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Sata renames three Airports

Headlines Sata renames three Airports

President Sata arrives for the swearing-in ceremony of his senior private secretary Francis Chalabesa at State House

Newly elected Republican President Michael Sata has renamed three International Airports in the country with immediate effect.

President Sata made this announcement at State House this morning when he swore in Francis Chalabesa as principal private secretary.

The President said Lusaka International Airport will now be called Kenneth Kaunda International Airport renamed after Zambia’s first President while Ndola International Airport has been renamed after second Republican vice President late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

President Sata has also renamed Livingstone International Airport after late Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula,a Northern Rhodesian nationalist leader who assisted in the struggle for the independence of the country from the British colonial masters.

He said there is need for Zambians to reconcile with the past adding that the country is what it is today because of men and women who struggled hard for Independence.

And President Sata has expressed confidence that Mr.Chalabesa will perform to his expectations due to his vast experience in the office of principal private secretary.

The President further congratulated Mr. Chalabesa for his appointment and wished him well in his endeavors.

And newly appointed principal private secretary Francis Chalabesa pledged to pay allegiance to the Republican Constitution and work to serve the Zambian people.

Mr. Chalabesa served in the same capacity for a decade under late second Republican President Fredrick Chiluba’s reign.



  1. Phew for a second there I feared the Lusaka international airport was renamed Michael Sata international airport. Anyway the names picked are very good.K.K international airport.However,the President of Zambia has too much power I hope this will change.You wake up one day and decided to change names by yourself?

    • My thoughts exactly. Either African leaders do have lots of powers, or a way with not not just how much power they do have. Besides, he
      certainly has way many issues on the table, I wonder why this one jumped to number one.

      No a bad move, but lets see what happens in the next 4 + years remaining.

    • Roy i agree with, it does not make sense. This is a bad start, this is suppose to be a local concil vote and not the republican president. In my view he should be made to reverse this decision

  2. Good afternoon

    This was long overdue. Americans have JFK International, France has Charles de Gaulle, Germany has Konrad Adenauer, Kenya has Jommo Kenyatta, SA has Oliver Tambo…etc. why can’t Zambians have their Airports named after their national heroes?

    This is real patriotism.

    • for sure this was long overdue. even the newly constructed ndola stadium must be named after a national hero or one of our soccer legends. thumbs up Mr. President, there is no future without the past.

    • Well the Ndola stadium should be the Dag Hammajold which was destryoed to weaken k.k’s rule. Correct me if you have had an idea :)

  3. Really….the first action of the 5th Zambian president is to re-name the airports?!!! To me this sounds a bit dictatorial. Someone who is democratic could have floated the idea to the public for debate or something like that.

    By the way, just in case i am just runting, how were those same airports named earlier. Was it by Dr. Kaunda himself or through some other means?

    • No need for debates. Thats how national resources are plundered. We need people who can make such decisions. Congrat Mr President.

    • The problem with peaple like you is you expect too much out of nothing the guy is recognising people who could never have been honoured

    • My freind to get things done you need to be dictatorial. to accomplish staff in 90 days you need to be firm. Of course not in the negative sense.

  4. # 1
    There is no need to waste Tax Payers Money by setting up commissions to name airports. Sata has done the best things and this has saved the country billions of dollars… RB could have formed a commission who would have been getting millions of Kwacha as sitting allowance just for debating to raname the airports

    • What are the implications of this change? The cabinate has not been formed whose decision is this single handled?Indications of too power which may affect operations of other wings of government as there is going to be a clear loss of independence of these instititions.

  5. What a useless airport to name after Simon Kapwepwe. The man must be turning in his grave. Indeed its development in 90 days

  6. So then what if the next president comes and changes the names according to his whims? This man needs to be leashed a bit! He thinks he can run Zambia anyway he so feels. Couldnt he even wait for indepence day to change the names. It could have made more sense


    • 90 days is the motto. Waiting for independence would be waste of time. By the way, who would have named them anyway? Otherwise they are good names.

  7. hola i exited thru lusaka international airport, and now i will land on kk int airport. not a bad idea, no need to waste time as these names mean a lot for each of the major players of our much cherished independence struggle forefathers
    no need of livingstone but hope the people of lusaka will not complain pantu they have the entire province named after lusaaka so iyi ni ziiiiiiii

  8. Oh no please don’t start taking us back into the past. Cant we leave that in the history books. You are beginning to sound like Mugabe as well as the South African government too Sata. Those are costly measures to which those money for changes those airport names could have been channeled to something more productive. I am not hating but that’s just my opinion

    • its not taking us to the past but appreciating the past… its because of these same names that Zambia is a free nation. so i dnt see anything wrong with that. I knw u r not hatn but expressn yo opinion to which u r entitled.

  9. those who are saying he just woke up and decided to name the airports, did you want him to form some SILLY NGO just for that, am sure he has already talked with his advisors without wasting money and time…remember he said he will change things when he comes into power and am sure he is doing just what he said…!!

  10. Good start,how i wish the President could bar women from patronising drinking places in order to reduce prostitution and perhaps introduce brothels and prostitutes to be paying tax for using other women’s husbands.

  11. What a beautiful way to honour our founding fathers. I am so proud of you Mr. President. Its such a good begining. God bless you and God bless Zambia

    • Iwe chi-color i told u to change this name lilandetela amuselu.Next time u use it on this blog nkakuponona waba etallay ukubeka

  12. #6 and 16, the names chosen mean a lot to zambia for your own information and if a sitting president can even go out and fish names of people like KK who were openly despising him, then all you need is to give accolades to such a one.yes names come and names go. we await the stadium in ndola to be named after mwanawasa or mama mokola the late mother to late levy mwanawasa

  13. This is what I feared about Sata. This man is too much of a lose cannon to have ultimate powers. He is hardly a week in his post and there he goes thumping his dictatorial characteristics. What else will he be changing in the next few days…and we still have the whole five 5 years ahead of us if we have to assume that he will one day give up power in an election which I have strong doubts



  14. No 4. Thats if there is an airport in Ndola to be named. The hangers were left by the Royal British Airforce during war war 2. When you walk out of a plane you think your are being taken to a warehouse. The people who have come to collect you are waiting in the sun outside.
    Lets build an airport to name not that thing…

    • Thats 20 years of MMD for you….What did anybody expect the airport to look like?
      Tullarmarine or Mascot?

      I flew out of K.K airport on Thursday 22nd….The place looked like Vietnam 1968.
      Are you proud of how MMD maintained its number one airport?
      Wonder why people got impressions of the government from the minute they WALKED from the plane to the building.
      It’s a fine day knowing MMD have gone.

  15. This is the 90 day deveopment he promised? Change is not renaming old airports but building new and modern airports. Renaming them will not change anything, they will remain the same old airports that KK build.

  16. Its obviously recommendable that he didnt waste money calling a commission since this is a dictatorship- sorry democracy.Setting a trend like this can be dangerous.But WE are still in euphoria so we will continue singing praises just like we did for Chiluba in 91.didn’t we all cheer when Chiluba said lets tighten our belts and weren’t we over the moon with the intro of SAP etc I trust Zmbians will not be gullible this time round

  17. #6 i agree with you, this should have been left to democratically mature. The idea is not bad but the timing is rather peculiar.

  18. Point #9,, really #1 is still in MMD time were even a simple issue become means of income to the ministers through allowances,,,, wait and see how the constitution issue will be done. Sata knows what we expect as zambians coz is from the grounds there. Look at the names he has picked majority we are help and this was supposed to be done long time ago.

  19. Ati “Mr. Chalabesa served in the same capacity for a decade under late second Republican President Fredrick Chiluba’s reign”.
    Same old stories.

