Without a doubt the most worked on body part for men has to be the arms , the biceps in particular. It is practically impossible to walk into any gym and find that no one is working on their biceps. You may ask ” If it is so popular ,then how come not many people have huge arms?”  Two things;

technique- It is very important to have the correct technique , otherwise you risk injuring  yourself.

commitment- If you don’t see the results you were wishing for , don’t give up , building muscle takes time . Just be consistent and positive minded.


In order to fully work on your biceps you will need access to weights. If you do not have any and are not a member of a gym , you have to be innovative and use some simple house hold items.  For example you can fill an empty 2 litre container with water , close it tight and use it as a makeshift dumbbell. You can also fill the bottle with sand to increase the weight.


Given the main role of the biceps is elbow flexion, the logical movement for stimulating the most amount of muscle in this region is the curl, and the most basic of all the curling movements is the standing barbell version, universally known as the greatest biceps exercise ever. If you are at home you can use a broom stick . Tie water bottles to each end of it.

How it is done;

  • Hold bar with a shoulder-width grip, with arms straight towards the floor and elbows locked an inch from your sides.
  • Curl weight towards the chest, while keeping the elbows and back fixed.
  • Contact the biceps as the bar reaches the front of the chest.
  • Resist weight as it slowly lowers to the floor for a full stretch.


  • For beginners start with small weights to get the range of motion correct.
  • Lift the bar up and down slowly to really target the biceps.


This is a simple yet effective exercise.  By alternating, you can focus maximal intensity on each arm separately.

How it is done;

  • grab two dumbbells (or water bottles) and hold them down at your sides, arms straight, palms facing your body. keep your elbows tucked into your sides as soon as you start curling.
  •  start the movement with a hammer curl position ( that is your palms facing your side), then as the dumbbell clears your body, begin to rotate it so that at the end of the movement, your palms are facing your head.
  • Once you lower the dumbbell back to the starting position, start curling with the next arm.


  • Start with smaller weights then steadily increase after time.
  • Keep your elbows tight to your side and curl up slowly.


These are one of the best mass building bicep exercises . By keeping your hands close together and focusing on your biceps to lift your body, you will be essentially doing body weight curls.

There is a big difference between pull ups and chin ups. While pull ups are good for your arms and back, close grip chin ups concentrate more on the biceps.

How it is done;

  •  find a straight bar that you can comfortably reach from a standing position. Grip the bar with an underhand grip (your palms should be facing you). Keep your hands a short distance apart; they should be right outside your chin on either side.
  •  Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar , then go back down. That is one rep , do as many as you can.
  • Make sure your chin goes right over the bar , even if you can just do a few reps , it is ok . After sometime you will be able to do more.



  1. Thanks for letting us know the very basics on arm work out, LT. When asked which part of the male body they look at first, most women will say “the arms”. That’s because every woman longs to be in the arms of a man – so make sure those arms are strong enough to make her feel secure. Just saying…;)

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  3. KAPA187, thanks for a very informative article.  I wish you had stressed the importance of number of clean reps & sets to target for.

  4. what is the period of time that the muscles can be allowed to relax because i work out everyday and i am not so sure if this is right :-?

    • Ema, I have also asked this question to several people before and I always get different anwers each time. think there’s really no general rule for everyone, you simply take a break when your body signals to you that you need one. In my opinion, muscles start relaxing the very momment they cease being trained, so you can keep hitting them over and over again without trouble depending on your health condition and stamina.

      PS:: However, even in physical exercise, the sabathical rule of 6 days you work and on the 7th day you rest is also relevant!

  5. @ ema super it depends how heavy the weights ur doing for example do 12 reps of 5kg dumbbells with 30-1 minute rest period then start the next set for a higher weight 7kg do 6 reps and rest fo 1 to 4 minute as its harder so the harder the weight ur trying to push the more time you need to rest. As for resting each day i recommend you work on 1 group a day e.g one day chest , shoulders , abs other day arms ,triceps and biceps. you should aim to workout a minimum 3 days a week 

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