President Michael Sata urges the Zambia National team to remain focused ahead of future engagements

President Sata is sandwiched by former president Rupiah Banda and Kenneth Kaunda (r) before the state luncheon for the national football team at State House
President Sata is sandwiched by former president Rupiah Banda and Kenneth Kaunda (r) before the state luncheon for the national football team at State House

Republican President Michael Sata has urged the newly crowned African football champions the Chipolopolo Boys to remain focused ahead of future engagements.

Speaking during a luncheon State house this afternoon hosted by First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba in honor of the victorious Zambia National Soccer Team, President Sata said winning Africa’s most prestigious trophy must be the beginning of better things to come.

Mr Sata said the Zambia National Team exhibited splendid performance in the just ended AFCON tournament and that they deserve commendations from all soccer loving Zambians.

He said the Chipolopolo Boys brought glory to Zambia after many years struggling to win the Africa Cup of Nations.

The President said government was with the National team hence the reason to send first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda, immediate past President Rupiah Banda and Vice President Guy Scot to give solidarity to the Zambia National Soccer Team in Gabon

The President further congratulated Zambia National Team Coach Herve Renard for the well done job to qualify the Zambia National Team to the point of winning the AFCON and bring glory to the country.

Mr Sata also thanked the Chinese government and other co-operating partners for showing corporate responsibility of support to the Chipololopolo team during their quest to win the AFCON cup much to the delightment of the Zambian people.

He urged the national team not to be complacent adding that this is the beginning and that it will be painful to be defeated when they have already made their name in Africa and world over.

And Youth, Sport and Child Development Minister Chishimba Kambwili said government will continue putting many resources to the development of sports in the country.

Mr Kambwili said he was happy with the national team’s performance during the just ended AFCON tournament against Ivory Coast.

He also appealed to co-operating partners in the country to give maximum support to the Zambia National Team and the sports industry in the country at large.

And speaking at the same function, local government and housing minister Nkandu Luo said government will look into issue of housing for the national soccer team squad.

Professor Luo’s statement came after national soccer team skipper Christopher Katongo requested government to provide housing for the Chipolopolo Boys.

Meanwhile, First President Dr Kenneth Kaunda said the Zambia National Team’s triumph against Ivory Coast was in honour of the Zambia National team players who perished in a plane crash in Gabon in 1993.

The former President encouraged the Chipolopolo Boys to continue working hard even in future assignments to continue bringing glory to the nation.

And former President Rupiah Banda thanked President Sata for recognising football as one of the important sport in the country.

Mr Banda could not resist the temptation of joining the Chipolopolo Boys in the dance when musician Dandy Crazy performed his popular Don’t t Kubeba song.

Mr. Banda thanked President Sata for sending him and first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda to Gabon to watch the AFCON final adding that the move gave confidence and impetus to players to win the trophy.

He said Zambia has become a force to reckon with in football not only in Africa but world over.

Meanwhile, various corporate entities have made pledges towards the Football Association of Zambia and the national soccer team.

Among the companies are MTN Zambia which has pledged K1 billion to FAZ, K200 million to the players, K400 million as winning bonus for the players by Zambia Breweries and ZESCO has pledged K100 million to FAZ.

Others are GBM milling company and Zambeef both pledging K200 million each, Railways Systems of Zambia K360 million, First Quantum Minerals K250 million and ZAMTEL which has pledged a 29 seater bus for the team.



  1. Wow, these players have got serious money now…
    Thank you for all for your generosity. And thank you Chipolopolo for a job well done

  2. RB dances to “Donch Kubeba” must have been the headline…thanks for the update and congrats to the Copper bullets..Chris is right to ask for housing as some players are not sober minded and will waste all the cash given to them.

  3. Sensible captain Chris Katonga. He does not scream for more money in the pocket of his friends, but asks for a property asset for his charges because the kid is smart to know that money leaks like water in pockets.

