Given Lubinda transferred to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mutembo Nchito sworn in as DPP

President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has announced changes to his cabinet in a mini Cabinet reshuffle.

President Sata has transferred Given Lubinda to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, while Chishimba Kambwili has been taken to the ministry of Labour, Youth and Sports.

Fackson Shamenda is the new minister in the ministry of information, broadcasting and tourism.

Mr Sata said the changes are aimed at improving the efficiency of government.

The changes are the first the President has made at Cabinet level since ascending to the high office following his election victory in the 20th September, 2011 elections.

Meanwhile President Sata has directed Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito to extend investigations into the sale of Zamtel, to LAP Green.

President Sata says there is need for the office of the DPP to improve on how they prepare the cases to allow the courts do a good job.

The head of state has also called for thorough investigations of other cases involving the privatization of Roan and Kagem mines, Lima bank and Livingstone Intercontinental.Â

The president says the Director of Prosecution and his team to take to court corruption cases that have been well investigated and prepared to allow the law takes it course.

President Sata was speaking in Lusaka today during the swearing in ceremony of Mutembo Nchito as Director of Public Prosecution.

And President Sata has observed that late President Levy Mwanawasa was betrayed when died by the people he trusted in his will to fight corruption.

President Sata adds that the Late Dr. Mwanawasa was committed and worked diligently to fight corruption but that his good will was abandoned by the Rupiah Banda led government.

The president has since urged the new legal team to ensure that corruption is fought saying the PF government should ensure that it leave the government system better than it found it.

And Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito has vowed to ensure that the rule of law prevails in the country’s legal system.

Mr. Nchito told journalists that it is important for the law to be applied in a fair and just manner irrespective of one’s status in society.

The DPP has also indicated that he will soon start reviewing all the alleged corruption cases involving former leaders.

Mr. Nchito notes that there is therefore need for the people being investigated to be patient and allow the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the cases.



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    He was already discharging his duties long before being sworn in by releasing his friend Mahtani.Is this not abuse of office? Where did he get the authority? The Chief Prosecutor breaking the law and expect him to dispense justice to the satisfaction of the public.

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      And they have managed to secretly sell Finance Bank again to FNB and Zambian are in the dark of what’s happening in thier house , clever guy I should say want money for himself

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    Let Nchito investigate the $100, 000 sata dumped at Oliver Tambo airport, Merzaff Flats, the k2billion kwacha Sata was carrying with his cadres in tranks to the MMD convention, The money for the ministry where sata was minister during Chiluba which was deposited in his personal account for some months and the interest earned, hucking of opposition cadres in 2001 by Sata and his cadres, the car issue he was arrested over in 2001. The list will grow.

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      For sure let him start cleaning within the corners of the PF house. Infact we all knew Chishimba was in the wrong office. At least Given is better at foreign ministry. Any way the bottom line is we want to see them work as they promised, not …………………??????????????

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    the forgoten kagem mine is making cool cash. yes, investigate the same., but why not repossess glizzly mining and also investigate its owner and director, gunatsi.

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    This is sad reading. The problem this govt is facing is all from the fact that appointments were based on tribal lines and not merit. Kabwili wasnever the correct person for that ministry. PF start involving other tribes based on merit too. You are destroying this nation. As for the DPP we are aware he is there to sort out some people. Why investigate only the companies you have mentioned it is like you are targeting to finish the opposition so you can be the sole leader in this nation. Investigate then also 2billion for the MMD in the trunks, Finance Banks and the transactions which were happening. When is Sata going to address real issues job creation, tribalism label, health service delivery etc

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    Sata we voted for you but you need to get serious. Kabwili as foreign affairs was a joke – what was scarey is only you did not know

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    All you FOOLS complaining are loosers… PF is here to stay and to sort out those ****** who mismanaged our national resources. Sata is sharp! the changes are welcome. he has realised that he made mistakes and he is not gettin results hence the cabinet changes! think pipo.. even in football, u dont substitute in the 89th minuate.. u substitute the moment you notice there is a mistake. go back to work and stop complaining. u can not appoint all the 73 tribes please! you appoint those you campained and worked with. the people u were strategising with… not tribes…… yaba!

