Opening of Lusaka General Hospital in Pictures


This week President Rupiah Banda officially commissioned the multi-billion Kwacha Lusaka General hospital with a pledge to continue improving health care delivery in all parts of the country.

The President announced the government’s allocation of K52 billion to the Ministry of Health in this year’s budget for the recruitment of health workers.

President Banda said that the government had opened a new Medical School at the Copperbelt University to train more medical doctors and dental surgeons.

The President further said that the introduction of new training programmes such as direct entry for mid wives and the parallel enrolment scheme for clinical officers have led to a significant improvement in the number of health workers in the country.

Below are some of the pictures of the opening ceremony


MMD Cadres at the opening ceremony of Lusaka Hospital
MMD Cadres at the opening ceremony of Lusaka Hospital


President Rupiah Banda with Vice President George Kunda and Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Wusiao at the opening ceremony of Lusaka Hospital
President Rupiah Banda with Vice President George Kunda and Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Wusiao at the opening ceremony of Lusaka General Hospital


President Rupiah Banda and Vice President George Kunda at the Opening of Lusaka General Hospital
President Rupiah Banda and Vice President George Kunda at the opening of Lusaka General Hospital


Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Wusiao hands over the giant Key to President Banda
Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Wusiao hands over the giant Key to President Banda


President Banda Receives the giant key giant
President Banda receives the giant key


President Banda cutting the ribbon
President Banda cutting the ribbon


President Banda unveils a placard
President Banda unveils a placard


Medical personnel at the opening ceremony of Lusaka General Hospital
Medical personnel at the opening ceremony of Lusaka General Hospital


President Banda chatting to a medical staff the new Hospital
President Banda chatting to staff at the new Hospital


President Banda having a chat with the nursing staff of the new Lusaka general Hospital
President Banda having a chat with the nursing staff of the new Lusaka general Hospital


President Banda and his entourage inside the operating theatre of the new Lusaka General Hospital
President Banda and his entourage inside the operating theatre of the new Lusaka General Hospital


  1. No 1
    I assume you are blind you can not see the nurses in the picture… its requires a bit of thinking before fingers on your computer key board

      Staff meeting a president in a presidential tour do not equal to staff tendinding to ur broken leg in a motor vehicle accident. Nurses do no equal doctors, just as mechanics do not equal mechanical engineers. just what has RB done to warrant ur so called success? as an engineer, which u claim to be, you will kno these projects were planned long before RB was resurrected from doldrums by Mwanawasa. You will also be smart enough to see that the so called hospital is no where near functioning, the ceremony is a mare campaing gymic by ur esteemed country man for a vote from the uneduacted, ill informed/ manipulable electorate…………..hope u r not one such.

  2. Lest just give credit were its due… our country is developing. So many african countries a very far from achieving what Zambia has achieved. Try to travel in some of the african countries and you will realise that Zambia is heaven.

    • Zambia will never be heaven because heaven is the holy dwelling of God. Please dont trivialise holy things. Whats your problem mwebantu. Lesa akesamikanda imwe please

  3. This is development only Pa Fwaka can not appreciate this,Welldone MMD you are moving the country forward indeed.Nafuti,nafuti RB,MMD!

  4. #2 I think number 1 explains why pf supporters deny that there is development taking place in Zambia. They simply cant see what is right in front of them which also goes to explain why they cant see the unsuitability of Satan for the presidency.

    #3 Are you not the same b.uffoon who yesterday predicted a landslide victory for the mad thug Satanzania over several posts yesterday? Seems like you are just as inconsistent as the adulterer you support.

    • Why are you just sooo mean? You just cant express your opinion without cursing somebody? Why is it that anyone posing a different view than yours must be an adulterer or a thug> Come on man! You can do better. Take out that hate it’s not good for you….ONE LOVE!

  5. Ba Ebgineer i agree with u-4 once-that our country is ahead of many other african countries.But given our potential we can do/achieve much more.We shouldnt be content with ka donkyo.Viva change.Viva PF.

  6. # 7, I have no time to respond to your insults. If I made a prediction of one particular candidate to win the election, why cant you also make a counter argument based on your own independent analysis. I am sure you are not trying to deny me the right of expressing my opinion free on a democratic space like this forum. Only empty heads resort to vulgar language and emotional language. If you push me to use the same language you seem to be throwing on me, I will be worse and you will end be getting hurt. Let’s be more sober as will debate our national politics. 