  20. #6 his first action was to build his governance on reconciliation and peace,, who can do that after all what he went there?? even u, insulted him. #1 and #8 he powerful pray that tomorrow he will not wake up and ravage you.

    Sata is saying let me first reconcile with the past and i will come back to you FTJC, PLM and RBB. Viva Sata so far so good mubwatoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. Long over due to add to the list Namibia airport is named after a hero and chief — Hosea Kutako Itl Airport..I am happy too that KK is honored while still alive, Kaunda square not enough.

  22. The Airport in Ndola maybe useless for now, but not for long, Infact its now the second busiest airport in Zambia with direct flights from OR Tambo. Its a good start and i am sure the Kapwepwes are not complaining.

  23. Ndola studiam will be named after who????

    A. FTJ Chiluba

    B. PL Mwanawasa

    C. RB Banda

    D. Mokola
    Sata is very ready to reconcile with every Zambian, wait very soon RB will be the minister of APOLOGIES AND FORGIVENESS AFFAIRS.

  24. This Country needs to enhance its culture and roots so what is there to be democratic about naming airports. We have renamed townships in lusaka and non of you use those names – there is no more Chelston or Northmead and which democracy was used to do that which is not debatable? – critic critic critic

  25. Please also name UTH after Chiluba. And what about Manda Hill shopping mall? Ooooh and Soweto market…iye and State House too.kikikikiki

  26. This is actually a good thing and a sign of many more good things to come. We have all these airports around the world named after their founding fathers or national heros, eg Oliver Tambo in South Africa, JFK International in the US, and Kenya has Jommo Kenyatta. Many nations have honoured their founding fathers and i think i time we did the same as Zambia. Long live my President!

  27. In teh USA the new presidents goes for the throat of a very pressing issue in the country e.g Obama went for the Health Bill. In Zambia probably the indiscriminate giving of work permits to Chinese workers is the biggest issue.

  28. Well done Mr President. The structure of the future is built with the blocks of the past. You have started sweeping the dirt from the bottom and making your way up to the top and this way you will find the main cause of the filth.

  29. The names themselves are not a bad idea, but the manner it has been done portends the trouble to come. The man has not even assembled cabinet which he could have consulted, at least out of courtesy, before announcing such changes. Had it been RB, YOU WOULD BE SAYING HE JUSTS MAKES DECISIONS IN THE BEDROOM WITH THANDIWE. Dont say you were never warned.

  30. Good start, truly a states man.
    Now, MMD leaders should NOT ditch their party to join PF. PF should not allow such nonsense and hypocrites. These two parties have different ideologies and beliefs. To those planning to ditch MMD,should we say you don’t believe in the MMD ideologies or you are just a batch of shameless political prostitutes? Is the ruling party (the PF) Naive enough to ACCEPT such destructive wolves and hyenas who have destroyed MMD to come and destroy PF? We want change, change that we can believe in,changed people with fresh ideas devoted to the development of the country and the poor. Development should not only be during elections. Busaries-educating a Zambian during elections,what nonsense!! This attitude of betraying Zambians to continue perpetuating poverty, ign

  31. Why weren’t the Zambian people consulted on the re-naming of our airports and exactly how much is this going to cost us??

    What if we the Zambian people do not approve the naming of LIA in KKIA?? We should have been consulted.

    • See what happens when a nation is governed by fait accompli directives from State House. You of all people should be used to this. The MMD has been doing this for 20 years. Your party (MMD) had all the time to address the issue of excessive Executive Power. Now that you’re on the receiving end, you can appreciate the need for curbing these powers. However, I agree with you that the nation should have been consulted on this matter of renaming the airport.

      I guess all anti MMD people in Zambia are feeling a sense of Schadenfreude.

      Good luck reorganizing your party, least you go the UNIP way

  32. Someone is posting under my name wow! Great stuff Mr President. Only a f* ool would have issues with this. Unless he named this after himself.

    Much has he was despised, I would rather have something named after FTJ. He was our president. I didn`t like him but we have no choice and I pray our President looks into this.

    #12 Chino Chafimasele Chituka Nabafyashi. Did you ever see a blackman on the security body for an American President before Obama? Guys if we are going to claim to be learned lets learn to see beyong our big ugly noses. Well done again to his Excellency.

  33. What did Kapwepwe do for Zambia which Mainza Chona,Nalumino Mundia didn’t do for Zambia?Why didn’t you name Kasama airport after Kapwepwe?Once you out of office in 90 days we shall change this.Hopeless way to start .

    • Iwe chi Yangu Tata, so what is your suggestion? Am sure there will be other places and/or opportunities to honor our other heroes, one thing at a time! Daaaammmmnnnnnnn!

  34. Its time we took back our pride. When your children ask you why the airport was named after these people, you can proudly tell them the story of INDEPENDENCE!

  35. #50 Mr Capitalist Wabufi.It won`t cost us anything.This is the problem when people get so corrupt. I hear MMD ministers used to claim for even answering their government phones.

    Shut up and watch the Boat sail ala!

    • I hope Sata is not as ignorant as you. Name changes do cost mwana i.e all document letterheads must be changed, airport code names, etc

  36. PF – you guys said you wanted change and he has employed on of the people he worked with in Chiluba’s administration? The Govt that totally looted our coffers? kwena, we are headed for total destruction.

  37. Everyone knows Livingstone therefore good for tourism sector even your friend Mugabe has not changed Victoria Falls town to any other name ,here you come Mr Dictator ………watch this space for more comedy.

  38. How about rehabilitating these delapidated out dated infrustractures? We need better stuctures and am sure His Excellency Mr Sata will do something

  39. Italian Bunga Bunga President Bush Jr had Blacks as his security men. In fact had he had a lot of trust in blacks. Read about Black Bush family. Do not tell lies.

  40. Thank you H.E. Sata for these names which are very important in our independence. I wuold like to name one public toilet in kitwe after Dora siliya!!!!! You are really the man of actions.

  41. The bridge going to Mansa is named Mwanawasa Bridge by Mwanawasa himself!!!…sorry Mwanawasa fans, name already taken ..in RSA they’ve OR Tambo previously Jan Smut Airport…..Anyway these are some QUICK WINS for 90 day period…Way to go Mr Presido…

  42. Eya ehehe, there goes the man of action. Gents/Ladies what is wrong with renaming these airports. There was no need for H.E. M C Sata to consult on this flimsy renaming of these airports. He has shown us that he is a ble to make decisions. Others could have set up a commission to do this.
    Bravo Ba President, I can see better things to come. Show them that you are really an action oriented man. Inshimbi ni nshimbi. Let the law take its course on all those who have plundered natural resources for their want to gain cheap political mileage.

  43. Ok well done. This was overdue. However, I am not in support of naming the three airports as priority. There are urgent things to be looked. Also inviting costs such as bill boards and stationary is another item to look at. Viva PF, Viva Sata

  44. Ba LT, voting system yenu ya muma tako, why its at times not recording, some times it gives +2 for an intended -1, etc, can u check or is it by design that you have done it that way?

  45. It sad when you become a blind follower. @3, whats so practical about renaming the airports? This is the beginning of Zambia One Comedy

  46. #50 I ask you, when streets in Lusaka’s Nyumba Yanga residential area were named after Zambian footballers who died in Gabon, how many people complained? On your bike mate! Or is the boat!
    On a more serious note: Is Zambia feeling any effects of the present economic crisis being experienced in the northern hemisphere? Or we do not understand the consequences??