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      Why doesnt Sata also realise that he needs to focus on viable economic policies that well move the country further instead of witch hunting political opponents while the economy slumbs! Or does he think that the money he will recover (after spending billions in legal fees and COI’s) will make up for the current and projected economic situation the country is facing? To this day we are yet to hear of any policy pointing to Job Creation or strengthening the economy (unless of course you consider street venting to be Job creation) Talk about priorities!!

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    no. 4 you are just wasting your hanger for nothing . most cases you have mentioned were dealt and sata was not properly treated, thank god bcoz all the cases that where leveled against him were politically motivated , it does not mean that what he is doing is to whitch hunt pipo but for the good of our govt system and the better for our future . . no. 4 its unfortunate you do not follow all the incidents you mentioned and it rubbish . *****, fool , wuuuuuuuuuu .

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    It makes me wonder if this GRZ is making any money at all or just spending whatever the poor country has to pay its cadres…..

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    KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=Zambia= KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=Zambia= KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA= kolwestan=zambia =KOLWESTAN=ZAMBIA =kolwestan=zambia

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    Thorough investigations of other cases involving the privatization of Roan and Kagem mines, Lima bank and Livingstone Intercontinental means even more Commission of Inquiries! Doesn’t this man realise we are tired of them? Especially since they don’t even yield results and are duplicating work of ACC, DEC, Task Force, Zambia Police, etc. Can’t he tell us something more inspiring for a change? All we hear and discuss in Zambia is this fake fight against corruption. What about development programs? Anything in mind Mr. President??

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      So, do u prefer the president put a blind eye to all corrupt activities that have taken place in the past! you BUFFOON!! u r such a fool!! u complain at everything! how are u going to achieve better standards of living if the president in his powers does not correct the situation! Foolish *****!

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    Well done mr president i think kambwili and lubinda is a nice move but maybe u should have retired shamenda why are u keepn that idol? As for nchito investigatin the sale of luanshya mines,i think that is not necessary mr president i know maybe yo intention is to pin down the then ZPA chairman HH,but please spare us the expenses

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    Bravo Kambwili,let all the chinese carpenters,bricklayers,general workers etc..go back to chine and start planting rice there.Those are jobs for poor Zambians

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    Wat tribalism are insuating wen under five has with impunity declared not to work current administration.

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    Kambwili is not ministerial material. He only qualifies to be a minister because of his tribe. He is a tribalist and as Minister of Labour, Youth and Sports Zambians should not be surprised to find the national teams made up of only people from a certain tribe.

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      What atrributes should a person posses to be deamed “Ministrial Material”? If the position requires “Technocrats, i probably would agree with your opinion”; but a minister need not be a technocrat; he will be told what to do or say by the technocrats; his post; all political. But if he is faithful to the political goals, he can still move things. But your opinion is yours, and my opinion is mine, we may not have to agree with each other; hope you agree that our write and chance to blog is what matters: 1 love 1 Zambia; and that Zambia could be “KOLWESTAN”.

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      A politician is exactly what it says on the tin, you don’t need a degree in Rock Science to become one, a grade 12 certificate will do…politicans are there to drive through their gov’t’s policies and the civil service is there to guide them through this process…. only the Finance Ministry requires someone who can analytical and translate those numbers but even there they are smart brains assisting and doing cumbersome chores in the back-room.

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    Lubinda should have remained ku information and tourism.As for the other appointments…mwela onse.

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      Yes I totally agree with you, Lubinda was well fitted in that Ministry. However, even where he has been taken he would fit without any challenges. In short the man can work any where, and I have a lot of respect fo him. Well I support PF. Shamenda definitely needs a rest. Kambwili should have suited to be a Provincial Minister if really the president wanted to maintain him.