    Italian Bunga or whatever they call you. Congratulations to the Boys for the great work they have done. They deserve every dollar that will be spent on them. All these pledges are a drop in the ocean compared to the revenue these boys’ action will bring to our country in terms of high productivity , tourism and I hope we represent Africa in Brazil at the Confed Cup. More quality friendly and big teams visiting Zambia for friendlies ..that is real money into Zambia.

    There you have it Mr Bunga, happy Now?

    • Good points ba MMD Chief…but for Zambia to represent Africa at the Confederations Cup, we have to win the cup in South Africa next year and serve as the reigning champions at the time the event is hosted…I hope the pledgees live up to the promises.

    • Chief Bootlicker, i am impressed with your level headedness of late, i wrongly judged you prior to the elections.Good intelliegent contributions, keep it up.

  4. Congrats boys, you have done us proud. Just a word of caution though that with money comes with responsibilty. Don’t involve yourselves in risky behaviour now that you have cash. Watchout some ladies are baying for your cash. If i were you, i would invest in housing. Look where Robbie Fowler a former Liverpool player is now. The guy put his money where it grew and he is stinking rich. A butto.. is not where to invest your money otherwise, you will joing the likes of Litana, Wawa etc..

  5. Question to all you soccer experts. Since the calendar for the AFCON has been changed who is going to represent Africa at the Confed Cup in Brazil in 2013? Is it us or the winners in the AFCON 2013?

    • Whoever wins the AFCON 2013 will represent Africa in the Confedration Cup..Zambia will have to sweat for it to keep the title in 2013.

    • CAF
      The winner of the CAF African Nations Cup, which is to be played in South Africa in 2013, will represent Africa at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013.

  6. Like the way sata is respecting former heads of state bt our player please excercise displine let’s remember god we so praying let’s thank god aswell

  7. Ba kulileni ama yanda abaice. Government cant fail to build 30 houses for players and officials. In fact its 28 excluding HR and Bermude.

  8. Good gesture by all pledgers. The boys deserve it. Some one from state house once told me that Mr Sata is so humble that he refuses a red carpet. I’m seeing right or was the someone whose name I will withhold exergerating?

  9. MMD Chief Bootlicker, who knows we might even take the next Afcon. But there is nothing like that now, you hav to go thru qualifications to play the world cup.

  10. aba bantu bakondana look at them they are happy .wish zambians were living like this every day.if someone does a good job we appreciate them and if in problems we help them ohhh it was going to be lovely paradise on Earth.the excitement stil following though i think mine wil take a month.

  11. Good picture i wonder how the maggot at the post is feeling.He must be feeling some serious s.hit in the stomach. screaming headlines RB is corrupt..RB IMMUNITY TO BE LIFTED.

  12. Sata said the chinese are now well behaved unlike under the MMD reign hence they are our all weather friends. this explains why labour was moved to Information

  13. #7 it was announced before the Gabon and Equatorial Guinea tournament that the winners of the 2012 tournament would represent Africa at the Confeds. The tournament is from June15 to June30 by which time the 2013 Nations Cup final would not have been played.

  14. Sata even said that the Chinese are now our all weather friends since he has “tamed” them unlike the MMD govt which failed to control them.

  15. Number 16 you got your facts wrong.The winners of 2013 afcon will represent Africa at the confed cup in Brazil.Afcon 2013 in South Africa will be in January and not june as you put it.Zambia will have to qualify like the rest.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  16. This may open a new chapter for reconciliation. I think our President has realised that we need to forgive and move on. Anyway, we shall be watching the space.

  17. I would like someone to tell the nation how much money has been wasted on the ferrying of planes, payments of these players, food etc I really bleed with empathy and I think we are not seeing a bog picture here/ This is a third world country and the money that has been wasted is frightening.

    I am not playing Devil’s advocate here, as a matter of fact I am waiting for my fiance to go for dinner as a Valentin’s surprise he has for me. but this is appalling, how much money has been wasted

    I think over $5m and this is a country allegedly in debt?

