obama’s father was not born in US but have you head this crap about who was born were, they like him not because of creed or race or anything but because he has demostrated that he can do the job and righlty so in a civilised manner full of decorum.

  27. # 31 Tweedledum
    There is no tender process. RB and his sons give out the work to realetives like they own the country. Just recently RBs brother in law was contracted through his front SA companies to do roads in mumbwa and eastern province.

  28. #33 witness: Lies, deception, innuendos, petty jealousies etc as espoused by the PF and PF are no longer effective campaign tools. Zambians are no longer gullible, they ask themselves: “If PF claims that there is so much plunder and theft of national resources are true, how come there is so much development? How come there is so much food? How come there are so many schools, hospitals, roads, etc being built? Where does the money come from if PF claims that all of it has been stolen by RB and his sons? Can one be barred form doing business like any other citizen if your father happens to be Rupiah Banda? Is business correct only when you are a Mmembe or a Sata or their relatives?”. Zambians have no respect for Post propaganda anymore.

  29. Good afternoon

    This is the second time we’re commenting on presidential elections on this site and somehow, I have a strange feeling that things might just stay the same after September 20th.

    Watching things from afar, the opposition has not done enough to convince Zambians that they are a better alternative to the current leadership. And going by the number of articles and comments on the site, we are in a muddle about what the alternative to a change of government is. And I hate to say this but history has shown that whenever there’s a muddle about what the absolutely correct choice is, a lot of people will make no choice at all and retain what they already have. This speaks strongly for MMD.

    But as I said, I’m only watching things from afar – so I stand to be corrected.

  30. Witness #33

    Who do you think believes your nonsense. Petty jealous will never take you anywhere. There are tender procedures in Zambia and that is not to say that corruption does not exist. RB’s children like all Zambians are entitled to participate in the economy.

    Have you stopped to think that RB’s childreen are just entreprenerial.

    Just stop sitting on your hands and get stuck in as well. You can complain and lie to the moon, but that won’t put money in your pocket.

    You sound like a bitter undereducated person.
    GROW UP.

  31. Nine Chale #37

    You are spot on and you watching from far.

    And the opposition especially the PF and Mr. Sata are in a mess. They are still struggling to find parliamentary candidates.

    They won’t admit this of course. They take a case to the wrong court that already has a precedent.

    What a MESS?

  32. # 37 Bakulu
    In March RB met directors from Nyati, a south african construction company who were subsiquently awarded road contracts in E.province. This was for his brother inlaw.
    In June York farm in makeni was to negociate for 100 hectors of their farm to be released to city council for redistribution, this land has since been bought by the Bandas. So you see i do know what i am talking about.


  34. For those that can pray without leaning to Political affliations but instead would pray for justice and righteousness to prevail in Zambia, elections included. Please pray for the Judiciary in Zambia, Justice Ireen Mambilima, Priscilla Isaac, EFZ, the printing company in South Africa for the fear of the Lord to prevail because everyone will give an account to God for everything that was done in this life. May whatever responsibilities they have been entrusted with be done unto the Lord and not unto men. God bless Zambia and God bless the 2011 elections.

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