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    Thank you for the reshuffer, Given Lubinda can now meet with Hilary Clinton than that Kabwili thing you were embarrassing us with. Kabwili only be busy with strikes, and he enjoys riots. Ba Shamenda can just be retired forever, Ministry of information could have gone to some attractive woman, unfortunately there is a shortage of beautiful women in Zambia.

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      For which province sir, NOT c/belt the man is just a fool we cant have such morons heading the wise.

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    Ba Shamenda pull up your socks.The writing is on the wall.Right appointments for Hon Lubinda and Hon Kambwili.

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    We shall live by commissions of inquiries, do not extend to how Zambia got independent. The country requires a serious development agenda. This so far,it is non exsistent and its road map unkown. The mimics statements of development told to the nation are cut and paste of MMD sixth National Development Plans. The best option PF govt can do is own up and boldly adopt those plans openly after all they are tasted and brought levels of growth in our economy. Review other projects with corruption suspisions and let the law take its course to correct the national agenda for development.

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    It looks people are not happy PF formed Govt. Colleagues, whether or not you like it, the Zambian poeple voted PF in Govt, therefore, LEKENI SATA ATEKE.

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    Thanks for small reshuffles PF. Now let’s get down to work! have you sorted out farmers who sold some maize? Roads are being completed (Congratulations PF).

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    Hmmm……Thats what happens when policemen become Presidents.Roan Mine & Livingstone Intercontinental were privatised when Sata was a Cabinet minister way back in the 90s.This is a waste of national time.Both Sata and his vice were ministers when Lima bank was sold.

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    #13 Hantumbu, Can you help me please, I have no clue what KOLWESTAN is, can you enlighten me? I must admit I have never seen this word before.

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    When you look at Fackson, he failled to work as labour Minister and was embarrased by little Kalusha. To me shamende is a spent force who should be allowed to rest. Mr President you have the chance now to start infusing the young generation who have more vigor, its not only shamende who is lagging behind but you still have a few who are dragging you down, and zambians are watching. Five years is too short these days, ask RB how the three years went ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM in no time while he was in a plane.

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    Investigate the malawi deportation, meza flats in chilenje, $ 27,000 confisicated in SA,,,,we need a commision of iquiry. Thumbs up Mr President. However when you are thru with all that remember most Zambians can still not afford three meals in a day even after 119 days !!!!!! keep it up . time will tell tho.

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    Has Shamenda got the energy for information broadcasting and tourism? Is he also going to double as the Gov’t Spokesman? Sata should just retired Shamenda as he hasn’t got the backbone for these position period. Why not separate Tourism Dept and make it a stand alone ministry again? Big tourist markets like Kenya will lose out on tourism visits this year due to terrorist threats, and we need to have a cut of their million dollar market. A more focused Tourism Dept is the answer with an energetic young minister like bungee-jumping Lubinda was…is what was needed there.     

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      good point. lets try him and see if he can perform. who knows, he might outdo the energetic lubinda.

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    PF = 120 days……still forming commisions of inquiry to investigate perceived enemies!!! The worst president Kwena

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    Jomie @4 They made him do it don’t you know the President is allergic to corruption and I am sure this is not a new allergy he must have always been allergic but all those eyebrow raising issues like huge amounts of cash in foreign currency at Jo’burgh, cash in trunks at the MMD convention, Merzaf flats all those were forced on him by people who new he was destined to be president just so that they could ridicule him – honest !!!

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    As expected Sata is shaving and shredding the truth with invented facts, but as an ardent follower of Zambia politics, I’m appalled that this lying President is not being held to account by the opposition. Nchito should be warned that if Sata’s cover is gone, he too will be back in court to answer charges of money laundering and tax evasion. It is a sad day when a president can order a DPP and his prosecution team and the police to arbitrarily destroy reputations of people. It is clear HH is the target in the latest wave of instructions to the DPP. HH you have age on your side, please fight this old dictator.