  7. I agree with Maimai. It is obvious # 7 has gone off side. Let us use our heads to debate not buttocks. It looks like # 7 is drunk with his mother’s menstrual blood. You go and play with your wife’s clitoris man if you are not ready for critical debates on this forum. What is stopping you from making your own prediction and stop insulting Maimai? It doesnt mean that is we live in the diaspora we have no right to contribute to what is happening back home. 

    • alifwa uyo what credit when living people carried on the works Levy initiated? mwaba shani akalijo against RB kanshi!?

  8. painting the hospital’s exterio white? mamamamama those patients that like washing utensils pa window should stop. it looks clean but how i wish they had painted it peach.

  9. # 15, you are simply implying that you wish Mwanawasa left these kind of projects in all the nine provinces so that the likes of RB officially open them and steal credit. This is the initiative of young Patrick’s late father.

  10. Does this hospital have a Chinese Manda Manda repair and service section too?

    Who is going to clean the glass above the entrance? Looks to me like a high risk monthly job
    Watch the mess after 6 months. Terrible designing works!

  11. Why are pf so predictable? Now this is a project of Mwanawasa who has been dead for over three years! What party did Mwanawasa belong to kansi? Was it pf or MMD? First we are told that RB is betraying Levy’s legacy, now we are being told that he is finishing off Levy’s projects? MMD is not a dictatorship unlike your stupid party which up to now has not come up with a list of parliamentary candidates and yet you buffo.ons such as #8 still believes in the 90 days miracle. Pathetic indeed.

    • we need change.dont settle for less please!why cant we all realise that more money is going out than being retained,why should investors dictate to us.Our resources are perishable,let us guard jelously so that we fill our proud and support sound policies coz they are wat affects your wellbeing.

  12. The sign looks so cheap…Blue paint on tin walls.

    Is that the standard of Chinese works?
    No emblem for Zambia?

    Atleast when the new government is formed they can improve the sign and remove the simple Blue MMD colors.

  13. #10 Why are you so sensitive? I am just highlighting the fact that you are as inconsistent as the buff.oon you support, that is all. I know it really hurts you when you see development in Zambia because it means that the chances of the old snake getting to plot 1 lessen. Well, the hospital is finished and is there on Great East Road in all of it’s white shining glory for all to see whilst Sata cant even come up with a list of parliamentary candidates at this late hour. Maybe, what the late Chiluba said about Satan being functionally illiterate like most of his supporters is true after all.

  14. #20 Actually, the progress taking place in Zambia yakunyokola ku khosi iwe chakuti ukangiwa na ku pema. Pitani uko mukamu udze silu wanu Satana kuthi ife tamukana kale! Sakafikako ku state house ndikamtima kake kaja kodwala dwala.

  15. 16.

    Look at my name.
    Can’t you see the slap in the face for Sata?….”Mad Sata” fan – The man is not sane,

    I know this was Levi’s project but also if MMD were any good for the past 20 years they would have had one built in every province instead of stealing funds for mansions and huge farms.

    It’s a slap in the face to both the dinosaurs who will never change Zambia.
    Do not vote for P.F or MMD this year.

  16. No. 26….you suprise any right thinking mind. If Banda is that ugly as you put it, what about Sata? I will not say much about Sata’s looks……

  17. #26: What uglyness are you talking about. The man is just ok. Actually, he is handsome its just old age now. Look at the likes of Mandela the way they look now you would wonder how they managed to convince the Winnie.

  18. Ok but fi p.f finshi mufwaya kanshi,nothing is good to you guys!for you it’s owes negativity lyonsefye,guys learn to give credit were it’s due noti utwakufwailikisha Evn wen d guy has done something!nowonder tamwakateke your hearts are js too bitter you saddists!

  19. #32 I agree completely with your sentiment. Nothing ever pleases these guys. Instead of celebrating the country moving up from least developed status to middle income, they complain. Bumper harvest they dont want to know. Schools, roads and hospitals being built ati its Mwanawasa or you are just politicking. Low inflation, they will say (in all seriousness) that you cant eat inflation like they dont buy food with money. They say there is no democracy within MMD and yet Masebo who claims to be hated by RB was voted in Women’s Chair for the party but see nothing wrong in having the first and only  pf convention in 10 years where no single ballot was cast and where Satana who has lost 3 elections was unopposed!

