Friday, June 21, 2024

Nkana banned from Playing in Kitwe


Nkana Football Club will play their home games outside Kitwe after they were handed an indefinite home ban due to crowd trouble at Wusakile Stadium. The Faz Disciplinary committee ruled on Sunday that Nkana should play all their home games away from Kitwe.

Nkana officials say they will not contest the ban.

“The biggest losers in all this are the players because they depended on gate takings for their bonus now we have a problem,” Nkana vice chair Ken Mwansa said.

Mwansa said Nkana was thinking of playing their final home game against Lime Hotspurs this weekend at Shinde Stadium in Mufulira.


  1. Too bad for Nkana! I know we are not used to lose but we should just continue to support our players to do well. We should also push for good funding by FiMopani who are the cause of all this! Anyway, all the best Nkana!

  2. Nkana are a problem thus why I STOPPED supporting them,they damaged my motor vehicle these fools.Can FAZ just ban forever plse

  3. What else can one expect from FAZ and its decidedly anti-Kitwe stance? When Ted Mulonga was FAZ President I asked him in the presence of Anthony Kasolo why they didn’t recommend an international stadium for Kitwe which was very centrally located on the Copperbelt and had a more illustrious football tradition than Ndola where the new stadium was to be constructed. Unanimous answer from Mulonga and Kasolo: fans in Kitwe are too riotous and violent so we cannot locate a stadium there. But what happened last week? Weren’t Power Dynamos players and fans stoned by ZESCO fans after the latter lost to Power? What action will FAZ take? Are they going close the Trade Fair Grounds? Of course not!

  4. #11 chip which whites do you love ,Spanish ? English? Polish? South Africans ? You are  more foolish than nkana fans just keep silent.

  5. I have never seen a white man neither have i seen a black man!what i know in africa the ghost is white and in europe the ghost is black!know your colours!!Race and colour is used to beat you to resources.Its a complete metarphor.Nkana fans must behave.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  6. Incidents happening outside the stadium are for the police to deal with. Much security is needed like those we see in Barclays league (English prem.) # 11 swallow your words, soccer violence is worldwide. It is up to each nation to know how to handle soccer fans.

  7. Faz should also consider punishing referees with poor officiating,like what happened between Nkana and Zesco in the week 20 fixture Mwange referee from luanshya did a bad job which resulted in violance,in a game between Kalewa and Nkana FAZ should also do some thing Nkana supporters were beaten by Ndola soccer fans

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