HH puzzled by President Michael Sata’s sudden change of thought on the Barotseland agreement

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema
United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has said that he is puzzled by President Michael Sata’s sudden change of thought on the Barotseland agreement which he promised to honour during campaigns.

Mr Hichilema has further accused President Michael Sata of dragging his feet when dealing with issue of the Barotseland agreement of 1964.

He said that the failure by the President to act quickly on the Barotseland agreement will increase tension in the western province.

Mr Hichilema told QFM that the PF won the 20th September elections because of the promises it made to the people of western province on the Barotseland agreement.

He said that President Sata should therefore fulfill the promise he made to the people of Western Province on the challenges they are facing.

Mr Hichilema added that it was President Sata who was inciting the people of western province on the Barotseland agreement and not the other way round.

He further stated that the issue of the Barotseland agreement should not be politicized, but requires urgent attention to address.



  1. I dont see sense in this, I dont see what he is trying to say, hope he is listening to himself. What does he want to happen in Barlostseland? does he think secession was the agreement, if its development can the place be developed in few days? thats quite crazy i must say!!!!

  2. HH should bear in mind that pipo of the Western Province did not vote for president sate but him despite the efforts him made and so it is only fear that HH be reasonable by talking of things that will help solve this issue for once and for all not politicising it. Nonsence!
    the big man is making efforts to try and resolve it but this ka under 5 wants to gain cheap political milage uku tumpa, if you are not seeing the efforts we pipo in the Western are seeing it and if you don’t have constructive comments to make regarding the issue just shut you ka dirty mouth up!

  3. I am liking the approach Qfm is taking.Looks like they are already fed up with Donch Kubeba and have resorted to report what is on the ground.Indeed Sata promised to honour the BA64 within 90 days.Its in his Vuvuzela’s archives dated 8th Dec 2010.

  4. #5 CK

    The point is Sata while holding a rally in Western Province did say the BA64 is a legal valid document that he will honour in 90 days.Iam sure it will be fair to ask Sata what he meant and thats exactly that HH has done.

  5. You guys are reall babies in politics. You and HH are under five in politics and you will only end up regreting for you childsh decisions and comments. What are you and your boss HH talking about? You are very inmature who does’nt know the history of Zambia. Go back to school and learn and stop crying like babies.

  6. The Linyungandambo were in the PF campaign team in Western Province. They were even in Sata’s own official campaign entourage through Western Province. Linyungandambo are Sata’s and his Post God son Mmembe’s babies. Linyangandambo were PF’s big stick with which to beat the MMD in Western Province. Sata has always lived a dishonest life. There is no honour in his word. His word means nothing. In a civilised country Sata wouldnt even be a village mayor!

    • What I dont get is your hatred for a fellow zambian! You nincoompops are not wishing what is happening in the middle east happen in zambia. Ceasation simply means you want to take part of the land by force, and that tantamounts to treason. Haikainde bata is immature to run a country with 73 emotional tribes with now a 10th province. Let the security wings dig up more millions and the rest of the country will give you the sand you so desires. Kuja mwaja, nomba pano, mugebe ne pakunyengelela.

  7. Even if u wont rule zed, hh ask the cobra what promises he is fulfilling becoz theres no medicine in clinics. Putting more money in mulenga sata and sebatian zulu pockets. SATA IS A LIAR START WRITHNG EVERYWHERE

  8. you are *****s though being zambians. Southern province just like western province is not only for the tongas and lozis respectively. Kulibonesha bata because you two cow tribes are just greed and self centred.

  9. HH don’t waist time we need western province as our brothers and sisters needs development like us in the eastern province.

  10. Did PF, really win the last election because they promised to deal with the BA agreement and because of the western province? Has the PF government, really reneged on their promise to deal with the BA agreement? Anybody with the minutest intelligence in Zambia, knows this issue is ongoing, how then does the President of UPND, come up with this statement or was he misquoted which is also quite normal journalism in Zambia. But if he was not misquoted then this can only be characterised as kindergarten politics. Please HH, my brother change tack.