    I have completely given up on the power-mongers ruling this country

    You are a joke and I have washed my hands in all your affairs, it seems our words of wisdom are falling on deaf ears


    • Ka mushota, you are such a waste of space. Please leave LT for good. I don’t think anyone has ever agreed with any one of your posts here. What you call wisdom is absolute rubbish! Wisdom and you should not even be in the same sentence. And your so-called fiancé, I really feel sorry for him. Actually, I take that back. I don’t feel sorry for him because he must be as daft, dense, stupid, brainless and as much of a waste of space as you are if he is thinking of marring you!

    • Mushota
      This money is in no way being wasted because you have contributed -0 ngwee but the cooperate world is doing so. What do you understand by cooperate responsibility? Zambia has endeavored without success to win this prestigious trophy resulting in the eventual perishing of one of the best teams we have ever assembled. These boys have conquered Africa, what is your problem about honoring them. The achievement means well for all Zambians; it’s not Politics!

  18. The current president is the not so handsome one at the centre, one with a wide smile is his predecessor. Obviously the old man barely walking was the first president.

    Sorry i am just explaining to my kids…never been to Zambia, sorry.

  19. Mushota you are the real definition of all insults….. The monies was never forked out from Govt. but companies sponsored the Trips and all… you… ka pan your ka call…….

  20. The chinese keep getting mentioned as though they contributed to the success of the our team. Am I missing something? Can someone enlighten me. I thought this was down to FAZ, the team and coach

  21. #24, Mushota theres no such thing as ‘ferrying of planes’. You use planes to ferry people or goods. For a person who is always boasting about being educated, you r a disgrace.

  22. no you cant forgive when the thief is still keeping money for the poor, ask the poor are they willing when some one is pocketing their money sorry

  23. @24, Mushota: And what price can you put on the “good reputation” that our country gonna get out of this? I guess the only news that excites you about Zambia is when you see screaming headlines in the foreign media about how AIDS has ravaged our country, right? Because that kind of news somehow validates your warped notion of Africa and the the third world. But I urge you to stop being a typical brainwashed “black African savage or whore” that your boyfriend-kind love to oppress or screw!!!

    Please be reminded that the AFCON is patronized by countries who are all regarded as “third world countries.” And it is one of the most prestigious and most watched event in the world of soccer.

  24. cont…from #30 (for @mushota):

    Even your so called “first world” stops and pays attention when the AFCON tournament is going on. That’s the kind of event that Zambia has just won. If you can’t be happy or excited about that as a Zambian, then you really need Jesus!

    By the way “Ms PhD Candidate”, you “charter” a plane to ferry people NOT not planes—just so you know the difference!

  25. iyo photo is the best thing that happened to this country after afcon winning. Abaiche baleta bakateka abapatena pamo. God has united us in a strange nice way. Zambia lets move on now…..

  26. @28,Donchi:

    You beat me to it. Surely, for someone who always boasts about how educated they are, she really has some catching up to do!!!!!!

  27. After all the euphoria is done with,RB will still have to atone for his sins,nobody has been forgiven here,there is time for everything,this is time for celebration,there will also be time for those who have some unfinished business with the law.Anyhow,success is priceless,one connot put a price on success,just like failure is very costly.The boys deserve whatever will come their way,hard work must not just be done must be seen to be rewarding.

  28. Priceless!!! Pictures like these I keep in my computer and then set them as backgound to my screen in honor of these wonderful people. All zambian achievers, I honor that way. It’s a way of keeping up with our history and, in a way, to say, “THANK YOU.”

  29. Wow! Nice photo indeed. Three presidents from three different political parties united for a single cause and in a jovial mood albeit temporarily. This is how it should always be and all our energies would be concentrated on the betterment of Zambia instead of fighting each other.

  30. I am glad to see our former presidents having good times together like Americans and sharing responsibilities! I wish we could see this all the time. Can The CUP heal the wounds and reunite our Leaders? This a GREAT PICTURE with smiles! God Bess Zambia, lets enjoy democracy!