  20. the PF has turned into a secret society. first they failed to publish the list of ‘elected’ MCCs after their sham convention. now they are failing to publicly state who will stand as MPs. olo ni donchi kubeba!?

  21. hahahahaha, cadres are fighting on the forum, the campaigns are heating up….wina azalila. I will support the one who will emerge the winner be it Fred Mutesa, Nawakwi, the General, HH, RB, Sata, Siulapwa or Chipimo. Good Luck all.  I will be back on this forum on September 20 during which time results will be trickling in from across the country. I will have my champagne ready on my side to toast after one candidate will be declared winner. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS YOU. ALUTTA CONTINUA.   

  22. Big – upT to the late President LPM who initiated the building of this hospital. M.H.S.R.I.P.Such good works need to be applauded by all true citizens who are hungry or development.

  23. I love this space but the insults make me sick.What is the LT doing about this thing of involving mothers ,blood ,,,why?
    Someone should come up with the school of manners for God’s sake.Let us just ask ourselves if Ministers and other higher officials will stop going abroad for medical treatment and then from there we’ll ask ourselves whether this is a Hospital enough or needs 50 years to be upgraded into hospital.Actually apart from nurses and clinical officers do we have doctors on these pictures?Is it as equiped as milpark in SA?Are we having necessary drugs or already in shortage or maybe Chinese Traditional medicine?Anyways thank you all who are given the mandate to run state affairs.A Big thank you to our chinese friends for making us smile. No time to thank individuals.

  24. Colleagues the sooner you wake up and see the progrss, the better. Don’t be confused by MaiMai and others that lack even the barest of reasoninging. This Namakando you so lustfully follow shall take you nowhere with his propaganda. Maimai, you seem to be a little more intelligent than no.25, 21, 18. And other clowns.

  25. For everyone who commenting VIVA MMD, That is a very small crowd for a president going into elections opening a general hospital. Worse still they are all clad in new MMD gear which means they may have also just been shipped there. I think we should all be concerned and pray for RB for this coming election without uslessly commeting that his doing fine.


  26. What is this nuisance we hear that the new hospitals being commissioned dont have enough manpower. All being done is hift them from here and there to show that the system is working. Can some one from Ndeke House shade light on this matter.

  27. #19. You are useless and stupid . You think like a mad dog. You are not zambian kachikala kachabe chabe. Stupid stupid you are eating with the MMD. Tizaona after 20th september. Lesa talala

  28. #43 From your reaction I can tell I have touched a nerve. I guess the truth hurts. Under MMD we are all eating in Zambia – bumper harvest. Under pf only Bemba kaponyas will have anything to eat.

  29. Congratulations on the new hospital but as for the medical school at the copperbelt university, shame on you. We have not seen the buildings. There are no laboratories, no lecture rooms and no offices for staff. They are busy trying to displace boimedical students at Ndola cetral hospital so as to grab the space. This is when they are trying to design and build the new school in Ndola. The whole thing is just circus. I understand thay have even enrolled first years to be squezzed in the already congested infrastructure in Kitwe. What a country.

  30. I totally support #43. Iwe #44 you need to Go back to school, What bumper harvest, if the bag of mealie meal is still PRICED at the same price it waz, the time when there was no bumper harvest of yours and your MMD. Is it the MMD who bring rains, you should say think you to the lord for giving us good rains. So please do not be cheated, look at the future of this country. Lets stop this thinking of WAMUYAYAYA MMD. For sure if you are a true ZAMBIAN, think twice. Be wise! Gudday

  31. Someone said that MMD has built 1 hospital in 20 years while UNIP built many, but this silly person doesn’t realise that UNIP started with PLUS $3 billion in 1964 (including a UK grant of £3 million) and ended with MINUS $7 billion in 1990. MMD started with MINUS $7 billion in 1991 and now has PLUS $2.5 billion. The FIRST national development plan was drawn up in 1962 by the Kaunda led UNIP/ANC coalition government. In 1968 the SECOND plan was to nationalise and from then on, it was down hill all the way.

  32. #45 Umuntu
    A university is not a building. For several years, the Ridgeway campus laboratories were gutted in the 1980s, students still studied Physiology and Biochemistry without labs and Zambia still produced the finest world class doctors who are scattered all over the world now, doing very well in their fields. Medicine laboratory is the patient. To study medicine without the patient is like to sail the sease without a compass.