  47. The Cabinet is already in place.  It is just that you have not been told as part of the Donki Kubeba policy!  And you will not be told – EVER!  You have no right to know the truth.  Manipulation, over and above Chiuba’s trickery, shall be the order of the day from now onwards.  Watch this space ….

  48. #55 I hope Sata is not as ignorant as you. Name changes of such things cost baba. i.e document letter heads, airport code name changes worldwide, etc. Only re-naming you would be costless

  49. Zambians we really need to be thankful to these people and honouring them in this way is just samthing worth it.May God bless our country and may we work together for the sake of zambia

  50. DICTATORIAL: Some people on this blog are saying Sata should have asked for debate. Do you know how much time we would loose consult everyone include MMD and UPND who oppose anything even if it makes sense. Sometimes it is necessary to just go than do too much consultation. Renaming doesn’t change anything operationally except the cost of Prints and Structural. We know some of you are opposition and you oppose anything.

  51. #47, i feel their is nothing wrong in making decision as the head of state. Surely you do not expect the head of state to hold a conference only to announce to us that he has decided to rename the airports, do we?

  52. This is very shocking. You don’t just woke up and change things like you are in a Banana Republic. The idea is good but this change could have been done way better and at the correct time.The president’s powers need to be limited and should operate within the confines of the constitution.
    What are we going to do when Sata wakes up one day and decide to attack Angola for its oil? This man scares me at the helm of ultimate power.
    I see him like a little child playing a loaded gun. This is a kaponya with too much power… expect anything.


  54. Mr President.Pleae bring back those monkeys as well. They are very innocent.

    #68. There is no need to ruch things. Calm don son You just lost an election you were certain to win so we understand where you are coming from. Nothing lasts forever! Ke ke ke kekeke!

  55. What’s in the NAME? There is a lot to talk about this issue, the Change of name.
    Mr. Prezindo, My only concern, is how much money are we going to spend on this exercise. we are still waiting for more money in our pockets. PRIORITISE PRIORITIES.

  56. All we want is development for this nation and renaming airports is not only costly but adds zero value to the economy. Is this the 90 day economic promise that we are all eager for?? Renaming airports is part of the 90 day promise???

    Please spare us. Zambia has got urgent problems that require dire govt attention. Now is not the time to rename airports. You wanted to be in govt so you can solve Zambia’s problems. You are now in power, start governing instead of wasting time and resources renaming airports.

  57. Why doesn’t this guy build new airports? It is easy to give a name to a structure you have already found in place. The thing that bothers me with this guy is that he is not paying attention to what I consider the biggest issue at the moment; The PF thugs that are harassing citizens. This is typical of many politicians, they care only for their constituency. Please leash those thugs that you have set out on citizens and then you can start you naming games.

  58. Dear brothers and sisters, i dont think its right to criticize everything. lets us all support Sata’s led government, well at least for now. when he fails or goes of the our expectation then we can criticize him even vote him out of office. but for now we dont have reason to criticize him. lets try to support him and the government he leads. we all want a better Zambia, right? this will not happen if we keep fighting, it can only happen if we start working together as a people and as a country. 

  59. This is welcome news Mr. President. The Livingstone airport should however have been left as it is. Livingstone is more marketable given that it is a tourist destination. Otherwise, you are really thinking.

  60. i may be wrong but i think that these airports have never had names per say. those were just names of the towns where they are located.

  61. @57 Dont you think the tourist who will be visiting L/stone will be curious enough to ask who Nkumbula is and the will pass on this info to friends and family e.g arrive at nkumbula airport, named after a founding father, Livingstone city after missionary david, and victoria falls after queen victoria. so whats wrong with what Sata has done. Do we need to just preserve colonial history?

  62. Look at these opposition cadres! Every time I read their rants I have no choice but to chuckle! Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke!

    Nafuti Nafuti? Dandy says Donchi! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  63. Useless and bad start chilufya we want money we cant eat names of airports, so chiluba’s secretary is now your secretary am not sure your chief advisor and campaign manager fuledi mumembe has approved this.I didnt know it was this sweet to be in the oppostion.

  64. Time to go nd console the big man. He needs more this timeMr Capitalist. No need to waste your time here. We have 5 years to go which could well be 10 or more.

    Your rats have started defecting. Very soon you guys will be down to bare bones.

    Chwe chwe chwe chwe? Donchi fye shuwa!

  65. More important issues have been left on the way side like naming the new cabinet so the work of cleaning up corruption can begin….what do we get instead? New names for airports that are in bad shape. Why don’t you fix Ndola & Lusaka airports before you rush to change the names ahead of naming your new cabinet? What a moron!!!!!

  66. How about ‘Mushota Chimfwembe’

    I have been told that State House will be renamed as well. I think he is doing the right thing. Dad tells me that he will name a Prime Minister too. He is doing the right thing,


  67. Chief Lusaka must be turning in his grave. Let’s hear from Nkomeshya on her approval for renaming Lusaka International Airport.


  69. Anti-Sata, Let me guess you are Anti-Bemba as well. Grow up you brainless half-wit, Zambia is country for all. You obivously have no sense of history. If it wasn’t for KK, SMK and Harry Nkumbula you would still be under the British probably running around in your pants.

  70. # 74 I am a supporter of Sata & PF too, but unlike you i just don’t support blindly. If something doesn’t seat well with my understanding, whether you are king or Dog(as long as you are not God) i will tell you, i don’t support….

  71. …and some people are clapping their hands ati this is development. You call this a priority? I would first mend and clean these airports before I even think of naming them after important people. Ati so and so International airport with human faeces smeared on walls of toilets. I thought the president will be announcing his cabinet. Is he still working alone, kaya.

  72. MMD caught pants down again! Your pain is palpable. We understand have been there for last 11years! renaming airports perfectly fine. Where necessary, he will consult you, this is not one of them.

  73. I friend who is currently in Zambia has informed me that Just after King Cobra was announced winner, nearly all companies have done away with casual workers. All have employed permanent workers and that most of the mines have already increased salaries by about 80%. Al these things happened before the President said any word to the nationa. Hey, it looks like things are happening ka!!…

  74. I’m happy to see the man of action at it,he has no time to waste,and you critics,we will be listening to you,when you make sense

    These airports belong to the Zambian people and any renaming should have been either in PF manifesto or by consultation. The ANC government renamed several places by consultation with the people. Now this is an ominous sign for me. President Sata is showing his colours.

  76. The announcement good as it may be speaks volumes about the new President’s style of government. One would have thought that the first thing he should have done is fill up some key positions such as the Minister of Finance, state his position on the governor of BOZ e.t.c e.t.c. Business houses are guided by the direction taken by the government of the day. PF is Sata and Sata is PF. I do not think PF had made the necessary ground-work to be in government. Somehow you get the impression that they where caught napping.  

  77. It’s amazing some people make so much noise about what is happening in Zambia and yet haven’t set foor in their country for a long time…arm chair critics! When things start going well, they’ll be the first to talk about how great their country is. If FTJ and RB didn’t have big egos and instead put more time in honouring people that enabled us to be free and enjoy so many things (like wasting time insulting one another on blogs whilst abroad), they should have done all of this before. People have lost touch with patriotism and it’s bloody time people got some. At freaking last!

  78. He needs to rename Victoria falls after the two boys that led Livingstone to the falls. Or better yet encourage people to call it Mosi-O-Tunya falls not Victoria Falls. 

    Hope he can do one major thing everyday he may just accomplish the 90 days.

  79. That is the way Mr President.Close your ears and open your eyes by keeping on moving with 90days promises.We know you wont please all of us but don’t give up.Pa zed efyo twaba.Fault finding is our cancer. I like your courage in implementing things.

