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‘Donchi Kubeba’ – RB

Headlines‘Donchi Kubeba’ - RB
President Sata hoists the AFCON trophy at State House as Chistopher Katongo looks on, in the background Former President Rupiah Banda shares a light moment with Fist lady Christine Kaseba

FORMER Republican president, Rupiah Banda, could not resist the ‘magic charm’ of the ‘Donchi Kubeba’ fever when he joined in to dance to Dandy Crazy’s hit song at First Lady, Christine Kaseba’s luncheon held in honour of the triumphant Zambia national soccer team.

Mr Banda, who also raised his index finger to his lips in the ‘Donchi Kubeba’ style while on the dance floor, stood up to join President Michael Sata and First president, Kenneth Kaunda, among other guests who had already taken to the floor.

The popular musician, Dandy Crazy, was on hand to perform the all-too famous ‘Donchi Kubeba’ song which also attracted Dr Kaseba, national soccer team coach, Herve Renard and the players.

At some point, a jubilant Mr Sata picked a cap from Dandy Crazy’s head and placed it on Mr Banda’s head, an act that just went to epitomise the unprecedented unity and joyous moments that the victory by the Chipolopolo Boys has brought to the nation.

Meanwhile, the national soccer team players have raked in K2 billion in pledges from the private sector for lifting the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) title while Government is considering giving a house to each of the players.

Companies announced their pledges at the luncheon with Zambian Breweries Plc pledging K400 million, MTN Zambia K200 million and ZESCO
pledging K100 million.
Others are Railway Systems of Zambia (RSZ) K360 million, GBM Milling K200 million, First Quantum Minerals (FQM) K250 million, Zambeef K200
million, and Zhou Mining K500 million.

FQM also pledged to make a copper engraving of the names of the 1993 Gabon air crash victims as well as names of the AFCON title winning
squad at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola while Zamtel donated a 29-seater minibus.

MTN rolled out the K1 billion worth of sponsorship to FAZ for the 2012 season while the K400 million from Zambian Breweries is the last
instalment of the K4 billion that the company committed towards the national team.

Earlier, team captain Christopher Katongo said he thought among the pledges, somebody would give the players houses.

Local Government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection Minister, Nkandu Luo then said the Government would look
into the best way to thank the players for winning the Africa Cup and that the houses Katongo mentioned would be looked into.

President Michael Sata who referred to himself as a “football hooligan” said he was honoured to be invited to the luncheon by Dr
Kaseba and told the players that winning the AFCON was just the beginning of more hurdles ahead.

“There’s a Chinese saying that a long journey starts with one step. Winning is more painful than losing so you shouldn’t go to sleep
because it will be painful for you to lose,” the President who was in a jovial mood said.

Mr Sata told the players that their title winning feat has made them ambassadors of their clubs.

He said the Chipolopolo had done well to lift the AFCON trophy to honour the 1993 air disaster victims and the country’s number one
soccer fan Kenneth Kaunda who is still alive to witness the spectacle.

“When we lost our team in 1993, I declared Independence stadium as their burialsite, I did not even consult,” he said.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. ba LT please some of us in the diaspora missed the celebrations on tv. be kind enough to add more photos or links where we can watch.this goes out to my fellow bloggers out there too.thanks

  2. RB has charm and been a true diplomat and a darling this whole time.He has held no grudges and has exhibited exemplary behavior.Look at him charm the first Lady and notice Sata’s scowl! ha ha great picture.He can teach you young men a thing or two

    • He does not know it even when he has won!!!  Maybe he thinks it is just a dream and one day he will wake up on the street again as a soccer hooligan.

  3. Seriously I have had enough of these, what is happening in Zambia, is what I am here to read about economically, sport is a leisure hello?

    Reminds me of Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist and the London School of Economics who said that  African states were poor and suffered chronic ill-health because their populations were less intelligent than people in richer countries and also supported the Bell Curve theory, which holds that black people are less intelligent than whites

    This country should draw a line under this, Yes we are all happy, resurrecting past leaders like Mr Kaunda whose democratic records is questionable and foe me is no more different to Mugabe, Mobutu and Mr Banda here who reluctantly accepted his defeat is backwards

    Move on please


    • i wish that your sociology theories can help you to understand issues of economics and development better. frankly speaking mushota your perspectives are highly lacking in reality if you cannot see any development or economics behind all these events. come to reality.

    • Mushota simple Psychology tells me you’re bitter and frustrated fellow. For your own information most people visiting the Lusaka times are very happy people. Whether Phd or not they have peace with themselves. What do you know about the bell Curve theory? I feel very sorry for you. What you write is a perfect description of who you are, there is a theory that says people can only offer what resides in them. Please you need Psychology help.  

