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Zambia Vs Equatorial Guinea Live match Streaming(Final Score: Zambia 1: 0 Equatorial Guinea)


In the final matches for Group A, Zambia takes on Equatorial Guinea in a battle that will determine which team finishes top of the Group. Pre-tournament favorites Senegal have crashed out of the 2012 AFCON after a surprising 2-1 defeat to co-hosts Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea have progressed to the quarter-finals as a result of their two wins, also including an opening 1-0 victory over Libya. Zambia find themselves on four points in the group, with a 2-1 defeat of Senegal and a 2-2 draw with Libya.

Senegal are bottom of the group with zero points, while Libya have a single point, and are the only threat to Zambia’s progression to the quarter-finals, in the event that the they win and the second-place Zambia are beaten, goal difference would be used to decide their fate.

The match Kicks off at 20:00hrs Zambian Time

Today’s line-ups:


Zambia:  16-Kennedy Mweene,3-Chisamba Lungu, 4-Joesph Musonda, 5-Hichani Himoonde, 6-Davies Nkausu, 19-Nathan Sinkala, 8-Isaac Chansa, 13-Stopilla Sunzu, 17-Rainford Kalaba, 11-Christopher Katongo, 20-Emmanuel Mayuka


Equatorial Guinea: 1-Danilo Clementinmo, 2-Daniel Vazquez, 4-Fernando De Gracia, 5-Fousseny Kamisoko, 6-Juvenal Owono, 10-Ivan Bolando, 11-Javier Balboa, 12-Thierry Fidjeu, 14-Ben Esono Konate, 20-Bladmir Ekoedo, 23-Jose Bokung



Equatorial Guinea: Subs: 3-David Alverez, 7-Rolan De La Cruz, 9-Rodolfo Bodipo, 13-Juan Eyama, 16-Aqueriaco Sipoto, 17-Naricisse Ekanga, 18-Ellong Doualla, 19-Ivan Fabiani, 21-Achille Pensy (GK), 22-Felipe Ovono (GK)

Suspended: 15-Laurence Doe, 8-Iban Iyanga

Zambia: Subs: 1-Kalililo Kakonje (GK), 22-Joshua Titima (GK), 2-Fracis Kasonde, 7-Clifford Mulenga, 9-Collins Mbesuma, 10-Felix Katongo, 12-James Chamanga, 14-Noah Chivuta, 15-Kampamba Chintu, 18- Evans Kangwa, 21- Jonas Sakuwaha, 23-Nyambe Mulenga

Referee: Mohamed Benouza (Algeria)


  1. Go Zambia!!! The Guineans must perish on their home ground!! I’m hoping for five brilliant goals from our boys! After that I will do a barbeque in the snow.

  2. So far so good though we need to be more aggressive. EG do not look so much of a threat we can unsettle them once we score one

  3. #7, just ignore that chronic attention seeker. We all know Mushota is a jobless dude some where in the UK.

    Draw at half time is good considering the way the Libya game is going.

  4. Mayuka is badly marked out of the game. Why not change the strategy and bring in Clifford Mulenga to make some runs in the wing? N’way GO Zambia GO, we are with you and wish you boys all the best.

  5. kaaaaaaaaaaaatonnnnnnngooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………………………..

  6. Gentlemen whats the score line? Who scored and how many minutes remaining? Am at work and this stupid company has disabled flash player so cant watch game.

  7. It is a Travesty that Zambia has won, who cares really?

    The country can not afford a national team, why waste money on people kicking a ball. They are collectively an embarrassment so is anyone supporting this team. Spend the money on people sleeping on the street, On improving Hospital condition. Anyone happy here is a joke


  8. Number 29 next time ask ladies not gentlemen. So since you want to hear from the gentlemen I’ll zip my mouth as a lady.

  9. Congrats but I still insist that for us to go further we need to learn to be more aggressive up front. We are now in the quarter finals one mistake you are out. At least I can go for work with a smile in the morning


  11. Well done boys. You have made us proud. Chris Katongo showed the qualities of a true captain. Put this game behind and concentrate on the next game. May God keep blessing you. LT thanx for the initiative.

  12. Proudly Zambia. I just love the Donchi Kubeba celebration. Well done boys.

    Now look away if you are Boot Fimo Fimo!

  13. Ine Bane naumfwa bwino, stupid E. Guinea Pig coach insulted us plus Omokachi on supersport saying we are undernourished, how many insults are we going to stomach? Congrats boys, you done well, but bring that trophy, nothing short of that! Please now, allow me to have that well deserved drink, katubi! Nothing short of that either!!