  33. #46 If you read widely instead of drinking katata all day you would know that the price of mealie meal has fallen in Zambia. Zambia is one of the few African countries where the food price is coming down. If you think that all it takes to have a bumper harvest is heavy rains then no wonder you are gullible or is it st.upid enough to believe that an adulterous, tribalist, buff.oon like Satana can bring paradise to your lazy in 90 days.

  34. Call it what you want, election ploy,photo opportunity or real development. It does not matter critics will always be there in a country of free speech. This is a working government exactly what people want to see. RB is a sober, thoughtful president who does not overreact even in situations of worst provocation as we have seen in recent past. The Hopistal will be there for all long after RB and his govt have departed the scene. September elections is a no contest for electorates with rational minds. One is a true leader, the other is cadre and hardcore yob. Who do you honestly vote for? Come on Zambia, its a no brainer!

  35. The only chronic illness Zambia suffers from is the lack of maintenance. You can have all the wonderful buildings, but if you cannot maintain them, its almost amounts to nothing. If government resources cannot sustain the cost of maintenance, as we have seen in the past, Lets Explore Public Private Partnerships (PPP) or contracting out. This is how most countries in the east and west have managed their frastructure dating from as early as 17th century. Entering in one of them in London or Berlin today, you would think it was erected yesterday. Certainly, Zambia needs that, It does not cost a fortunate to put the right policies in place but the lack of them.

  36. At 48 the saint, I agree with you but before medical students can begin to use the patient as a lab they have to do biology and chemistry labs and these facilities are not just there. CBU at the moment is over congested. Go there are see for your self. Some students stand in lectures because there is no more space. Is this what you are supporting? Its sad that we have people like you who think that things should be done the way they were done in federal governments.

  37. At 52, I totally agree with you that PPP is an option worth considering but it wont work in Zambia because of obvious reasons that you and I know: Lack of political will on the side of government to support investors, lack of committment and lack of transparency. These are factors that make PPPs to succeed. current PPPs projects in zambia have been a failure like RSZ. those that seem to be operating well like kasumbalesa border and kamwala markets are facing serious revenue and concession risks

  38. Well done MMD and RB.We need more developmental projects in Zambia.I wish a Zambian company was given the contract to build the hospital.

  39. Ba engineer (australia) be real those nurses were given the uniforms for parading the previous day.they dnt work there.Did you see any doctors there,get facts you will be ashamed.we dont just criticise the hospital is wonderful but there is no staff go there today.

  40. This hospital was soley funded and builty by the chinese government. They are building 19 more such hospitals across Africa not just in Zambia. Just like FIFA Football houses all over Africa. This MMD government shudnt take credit for it!..ati ‘your money at work’…my foot! ..bufi..its chinese taxpayers money….

  41. I do not think the lack of will to involve private enterprise in managing public infrastrusture is as much of a problem as understanding its detailed concept.I do not entirely blame politicians for that. PPP and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) are fresh ideas in New Public Management (NPM) such that in even Great Briatain implementation only began towards the end of the Thatcher years but fully exploited during the Blair years.Where the concept has been applied in mid and low income countries,it has proved popular and there is no looking back. South Africa instance,utilised the idea to harness resources and expertise for the 2010 FIFA world Cup and beyond.To have such success in Zambia, professional civil service needs to be left alone to do its job, free from govt and its politics.

  42. Ala ni ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………!!! Donci kubeebbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Viva Pf!!

  43. Donci kubeebbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Viva pa Bwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

  44. No. 57, the idea is not to conceed defeat. Any new idea will be subject to scruitiny and sometimes skeptical reception. This pattern of behaviour is everywhere around world. Its about persistence of those who sell the idea that success finally hinges on. If Bangladesh with unimaginable corruption in public official echelons can succeed at this, Zambia should excel. But lets not forget that overratching interference and paranoia of some political leaders can never help build such good ideas.That’s why technocrats in the Civil Service must be isolated in every sense of the word from government. They are there to provide continuity even when an elected parliament and ultimately cabinet ceases to exist as is the case at present.

  45. Ala cino caaka, ni donci kubeebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………!!! Viva Pf!!

  46. Naine ndi mu Bwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………!!! Osa labila………………..!!! pa Bwatooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Viva Pf!!