  80. Chinsala Airstrip has also been renamed Alice Lenshina Airport. LT how can you miss such an important announcement?

  81. I have no intention to critic the appointments on tribal lines if there are there. But for sure why this person who is associated with Slash funds. This person was deeply at the core centre of that govt which I do not wish to mention becuase of the pain it brought. I am sad on this appointment.

  82. Is this part of the 90 days development promise by Mr MS.What about renovating the airports.PF should be serious otherwise I don’t see MC completing his term.

  83. 1.warned Chinese treatment to Zambian workers.
    2.renaming of airport
    At least NFC has increased by 80% effective 23.09.2011.
    with only 85 days to go……man of action.

  84. Did Chiluba consult any of us when he declared Zambia a Christian Nation? Executive powers, Its called!
    Neither did Banda consult anyone when he disbanded the task force!

    For the record, Mr Sata does not need unsolicited advice on what he should do or must not do!

  85. WOW Harry Mwanga Nkumbula, you know i was just on his website a few months ago reading on his biography.
    Very interesting stuff and for sure, Mwansa Kapwepwe, I mean we have just about forgotten about these people.
    I wonder if they still teach the students in school about our past like the way the Americans teach about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Hancock, Harriet Tunbman and Martin Luther King to name a few.
    I for one am so glad that patriotism is returning to Zambia,
    I am so glad. After all, Patriot means a lover of his or her country. Ok so the aiport code for Lusaka International will nop longer be LUN, Perhaps it will be KKIA? Its all good baby, Zambia the real Africa. God bless Zambia!

  86. kekekekekekekekeke..state house to be renamed soon! One sata participatory cabinet! Hands in the pocket abanensu! Elyo lwanya.

    •  Hands in the pocket abanensu! Elyo lwanya. LOL. Your observations and expressions tickle me. He has to appear tough ….. walya iwe. Guess he is walking at least trying to walk like Obama.

  87. The way the announcements have been made sparks of dictatorial tendencies. Why do I say so? He is now President and needs to engage other people before he can go out and make such announcements. So far his team has not been announced and one wonders how many people where consulted on this issue. The only person who I am sure was consulted was his wife. All the airports or airstrips need major overhauls more than change of names. 

  88. Sata is the man, we need people like him to alleviate laziness and to keep the country going and to develope, we are millions away from development, cant you see?  Go go PF and Sata, let the enemies of progress remain behind.

  89. that’s wise old man.its a world trend in SA USA and malawi to name major places after fighers even Lavy park is named after Bash patrick

  90. #52, I totally agree with you. The only credentials Kapwepwe had was that he was the founder of UPP and Sata was one of his henchmen until they were crushed by UNIP. And the second credential is that he was Bemba.

  91. the president should bring back the national airline then more jobs will be created which country have u seen without a national airline zambia airways should come back as well and improve on the airline industry as well then more forex will be coming into the country.

  92. Mr president thats the way to go, now we wait to hear that you have decided to rename ZAF as a wing under ZAMBIA ARMY. Your response mr president, a man of action!

  93. We surely have to reconnect with our past its the only way we can move forward. It will make people to know who they truly are. Look at the American they too look at there past and it makes them focus to the future…e,g “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The declararation of independence (U.S.A) we hear these words and the history of their people…Its a good move our President has made

  94. In my view even Christon Tembo was more of a hero than Kapwepwe but I may be wrong. And Mainza Chona did more for zambia than Kapwepwe anyway and even Nalumino Mundia. I can see tribalism realing its ugly heads in zambai if this man is not controlled. People from other tribes will soon feel very marginalised and that could explain why he has problems announcing his Cabinet. He is not sure how people will react considering that memories are still fresh afte RB took over from LPM and him now. Three different Cabinets in 5 years, interesting!

  95. This is what we call “Donchi Kubeba Type of leadership, ati Shhiiiiiiiii”. 90 days is ticking and we are counting down, more money in the pockets. Build your own airports and name them after your fore fathers. Atleast RB built his….

  96. Much as i do not object to any of the names that the airports are now called by. I have to state what might no seem obvious to all, Mr President, this is a waste of Money that we desparately need to use for the betterment of all Zambians. The issue of name changes does not end with the naming, it now means that all our tourism materials will have to be updated, road signs providing directions to the airports will have to be changed and any reference in doucments and other materials to the previous names of these airports will also have to be changed. Mr President, this i submitt to you is a waste of money and would have been done at another time when you have assessed the financial resources that are in the coffers. Can some financial adivisers in PF advise the president please!!!!

  97. Well done, it was long overdue? KKIA nice name? SATA at work. Show them If it where other people they would have formed a commission that would have costed us Billions. Everything in Zambia cost Billions.

    Congratulation 1st President Kaunda.

  98. I thought, Mr sata’s priority was was poverty reduction through job creation,He just wakes up and change names of dilapidated airports without doing anything.What kind of desperation is this?The presidency is not about being funny and playful. Let him forget about the political drummers, get serious and do real things.

  99. I thought, Mr sata’s priority was poverty reduction through job creation,He just wakes up and change names of dilapidated airports without doing anything.What kind of desperation is this?The presidency is not about being funny and playful. Let him forget about the political drummers, get serious and do real things.

  100. He cabnet will be full of bembas apart from Lubinda and scot, remember this is a Don’t Kubeba”, he has already started with Chalabesa, another bemba.

  101. Dictatorial better than time & money wastes….Every Zambian wud have sed yes to the move made by the President part frm u bunch of of haters. take a chil pill en let the man of Acion work. One Nation.

  102. Dictatorial better than time & money wastes….Every Zambian wud have sed yes to the move made by the President part frm u bunch of of haters. take a chil pill en let the man of Action work. One Nation.

  103. While I am excited about this idea, I think it has no place in democracy. PF should have taken this to parliament before imposing it on the nation. Please bloggers, dictators are not born but made. We made KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Rupiya dictators and within days, we have allowed Sata to go against the real principles of democracy. We need to curb the powers of the president asap. I love Sata and I am hoping that he can show the world how democracy work but on this one, I am sorry, he is wrong.

  104. pliz somebody talk to the government to also look into the plite the public service workers working under very difficult conditions.no uniforms for police and immigration officers.officer are transferred and are not payed settling in allowances,no missing lunch when they take illegal immigrants from either kafue, luangwa, chirundu, siavonga and other far flang places.the only officers who enjoy are the ones working in lusaka.the department makes billions of dollars per month in revenue and it is highly funded but the management is full of selfish people.i know someone has read this is going to help

  105. #Tekton, pf having financial advisors? Are you serious? Just wait for more shocking deceisions, this is just the beginning!

    • Well if they are no financial advisers who use simple logic, then all i can say is God Help our monther land. Its crazy seeming silly mistakes being made when you are outside the country.

  106. @NeigNeighbour
    u don’t know history.stop UPND tonga tribalism here.we know it’s hard for HH to rule coz UpND is a tonga party.Lozis were chased by tribal party.Just concetrate on southern.Milupi and Chipimo will come together and leave u in southern with underfive.

  107. Got tolaugh at these opposition cadres whining on here. Tell you what it`s done. Next HE MCS! Ke ke ke ke ke ke!

  108. As a Soli, Lusaka Intl airport is named after our chief, Lusaka. Please, do not rename it under whatever circumstances.We are soon staging a protest against irational decision. I guess sata must build more infrastructure to name it after his pets of whatever he wants. Abash this masterbation.

  109. Zambians learn to appreciate; your spirit of condemning everything is evil? Have not heard of Olive Tambo International, Jomo Kinyata? JFK or Charles de Gaulle airport?? What’s wrong with KK international?