  11. Wat “change of thot”??? And yet u say MCS z dragging… Logical contradiction, 4 sure u r under 5. If MCS z stil dragging thn he has NOT yet givn out his conclusion, judgment therefore his stance not yet established and if such z the case hw can u thn assert that he has “changed” his mind??? By the way, he nt dragging but studying so that he comes up with a good conclusion…u want hm 2 come up wit a half baked caked which will make us (zambians) sick???? Patience pays, its a virtue. HH dnt b puzzled with MCS, b puzzled with ur own way of thinking. I gave u more respect when u were in the pact but not now, u hv 2 convince me otherwise…

  12. By the time Zambians learn to think with their heads, a civil war will be upon them and deservedly so. Sata should know that once the fire of self determination breaks out in Mongu, it will spread to North-Western, Southern Central and Lusaka province like a hurricane. You know, Habyarimana once dubbed the Kagame Tutsi insurgency as weak, until they blasted his jet plane out of the air into hell and his entire Hutu army was vanquished into the Congolese jungle where they to date still scumper around like baboons that they are. Sata must learn a lesson from that episode, especially that he has technically no army to talk about as Foday Sankoh in Sierra Leane and the Sudanese janjaweeds proved.

    • Never compare zambia to congo or ruanda – zambians we have a way of settling tribal scores – we go for tribal cousinship and not tribal-war – soon or later I see bembas and tongas becoming tribal cousins – when sata told them tht they are a weaker side (lozi) – this was a tribal cousinship proposal and not war or humiliating the lozis – Zambia will never go for tribal war but for tribal cousinship – this is how we settle tribal scores – of you tell me that I am kolwestan, I not go for mechete but I will laugh and tell you also that you are ngombestan – Never wish for genocide in Zambia.

    • Good comment boss,this man Sata should learn from history,we are noy interested in the cousinship with him and his tribe we are comfortable with tongas and kaondes the third person is useless,we want what he promised us

  13. You PF guys you crucifying sata with your mediocre support. Think beyond HH and embrace his advise to make your president a better leader.

  14. If anyone believed the 90days literally then they are the dullest thing that ever lived. On a personal level you cant even build a house in 90 days and you expect govt with all the lazy civil servants that needs to be re-energesed to deliver in 90 days. be real. I beleive Lubinda explained what they meant by 90days…you did not hear him explain but what to hang onto to a literal unrealistic 90days. Dream on. You (42% or 59% in we count those rigged ones) voted PF for a 5 year mandate, not a 90day mandate. So chill 2016 is not yet. If nothing happens in the next 4.75years you will have all the right to say PF said and never delivered. Kavindele even wanted RB to continue because 3 years was not enough to judge him on and yet you are busy judging Sata in 100 days, chill he still has time.

    • I have never seen dull things like Bembas. They are so blinded by their superiority complex that they cant see that the baboon we put in state house is clueless. Shame…your heads are down I don’t envy you.

  15. No. 23. I don`t need explanations from somebody on something somebody has said unless school has done nothing to me or I am dull so much that a can`t critically analyze it. The message was clear on things that would be achieved in 90 days, unless you were not following campaign trails or to dull to understand and still waited for the explanations from somebody just like now you are waiting for somebody to explain to you on what i have said b4 you pass your comments.

  16. come on all Sata haters, this HH just wants to be noticed , how can this UNDER5 justify being a party President after being REJECTED by the zambian people 3 times on the trot, HH is the DICTATOR OF ALL DICTATORS he got the post by tribalist means and still clings to it suppressing his tribals folk by peddling lies,,, The Lozi terrorism has to be nipped in the bud now, if it means locking up the likes of HH, Konga or any one advocating unrest in any part of zambia. The govt has to be tough on this

  17. If Sata made the promise, then HH is right and is doing well as opposition leader to hold Sata accountable. It is highly likely that some people voted for Sata so he can fulfill that promise.

    It is a fraud to get money (ie votes translated into salary for President Sata) and fail to deliver what people paid you for.

  18. @ 21 Terminal Mutima patient you are need help or probably arrest how can you wish for war in your own country? You are seated at your computer you dont even have an inkling of what civil war means. May God have mercy on you? Have you ever been in war torn country? Even when you advocate for war do you know who are the losers? And for your your own information there shall never ever be war in Zambia we are too matured and christians for that. It does not mean that when your party fails to win elections you should be talking about war. There are many people in Zambia like me who are half North western and Northern and married from Western, who do I fight? Rwanda is very different from Zambia in every way you think of. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  19. Continue reminding him of his failures. People will come to realise one day that you are talking sense. Unless a short sighted person can’t see pf’s failure.