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      Why are you speculating what may not be there? Mutembo was not appointed to sort out HH, NO! If any thing HH is not a factor kuli ba PF, not at all. HH has problems with penetrating other regions includoing Muchinga province,, not ifyo ulelanda iwe. HH should work hard, dont mislead the nation. PF will have ten (10) to go, not until HH gets out of his bedroom, Southern province. the only person who may have a chance ni Chipimo Junior. We told HH to join the pact, he went out and now he is in anguish, gnashing teeth. Akose, mukose

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      Amayama our country is full of people who have no capacity to do basic research. The majority of our society thrives on rumour mongering and when you confront them with the truth they will either insult you or just go underground. I for one rarely take those funny comments to heart. But thanks for that reference! You are one of the few who want to look at things with fact and I salute you!!!!!

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      its about influence you fool and not numbers okay……ucoona laala stupid work up fool.

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    Makes me wonder whether the President really knows his team and the people he is appointing as office bearers.

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    :(( :d:o can a three months baby say to his father you have not done anything since i was born! open your eyes and see what your father is doing buying you food and clothing, Since PF has been in power you have been eating and you are happpy more jobs are coming just wait watch the space!!!! so called opposition when you where in power you went over the world at the expense of Zambian people and this kunda what is he saying about the veep useless former veep he does not even deserve the term of former veep

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    I will give credit where it is deserved. For the sake of our country’s image, demoting Kambwili and promoting Given Lubinda to the more intellectually demanding job of Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help improve Zambia’s image. I also think Kambwili, as a rough tribal warrior is better placed to face foreign investors who are fond of abusing Zambian employees – even though himself is a very abusive employer, he was always being taken to court by his employees before he got into government. However, I still insist there other more intelligent chaps from oither tribes Sata could have made use of if he wasn’t a tribalist. But that is how PF works and we will keep criticising. Good move on the ka-reshuffle…

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    Livingstone Intercontinental Hotel was privatised in the late 1990s. Sun International of South Africa, if I remember correctly, told ZPA (that was then led by Valentine Chitalu) that they didnt want the structure because it was not suited to what they had in mind. Sun International wanted to build a new structure all together. This affected the final sale price. The then Coopers and Lybrand ; was tasked by Chitalu’s ZPA to carry out the evaluation. Coopers and Lybrand did their task and the sale of Intercontinental was done by Chitalu after approval by cabinet of which Sata was a senior member. HH was at Coopers and Lybrand then. You can make your conclusions!

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    Investigation of: Lima Bank, Roan mine and Livingstone Intercontinental Hotel. HeeY……!!! Hakengila mu prison Hiumwine, HH. He is the first suspect.

  35. vote

    Why don’t we target to improve the systems rather than continue investigating our own past that had good systems but abused or bad systems and taken advanatge of by others. Yes, investigating an explosion is important but improving the system not to have more explosions is more important. If ZAMTEL was dubiously sold then what system can we put in place that ZISC is not sold dubiously as an example?

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    I welcome the change at the ministry of foreign affairs Mr President. I can understand that the cabinet was formulated in a hurry. As regards to instructing the DPP this makes us to question the autonomy of the judiciary system. In the ideal society I would have liked to see the investigative wings and the judiciary do their work without interference. Command and control will dent our system. 

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    #39 AMAYAMA – I have looked at the list of ministers and I am surprised at the accusation that 90% are Bembas. There are 10 Bemba speaking ministers (60%) which is not the same as 10 Bembas. The accusers know the distinction between Bembas and Bemba speaking people but they are deliberately misinfoming the public to demonize us. These losers!

  38. vote


  39. vote


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      @49 Peter, Sadly our gov’t don’t connect those dots as they don’t foresee how much foreign exchange this sustainable industry is capable of generating, their answer to Job creation, increased tax revenue collection is in this sector. There are countries that are solely dependent on Tourism and generate more than our mining sector. The Sata administration is only interested looking to the depleting resource sectors like mining for those answers. 