    Some of you bloggers need serious prayer.

  110. Zambians should have been consulted. Some of these institutions cannot just have names changed at will. What if we have a new president in the next 5 years? Will he also change the names of the institutions according to his taste? Bad precedence.

  111. This anti Bemba syndrome makes people go mad. Imagine a fool questioning what kapwepwe did for Zambia. First he coined the name Zambia itself besides forming UNIP. The problem of being a tribalist is everything should be viewed in the tribal prism. Grow up guys

  112. “There is no need to waste Tax Payers Money by setting up commissions to name airports. Sata has done the best things and this has saved the country billions of dollars… RB could have formed a commission who would have been getting millions of Kwacha as sitting allowance just for debating to raname the airports”——————————————————————- I fully agree with you # 10, If the most developed countries on this earth have named airports after their heroes what about us? The president has done a good job of renaming the airports without incurring any costs, Zambia is still wallowing in poverty the need to cut the cost. You are on the right track Mr. President and I salute you.

  113. I think that this is a rather irresponsible thing to do, just like re-branding it is a costly exercise and is done as a marketing tool to increase awareness/sales. I appreciate they are named after men instrumental to our freedom struggles. This should has not been a priority, he should have done this to increase the awareness of these airports to boost tourism etc

  114. Anyone who does not see sense in the renaming of the airports is not worth being called a Zambian. You really think such a move needed consulting? Come on people. This is a move that does not need a cabinet to be in place, so why not do it at once? The whole town of Livingstone should be renamed – that name keeps foreigners believing the falls were discovered by some European! I just hope that private secretary is worth his sort. I am a bit worried that he has picked someone who worked with FTJ for such a long time. I really hope he is a good man.

  115. The energy the President spent on the naming could have been used start his 90 day program. This is a waste of time & tax payers money.




  118. The change in names is appropriate, it is the trend all over the world to honour their heros. I dont think there is anything dictatorial about this, it is something that is likely to resonate with most Zambians. It is true that the President does not even have his Cabinet yet to consult, so one could be understood for speculating that the decision falls squarely on his shoulders, but he is already working with his inner circle advisors who will most likely form part of his Government and a sure he had consultations, including legal implications.

    Bravo, Mr. President, ge down to work!!!!

  119. Man of ACTION, first action change the names of the airport, and why the airport??????…… There so many things that can be changed but the airport????…… Mulungu Tipulumuseni from what we haven’t seen or heard coz its their Donch …….. Whatever Uko.

  120. Look at the names of all these pf morons supporting this nonsensical announcement, all bembas or at least bemba speapink pranks. Don’t be mistaken, I am a bembe speaking myself and my district borders with Mpika’s. Chaps like Mosco (OP) even quickly go to their favourite tribal tantrum accusing people like HH who have nothing to do with their chief kaponya’s first useless but costly announcement. How amny parliamentary seat did your pf win in North Western and Western provinces? Even in my province, Central, you could only win in Kabwe because of high concentration of bemba speaking chaps. Your president makes his first appointment adn guess who he appoints? Shame!!!!

  121. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata (hmmm feels good to say this), has been fighting for this position for a long, long time. All this time he had been making plans. The plan to change things in 90 days will definitely work.
    Great stuff, Mr President, Sir, Ntambalukuta mulopwe

  122. Get used to King Cobra way of doing business…very fast…RB was way toooo sloow…wht ever RB did in 3 years, Sata will do in 3 month…watch the space….wakakkkakaka…

  123. This shows that our long awaited President has a plan for Zambia. No one has never even given a thought to such a very important idea. Long live President Sata. May God bless you with good healthy so that you can do more.

  124. I really do not know why credit is going to RB. For doing what? There were riots in most towns and two young people died because of his greed to hold on to power. It had to take Ambassadors, KK and the Judge herself to convince him that he had lost……………Do you call that being great? NONSENSE

  125. imwe Its a good move ala. I actually just renamed my chihuahua pet dog from MMD to PF. Isn’t that just lovely! Am so loving this….

  126. There are a lot of things that need immediate action rather than going for the simple and insignificant changing of names. This is the same as changing the name of something and then lying to yourself that it is different. WHAT  A LOAD OF RUBBISH. Man of action.    

  127. Just a name and MMD cadres are crying. Wait until you see the action man get down to work. We done sir!

  128. Do you honestly need the whole entire ‘cabinet’ to name airports. I doubt if President Sata will have the time to commission shopping malls?

  129. UPND cadre continue crying.since 2001 u’ve been crying.U should stop tribalism if u want to rule Zambia.sepa sahao.viva HE Sata ,bo Lubinda,inonge,mabukwanu, membe etc

  130. i wonder how long it will take MCS, and GBM’s children to snort (cocaine) away the budget for all the constituencies? just asking because they stole from friends and family to support their habit before (am a victim) now with a bigger budget???

  131. Lets discuss real issues. I don’t give a damn about names but what will become of our poorly shamed airports during his term in office. Already ours are a filthy to look at. Anyway not many of us use those airports but few prevaleges. We want real issue to be tackled. Hospitals, roads schools, etc. I for one wouldn’t want to be named after a very poorly ‘baddest’ airport

  132. # 6, Its not dictatorial renaming an airport. No wonder we always lag behind. You don’t have to consult for everything. Its like in a home. The head of household does not have to consult for everything. Its just an Airport. Even our children, we are free to give them nicknames. We do not have to consult bane. Besides, the man is racing against the 90 days. Now how do you start consulting just to rename entities such as an Airport or a road?

  133. Sata is a dictator and he is the president you voted for. How can a man without a cabinet in place start making changes in the country. Nothing wrong in renaming airports but that is not the first priority for the new government. Lela for Kk is ok. But he has got it wrong on Livingston. That is a tourist capital and he should have renamed Choma airstrip for Harry. Ndola is not supposed to have been given Kapwepwe’s name. That man was a tribalist. It would have made sense to call it FTJ. Kasama is ok for Kapwepwe. Sata’s actions is what causes conflicts in Africa. 

    • Just to rename airports, it is dictatorial. I am wondering. I know pipo were used to forming inquiries just to waste money. Nothing wrong with that. Give him time to put up a cabinet that will understand the christian values to run the country.

  134. In her book “Dead Aid” Dambisa Moyo says that, “the uncomfortable truth is that far from being a prerequisite for economic growth, democracy can hamper development as democratic regimes find it difficult to push through economically beneficial legislation amid rival parties jockeying interests.What poor countries at the lowest rungs of economic development need is not a multi-party democracy but in fact a decisive benevolent dictator to push through the reforms required to get the economy moving.” My hope is that Sata should push in economic reforms that benefit the majority of the people not an inner circle as was the case with his predecessor including his children and Dora Siliya.

  135. This man should have formed a commission of enquiry to rename these airport so that some people could have got some cash in their pockets immediately but he chose to pocket the money himself. Sounds quite silly to me. These are dictatorial tendencies. It seems the president has a lot of powers to abuse quite rapidly. By the way when do we start counting the 90 days or we are already remaining with 85 days and the man is in a hurry! I end here.

  136. This is not dictaorship but practical simple ideas that a leader with a vision implements and cost Zambians nothing. Even America has JFK kennedy etc names Some bloggers are too immersed in criticism that they can’t accept this is a brilliant idea. Naming Zambia’s icons encourages patriotism and gives character to Zambia’s history worldwide . Naming is the first step towards giving the airport significance internationally. Hopefully this govt will improve the image of the outdated airports. In the long run we should get a national airline in our country’s name . Guess what critics Airports promote tourism… tourism bring jobs and revenue.