  20. This boy is dull. Does’nt he realise that he himself is politicizing this matter? Let him be reminded that there is NOTHING to be honoured about the BA64 except the development that Western Province deserves in the same measure of priority and importance as ANY OTHER PROVINCE in Zambia. PERIOD!

  21. sata is dement(ed period. he needs a profound clinical evealuation. He forgets easily and opens mouth before he thinks like a pro(stitute.

  22. @ 28 Special Agent Dr. M. … Thanks for putting @Terminal Mutima patient in place…. he thinks every one is born from the same tribe like he /she… like you I am one of the growing population of mixed, the current majority in Zambia’s large cities…. I am Luapula(lunda)/NorthWestern(luvale) and my wife is Western(Lozi)/Southern(Tonga) and have 2 lovely trully Zmabian kids… be rest assured that there will be no war in Zambia and that thereis no room in our generation for tribalism, cessation or war.. We are interested in bringing together our strengths for build an industrial, prosperous Zambia..

    • @32 i thank you, oh my Lord. thank you for such cross…. as for you my bro, tell them these useless tribalists. tell them again and again and again and….. go like….. SHUT UP YOU TRIBALISTS!

  23. Imwe tu fi kala tu PF suppoters, Sata mentioned the 90 days more than once and everybody heard. The only thing is that he undersestimated the task of running a government. Dont support blindly, condemn what is bad and support what is good. Thats why I remain an independent.

  24. HH please realise that unlike you, Sata is a politician. He said he was aware of the exsistence of the agreement. He Did Not say he would implement the agreement. Otherwise WP would have have given him 90% of the vote!!

    • ifyccunnupolor1 on May 15, 2011 thamks man but i cant seem to find my channel to turn off my tv. i pressed up . and down . multipil times and it still didnt turn off. please help.

  25. Bloggers whose language is only insults, hatrade are myopic in beliefs bcoz these insulting bloggers have no morals basicaly and are dangerously and poorly educated thru endemic leakages and thefts. Truly educated blogs use principles in their blogs not insults and hatrade.


  26. Only the truth shall set you free.Cycle Mata Chilufyanya is an adult and not a child,that is why when he said things will be done within 90 days people believed.Notwithstanding that he is called a man of action.So if we should not believe what he said, then,we rate him as what? Do we continue trusting such a person? We need kastate funeral,its been long.

  27. Why do PF supporters hate HH so much SATA is not a ka small god. He fooled and dubed the Lozis himself and said I will honour ba64 in 90days because that paper is legal in his macverick and orgasmic  comedy ranting even went to extent of saying linyungandambo were his friends, Sata actually incited the riots in mongu

    • i think its the otherway round. hh is on record declaring to all and sundry that he will make sure that sata does not win the elections…….. be real man.

  28. ‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power’. When Abraham Lincoln wrote these words, its as if he was observing our current President. Sata’s test results are very clear for all to see. KK used to call it ‘the animal in man’.

    • Dear Mature, You inability to state your point(s) constructively without using derogatory terms to the person you are addressing speaks volumes about your level of maturity. I won’t respond to that as you could be a friend’s son, but suffice to say unlike you, I do not need a period of five years to see the results of the current Govt in as far as walking their talk is concerned, and the long term effect on our Country.

  29. foolish hh and his clan. zambia is not you alone. but is bigger than you. so stop these cheap threats of using our lozi brothers in your political stupidity. i will be back!

  30. # 5 CK, #10 Mike Sandras etc. What are you on about? Have you believed in what ever Mr Sata has said to be true? Is Michael Sata capable of making true statements? Can he make pronouncements over an issue that you would rely on? Michael Sata is not ordinary person like you or me. Whats he said/says has resonance around and needs to be believed. If your answer to these basic questions is affirmative, Zambians

  31. Zambians have the right to question Mr Sata why issues he said by way of pledge he would deal with and resolve within 3 months, now is impossible to be dealt with. HH is right and am not part of him however, he has a right and valid point to ask Mr Sata the reasons he has grown cold feet with over the issue. We dont want to believe him as a liar, if what he says can be true as a president. HH too does not want to have a head of state who can not be relied upon with what he says. Its up to Mr Sata to inform the nation what he meant in that promise. No body can speak for him sinces comments are not directed to others who respond.