    • I always get amused with this animal called Mushota. Is she realy normal? Can someone update me pls? Mushota how did you get that name because you are not a Zambian in nature?

    • i am always looking forward to your comment mushota, hoping one day you will Analyze some better facts.There is a saying which goes like” you standing in a garage does not make one to be a vehicle” and interpreting it to your theories, you having acquired the book knowledge does not make you to be wiser as you are showing us through the wrong comments on the wrong.guess fellow non book knowledgeable bloggers will agree with me aini guys…..?

    • Sorry Mushota, everybody who visits this site just expresses their happiness – except you. You’ve got the psyche of a witch. Wonder where your parents and other relatives are? If some of them read the vile you spew on this site, they’ll surely disown you. Just go back to the small, dark hole you crawled from and shut the door.

    • I have read a few of your articles and I must say you have gathered quite an audiance. I just find it as a form of light hearted humour. I must say though your grammer is quite poor for someone who has written a thesis.

    • hehehe…. Firstly I had a really tough time making sense out of your really bad grammatical construction, then even after passing that hurdle, I realised all you were talking was trash!!! Word of advice: Want to gain some publicity by being controversial? Start by working on your grammar then and most importantly, work on your logic. 

    • Ka mushota you still here?! You’re very persistent but your persistence is like that of a fly that will not stop until it sits on someone’s food. Like a big green fly you keep sitting on our food and as much as we try to swat you away you still come back! Like a big green fly you have soiled our food with your filthy words. This wonderful news we are getting from home is food for the souls of SomeOfUs that are away from home. And like a big green fly you keep flying around our food and irritating us! Please let us have our food in peace! You have soiled our food long enough.

    • I’ll not rest until you have left LT. I will seek you out and find you If you do not leave LT. You’re in for a surprise If you think you can continue being anonymous. Don’t worry about how I’ll seek you out. I have my ways. We do not appreciate being repeatedly insulted by a big green fly like you. Especially a big green fly that is ignorant and brainless. And now you are even insulting me and my people for the color of our skin?! You have over stayed your welcome on LT and it’s now time for you to leave and stop soiling our food!

    • ala bane, forgive Mushota ichi puba chesu, her parents donated her to a scottish asylum unit, for them to study her unique psychiatric disorder. Take her rants in stride, she is “painfully” slowly getting there!!

  4. Sata must now stop persecuting RB and all those who did not agree with him during campaigns. The retributions and vengefulness Sata unlished on the opposition and anyone he thought opposed him only worked to divide the nation and he better stop the rot and get everyone on board so that Zambia can possibly start to develop again. Thanks be to chipolopolo who have managed to bring unity at all levels.

  5. It was Banda who joined MMD and did a donchi kubeba as a UNIP man. Now he handed over to another UNIP operative and wamuyayaya is back in the driving seat through his proteges.

  6. Sata does not persecute RB. It is the law which is  looking for him because of his misdeeds.Sata will dine with RB any time but RB still have to answer to any corrupt allegation until proved innocent. Give Sata a break please.

  7. Can big man Denis Liwewe move in with future search as his contribution to those guys on how they can use their money. Before we know it they will be on the streets without any thing. We do not want to see what happenned to the Elijah Litana’s and Wawa Chongos!!! Please Ba Liwewe as your contribution help those lads.

  8. Zambia is now ranked 4th in Africa and 43rd in the world according to latest FIFA ranking released today..Congrats once again to the chipolopolo for the achievement.

  9. @mushota…who is goint to heal your inferiority complex and always passing negative comments about africa disease…we are tired of you mwe!!!!!! for God’s sake….what leg of the devil are you in? is it left or right? may God redeem you from the shackles of death……

  10. Nice to see the two together. My fellow bloggers ignore someone posting useless and provoking comments. He/She gets excited from being popular on LT. This is the beginning of the new chapter in our lovely country Zambia. We shall continue to give feedback constructively to our leaders. Yes!

  11. In as much as we are all celebrating im disappointed with Katongo for suggesting that someone should have pledged houses. You are our heroes but at the same time you are ADULTS and are fathers there is plenty of bare land in ZED just to and ask chiefs they will give you for free please dont ask for handouts.

  12. is it only me who has noticed the rather “paltry sum” of K250 million donated by FQM considering the size of the company? Also noticeably missing is KCM’s and Mopani’s pledges?

  13. Sweet Victory!!! It’s good corporate entities are supporting sport. That’s how it’s suppose to be & not leaving everything to the govt. Job well done boys. Mwali funyunya!!!!!!!!

  14. Peace like a river,,,,,,,,,,,! flowing .It’s amazing to see our 3 heads of state coming together as brothers.
    God Bless Zambia.

  15. Singe Sata, kauke ki Mulumemui, apuu! Sateni fa meeto asona ki fwing’ana wa mwana nyo, inge sesi tubetile fa ng’anda ya musululo!