  137. You don’t take over office and the first thing you do is rename airports. Where did this came from? Is it an indication of pedestrian quality of policies to come. How can Sata pre-occupy himself with naming airports when people are crying for livelihood and a new constitution – He doesn’t even have a working Cabinet yet! This is sending the wrong signals.

  138. RB had an opportunity but he spent most of his time in the AIR traveling… HH was busy dancing on stage showing us his bokosi… Sata was talking to the poor people of Zambia… I am sure we all know the result of these 3 people’s actions… The late Chiluba was renaming things like Kaunda Square to Kitwe Square, Hellen Kaunda High School to Kitwe Girls High School… You people let Sata be, he has 5 years, after which we will compare him to 20 solid years of MMD…

  139. #1 Roy I agree entirely with your sentiments. We need to be democratic in all senses of the term. I agree with the name changes but dont agree with how its been done.

  140. 191, renaming an airport is not a first priority nor a mid priority neither is it a last priority. So let it just hung. He has already renamed the airports. End of story.

  141. I can’t believe how much hate people have for our President. Do we need to set up a committee just to rename the airports? By the way letterheads bear National Airports Corporation and am made to believe the name of the airport is in the address. You are complaining about a name change and yet when MMD was spending money on making sweets with the former president on it you said nothing. All you chaps are just hurt that Sata is our President. We have a history as a nation and I support the renaming of these airports. By the way one of the last things the Banda administration did was sign an agreement with Turkey to remodel KK International Airport. Stop the hate and work hard otherwise the 90 days will find you doing nothing.

  142. Excited as I am about the wave of change and the promise it carries, I disagree with this move. It reeks of authoritarianism. International Airports have a basis and identity (IATA codes etc) that transcend the national borders so their naming has to be a carefully considered move, best served by parliament than one individual pandering to populist views. We would appear petty and fickle in the eyes of the world if a defeat at a later election sees these names reversed for any reason including sheer spite.
    There is NOTHING wrong with the names of the airports today. They are logical, nationalist, non partisan names. I would suggest we opt to name/rename shopping malls, major high streets and city squares instead to honour our heroes if we must.

    • And you think H.E hasnt been advised on all this. Surely he has, and they must be alot of reasons such as patriotism and all such which you might not be privy to. These people have advisors they just dont do things

  143. I couldnt stop laughing at the news. Good idea with comic action as expected of the King Cobra, a man of action – what Zambians exactly wanted.

  144. As I suspected on the day of inauguration: I told myself not to expect much from Sata. I was dying for him to prove me wrong. Alas! He is proving me right even before he finished ONE WEEK in State House. I see this will be a long 5 bloody years!!!

  145. This was a very good move lets honour kk & crew they made so much sacrifices for our nation.
    Thank you so much Mr President, Some people are already complaining that he is being tribalist for appointing a bemba: he can appoint whoever he says fit to serve in his cabinet, if he wants to fill it with bembas tough there is nothing you can do about it, its his choice but knowing President Sata he is going to balance it. He has a heart for the whole of Zambia. having said where are COWS from Tonga tribal party naka HH ? NALILANDILE TEPANOTULE? Ka under5 is finished like in the uk Tony Blair and Labour came and did 17 years, PF lets make sure we do a good job and win another 3 terms thats 20 years in total by which time Under5 will be in his 70s then you tonga tribalist will know

  146. ok mwe bantu, what guarantee do we have that the next president will not rename the airports again seeing that this decision has been made by one person? consesus is important and this could have been done through our local government representatives, so that napali mailo no one will say ine nshaliko, naliku mabala

  147. It is funny how some of these critical bloggers are raising alarms about renaming an airport at no cost…Yet, all these years we lost a national airline and Zambian airports were outdated and they did not even go to parliament to protest. You probably want a constitution to get an airport renamed. you need to get real Zambia is not Europe there are some basic idea that are not controversial that can be implemented without too much paperwork.Beaucracy costs money. Do you want a hired consultant to implement a simple logic idea. What Sata is doing is called situational leadership adapt to the environment and do the best to resolve a crises. I would rather critical blogger ask parliament to get a budget for the airport to improve it’s standard and get a national airline for Tourism.

  148. Found this comment on a thread about PF failing to field 2 parliamentary candidates in southern.
    “Very simple logic which even non students of philosophy can work out. The implication here is that there will be no image of PF Sata in the constituencies where they are not contesting and clearly they will record votes near zero. It is a very big minus. And I really feel sorry for PF and sata because without votes in those areas they have already lost. HOORAY !”

    Pretending scientist and philosophers alike have been shamed.

  149. I do not understand why his first appointment is a relic from the Chiluba’s administration. Surely, that is not change.

  150. This is great news. We need to honor our past leaders. These names are respected all over the world so this is a step in the right direction. We need to honor president Kaunda with the highest honor from the University of Zambia if we have not done so yet. I think a nation that honors its elders is one that is on the right path to maturity and knows its identity, its history and will have a good future. We need to begin appreciating what we have been given, we are very rich but very few Africans know that. I always tell people here that I have never been poor and that is true. Poor is a mindset. You are not who people say you are, so don’t let the west or some Western media system define you. You are who you perceive yourself to be and that is what you will work towards becoming.

  151. #205 Putin, they are all a relic from Chiluba govt. New cabinet will be full of them. Very few will never have been MMD. Wait and see. Its a reunion.

  152. Thisis a positive beginning for rational minds.Definitely without loss of any govt revenue,plse continue and do even better to shame irrational critics

  153. Ladies and gentlemen, as President, Sata has all the power to do as he wishes. Renaming airports is ok. However, in the spirit of demonstrating his and the national democratic principles, he should have appointed cabinet first, made the proposals (which would have been accepted), get Cabinet to issue the necesary instruments and announce this at an appropriate time after ciritcal issues people are are expecting had been addressed. This tells you fellow Zambians the government will be run by one man…take my word!

    • not really as he wishes my dear, there is a constitution and laws and hopefully an informed population to hold him accountable. I am as baffled as any right meaning person about his prioritiies but will remain for now cautiously optimisti…. I have lost the c in optimistic.

  154. The electorate voted him into office based on the belief that he was a man of action. The meaning of this belief was that he could take unilateral decisions like the one he has just taken. He is not the consultative type. Let us brace ourselves for more of the same. TUCHILI TULEDABWA!

  155. Improving the standards of these airports is more important than renaming them. As far as I am concerned he has got priorities wrong. Is it the job of the President to be renaming the airports? This is being petty. I never heard him during campaigns saying he was going to rename the airports and why has he started with that? I believe it is a way of thanking Kaunda’s sons who helped him to get some votes from eastern province. I can not think of anything else apart from saying this is a sign of a dull president. A sensible person can not call for a press conference just to say the rubbish he has produced. 

  156. Pipo pliz we nid to be proud of our roots, those peope the 3 airports hane been named after are our national hero! VIVA SATA….we are behind you!**==

  157. The donchi Kubeba madness has just began…when pipo are expecting more money in their empty pockets in 90 days HE Sata is busy renaming airports /airstrips an exercise which will cost taxpayers more money. Personally l have no problem renaming Lusaka and Ndola international airstrips at an appropriate time but for Livingstone he shouldn’t have touched it. Reason why? We all know that Livingstone thrives on tourism and the name of the airport plays an important in marketing the town, typical examples are Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Durban, Mombasa, and Kilimanjaro international airports. I can foresee a situation where most foreign tourists will be getting confused when they see the name Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International airport on their tickets or boarding passes as their destination.