  40. vote

    #47, Mutale Chikwanda, please educate us on the difference between Bembas and Bemba speaking people. Are you saying some people have dumped their languages and speak Bemba and they have even adopted Bemba names?

  41. vote

    eish..this ugly scary man who was @Foreign affairs..its good he shud not klill football in Zambia..

  42. vote

    Sata would lose presidential elections if Zed was to hold presidential elections today. Many people have realized the mistake they made in voting him in.

  43. vote

    Kambwili should not have been appointed in the first place and Shamenda is uninspiring. Lubinda is the real deal but has now been pushed out of the limelight in attempt to ensure that there is no visible alternative or potential successor within the party .

  44. vote

    #47 Mutale – What I actually did was add up all ministerial and deputy ministerial positions and factually Bembas and related dialects account for 26%. Which Leaves 74% to the other three main languages and dialects. Given that Bemba’s account for more than 40% of the Zambian population they are under represented if we have to follow HH’s tribal representation. It is obvious that there are fewer appointments from southern province as HH has categorically stated his MPs wouldnt works with PF. I just wonder who is being tribal here. The figures dont lie and I hope people should desist from telling fibs. see posting #39 for figures.

  45. vote

    #50 BLUE BLOOD – For your education Bemba speaking people include Bisa, Lunda (Luapula), Ushi,Tabwa, Ng’umbo, Shila, Bwile, Chishinga and Lala. As you can see these are different tribes but they, by and large, speak Bemba or a variation of Bemba. These tribes also share same names. For instance you have Musondas among Luapula tribes, Bisas, Lalas and Bembas. If all these tribes are Bembas the why do you say we have 73 tribes?

  46. vote

    What this government is doing is heightening the risk of doing business in Zambia. In the past 15 years, investors looked at Zambia as an alternative destination to Zimbabwe. They will probably have to settle for much more stable countries in the region like Botswana, Namibia, South African, Tanzania, Mozambique and Angola. Mr. Sata, you may not understand economics, but you should know the simple fact that globalization has unleashed a race to the bottom. Countries jockey for power and advantage. You gain advantage by assuring investors that once they bought and invested in a local enterprise, the next government is not going to seize it. That, in return, creates jobs. Your lunacy, Mr. Sata, will drag this great nation into the shadows.

  47. vote

    George Kunda should prepare to sue Zambians who will elect Given Lubinda as president after Sata.

  48. vote

    Its a good move for Kambwili coz he has dealt with labours issues for miners in the country way back before he even joined politics, and infact when PF came in power thats what we expected that Kambwili be labour minister.As for Lubinda still not a bad move it actaully fits him better as foreign minister. Thanks mr president you have quickly corrected the mistake you made in earlier appointments.

  49. vote

    #9 PF YOU have harmmed the nail on the head thank you, well spoken tell all these fools crying about tribal appointments to take a moment and look at your posting at #9, maybe they will sense, bunch of tonga fools.

  50. vote

    What mistakes did sata make and just realized them now. What a JOKE!! The President has ran out of ideas. You mean he did not have an interim Cabinet list when he was campaigning. ZAMBIAN POLITICS IS A JOKE.

  51. vote

    Ushi,Tabwa, Ng’umbo, Shila, Bwile, Chishinga and Lala are dialects of Bemba. Do not confuse language and dialects. A dialect is a variant of a language. For instance British English, American English, Australian English, South African, etc. are dialects of English. They are not separate languages.

    • vote

      An for your own information that is what counts for 73 languages. Otherwise, we would only have Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, Tumbuka, Nsenga and Kaonde

  52. vote

    #56 Deep Throat – Dont be delusional. DRC has more foreign direct investment than zambia, zimbabwe, botswana despite having no GOVT and with civil war. sometimes westerners prefer corrupt govts -that way they exert their imperialism easily ( devide and rule if you get a gist). For now PF is protecting our national assets and this may not please some investors and it does not mean that they are not doing the right thing. Fight against corruption is long over due and if it upsets investors so be it

  53. vote

    @Amayama, Zambia is not Congo DRC. That country is like that because corporations make more money in the confusion. Investors can yield substantial returns on their investment within a short time because the country is immensely rich in highly valued natural resources. You can’t say the same about Zambia. Foreign investors need a political incentive to invest in a country like Zambia because they have a lot of options.