  16. …Mushota is the worst ***** of our time. If indeed there was some “medicine” where if one took it, they will turn PINK like a Muzungu; Mushota would certainly take such mutti. Walisebana iwe ka Mushota, despite your wonderful name from the Ushi kingdom…

  17. Sata indeed has no hard feelings,this man is God sent.Could RB have done the same thing if he was the one at state house?Anyhow,aside from football,RB still has some unfinished business with the law,nobody has apologised here so nobody has been forgiven for anything,this is just another function.



  19. this is a good moment when good this happen we come together have our moment. viva chipolopolo. we are the champs.chipolopolo fever

  20. The lads should now know that their new found fame comes with great responsibilities. They are role models to the rest of society and therefore should behave as such.

  21. I agree, RB has demonstrated exceptional maturity and level headedness. In the first place, it was good for him not to have any grudges but t take national issues as such, national issues. As for dancing to the Donchi Kubeba song, he understood the context and this time it is the other footballing nations in Africa we were Donching!!
    Just some advise, he will do well to move with his own wife to avoid such looks from HE MCS!!!!!

  22. It was speculated that Sata sent RB to Gabon in order that he (Sata) could sneak into the Eastern Province to win Nsengas votes for his fictitious candidate Joseph Lungu. Strangely, journalists who covered Sata’s campaign trails in Msanzala failed to report progress or conveniently maintained silence on Sata’s mission to Msanzala. Even ZNBC and Mmeme’s Post was paralysed to report Sata’s fortune or misfortune in Petauke. Strange indeed!

    • I was there, it was a very good meeting at Nyampande, and he made a lot of positive statements. You now know that Sinda is a district. You also may wish to know that market fees for marketeers shall be revised, and that ZESCO have been directed to ensure power is installed in rural infrastructure there. It was a good meeting and I think he scored his points for Col Lungu.

  23. when it was Stophilo `chance to take the penalty l joining my colleague BC into a serious prayer
    `Father of David ,Jacob and Isaac -this was rewritten by you that victory is on our side and it came to pass -l hve never been happi like that in my life that moment ,it`s shall forever be a memorable night to tell to my children. For real PF & Afcon 2012 victory is God given.

  24. Thank u RB for building the winning team which has been together since 2008… Sata build the team so it qualifies to 2014 in brazil….

  25. Mushota
    = Sometimes you are really off. But when you talk about Africa, serious minds stop to think whether you aint right at all. Africa is the sum total of you and me and the other guy, and if we dont lift our own standard of thinking, we shant make it into future, except though servitude to the west. Its now 50 years since independence, and drive through any part of this country and see the squalor. Botswana next door has consistently done better than us. Our solution has been to run away from the country and criticise from outside, instead of staying and fighting to make things better.

  26. Salute RB, u are a real politician. You appreciate that the song ‘Donchi Kubeba’ can be used in many ways after all it is just a music piece unlike some under 5 chaps who associate this song only to politics to them ‘Donchi Kubeba’ is PF and nothing else SHAME on the under 5. Congratulations Ba CHIPOLOPOLO.

  27. In Politics it is people with great WIT that succeed..and any good example from this unfolding winning episode? Anyway Congratulations to ZIPOLOPOLO for winning the african cup on nations…because those marauding elephants looked really unbeatable.

  28. Sata has never persecuted Rupiah Banda as some people are claiming on this blog. Asking a thief to account for his dirty actions is not persecution. There are serious allegations of rampant theft and plunder against RB and he must not get away with it. With or without that plastic smile of his the poor people he is alleged to have stolen from want justice. Forgiveness will only be considered when he returns what he has stolen. Why talk for him , let him defend himself. He was the weakest link in the delegation to the AFCON.

  29. Sata was not angry,that was his posture,we all have certain postures depending on were the picture is taken from,he was veering towards Chris and probably wasn t even looking at RB or first lady,its just the nature of a caption,relax,at his age how can he be said to possibly be annoyed by the laughter of his wife.

  30. Sata is now even quoting Chinese wise words, although being uneducated he forgot the correct words:  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

  31. mwe bantu nga ka hakainde how much has he donated kamambala iwe give some thing to mweena and himoonde if you dont want other tribes to chew your money.kabili walibelela bu pepe.viva gbm for the gesture and rb for joining the boat dont kubeba baba ba sata ni ba yanu kungo seke tyala ka weleni ka mutonto ka hh.

  32. This Mushota is so intellectually impotent that she fails to recognise and analyse the background of her authors. You may be reading a couple of books or so Mushota, but reading and seeing beyond these readings, to analysing the motive of the authors, is one thing you are truly lack. Thus i would advise to resist displaying your intellectual impotence in public. Only a fool and would accept the idiosyncrasies you have fallen prey to. Having said so, you, and only you, may be the best example of an African who is less intelligent than a white man. The rest of us are brilliant, so get on with your journey to hell and doom. Change your colour, if that will make you happy! May you burn in hell!