  31. Congrats chipolopolo! Prof Luo should be reminded that there is at least 4, 500, 000 Zambians in need of decent housing in addition to the 11 or so footballers! I expect the Prof to have a system in place that addresses the issue of decent housing in the country even when there is no Africa Cup! How does she feel when she visits Kanyama or Misisi Compounds? 


  33. This picture has touched me. I am proud to be Zambian. All these three men deserve to be congratulated for putting their differences in the past and present to unite for Zambia. KK was hurt during Chiluba’s reign with Mr Sata. RB was imprisoned too and now Sata’s government is investigating RB and some jokers want RB imprisoned. At last there is sanity in Zambia! God bless the Republic of Zambia.

  34. WE ARE THE CHAMPS!! This is monumental. We `ve caused a seismic shift in African Soccer; and the tremors have been felt all over the globe. The epic journey has not been without valleys and hills/mountains, but we stayed the course, and with valor, every step of the way, we finally reached our destination by emerging victorious and lifting the ultimate price. WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING! The players need our full support and blessings. We need the boys for the long haul. Due to the pressures that come along with such an unprecedented achievement, the boys need a lot of psycho-talk so they can keep their cool in light of their newly found life. Emphasis on the need to avoid contracting HIV and wasting due to carefree lifestyle should not be ignored.

  35. Zesco 100 million should be invested in cheaper sources of electricity and hydro generators in Luapula, the got the lowest results G12, no elegricity kwa mununga.

    Railway systems too, take back that money our rails and wagons not to mention the locomotives need repair and modernizing. The rest can allocate the team money.

  36. Congrats Zambia. You have done Africa proud, you have done the whole world proud!!! The most disciplined team, the happiest team, the humblest team, the team that worked as a true team. You v made us proud :-) 

  37. .
    This is one HEAVYWEIGHT PICTURE to see. It sends wonderful words to the rest of the world about how far we have come as a nation.

    Sata good job for inviting your predecessors. !!
    RB well done for standing above all the hate and show you’re self up !!
    KK keep teaching Zambians about Love & Forgiveness!!

    Fred False Prophet Mmembe – don’t have a HEART ATTACK when you see this humbling picture. We know your “Hate/Abhorrence Campaign” that wants to divide Zambia – all in the name of “Silver Pieces” to save your skin and squaring up to those you want to plummet down.

    HH – I am a bit disappointed that you played politics with the Zambia National Team. This is the time for everyone to come together and speak one voice.

    Well done boys!!

    • The man is over 80 years old, so what do you expect?! See him running around juggling a soccer ball? You will be lucky to even be walking upright at that age yourself! That is if you live to even see your 50th birth!!!!!

  38. I wish i could frame this picture. it speaks volumes about leadership and unity. you never see such mingling in other countries. God bless Zambia

  39. Mushota does have a point, though; as excited as I was to listen to the game and hear them win, we must remember there is much work to be done. No, I am not saying we should just focus on all the negative aspects, but winning a championship (just like the opposition winning an election) does not mean things are better. We should be inspired by them, but this is no time to be complacent. And this business of celebrating to excess needs to be reigned in; Zambia doesn’t need more people in prison, but they need to do something to reign in reckless driving and drinking! Friends don’t friends drink and drive; we need to celebrate responsibly and to discourage reckless behavior in those we know.

    • LOL! You do have a point, I’ll give you that much. But, Ka mushota’s point must be cryptic and you must have an amazing ability to decrypt it because I don’t see her making any point at all!

  40. Also, while I think it would be a good development for leaders to stop going after opposition members for political reasons, I must say I feel somewhat cynical about seeing these three (especially the MMD and PF leaders) so cozy together (I get the feeling that KK is more above the fray these days).

  41. I think the team is very capable of performing more wonders. They have youth and skill on their side. I will definitely be following them even more closely from here on. Good to see Zambian football on the rise again!