  32. Being DULL is…checking whether someone is attacking your party or not before responding to a blog. There is more to life than defending  indefensible matters.  To be taken ontop of a very high mountain and be shown ALL the kingdoms of the earth belongs to religious myths coz our planet is very round. If HH is wrong he is damn wrong and if SATA lied then he LIED.

  33. Restoring the agreement single handedly by Sata would be wrong, that is why the President was emphasing the need to dialogue which is a step to resolving BA64.

    Some people have not understood the BA64 document, looking at the many things that have been said about the same document. It should not be rushed, and HH should be the one to guide on this issue and speak like me if he really considers himself the next President.

  34. No need to insult HH as He is simply advising Sata to honour his promises. Don’t just support Sata even when he is wrong just because you are PF.This mentality is what made Chiluba stupidy because even when he was selling institutional houses at prices cheaper than the cost of documentation,same u chaps praised him.Little did you realise that he was just trying to get political mileage.Our country will remain behind like buttocks for ever if we heroe worship people we vote into power.There is need to change our thinking.

  35. @48
    We are not supporting everything MCS is saying we are simply saying the President cannot honor BA64 on his own he needs to consult obviously he has realized and advised that it is a complicated issue and covers a wide range of people, waking up one morning and honor BA64 is just creating another problem.
    Note not all that comes from HH is to be supported. When a political leader speaks we are also at entitled to analyze what has been said and give opinion.
    Supporting anyhow just because my tribesman has spoken then it is the truth is wrong Sir.

  36. I just don’t get it, what form of popularity does Mr HH get from all this Barotse issue? As for crediting The President’s win during the elections to WP, that is argueable as not all people in the province were voting on those grounds otherwise it should have been a land slid for the President. Let’s say the few that did vote voted on those grounds, does it warrant the president to divide the country, as what?… a show of gratitude? Oh! I know, it is meant to show that the President has failed to handle a situation he said he would…wow HH what type of politics are you playing?

  37. Hichilema,u are just a business man not a politician.Moreover,zambia is one from north to south & from west to east.Your shallow plans are open,u will never take advantage of dividing zambia into two states.U will just die like that,u will never rule zambia.We are not dogs like u.I decided to join your party to vital PF,but your shallow minds & lost your blessing.U are the most bucking dog I’ve seen in the world.Mazoka was vital as leader,but not u brown dog.It will never happen,zambia is one.Very soon,we shall start getting oil from western province.


  39. “We have always said we have nothing to fear about the Barotse Agreement. It is a decent agreement that must be honoured,” Sata said. “Only crooks, dictators who want everything to be controlled by them from Lusaka can fear the Barotse Agreement.”
    The PF government will honour the Barotse Agreement without hesitation because we have no problems with it. We see nothing wrong with it.”

  40. @5 CK, Well said. The ignorance being exposed by HH and some people on this blog is earth shattering. What is the substance of the agreement? It is not secession, and neither is it the transformation of Zambia into a federation of semi-autonomous states. This is a very sensitive subject that HH should have handled with a greater degree of maturity as it has the potential to divide the country.

  41. HH’s brains elapses sometimes. Can you surely say sata won elections because of the promises he made to the westerners? They were purely not a factor in sata’s ascending to the state house. I pity with hh. God help this young man

  42. you Kolwestans are so bitter with HH and you leave out your moron president who changes like lunvwi. I want to urge my lozi broz and sisters not to give hand to the blinded kolwestans in corridoz of lusaka and every where they have infested. Hate it or love it, HH eats fours meals a day whilst u are busy begging on our car windows. Shame on you patriotic fools.


  44. If he did promise then and found something was wrong do you want him to go ahead and make a mistake? I don’t want to sound tribal but is western province for the lozi’s, histolically where did they come from for them to claim that it belongs to them.Are these not just foreiners making noisy and trying to take advantange of Sata. Let this country remain as it is, one Zambia one nation period.

  45. Great list! People should keep blog posts short and sweet. I have been giving out short and direct to the point posts and it??s more readable to customers than posting a too-detailed post.

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