16 year old girl arrested for dumping baby


Police in Mongu arrested a 16 year old girl of Mulambwa compound in Mongu district for allegedly dumping her baby in the toilet after delivering.

Western Province Police Commanding Officer Fanwell Siandenge confirmed the incidence in Mongu recently.

Mr. Siandenge said the juvenile who is currently admitted to Lewanika General Hospital was noticed by her uncle who later reported the case to the Police.

He said the girl has since being charged with one count of child distraction and will appear in court soon.

The Commanding Officer has also appealed to members of the public to report all suspected child distraction cases to the police and warned that police will not hesitate to bring book anyone found wanting.


  1. Plz dont gail her, most lady bloggers here have aborted before or the guys have encouraged their galfriends to abort. some1 is guilty

  2. Very sad story. What is required is good counselling for that girl to get to the bottom of what caused her to abort so that an intervention can be designed. The least she needs right now is an unsympathetic insistence on police charges and jails. The police should concetrate on preventing violence between political cadres!!!

  3. And who’s the owner of pregnancy, if he was concerned the would’nt have done that, iwe ciwishi camwana where are you?

  4. This is a test for the Police. We wonder how they shall handle a delicate case like this one since what we know is that the Zambia Police uses very bad methods os interogation. Are they going to be beating the young girl, or are they going to be threatening the gal when extracting information?. What kind of cell are they locking her in?. This is more of a phsycological case that a physical one, and we need properly trained Police Officers, not these quarks like Kabonde who says threatening violence is not a crime! Shit!!

  5. Ba Buju; #3 has a good answer for you. Its a tragic incidence that should not be resolved through courts; help the mother realise the importance of the child. When you look at the age: 16; she is a child too. Mercy on her, please. Amen

  6. When PF come to power on 23rd september when SATA will be declared winner, such cases will not go to court its instant justice, the judicial system will not be overloaded with simple and straight forward cases. The father should work hard and replace the kid soonest.

  7. #4 Terrible reporting…am sure the child passed…The mother no doubt was in distress, it doesnt make it right…this is a tough one for the judge, sixteen and all…WHERE IS THE MAN that made her pregnant? He too should appear…am sure he told her shit like, ‘ you got the baby, so keep it!’…and he is just maybe 17…this is indeed a sad story…LORD HAVE MERCY…

  8. HH must be the father as you know us tongas like them young and fresh am sure ba dala Ba HH must have cried as he fwenkuled on the sweet sixteen

  9. such girls do not disclose the owner of the pregnance for obvious reasons like intending to dump after delivery.Chances are that she delivered on her own;how does one dump a baby after delivery if there was one or two people to help her deliver?

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