Sata proposes Judge Matibini for Speaker

Zambian National Assembly Building
Zambian National Assembly Building

Republican President Michael Sata has proposed the candidature of High Court Judge Dr Patrick Matibini as Speaker of the National Assembly.

President Sata has since appealed to Members of Parliament to support the candidature of Judge Matibini State Counsel whom the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is floating as Speaker of the National Assembly.

The President has also called on MPs to support Lundazi MMD MP Mkhondo Lungu as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

President Sata says the PF has fully endorsed Judge Matibini’s candidature as Speaker, Mr Lungu as Deputy Speaker and any candidate the opposition MMD will propose as Chairperson of Committees.

He says Parliament needs impeccable leadership, and, above all, a person with vast legal knowledge to preside over its affairs.

MPs are this Thursday, October 6, 2011 expected to elect the new Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Chairperson of Committees.

This is contained in a statement released to QFM this afternoon by the President’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah.



  1. He has proposed and not imposed upon or appointed, so let all who hate our leader blog with sense not insults please

  2. Good choice bwana president especially on Nkhondo Lungu.The man is exceptional.Time we poached him and hide him in the boat especially in that upper compartment where Scotts stores his jackets.

  3. Good proposal Mr president,Dr Matibini and Nkhondo Lungu are good candidates for position of speaker and deputy respectively. Now can the UPND and MMD bring thier proposed candidates and stop crying fool. According to wikileak UPND/MMD have proposed VJ as speaker of national assembly, what a joke, the guy has no legal knowledge to handle such position.


  5. What a contrast from Venon Mwanga of UPND/MMD pact to Judge Matibini of PF and Zambia. Who is more credible? I want to see how HH will react to this. He keeps deaming Sata who seems to be doing a great Job. I have noticed Sata respect proffessionalism and he knows civil servants like he has been the president for 20 yrs. Thanks your excellence and PF.

  6. I feel embarrased. Is there ANY comparison Sata/Matibini VS RB/HH/VJ. HH u r embarrasing us. Certainly Sata is the BEST. Thumbs up!!!!

  7. No, Patrick Matibini is a friend of Fred Mmembe. We propose Mkondo Lungu for Speaker and Matibini for Deputy. This is because Mkhondo has Paliamentary experience. You dont just need legal experience to make good Speaker. Nabulyato and Mulikita were never Lawyers and yet they made better speakers than MMD’s lawyer speaker, Mwanamwanba. Sata is trying to impose Matibini by using law background yet the real reason is Mmembe connection.Yes, Matibini is a sober guy, but hey, let him deputise Mkhondo. This where numbers of the opposition in Paliament become significant.

  8. HE Michael Chilufya Sata this is what we expected from you, putting the right people were it matters most. Your proposal of Dr Matibini and Mkhondo Lungu for Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively is commendable. Please keep it up and I hope all the opposition MP’s will support this progressive move.

  9. Sata you are above the greatest. i feel rich i feel proud, i see the benfits of single digit inflation, middle income country, cheerrs mr president

  10. Just nonsense from Sata!He wants to control every house.PF are a minority in parliament thefore MMD/UPND dont have to lose this post.It must go to MMD/UPND pact to control this dictator!GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  11. The Godfather part 4.Matibini.The Mmembe connection.You cant fool us King Cobra.Yesterday it was Amos Malupenga.Another Mmembe connetion.FRIENDS and RELATIVES.DONT KUBEBA.See you in 2016.

  12. Those that are against Dr. Matibini, are u saying u want VJ. Come on! This is a knockout on RB/HH pact. No counter attack!!

  13. Lets hope this is not pay back time. Judge Matibini is the one who granted an Injunction to the President restraining Chanda Chimba the third from publishing Stand Up Zambia.

  14. Where is Matibini from? We are already getting tired of everybody being appointed coming from the same one province! There are people from other provinces as well. If he can’t find people in his own PF, then the opposition should provide the Speaker. There should be no excuse in appointing people from the same province just because they are the only ones Sata can find. If the opposition want to be taken seriously they must start fighting back the way Sata himself (to his credit) fought back during the constitution making process and during the removal of the abuse of office act. If the opposition continue pussy-footing PF, they will stay in opposition for the next 20 years! Already they seem to be pussy-footing around like *****s.

  15. VJ? Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ah hhhh!

    Is he still alive? Aha ha ha ha ha ha!

  16. ” Patrick Matibini is a friend of Fred Mmembe” …..what rubish is this…how many pipo know Mmembe?? ..evaluate Mabibini on his potential to deliver….

  17. That is what we call wisdom. Just wait, he respects professionals. Zambians wake up, do not close your eyes to see tribal issues here, see how Mwanamwambwa run the parliement, he was purely pro-MMD, when those rebels MPS were expelled, he protected them, just to frustrate the PF, now thank God all rebels if not mistaken were not voted in. So, if you are professional, do not think people are not watching your input (fruits) , just work and do your best, some one out there will float you name. stop bikkering that this one is connected to so and so, be yourself.