  42. @#25 Mushota, you aninmal, are you still patronizing this website…? A few days you called it quit because you can’t under what turns the world in African countries. So please just concentrate on convicing your muzungu boyfriend to marry you and stop fornicating in broad day light! Back to the topic. The Chipolopolo boys must guard jelously the well desired cash they’ve gunned down from the AFCON. Lightening doesn’t strike twice at the same place. In this context, it may not be the same players to play the next AFCON. Congrats lads & walk talk for now! :d

  43. Yes they should be firm on discipline and not start celebrity dramas of sleeping with every woman(Man lol) and becoming alcoholics and braking laws just because they are now famous(very common with Zambian “celebs) . They should focus on getting the world cup now. PLEASE dont my boys

  44. Wonderful to see President Sata and two former presidents celebrating Chipolopolo victory. Let us show Africa and the world that in Zambia, once you lose elections, you dont run away and exile yourself, but you are still an integral part of the system. Thanks RB for showing your Statesmanship since you lost by attending all Zambia’s functions including independence celebration. You are indeed a true statesman, who has demonstrated that Zambia is bigger than you and MMD.

  45. Could the Administrators on this site block this fictitious blockhead called “Mushota”. This imbescile is just an attention seeker. Fellow bloggers, please ignore her/him!

  46. Can Sta tell these FULISH ZAMTEL to stop their abuse of our resources? Why is ZAMTEL donating the Minibus to the Team> Where are they getting the money when we the Zambian people dont even know how much we are going to pay for LITIGATION! This is shear NONSENSI!

    Mwanakatwe at ZAMTEL should know that he will be prosecuted for abuse of ZAMTEL resources! He should not abuse our little money in ZAMTEL!

  47. Can Sata and the Minister of Communication tell these FULISH ZAMTEL and Mwanakatwe to stop their abuse of our ZAMTEL resources? Why is ZAMTEL donating the Minibus to the Team> Where are they getting the money when we the Zambian people dont even know how much we are going to pay for LITIGATION! This is shear NONSENSI!

    Mwanakatwe at ZAMTEL should know that he will be prosecuted for abuse of ZAMTEL resources! He should not abuse our little money in ZAMTEL!

  48. My words of advise to whoever is concerned with the Chipolopolo. Organise some training for the young men on how to manage effectively the money that they will receive. Mr Windo Matoka can help out. With out proper planning money is very much tempting some will start drinking their heads off and some will be engaged in elicit behaviour that will spoil their future. Please assist them

  49. Guys, do not underestimate the image of the photo, it doesn.t mean when sata and rb dinn together then the charges levelled against him are dashed away, remember this in its all aspect is a different occassion. RB will still need to account for what he did when he saved as president. its like all of you making these aimless statements do not know the difference between sata and rb. wait and see

  50. #7 & #18 the winner of AFCON 2013 will represent africa at the 2013 confederations cup in Brazil.Check the Fifa website for more details.By the way how much in bonuses will FAZ
    pay our boys?

  51. Good advice from the president otherwise this will be Zambia’s highest achievement. The team should strive to retain the cup next year in South Africa and then qualify for the world cup tournament in 2014 and do well. This will require discipline and hard work on the part of players and FAZ. Hearty congratulations to the team on this great achievement.

  52. People lets not waste our space for this “Mushota” whatever it is. It might not be a living thing.
    Well done all the corporate organisations pledging moneys. Thanks to boys for putting us above the top of the trees where we are very visible. I am so proud to be Zambian and that this has happened in my life time i can wait to abroad and tell people where I come from. I have received messages of conglatulation from even as far East and Australia.

  53. ALALALALA: Well done Mr. President, This Picture is class. Ooooh I love my country ZAMBIA, only African Country where you can see FORMER and Current Presidents together. God thank you for making us such loving people. RB, kwena apa, I have forgiven you. We can use you better. THANK YOU CHIPOLOPOLO AND GOD BLESS ALL ZAMBIANS.

