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Gwembe DC denies PF harassment in the area

General News Gwembe DC denies PF harassment in the area

Gwembe District Commissioner Raymond Nampindi has refuted media reports of harassments of government workers and himself in particular by the new Patriotic Front ( PF ) government.

ZANIS reports from Lusaka , today, that Mr Nampindi said it was not true that any government worker or resident of the area was being harassed by the PF party cadres.

He said it was not true that the ruling party cadres could barely 48 hours of being in power can start harassing innocent government workers in the District.

He has however assured the nation that his office has launched an investigation into the matter saying that the nation was going to be informed of the outcome through the necessary channels.

However media report in the area allege that the PF cadres led by PF losing Monze Central parliamentary candidate Giver Nsanzya, yesterday stormed Monze District Commissioner Joyce Nondo’s office and demanded that she leaves office immediately, as the reign of terror intensifies.

The report also allege that Mr. Nampindi has handed over the keys to his office for fear of working under the leadership of Sata.

Mr. Nampindi is reported to have handed over the keys to Gwembe Police officer In-charge and left the district to unknown destination.

The PF cadres who were led by Nsanzya wearing the MMD chitenge material, mockingly wept while carrying a coffin labeled allegedly giving the MMD last respect.


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  1. Reporters please make a distinction of those harassing others . . . is it ordinary citizens, PF cadres or the PF government. I don’t think 2 days of power HE M Sata and his party have “harassment” high on their agenda.

    No one should fear working for Sata as long as he has nothing to fear. Why hand over keys??That just symbolises guilt. The guilty are always afraid.

  2. Tu lusaka times , you seem to have your heads so up your as$es that you cant think.! What do you mean by pf ”government” when we know HE Sata has nt yet made 1. Write properly bar fee colour

  3. Pretty. PF do not even have a government yet. We there is a president in place but definitely not a government. They must be MMD cadres who are unhappy they lost.

  4. @Italian Bunga Bunga Thanks for that but I am simply refering to the article. The 1. sentence reads …..”by the new Patriotic Front ( PF ) government.”

  5. The chap is scared as these so called District Commissioners acted mainly as MMD cadres than civil servants. This should be one of the offices to be scrapped to reduce on government expenditure. Let all these chaps be retired and go to MMD secretariat for their terminal benefits

  6. Nampindi denying while visibly bleeding as he was talking. I salute his courage, he does not want to be the first man to loose his life in the current scary circumstances.

    People are now scared to talk their mind, fearing to be the first victims….sad.

  7. Can someone stop these thugs.If someone had done wrong before the election let him face the law not mob justice ( ie Willy B) are we going back to the days of the vigilante’s sure ?

  8. Its time for the new president to ask his people to stop violence. they have won and they should focus on the future. let all people be yours. infact to win bigger in the next election take development in the provinces were they didnt vote for you Mr Sata and they will be at your heart. my advise is wise. and let God of creation grant you his wisdom during your rane of office. do not listen to romours make your own investigation with your experst and dont allow party officials to mislead you. you are the father of the nation and just the same way you were taken care when you got sick do the same to those that didnt vote for you. its democracy and they people are free to axercise it and they need not to be intimidated at all. Gog almighty bless the new President and give him wisdom. control

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