  158. So SATA expects the nation to be very happy for him naming the airport KK built in honour of KK??
    It would have made sense to build one and name it after KK, than to name after KK the very thing he built and tell him Mwana I want to honour you by naming what you built after your name.
    He has already started cracking his usual dictatorial jokes.
    I hope he will embrace democracy!!
    Anyway Zambians have chosen for themselves, they will have no one else to praise or blame but themselves!!!

  159. I had always thought that both the city of Lusaka & Lusaka International Airport were both named after the Great Soli Ruler Chief Lusaaka of which chieftainess Nkomeshya is linked to in a sense. What will the Soli people and their Royal Establishment think of this arbitrary change? Please correct me if I have erred in my thinking…

  160. In fact this is the only new development which can be delivered in 90 days.
    Because, surely, you cannot build any meaningful road or building, or airport or rail line.
    But in 90 days you can change names of things KK, Chiluba, Mwnawasa, and RB built and call them as new developments in the nation.
    You can also tell all those who have 50 pin notes in their pockets to change to 1 pin notes and declare to them that you have put more money in their pockets.
    And knowing SATA, he can easily convince the electorate that they have more money in their pockets simply by telling them to change big notes to small denomination notes.

  161. I am not too sure why some people with hypermetropia are complaining about this good thing which has happened. Sata has done nothing new at all. To me, what does avondale, riverside, northmead, northrise and such names mean? Sata is a Patriot and a real Zambian. Why consult us for name change? With time Sata will do loads of things to be proud of. I am liking him. whether he is lebelled a dictator or not, will never cut his tenure of office. Guys do not waste your breaths. Tell Chanda Chimba we are sailing mu bwato kuno pakwisa ku Zambia na ba Sata

  162. Please mind my last post it was full of typo errors. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. What is wrong with naming an airport in relation to history? It was well linked with the inauguration. One thing I like about Sata he has realised Zambia has lost it’s national identity. In order for Zambians to start having pride in their country to develop it …Zambians need to get that patriotism back. MMD in the last 20 years did not build industries but sold them 100%. It is ironic how the same people are now demanding PF build an airport before they rename it. Did MMD ever consult with the Zambian people before they sold all the manufacturing industries? Selling prominent industries without the people’s consent is what one calls dictatorial practices towards the Zambian people.

    Thank you your excellency for your consideration

  164. The president has done the honourable thing,You cant debate whicj leaders in zambia desrvesto be named after.THANK U hon.president.I SALUTE U

  165. His priority should have been to renovate the airport as anyone who has ever landed at Lusaka International Airport knows it looks as though one was landing in shangombo. Just the passage alone with the metal top and no air con is hot and scary and forget using the toilet opposite immigration the doors are some old wood with handles about to break. Its a shame landing there it smells like landing in the 1960’s when it was built yet our neighbors in south africa landing at Oliver Tambo airport you just smell duty free chocolate and perfume everywhere. Renovating the airport could have created jobs hence more money in peoples pockets. He needs a serious advisor, to think all this time he was dreaming of being president this was his first priority leaves much to be desired. 

  166. ZNBC returning to normal. Just watching the news, seen news stories on MMD, UPND, way to go. Not just MMD from 19hrs to 1945hrs!!!!! Ndipo twalicula! MMD may u redst in peace never to rule Zambia again. Muteteka,join HH or some other party.

  167. There is nothing wrong in what he has done but there is everything wrong in the way he has done it. Surely could it not have waited for the right time when his team was in place. I can already see that this is on the job training. 

  168. #224 Your criticism is not objective. Renovating airports is a goal that can only be carried out over a period of time not in 4 days whilst renaming an airport is instant.

  169. Yaba! The dogs have now taken over! Zambia is in trouble. By end of 5 years, most Zambians will be economic refugees in Zimbabwe and Malawi. I just learnt that South Africa is tightening its visa restrictions with its poorer neighbours. #217 ANGEL LIGHT – for your information SOLI people don’t matter to Sata and PF govt – they are insiginificant, that is why he has removed their name to replace it with one Kenneth Kaunda. I hear the next plan is to rename Lusaka City to either Chitulika city or Sata city or Modern Kasama. Tribalism comes in tiny drips….

  170. Oooh he has ‘built’ 3 airports in less than a week, what a man. Single handedly!

    These airports were named after the cities they represent because these cities are not very well known yet internationally. Those 3 new names will be very cofusing to tourists…..let alone even Zambians. ‘I am going to Kapwepwe airport’ , ‘where is that , Livingstone?’

  171. uncle Garfield yashani iyi. build universities and name them aft yr heroes plizzzzzzzzzzz. we understand what u r trying to do but renaming is not the best way to do it. bring development shikulu. renaming Petauka district to kenneth town is not development. kwakana fwebena Zambia.

  172. Don’t care either way-he could have named it kaponya international,Tujilijili or Chibolya airport as long as he embarks on an overhaul of the airport,its systems and also the much derided bad working culture of those zambians working there.Serving zambians even at work should be seen as a priviledge and an honour and not as a burden these airport workers see other zambians as being.

  173. Just hope that the Zambia national football team is also renamed back to the winning name: “KK Eleven” We played with pride and commitment under that name- ask mudala Dennis Liwewe what happened before the thieves came in. The KK Eleven was a respected team in the world with FIFA rankings below 20.

  174. Dictatorship!I thought cabinet needs to discus and approve!wheres the V.p ?where cabinet?In 1991 he said Kaunda should be arrested!Today renames airport after him!!Watch our president.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  175. one good thing i like about this all episode is, BEMBAS ARE IN THE MAJORITY.
    if not, nga lwalinya ku ba tonga aba. tongas and i mean tongas will never be presidents of this country. look at the way stupid george kunda used your hh. think you guys, think. anyway you are enlightened than most zambians hence this arrongance and self egos.

  176. wow too much power surly this should have gone to a debate anyway international airlines will still register it as lusaka international ….just like o.r.thambo in sa is still johannesburg international

  177. #231- Is heathrow, called London? Is JFK Kennedy airport called Newyork? Is Jomo kenyatta called Nairobi ? the list goes on. Well, if the tourists don’t know KK or Kapwepwe they can google and learn more about Zambia. The most important thing is that those names have significance to the Zambian people just like the JFK name has significance to the Americans. Tourists will come to Zambia if the tourist industry is revamped. The prices of hotels made cheaper and most of all Livingstone made cleaner.

  178. good move H.E MCS.This is just a dyonko,real issues will be faced head on after the naming of the cabinet.Watch man of action in action.

  179. Why is he recycling the same people are there no new ones please. We want fresh blood nabena balye ko….
    I like the renaming of airports though but we still need an airline and to upgrade those so called airports ASAP for this to make any sense

  180. The principle of naming public buildings should be this, ‘should not be named after living people and if they are dead, only after a period, say 5 years, has elapsed’. This is no dis to KK but should seriously be the idea. And the method used, here comes the dictator. I’m worried about the direction Zed is taking for the next coupla years.

  181. selecting the best from the old is equal to inverting the new one.H.E saw what Chalabesa did when he worked with ftj.Remember his E does not like lazy pipo.His choose u can be assured is the best.

  182. I really can’t understand all those complaining about such a good decision. Is it plain grudge or are you all seriously lacking in national pride? All other nations of the world are proud of their identity, history and national heritage – what is wrong with us?

    Our president has done a very significant thing here by reminding Zambians of where they have come from before he gets down to work. The message is clear: it is only he who knows where he has come who genuinely appreciates where he is and knows where he is going. For me, this is the first patriotic move the president has made in office because it gives us a sense of direction and pride… proud to be Zambian!

  183. 240, cameron never renamed heathrow Thatcher on his first day in office and Obama never renamed JFK to martin Luther. What time is it in the US, are you drinking?

