City of Lusaka Football Club turns down request by PF to host a final rally at Woodlands Stadium

Woodlands stadium in Lusaka

Football Association of Zambia Division One (South) City of Lusaka club has rejected the request by Patriotic Front (PF) to host their final political rally at Woodlands stadium because the party never settled the amount owed to the club the last time they held a similar event at the stadium.

In a response to a PF request dated June 7, 2011 asking for the use of Woodlands Stadium, club secretary Silva Daka said that Woodlands Stadium and its surrounding areas will not be available for use on hire for political party rallies until after September 20 presidential and general elections.

PF owes City of Lusaka K5 million over the use of Woodlands Stadium for a political rally.

“The executive committee wishes to inform you that we are unable to grant you your request due to the reason that the last time you used our grounds, you did not pay us. City is a community club which relies on the community and the hire of its facilities to survive. However, if the bill of K5,000,000 is settled, we may consider your request,” Daka’s letter addressed to PF vice-secretary for the finance committee reads in part.

On political parties not using Woodlands Stadium for rallies, Daka said: “This serves to inform all political parties and members of the public that with immediate effect, Woodlands Stadium and its surrounding premises will not be available for use on hire basis for political party rallies until after the 20th September, 2011 presidential and general elections.”

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. It will be highly unreasonable to give a debtor some more debts when you know they will not return the existing. City management you rock, let them understand its not supposed to host political events in this period to avoid being partisan.

  2. 5.4 billion legal fees, 5 million to City…and they want to run government? Awe mwandi…4 days to go..two days to end campaigns…..Nafuti nafuti..

  3. In the last paragraph they state that the stadium is not open to any political party until after 20th September. The zambia daily mail had to spin it that it’s due to non payment by Pf 

    • Ricky Bobby, there is no Bradford Univ. in Canada. It is here in the UK. Again the polls were just too exact. We asked some professors and seasoned researchers in the UK, they disputed the credibility of the polls. So, we are just thinking that zambia is a country to be in becoz it is more advanced where you’ve even find researchers carrying out more and precise or exact prediction of polls

  4. Ba Mambala imwe ba city of Lusaka , we shall sort you out after 20th. We shall make sure you end up in Division 7 if there is such a division and we shall make sure that ZRA visits you. We are watching you and we shall make sure you get punished for colluding with MMD criminals to halt the will of the people.

    What is K5m, that is just change coins lying of the kitchen floor of GBM

    • PF thugs as usual, always threatening those who don’t don’t want to play ball with you. We’ll make sure Sata loses or else you’ll spend the first 90 days revenging on your opponents.

    • Then let GBM pay – if he can fit out the kitchen door and stop beating his wife long enough you might just get his money.

      As for the revenge thing, I’m with 7.1 – that’s just pathetic and simple minded, hardly the way to demonstrate your party is mature enough to win a national election.

  5. Cheap vuvuzelas and politicking, PF just go to school football grounds. 3 more days before revolutionary salutation for the marginalized Zambians wow”’

  6. PF supporters not to worry this is all State House in a panic last response to their failing campaigns to try and destroy your Vote since they failed to make you vote for MMD…. pathetic indeed…………. Next all this RBish come to an end…. VIVA PF VIVA SATA

  7. A lot of us are MMD supporters. You may not see us, but we are respected people who don’t go about making noise and raising fists…..we just vote.

  8. Cum on guys city is just been political. We all know its the k5 million nkongola stoping city from giving PF the premises for a rally its the misuse of government powers by our shameless tourist part time president. That’s a cheap move MMD so is the ZESCO power cuts just fight it fair its the pipoz desire needs fulfilled not your family needs. We tired [-(

  9. …By the way, why are so many Kaponyaz and mwamwaziz, going arround carrying things that seem to be coffins…or are they canoues?

  10. Ba city I am coming to pay your 5 million with interest. Please consider giving us the venue for celebrations
    Francis kasolo

  11. with or without the venue PF is forming Government period and don’t forget its Tuesday 20th September 2011 shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  12. PF only pay their debts when the Sherriff comes calling. If you ask GBM, he’ll say it’s just small change, how come they don’t pay this so-called small change to those they owe?! It might be small but it belongs to City. Well done City, my long-time childhood club!

  13. HOOD Rands Stadiuuuum is really (No bias) a disaster waiting to happen and the new Govt should close it until they break or replace the shaking perimeter wall.This stadium should not even be used for soccer games.In a way and unknown to you, you have saved lives- though still we all know it is bad publicity aimed someone.


  15. I strongly believe in calling a spade a spade.A spade will never be a big spoon,So please do not just defend issues blindly,blind loyalty is extremely dangerous.A wrong is a wrong regardless of how much one may try to make it a right.PF were supposed to have paid the K5,000,000.00.Now if PF can show this kind of stupid dis-honesty when they are not even in government,what would become of PF if at all they formed government?
    Guys,retire the Cobra before it is too late.

  16. MMD is importing caders from kitwe and nearby towns to ndola in trucks and buses to fool rb that he’s popular on the copper belt, he will not get 200,000 from 800,000.Zanama an mmd organisation has organised some buses to ferry cadres to the said destination,zanama president has been campaigning for rubbish and we saw him on Banda Broadcasting Corporation.Meanwhile people are not responding to their slogan and have instead resorted to hit buses and trucks they are carried on so that they can try to beat what happened PF did two days ago but no impact.Some Jerabos have decorated their vehicles with the incoming opposition flags and rubbish stickers.