  47. @ 21 my dear its fast tracking at itrs best. i was there wen it was being put up,its a banner. 2pipo hav so far died n de mortuary is not functional.

  48. Donci kubeebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viva pa Bwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  49. No. 62,China is not benevolent state,therefore cannot just build a hospital in Zambia for nothing. These are coorperating partners on the same page implementing tangible agreements.Give credit where it is due. Not so long ago, Michael Sata made Mwanawasa a subject of ridicule and literal punch bag,calling him names-Chinese Cabbage and the like.Given the despicable behaviour, would the Chinese have come to Zambia if Sata was president?Direct foreign investments from China would still be 90 day pipe dream.The thought of Sata still lurking the political scene for the highest office defies sanity.I understand he is founder of a political party,fair enough. The man simply possesses none of it.Lacks substance, brains, health,personality, diplomacy, education the list goes on.Plot 1,God forbid!

  50. This year ni sabmarine…mwibeba ba MMD…ni Dont kubeba…………..Mwamukolo……………………………………………………………………

  51. what looking and bad looking face as to do with your life as zambians. wait age will bring you to that ugly looking face also

  52. As much as we appreciate any development to our mother country Zambia, I think the President should concentrate on the entire country’s damaged economy more especially the unproductive Copperbelt. Throwing up a party like that, simply shows that the President has got nothing More important to do. With due respect Mr President, leave and deligate those resposibilities to Permanent secretaries and MP’s.

  53. An appeal to LT,please ensure that all comments are moderated. We can not allow insults to be said and published openly like that,that is un Zambian.People that access this page are of different ages, it will be a great embarrassment to discover that the person you insulted actually is your in-law.Please let all learn to debate responsibly and maturely for the sake of posterity.

  54. The Hopital look nice but why put something nice on crap? we need to pay attension to detail – Landscaping should include the area accessing the hospital and the roads that lead to it. What’s with the huge ditch leading towards the hospital? you can imagine what this will be like during the rain season. Please GRZ, please do your bit, we can not leave everything to the Chinese to do for us.

  55. I like pic 7, it’s like RB is telling us that it never crossed his mind that one day he was going to be President of Zambia and have an inscription about his status in the nation on a Hospital Building! That’s life, we cannot know anything about the future except when God reveals it.

  56. There are no beds in the wards that is why there are no pics. This is just an election gimmic by RB and his Gang of looters. This is infact an unfinished hospital,. is this all MMD can come up with after Zambia has produced billions of dollars in minerals in the last 20 yrs.

  57. Lessons to learn from bloggers like 23 DRC? Nothing!!!Absolutely nothing, name speaks for itself. Credit to one who finished the project. Its kinda like President Clinton’s economic success being credited to George Washington. Chinese donation or whatever, credit goes to the govt of the day. The successor has maintained continuity. Bloggers just trashing the project by its design need to realize that the poor Zambians with no computer access/not living in some foreign country with better infrastructure could care less – its at least a step up from mobile clinics. Anything RB does is negative, bet, if this structure was Sata’s doing, then, same hospital would be perceived a Sata ‘s prowess. Health costs need to be shared with GRZ  for better staffed & paid staff – Free has its downside.

  58. 77..still the MMD shudnt be sayin our money our governement at work, coz it certainly isnt our money! your mmd governement didnt put even a khobo for that hospital!

  59. great we need more hospitals and doctors bt why is this chinese funded ?…..what has the government been doing with the nations funds !? gov. must now look for people to operate this hospital and keep our nurses and doctors in the country 

  60. I blieve that the govt will employ our doctors and nurses and even look into their salaries to attract even the ones in private to join the public. I hope that Zambians will learn to keep this hospital to their best and treasurer the new equipment which are there.:x

  61. Patients rights should be well published. Plse ba RB remember to promote NURSE-PATIENT good relationship it really matters alot.

  62. This is a step in the right direction. Im proud of my country. Only PF cannot see.They need visual assessment followed by brain examination. One funny thing is they parrot watever comes out of the venomous mouth of their god Sata. Terms like Under5 in reference to UPND Prez HH, Donchi Kubeba,Cabbage refering to LPM,the list goes on. They might as well be called muppets. Use ur brains pls.

  63. # 26 you are a blood foooool; only an ***** reasons like you, mind you your thinking is more ugly than mr. sata,s face. we appreciate the development going on but, some comments are not matching with the storry at stake. be rational

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