  54. The oxford dictionary has been updated with the following words: 1. ”Drogba”- this means missing a glorious chance…e.g you Drogbad the chance of a lifetime……2. ”Gyan”- being overated e.g he is very Gyand with nothing to show for it…….3. ”Sunzu”- sealing a big deal e.g I just Sunzud that deal……4. ”Demba Ba”- being unnoticed e.g you went Demba Ba at the party…….5. ”Kalaba”- stunning someone before they realise what hit them e.g he got Kalabad……6. ”Katongo”- leadership e.g he has great Katongo characteristics……7. ”Mayuka”-sharp/ precise e.g he is just Mayuka…….8. ”Mweene”- Huge save e.g he came just when we needed the Mweene

  55. @ Mushota,  its only a plane carrier that can ferry a plane. Planes ferry people. You are such a dull Scottish prostitute who claim to have beeg qualifications

  56. Ooh how sweet is victory!!!This VICTORY is for ALL ZAMBIA.

    It is also a wakeup call for ALL SOCCER FANS now to start rallying behind local clubs leagues instead of foreign leagues (EPL, Serie A, la liga) If we don’t go to the stadiums for local matches, who will support our boys? how will they raise money if they play in empty stadiums? I know the infrastructure now is poor, but there must be a starting point.

    The corporate world should also come to support our local league so that we can start winning the continental club cups too

  57. I am officially launching a pressure group to lobby govt to prepare a Bid for Zambia to Host the AFCON tournament. Our economy is now ripe. Beside the tournament will catalyze economic growth.


    Dream it!! and You’ll live it!!!!


  58. #73, that’s classic and original, nice one!!!! The boys deserve all the accolades they are getting right now and in all this we should not forget that this team was assembled over five years ago under Kalu, and now we win the cup with him as FAZ presido….big up to him and his vision and woe to all his distractors and haters!!!!

  59. #76 you r spot on. And Zed would have all games watched by capacty crowds as opposed to those empty stadia we were seeing. Besides that, we have a new nice stadium and more to come. Time to do it

  60. well done our players Zambia now number 4 in Africa from number 6 and number 43 in the world from number 71 now our boys can play in the english league

  61. If only ZANACO was not under the spotlight they would have pledged financial education to the boys as they are doing under their porgramme financial fitness aimed at encouraging a culture of savings amongst Zambians.

  62. Congrats the copper bullets you deserved it and thank you for the double honour in memory of the 1993 disater may their souls rest in perfect peace, you ‘ve brought glory to Zambia.
    My prayer is remain focused He who has started a good thing in you shall surely carry on…never cease to pray for guidance.

  63. I am worried. I am extremely worried. I am sure all those pledges will be honoured…….except for one……………………………………………………………………………………………………One GBM

  64. Congrats to the copper bullets you deserved the win for your shear hard work and self-belief. As we thank govt’s gesture to honour the victorious Chipolopolo team by providing them with housing, a similar gesture should be extended to the surviving spouses or orphans of the 1993 Chipolopolo team which perished in the air disaster off the Gabonese coast. This team was one game away from qualifying to the 1994 world cup and to whom the 2012 AFCON win has been dedicated to!

  65. Sata is now even quoting Chinese wise words, although being uneducated he forgot the correct words:  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

  66. Nevers Mu mba is a lia r and a mon ey lau ndering ma chine

    Him and the de puty Mr Nz oya are ste aling tax pa yers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo beca use he knew about this sc am and was aga inst it. They also have a office slut , Caro lina Rod- riguez who is also abus ing the money. The Ottawa Zam bian mis sion are th ieves

  67. YES !!!!!! Lets not forget easily.
    Where is thev Kamanga led executive?
    Where are the critics Kalu for bringing back Herve?
    Where is Simataa Simata?……. He has retired from active criticism ?

  68. This is the spirit we want as Zambians, not every day RB,SATA, Its One Zambia One Nation,Let be united and support one anther.

  69. I am not positive where you’re getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time finding out more or understanding more. Thank you for magnificent info I used to be on the lookout for this information for my mission.

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