  18. Patrick is well suited for this position, especially in light of UPND’s proposal to have Richard Kapita. UPND is strict being nonsensical by proposing a known partisan person. At least Matibini, though a friend to Membe is above board. Thumbs up to Sata

  19. I still maintain that if MMD and PF be stupid to put a PF chap as speaker, they should not be surprised if in 2016 nobody will be attending their rallies. We don’t want cowards in opposition. Sata has won these elections because he is brave and refused to be controlled by the MMD when it was in power. Much as I’m not a fun of Sata, I respect him for that. I therefore hope that MMD and UPND will rise to the occassion to use their numbers to force somebody else to be the Speaker. It is their last bargaining chip. Sata already controls the country, not having a PF Speaker will not affect his powers because of the constitution still gives him the right to veto. Opposition need to maintain visibility through getting their man as the Speaker. There is plenty of credible candidates!!

  20. IF MMD and UPND let PF have Matibini as the Speaker, then no wonder they lost the elections – they are too dull. If they are clever, they should atleast copy Sata’s strategies when he was in opposition. If Sata had the majority MPs in parliament, he would have made Zambia ungovernable – you need that sought of killer-instinct in politics to survive and that is how he has won the elections.

  21. Mr sata should be respected.He is trying to bring professionals to deliver.U can’t bring Kapita as a speaker !what a joke by UPND!HH is a finished chap.Ha ha ha Richard Kapita to be a speaker?UPND please we don’t need politics in parliament.How could u propose Kapita in parliament?I feel UPND chaps are too selfish.The party has only 28 mps but why should u need a speaker from such a small party?Ha ha ha please HH should be defeated

  22. Let us hope this is not pay back time. Judge Matibini is the one who granted the President an injunction against Chanda Chimba the third over Stand Up Zambia.

  23. Kunta-Kinte, this is not about parties competing to see who’s the toughest. Its about putting together a team that best serves the people.

  24. Please give President Sata a Chance He means well. Dr Matibini and Mkondo Lungu are an Excellent choice. Mr President we are behind You. Besi Kuzo

  25. #15 So the next speaker should NOT know Fred Mmembe?? That is very erratic thinking, very soon some will say Matibini is related to Fred. Kwena ni pa Zambia. Who doesn’t know Fred?

  26. our President is certainly bringing back the pride of the Zambian name and confidence to every citizen. It feels wonderful to getting our country back.

  27. First Congrats to HE MCS for the Victory, so many comments some very sily i wonder where some of you left your Brains or is it that you have become so used to Google, such that in it’s absence your become senseless.

  28. Matibini should refuse to be used by these guys.They want someone they can control .For this reason,Kapita is the best .

  29. The President is being sincere,and by any reason Apple to Apple comparison the opposition have lost it. The choice by Sata is a brave one, just like when it came to DCs PF has enough cadres to fill up the positions but he went ahead and said all those taking up the appointments should be from civil service and should remain pure civil servants–no politicking at DC level.
    Being a victim of cadre speaker all he is looking foward to is a non Partisan Speaker who should do a honorable job for Zambians.

  30. I still have to read the constitution, becoz, having adopted a British Parliamentary system, I would have thought the SPEAKER is ELECTED FROM WITHIN THE HOUSE, i.e. ONE HAS TO BE AN MP to be speaker, i.e it is inevitable that a speaker comes from one of the parties, THOUGH WHEN HE IS ELECTED SPEAKER, he drops his party leaning & becomes director & arbitrator of parliamentary proceedings!!


  32. Wow! This man is simply amazing…what brains! Thumbs up. It gives me a lot of confidence to have such a president in place even when i am not going to be running to state house whenever am hungry..he just gives me the push to work even harder.

  33. Its a good choice and he needs to be commended for it. If the opposition want to counter this choice, they had better come up with a much stronger tag team. I don’t see this happening if the rumoured porposed names are anything to go by. Will be looking forward to hearing more about their proposal whatever the case. Interesting times we are having in the country.

  34. That the only reason why i voted for Sata the 3rd time, and this would have been my last if he had lost. there was certainly a reason to do so , in order to bring sanity in this country. God Bless this country and God bless the president

  35. Thats the only reason why i voted for Sata the 3rd time, and this would have been my last if he had lost. there was certainly a reason to do so , in order to bring sanity in this country. God Bless this country and God bless the president

  36. I for one Salute the President. Sata is a servant of the people and he has taken that responsibility with humility and is not afraid to be held accountable. The man’s heart is in the right place, yes he will make mistakes but who doesn’t?We need to applaud him and criticise where necessary. He’s move to propose Matibini and back Mukondo Lungu are purely from a professional perspective. Yes Matibini gave him the injunction against one Chanda Chimba but that ruling was inevitable, what CC was alleging was tatamount to defamation of charecter, any professional judge worth there salt would have granted that injunction. Matibini showed boldness and professionalism, even when he had the govt. of the day where breathing down his neck. He will serve the people of Zambia well. Go PF!

  37. Give a man credit were it’s due, period… He has got this point on, and he is not commanding but asking that the support this adoption. Humble words…..that will make some people eat humble pie on this forum.

  38. hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! i hear HH wants VJ as speaker, what a joke, for heavens’ sake this is a self confessed drug baron baba. HH wake up, i think HH should retire from politics

  39. The choice (Proposal) of Judge Matibini as Speaker of National Assembly must have obviously been carefully thought about. The combination of Matibini and Mukhondo Lungu seems okay compared to Kapita and VJ. if the principal of a lesser devil of is to be applied in this case the former combination stands out to be the best. The National Assembly is a legislative body tasked with passing laws for the land and upholding the constitution. We dont need confessed drug barons and cadres at the helm. I would urge Parliamentarians to vote with their heads and not hearts. Forget about the party, think about what’s best for the country.

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