  17. City of Lusaka management, you have a very short sight. Your club is broke and then you go on to make such a decision? Why didn’t you ask all political parties who want to use your premises to settle the bills up front and those who owe to settle outstanding bills prior to their rallies? Are you business minded? No wonder City ya moto is not doing fine. Fire the MMD executive.

  18. Source: Daily Mail Crap

    Really disappointed in the way my childhood club “City-ya-motto” has handled this matter…why give the actual figure owed, that’s very poor Public Relations…you don’t want to be locking horns with a Political Party (irrespective of party) as its very bad for future business, what happened to customer confidentiality.  

  19. This is purely a mouth piece for MMD.Whatever they write about is no different from Times of Zambia and Daily Mail.Some of us just read the sports column even though the reporting is pathetic at times.Be careful of what you write about.People are no fools and God is watching over this Zambia.

  20. in 1991 KK was cheated by his agencies that he was still popular to win the election. Little did he know that the revolution was in place. He tried to rig it couldn’t work.So thats what i see in RB this time. This will be his second time to see another revolution while in government.Ishamo talishala neko kalola ukaya nalyo.

  21. What kind of lawyer is Anthony Koswe? why you never went to small cliams court and they would have paid you if all you after is just money.

  22. I surely want to apologise to all you readers for this oversight by our PF Secretariate if at all it considered Woodlands stadium for our last Rally. People, that ground (you refer to as stadium) is too small to host our President, we need a much bigger open space. City should not in any way think they have caused us a major setback but I just imagine how all us would find space to listen to the next Kateka at that Stadium. Dont tell them even when we find an alternative venue for fear that they will sabotage our moves. Mayamba kizimya namalaiti? VIVA PF

  23. But Ba Times of Zambia/LusakaTimes, is this news? this happened in June, according to today’s Times of Zambia, PF wrote the request on 7th June and City of Lusaka responded on 14th June. Nomba kwena, could this be news? ifyakale? This is panic in MMD cacine, they have tried all means and they have failed, Hormosexual, Afghanistan, Sata is sick, Sata will kill all old people, Sata collapsed ……….. Yaba ifyabupuba fyekafyeka

  24. #29 BITTER PILL – do you know how much MMD owed before their mistry funding? This MMD was the most bankrupt party and was surviving on incumbency.


    YOUR days are now becoming less and less each day.

    Please Mr SATA don’t let these maggots come near you pretending once you become a president.


  27. PF says RB is doing last minute projects; they must define what last minute means to them, because even those that appear to be educated are saying last minute development, how?

    RB commisioned a finished Choma-Namwala Rd in 2010, last year. When you tell the people of Choma that RB built this Rd in last minute, will they take you for a normal person?

    RB commsioned many completed schools, clinics and hospitals in especially 2010; when you go to places where such schools and hospitals have been built and tell people RB has done this in last minute, will they think you are normal??

    Under the leadership of RB the country managed to produce two consecutive pumber harvests, i.e. 2009 and 2010; is that lst minute??

    Be sencere and NOT selfish!!!

  28. “How to bite the finger that once fed you” by MIKE MULONGOTI“Age ain’t nothing but a number” by TANDIWE BANDA“Bootlicking for dummies” by SIULAPWA“How to be criticism-proof” by DORA SILIYA“How to lie without blinking” by MICHAEL SATA“From rags to stinking rich” by RUPIAH BANDA“How to keep out of the lime light” by RICHARD SAKALA“From Lawyer to Liar” by GEORGE KUNDA“Dictator turned saint” by DAVID KAUNDA“Wicked as hell” by WILLIAM BANDA“Zambia’s handsome savage” by HAKAINDE HICHILEMA“Negative publicity and the human mind” by FRED MEEMBE”The complete *****s guide for rigging” by VERNON MWAANGA”Naughty and proud” by PATRICK MWANAWASA

  29. H ahahahahahaha PF cant fail to pay K5 million please dont be nuts,the issue is can woodlands accomodate the millions that want to atten the rally?

  30. MMD and any one who supports it, is corrupt and a thief who wants to continue stealing from the poor . zambians if you make a mistake to vote for RB you are digging your own graves corruption will be more pronounced and more porverty

  31. That filthy stadium is too small for our crowds, wonder why the council has not closed down that death trap and disease infested place.

  32. Den,

    You may need to recall that MMD was in financial doldrums according to the report submitted by its former Reasurer Suresh Desai at the MMd Convention. The money you see them spashing around is stolen money from State copffers and donaitons from crooks and drug barons who will need pay back after the elections.
    As to the 6 billion legal fees order by the court, one thing needs to be clear, the court did not rule on the substantive case; it never said MMD as a Party can bring in vehicles and refuse to pay tax, no!! It is a technicality of noifying ZRA before commencing legal proceedings. In law, pipo hide on technicalities on controversial and politically sensitive issues. On 22nd September, MMD will be told to pay tax on their stolen goods for campaigns as we restrore sanity!!!!!

  33. Dora Siliya’s Ex-Husband Hits Back:….”I Divorced Her Because of Bed-Wetting, Adulterly, Lack of Respect, Drunkenness”

    Check out

  34. In a response to a PF request dated June 7, 2011…. That says it all. June, Jukly, August, reply comes in September, a few days before elections? uuuummmm!

  35. # 48 BA NDOLA – as usual PF you are bad losers. Why did you go to BEG if it is diseased? The problem is you are BROKE – or may be you thought you are so popular you can be having things for free. Mwailasha!! 20Th September!!!

  36. Is the person managing PF Funds earmarked to be the next Minister of Finance if PF wins? Icikwanka bachimwena kumapalanya!!!

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