  54. vote

    Deep throat( Pamukoshi)!! I think there is a lot of uncertainty for doing business in zambia right now. There is a lot of political tension and that pushes off people that want to invest. In DRC”s case, they have a very rare mineral resources, so regardless of the political situation there will be an inflow of investment or cashflow. Its a risky situation but for those investors that are very aggressive they will do anything it takes. People forget that Sata is a loose Canide meaning he will say or do things without really thinking about the outcomes.

  55. vote

    Zambiano, you’re absolutely right. If you govern like thugs, you lose respect. I don’t think we will ever see Sata visiting the White House. In fact, the people he defeated are increasingly sounding more credible than Sata.

  56. vote

    Gumu-gumu Kambwili was a very big disgrace to the nation, he should never ever been appointed minister of foreign affairs. If you recall, this is the chap who was stopped by the speaker from voting twice in parliament. Imagine, rigging “in the house”. And also his gumu-gumu chicks are surely remarkable, if he was not a minister he would have to sweat lonely hearts columns to find a mate to slake his elemental hunger. Such urgliness is an affront to nature and a sin to god.

  57. vote

    He cant visit white house, by that meaning having to meet Obama or Sitting Presido to discuss Bilateral relations. The fact that he is a loose canide that disqualifies him from meeting other respectable presidents

  58. vote

    @49 Peter, Sadly our gov’t don’t connect those dots as they don’t foresee how much foreign exchange this sustainable industry is capable of generating, their answers to Job creation, increased tax revenue collection is in this sector. There are countries that are solely dependent on Tourism and generate more than our mining sector. The Sata administration is only interested looking to the depleting resource sectors like mining for those answers. 

  59. vote

    This is what u get for putting kaponya in state house. He doesn’t seem to know the functions of the DPP or he’s pretending. Why is LAZ in existence that can’t advise this kaponya. He doesn’t inspire me at all. Time is ticking towards his doomsday.

  60. vote

    @73, Miz, waculafye the man you are calling kaponya is better than your entire clan. Watch out you may end up developing hypertention unnecessarily. Just think about yourself; who do you inspire? Sata inspires a lot of us and that’s why we voted for him and we want him to continue judging this nation. We shall continue to support him till he delivers to your further disappointment. Moreover God allowed Sata to be President according to my spiritual conviction.

  61. vote

    Article 39(1) of the Constitution states “Whenever the President is ABSENT from Zambia or considers it desirable to do so by reason of illness or for any other cause, he may by direction in writing, authorize the Vice President, or where the Vice President is ABSENT from Zambia or INCAPABLE of discharging the functions of the office of President, any other person, to discharge such functions of the office of President as he may specify, and the Vice President or such other person may discharge those functions until his authority is revoked by the President”. In other words, appointing a Minister to act is only an option if Guy Scott is absent or incapable.

  62. vote

    The questions that Hon Kunda and MMD are asking are (i) Was the Vice President absent from Zambia for the President to appoint the Minister of Finance to act as President instead of the Vice President as required by the Constitution? (ii) Is the Vice President Guy Scott INCAPABLE (incompetent so to speak) of acting as President? If the answer to both questions is no, then the President has contravened the Constitution. If the answer to question (ii) is yes, then the President is within the Constitution, but the question is why then was Guy Scott appointed as Vice President, especially if constitutionally Guy Scott AUTOMATICALLY assumes the office of President in the event of death of the sitting president?