  14. Any one heard what the manager was saying? That was just pathetic. I know he is passionate but that is not the way to do it.

  15. Kijo, what kind of work do u do? Because we were sleeping in Australia when thi7 game was being played. It started at 5am in Eastern states and I couldnt work up – would have been 1am in Perth. Right now thats when I’m going to work and this is very early at 7am. So seriously stop lying really.

  16. Congrats baZed. Zambia has hammered Guinea by a goal to top the group. who else – Captain Katonga. I like it. Thanks ba Zed. I end here!

  17. Kijo, what kind of work do u do? Because we were sleeping in Australia when this game was being played. It started at 5am in Eastern states and I couldnt work up – would have been 1am in Perth. Right now thats when I’m going to work and this is very early at 7am. So seriously stop lying really.

    • Iwe waba itole mukanwa…Am in Sydney..the game started at 5am and I was at work at 6am. I work for DHL as depot manager….stanyoko lyobe..mind you Sydney is 3hrs ahead of ka stupid Perth coz of day light savings….ka student


  19. Remember the E.G. coach saying losing to zambia was unacceptable. Well, we just showed him an e.g. of reality check on that. I love it, love it, love it.
    Our defence was outstanding today.

  20. Congrats, Chipolopolo.You have done Mother Zambia proud.We are all behind you.God will help us to honour our nation and our fallen heroes this year.Donchi Kubeba!

  21. I hope CAF investigates that Eq Guinea team,  Colombians, Brazilians, Spanish players etc…its a joke….that a club not a national team!!

    • Jay Jay, you are very right, we should all rise and ask CAF to investigate EQ-GUINEA so called national team. Someting fish with that team,no ways that they could have five ( 5 ) different nationalities in one NATIONAL TEAM that to me is a club team..lets fight this as a team people.

    • Leok450 on January 30, 2010 American cars dont have the best quilty. My dad had a Nissan van imported from Japan that is still working after 300,000km. But of course we have another car lolz. A 2010 toyota venza

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  23. And thats how ZAMBIA and Katongo CHASED big-mouth EQG out of their own country to play their miserable rest of the tournament in Gabon.

  24. # 67 and ka #57 ka student ubu kopo ba Chi colour…..u dont even know how to count time and understand day light savings…..Lucky we won coz I would have vented my game frustrations on you and give you some good physical counselling.

  25. #70 jay jay i feel you, thats wat i was also thinking. Too much nationalities in EG TEAM, Overall Zambia deserved to win.congrats chipolopolo

  26. :xMwilatunsha imitima bane,ine ndepembelafye ba Chipolopolo (copper bullet )boys besu ku ma faino. Nothing will stop us from now,we ve passed all the huddles,what is remaining is to watch Zambia vs Ivory Coast in 2012 AFCON Final…mark my words people. I am
    Basing this on my own ”PREDICTION”what a final that will be!!!!!? Finally Zambia shall be honoured…
    May God be with Chipolopolo thru and thru untill final day,the cup has elluded Zambia for along time. This is our Gods time to lift that cup,it will be handed to KATONGO,could you see this day in faith
    Gods people….


  27. Kijo, I hate to pick up this unproductive argument but it’s the fact you are lying and then you keep calling others names without any shame on your part. I’m supposed to be happy and don’t want to dampen the happiness of the Zambian win. Today I was more than happy to announce to my colleagues at work about the fact we are on top of the table. Fun my friend’s first reaction was to ask if Nigeria / Cameroon were at the tournament ?
    What day-light time saving are you talking about? Day-light saving only shifts by 1 hr in winter and summer and wouldn’t make that much difference in time between Australia and Eq. Guinea for you to have been working that early at a ‘normal’ day job, unless yours has awkward, strange hours.

  28. Go to ‘timeanddate’ website and bunch in the numbers and you will know you are lying. According to the ‘CAFOnline’ website, the game was played at 19:00hrs, which equates to 5am here in Sydney (AEST – EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and about 2am Perth (WDT).
    I know you feel embarrassed to say what you do or to admit you were lying about your work place blocking flash, but a job is a job. Here in Australia people don’t get ashamed about their jobs.