    You think the dictatorial single handed renaming is ok, seriously?

  184. only sata and his dull followers thinks naming airports within 5 days of taking govt is a priority when he doesn’t even have a cabinet in operation. This is really trivialising the country’s problems. Of all the big issues, you go straight to naming infrastructue built by others???? So when hye was being inaugurated last weekend it was naming of airports that was on his mind? Excuse me but that is a sign of daftness and complete cluelessness of not knowing what to do. This chap Sata has no idea what has hit him. Where is his cabinet? Or is he still looking for another Kapwepwe and Kaunda to bring into cabinet? The fact is Sata is the same as Rupiah, both are UNIP. The difference is that Rupiah is educated and intelligent, whereas Sata can’t tell a toilet bowl from a sink.

  185. Now I’m a proud zambian, coz if people ask me what is a history behind KK Intl airport I will proudly explain what it means about our history. Way to go Mr president you are a true nationalist in office.

  186. I, the whistle blower would like to sound my trumpet right now. Sata`s audacity to appoint Chalabesa to be his keeper of secrets is quite disconcerting.  Chiluba pillaged this country and externalized the loot on Chalabesa`s watch, and had he been alive, Chiluba couldn`t have been happier to see this. I thought this guy should have been an accessory to the plundering. Does this give us the confidence about PF`s  prononcemnts  regarding fighting corruption or is this   déjà vu all over again . This is bringing back Chiluba`s legacy, a thing that RB did. Oh my gosh!! Politicians never learn.

  187. This article was even in the mail and guardian of south  africa and some bloggers were wondering if this was a priority.

  188. not a priority but something one can do without spending money or ask for donor support.One just need to issue a directive.

  189. #1 and # 6,why cant u just be pround of your country now that your airports can be named after your heros!Sata is the way forward,i know he will contribute better ways for our country

  190. Maybe the best thing to do is wait for the press conference tomorrow. In this age one would expect bloggers like me to be able to see the conference via media such as the internet. Then again I ask myself if improving access to the internet is ever on the list of priorities for our governments. Even the sites where you can stream Zambian radio stations are irritably slow if you ever get them to work.  

  191. #4 Yes America has JFK Airport in New York and France has Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris. But the thing is that was not decided by on man called President. USA it was Congress and France it was Parliament. Then both USA and France they do not name a public place after a current or still alive former presidents. This is true of UK, German, etc. In zambia it’s politic and it shows you the powers of a President. It should have been done through Parliament (Peoples representatives). Another president will have powers to rename. Besides we already have so much named after these men.

    What we need in Zambia is a Policy and rule of gorvernance so that any president knows his limits. Besides I can’t understand why this had to be his first action. Was this really a priority?

  192. Guys, we seem to misunderstand what democracy is. Look at the Americans, the initiators of the this so called democracy, then you will understand. Their president has the executive powers that he is allowed to use. It becomes bad when the powere are used for something bad. Bush used is executive powers and wooled everyone to go to war in iraq desipite the UN’s and the EIS refusal. That was bad use of the executive powers and that is why hism party lost the election. Now, think honestly and tell e=me if President Sata has misused his executive power in this case.

  193. He is preparing us so he can name the notorious intercity bus terminus after himself…’The Sata intercity Bus terminus’, and in Kitwe the ‘The Sata/KMB terminus’

  194. In the picture above, why are the people so frozen? why is there so much apprehension? You would have expected a jovial mood considering PF only won a week ago.

    Its so sad there is such a sense of fear. I can urge bloggers to advise relatives in Zed to stay clear from this ‘time bomb’ situation.

    Again, i am only a psychologist …i and others have always tusted my judgement, but i hope i am wrong this time. the stakes are too high.

  195. Has Kaunda accepted the ‘honour’ of naming the airport after him? Of course we cannot ask Kapwepwe or Nkumbula for obvious reasons. Let us hear from KK.

  196. People going to prison this year are:
    1. William Banda
    2. Chanda Chimba
    3. Gregory Cifire

    People nominated to Parliament are:
    1. Mulongoti
    2. Sylvia Masebo
    3. Patrick Mwanawasa
    4. Panji Kaunda
    5. That guy from Lybia
    6. Christine Kaseba
    7. Archbishop Mpundu or his nominee
    8. A nominee from the Post

  197. Well done Sata, that is the spirit of a good leader to acknowledge the people who made Zambia to be what it is now, more especial not taking into account tribalisim great work mr president

  198. While there is nothing wrong with changing names, I don’t think it’s the presidents job to be renaming airports. That’s the work of the airport authority. These are tendencies of a dictator. Simply put a dictator is a leader who makes decisions he shouldn’t be making. We will never develop if the president spends his time on making trivial decisions

  199. First of all timing is wrong. At a time when people are speculating what he’ll do in 90 days renaming airports doesn’t help much. It just exposes MCS’s lack of priorities. It’s not a bad idea to honour our heroes but is this the right time? Why not build your own airports and name after them? These unfamiliar names are meaningful to us Zambians, but have people thought of the impact this might have on business and tourism? Changing names means changing every itinerary system worldwide it’s not as easy as making an announcement? Whatever a pres.says can either build or erode investor confidence. It appears our pres. prefer free speech to notes. I love MCS, but sometimes I worry about his rhetoric. If natural orators like Obama can use a teleprompter what more Sata? Campaign is over! 

  200. He who does not remember the history of where he/she is coming from is just as good as dead. Tell me! what is the bible based on? It is history! I salute the president for serving zambian taxpayers millions, if not billions of kwacha that could have been used in fattening those sitting on these useless commissions. This is the first step in stamping out corruption. Zambia should have honoured these heroes long before. I also suggest that, the independence stadium be renamed Godfrey “Ucar” Chitalu for putting Zambia of the worlds footbal. Remember, he was honoured as the second highest scorer with 107 goals only second to Pele of Brazil with 125 goals. God job mr. prez.

    • Check out responses 279. It’s not the first step of stamping corruption. It’s the first step of displaying dictatorial tendencies. And where is cabinet in this? Or more importantly the people’s voices? How shameless renaming an airport with no national airline of your own. No matter what you say the timing of this whole thing in unwarranted.

  201. @278 Either way tax payers money will be spent. Renaming of Budapest Airport this year cost $4.7m. Renaming of Bangladesh Airport cost collosal amounts of money in excess of $2m. Remember the controversial renaming of Oliver Tambo airport (google it).  Zambians Tax Payers expense include:1. Removal of facades (Posters) from the building terminals.2. Change of Itenarary systems worldwide.3. Advertising and marketing due to re-branding.4. Change of official documentation.5. Disruption to business.
    There are far better and more meaningful ways to honour our heroes. Such as a new public hospital, or a new low-cost university. Something that would help the poor and disadvantaged of Zambia, something to give them hope. I don’t think renaming an airport would do that? 

  202. This is absolutely not a priority now, what people want is to hear how in 90 days he will transform this country for the better. We ll know he and Chiluba once wanted to rename Lusaka International airport after Kapwepwe until the Solis objected. The next thing you will hear is that he ants Kapwepwe’s head on our currency. I am now sure as we just jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

  203. Lusaka international airport was named after Chief Lusaka of the Soli people on which the capital stands today. Now comes Sata and names it after a Malawian called KK. The Lambas too in the Copperbelt would be angered that a man who once professed to hate them and hounded Levy into his grave is now changing Lamba names in Lamba land replacing them with Bemba ones. Sata is doomed if he does not puke his tribal bigotry and he ought to realise that he is a minority president.

  204. if i were u bwana president i ll give them new lease of life and ensure that the airports are up to international standards and rename them.