  63. vote

    #Kato, Guy Scott is vice president because he is not a threat to the presidency. In effect, there is no vice president in Zambia. This is a personality based government, swept to power purely on the basis of the personality of its leader. That’s why I am surprised that people are now wondering whether this government has any agenda. Absolutely not. Sata’s agenda was to enter State House, and that goal has been achieved. The only thing that will remove him from the presidency is his death. We must find solace in the fact that he is in the twilight of his life. I don’t foresee the PF being reelected when Sata is entombed. He will die with his party. This is a one man government, with a lot of scores to settle, that is why the acting president is usually the president’s cousin, Chikwanda.

  64. vote

    It’ s prudent, it’ s time we get serious to national developmental issues than just targeting certain individuals in order to proscute them. The writing is on the wall that President Sata wants to suppress the opposition so that he can create a Bemba empire through his party the Partriotic Front. But, believe it or not, the end result shall be negative because the people who are being targeted most of them will win the cases. There is abundant proof from the President’ s directive to Mutembo Nchito that he is targeting young HH whom he wants to finnish completely because after all Sata hates everyone who is not Bemba no wonder his cabinet only comprise Bembas. Watch the space.

  65. vote

    Hardly three months in office and Satan is already reshuffling his vampire angels around! As we would say in serotse, ‘ke mobutso wa mandwani’. How that weird and uncouth gumu-gumu jaws Kambwili ended up at Foreign affairs is anyones guess. Add Sakeni and GBM and stinking tribal bigotry rears its urgly head. Zambian will bring down to earth this Satan administration, with all its vampire angels!

  66. vote

    I hope the President shall continue to be consultative so he does not run into trouble at a certain stage. Is the fight against corruption going to be our daily bread and butter in Zambia ?

  67. vote

    If we are to be fair and objective, as the Zambian ship sails in the middle of the stormy Pacific Ocean, Given Lubinda ia probably one of the few enlightned Ministers – along with Minister of Health and Education Minister – who have the capacity to deliver under the PF Govt. The rest are merely a batch of fossil specimens who must be best located in a Lusaka Museum. This is perhaps one of the reasons President Sata is being obliged to overwork himself to comment on every minor issue that can easily be handled by a Minister or PS. Good luck to Lubinda.

  68. vote

    Blue Blood,

    It is not the Minister of Sports who chooses members of the national team in football. It is the national coach, Renard, who is French and not Bemba. If there are many Bemba footballer’s in the national team, don’t shift the blame to Kambwili just because he is Bemba. Blame it on the Frenchman. Just what is your problem?

  69. vote

    The reality is these cases will not see day light in court. The judge is independent, he will throw them out as from the on set the cases have been influenced by SATA.  What a waste of time and money. This ignorant constable need to shut is motor mouth. The facts are in 90 days Zambia is now in reverse gear and for all those of you at home in Zambia tighten your belts because this ride is going to be ruff. Hope the captain knows that the boat is approaching an ice berg.

  70. vote

    reshuffles already we are doomed. this president if rub.ish. now he support Mwanawasa but that time he was strongly against him.he even made alliances with FTJ. this will be our worst president.he is a flip flopper. his poor judgement in decision making is horrendous. 

  71. vote

    Let them start to talk now. We need evidence and make sure that those with cases are made to pay to the zambian. 

  72. vote

    Looks like HH is being targeted here. Political harrassment. Whey go investigate privatisation of Lima bank etc after so many years?

  73. vote

    the president should not INTERFARE in court cases, let the DPP investgate if he see it fit not under the president’s directive it then becomes political investigation ZED.

  74. vote

    The problem we have as Zambians is that we like to complain a lot especially on how govt is run. We demand that a govt be changed and those that have plundered our economy be prosecuted. But when we succeed in voting for a govt we think (as voters) will do what we expect of it, we again start to murmur and complain that the current govt is wasting time and money in trying to have the same bunch brought to book so the country can move forward. My conclusion is that when you find yourself related to a criminal you always wanna come up with excuses at the expense of innocent Zambians some of whom may have died as a result of selfish politicians. I say to the new DPP: get them and have them locked up. Doo not despair Mr. Nchito…go for everyone…no one is above the law.

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