  29. Well done ba Chipolopolo. May God bless you and guide you.  donkey kubeba nation anthem? This is blasphemy. Congrats Mr. Renard

  30. Iyee!!! Fipolopolo!! Iyee!!! Fipolopolo!!!

    Kalu must now house the chefs!! THEIR NSHIMA DID THE TRICK FOR THE BOYS!!!
    Abena kalu, shani akaso??? Just 2 chefs pa hotela, imwe kulila po???

  31. Good job from the boys!
    We still need to be more dominant in the midfield , especially against either Angola, Sudan or the Ivory Coast. Any chance we could just enjoy this soccer milestone without debasing one another? It is a good day for Zambia. Could somebody please enlighten me on why our coach is always screaming at the players and technical staff?

  32. It was by chance that Zambia scored. the performance was horrible. the opponents put up a good game. With that kind of play i doubt if zambia will qualify to the quarter finals. Let us try to be realistic on the way we analyse things and do not pretend to see a progress where there isn’t.

    • you chap..zambia are already in the quarter finals…so..stop doubting. and maybe you should think why Zambia were not playing as they did in the first game..they were against the hosts and were playing a cautious game. why go all out and then lose altogether when even a draw would be enough? as you can see the tactics worked and they topped the group. stick to being an arm chair critic.

  33. Zambia put on a good fight against those mercenaries. That team was composed of foreign players that are not from EG. Good lesson to those guys

  34. @Macungwa…by all fairness the boys put up a splendid display. When you are orderly by observing the rules of the game, you ought to respect the rules and so far the boys played by the rules; your guinea mercenaries didn’t score so what is your problem. Just confess uli nechimutunta and you never know whether the boys will deliver everytime they are playing. For a team that has only one guy playing in europe, you need to applaud them and cheer them On that they win the tournament and not come second best.Well done zambia

  35. Its amazing to see zambia beat EQG , the boys are malnourished , weak, and short. They were running all over the place like headless chickens can’t match or compare them to the well fed Ghanians, sudanese even angolans. Only one zamban player eats well thus mbesuma, too much njala in zambia

  36. @# 97 umungulu kapoli iwe! Chimoneni,you don’t even know that Zambia has actually qualified to the quater finals… Chapwa trophy twasenda! @Mushota,konkanyapo ukubosa mayo!

  37. Nevers Mu mba is a lia r and a mon ey lau ndering ma chine

    Him and the de puty Mr Nz oya are ste aling tax pa yers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo beca use he knew about this sc am and was aga inst it. They also have a office slut , Caro lina Rod- riguez who is also abus ing the money. The Ottawa Zam bian mis sion are th ieves

  38. @Meleki
    Ndiwe opusa, please go and sleep. If you don’t have anything to say please just keep you smelling mouth away from us. Na computer yamene wasebenzesa nayo ni yopusa! So ni njala yamene unataba ku Zambia? Chionene! Kabiye uko! Atase!

  39. Well done to the boys.However FAZ should organise a better outfit/kit for our national team.They should dump nike and seal a deal with adidas.

  40. Congrats our lads, Zambia has the pedigree in African football, ignore them at your own peril, Shame on Amokachi who never gave us a chance, for the first time i watched this game with a cool heart knowing that we are winning, go zambia go!!!!!!

  41. LOOK AT THIS HALF_BAKED APOLOGY:Amokachi says sorry:STEPHEN PHIRI reports:AFRICA Cup of Nations winner Daniel Amokachi has apologised to Zambians for hurting their feelings during his commentaries on the on-going edition in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Amokachi has been critical of Zambia’s campaign at the Africa Cup of Nations finals. In his ‘address to the nation’ on SuperSport on Friday night, Amokachi said he has nothing against Zambia. The Nigeria national team assistant coach said his views did not mean that he was against the Chipolopolo.“I apologise if my views hurt some Zambians. I have good friends in Zambia. Kalusha (Bwalya) is my good friend, Ponga (Liwewe) and a few others are my friends. If I said something wrong, one love to the Zambians,” Amokachi said.

  42. A good win but the game itself was tight ! Good to silence their loud mouths ! The revelation of the tournament for me so far is ” WHIPPING BOYS SENEGAL” !

  43. Whether by design or accident, I think Zambia played a measured game. Not going forward willy nilly and defending diligently when required. In my previous blog I expressed fear that Senegal might be so dejected that they would lose to Libya and Equit.Guinea would want to go all out coz of the $1million per game reward they have been promised. And again, as a by the way, why has CAF not said anything (just to dispel suspicions) about the fact that none of the Equitorial Guinea players were born in their home country?

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