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Prove your innocence in court, Katele Kalumba advise MMD leaders

Headlines Prove your innocence in court, Katele Kalumba advise MMD leaders

Dr Katele Kalumba
Dr Katele Kalumba

FORMER MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba has advised former leaders under investigations not to rush to the media to defend themselves but instead wait for security wings to conclude their investigations.

Dr Kalumba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that there was no need for the former leaders under investigations to cry foul but should instead defend themselves in the courts if at all they felt they were innocent.

“My advice to those under investigations is that they should not rush to the media to defend themselves.

“If they feel they are innocent let them defend themselves in the courts of law instead of fighting their battles in the media. That is my only advice to them,” he said.

Several MMD former ministers are currently under investigations over alleged abuse of public resources.

And CARITAS – Zambia executive director, Sam Mulafulafu has said all corrupt leaders from the previous MMD government should be brought to book without delay.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mulafulafu said corruption in the MMD government was rampant and that those who would be found to have abused public resources should face the law immediately.

He, however, said current leaders should be monitored to ensure they did not fall into the same trap.

Mr Mulafulafu applauded the Patriotic Front (PF) Government’s efforts to stamp out corruption saying, however, that the campaign against the scourge should be done within the rule of law.

He said the Government should sustain the fight against corruption so that the root causes of the vice were completely wiped out.

“Corruption in the last three years was rampant and as such former leaders found wanting should be brought to book. In the same vein, current leaders should also be monitored instead of waiting until they are out of office and this is where we go wrong,” Mr Mulafulafu said.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. All wrong doers must face the law. There is no need to hide in the name of media! As long as there is proof let them shift to a free one vast room full of new friends.

  2. Let us fish out these thieves. No mercy and sympathy for thieves. Let these MMD devils defend themselves in court as Katele the computer wizard has said. Good advise by the hard core plundler. So Kunda heed this advice, stop ranting man.

  3. Ba disgraced former bla,bla,bla you must be the last person to comment on this matter.You stole GRZ money and convicted.We know the cheifs from your area are busy trying to lobby for interferance in return for the votes they gave PF.You have to go in no matter what ,the evidence is there bwana.

    • Iwe Chikala did you read the judgement? Katele’s only sin was that he did not show remorse over the 4000 dollars he was given by Xavier Chungu! How do you say sorry over something you know was not stolen?

  4. But we also want Katele’s case to be concluded quickly so that he can start serving his sentence. But we all know that he is now a PF sympathiser/ cadre-to-be and will not be convicted.

  5. Ba Katele your friends are being tried in the media and you want them to defend themselves in court how. Talk to PF to take them to court like the way Levy did to you then they can as well defend themselves there in courts. You should also remember that the onus is on the accusser to prove that these guys are guilty beyond reasonable doubt coz we do not use the Dutch law which says you are guilty till you prove innocent but it is Innocent till proved guilty. Looking at how things are these are all lost cases and a waste of tax payers money. In addition the probe of leaders or fighting corruption will only make sense and move on if we probe the last twenty years of MMD which should include issues of “swine fever” merzaf, 2 bn monry in trunks etc as it is we are not going anywhere!

    • If these guys are so innocent they can sue for slander, defamation… etc, and get big money. Why are they not doing that? Be careful what u defend. Why insisting on probing 20 years? Lets start with what we have now then we can move further back if and when necessary.

  6. Katele the convict,since when did you become wise? Didnt you run away to Chienge when the law was after you? What a hypocrite! And since when did convicts become news sources?

  7. # 6…we know why you ranting like this. But us Zambian will not leave any stone unturned in bringing all bluderers to justice either it be PF, MMD, UPND accountants etc, all should be probed. Getting rich we dont ban, but stealing from poor Zambians so you enrich yourself is what e are seriously aginst. So dear brace yourself for more arrests.

  8. Luapula wizard katele, please first’ tell your PF relatives to stop using the media as trial venues for corruption. Hasnt it occured to your evil infested mind that the former leaders can only answer back thru the media because that is where they are been tried and not the courts of law? Just leave the MMD and go back ‘home’ to your relatives in PF.

  9. katele we saw ur laptop and know how you survived 10 years!
    otherwise as for corruption it needs to be wiped out, infact even in the civil service…both former and current employees need to be investigated and watched very closely
    as sata puts it, money needs to spread around…but how will it spread if we spend more arresting old thieves that have spent it already???
    we need to catch sme thieves in action to stop corruption

  10. How much you try to be a champion ,to me you still remain plunderer and a thief.However, your words are full of wisdom to your fellow thieves.

  11. number 16 why refer everything to tribes?you are causing division amongst the same people,whats your problem?think wisely.

  12. mushota you have been so quiet why?i like your funny comments though most of the times there is very little sense in them. come back please to make me laugh,especially icisungu.

  13. A thief is a thief, is a thief, is a thief, and thieves belong in jail!!! So MMD thieves brace yourselves for turn to do hard time. A poor person steals a bicycle and they gets 5 years in prison. A rich former Minister is found with 1200+ bicycles he can’t explain the source, yet some f.o.o.ls thinks he deserves the bicycles and term the investigations a “witch-hunt”—-and you wonder why African leaders have acted with such impunity for so long.
    Our blind loyalty to our leaders has really helped stunt the development and advancement of generations upon generations of ordinary Africans. This is what made people like Mobutu, Mubarakt, and other corrupt despots in Africa to thrive. Corruption kills both the dreams and innovation of a country—never lose sight of this simple fact!!

  14. # 16 Could be right for without MMD there would be no PF. Infact the entire leadership in PF govt including Katele Kalumba were all in MMD when corruption was hatched in Zambia. Most high profile leaders of PF govt were tanted with some either office abuse or actual corruption cases. EG Mr Sata (led to Mwanawasa (VP then) to resign), Dr Guy Scott, Sekeni, Katele, etc. Yes, its a question of a thief on thieves.

  15. Na iwe ci kalumba niwebo lazo te imwe mwavobwele umuzulo wesu Nwaka Chiluba you just lucky you are Bemba Sata has a soft spot for you

  16. This is how Katele looks for jobs. not any more. is it because your wife have been left out on the list of MMD presidential candiates now you want to make a switch. you thief

  17. As former MMD National Secreatary I would expect Mr. Kalumba to know that is prosecuter’s job to prove defendant’s guilt beyond any doubt. Or maybe he is looking for job in PF administration? Once thief always thief!

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