  33. Who would not secure his wife with a man who said ali eo ku banakashi plus a sweet sixteen for a wife. My President you are right, first lady is too pretty and graceful. Keep watch in donchi kubeba

  34. Sata will forgive RB just like RB forgave FTJ. It is over. Cant you see? It is for the good of the nation. The minnows like Dora Siliya are not that important for the image of teh country so they will be dancing to the police.

    Sata and Zambia need both KK and RB to project and showcase the peacefulness of Zambia. I would like to believe Sata wishes both FTJ and LPM were still alive. Because of this he appreciates very much that KK and RB are still alive and he will protect them and ensure they are representing Zambia on State occassions and in diplomatic circles.
    Sata is wiser than you may think.

    • Mushota is just a name from the northern part of Zambia I think (am not sure) I think it’s a unisex name too.On this blog Mushota purports to be a Zambian female living in Scotland with her white boyfriend.Some bloggers think that Mushota might actually be a man and not a woman.Other think he/she might actually be a white man.Others think she is a sex worker living in Glasgow.Nobody knows for sure.Anyway Mushota comes on this blog and says she is very educated with ACCA,CIMA to her name and then proceeds to make unintelligent comments like Africans are not as intelligent as whites and that she prefers white men to black and so on.Anything she says is negative hence the fuming bloggers.


  35. @ Mushota,this really shows how brain washed u are fella,we don’t need to hear ur white lecturers sentiments on Africa,u think we can’t make it coz we don’t think like u and ur white counterparts.? Get a life in fact don’t u ever post negative opinions on this fora coz we discuss real issues here…by the way don’t forget u are still a NIGGA

  36. Looking forward to a DVD on the Chipolopolo boys including all the celebrations. This will be the best seller and will bring a lot of revenue to the team. Can somebody do something about it please. The Diasporians have missed a lot.

  37. How I wish the other two former presidents were alive so that we can see the five of them standing together and show the world that we love each other and we are peaceful people. It is not good to always see former presidents being dragged in the mud on the accusations that they stole even when evidence is not provided. I totally agree with one diplomat who said people are accusing RB of stealing but they are not specific on the cases against him. Did he steal money, how much is it? Did he steal gold, worth how much? Did he steal somebody’s wife, has the husband complained? We want to know exactly what he stole. Thabo Mbeki resigned amid accusations but we have never heard Zuma dragging Mbeki, because they respect former presidents. It is only Zambia and Malawi where these things happen


  39. BRAVO RB!! What ever is going on around you you need to be saluted for your gesture (giving full support to the team until the final days of victory).Where is HH??? People of Zambia be careful whom you support.If HH can’t feel happy for such a big thing the Donchi Kubeba boys have brought how will he serve the nation when in power?

    HH,l have shifted my respect from you to RB………

  40. #21 crap, “is it only me who has noticed the rather “paltry sum” of K250 million donated by FQM considering the size of the company? Also noticeably missing is KCM’s and Mopani’s pledges?” Yes it is only you Sir. Learn to appreciate bane, FQM facilitated the televising of ALL the games for a whooping K1.3 Billion, and has now added a K250Million you think it is a paltry sum? Aside from the whooping money, look at the spirit and value of the donation, Sir, just consider how many millions of Zambians watched their idols as a result! Ask ZNBC what they think of that facilitation by FQM, removed a load off their burden of looking for sponsors, yes just like that!

  41. Those who are saying RB has a case to answer could you please educate us all which case this is. As far as I know there is absolutely no case against RB. Do not be a prisoner of Post Newspaper prapaganda. The Post had their reasons for the daily propaganda against RB and since Finance Bank is back with Mahtani and the syndicated loan has been wiped clean, the paper is home and dry. Wake up and move on.

  42. Truth be told RB has demonstrated maturity and diplomacy of the highest order.Bakateka too has demonstrated statesmanship.In typical don chi kubeba style,the delegation was made stepwise;first kambwili,next scot on the list,kk added then RB.As for the picture……..very funny!!!!

  43. Everyone, the more you respond to Mushota the more bigheaded she gets. Your responses are what drives her, if you ignore her, boredom will sink in and she will let off steam somewhere else, hopefully to her fictious husband and lifestyle. Don’t let her get to you, she is a waste of your energy and time. No sane Zambian would not appreciate their country regardless of the circumstances. We are all trying to find ways to eventually go home but she won’t because being in Scotland is like heaven for her, and I doubt she really is Zambian, because if she was, she would not talk the way she does. So don’t add to her credibility by even acknowleding she exists, she is just a total waste of SPACE AND AIR!

  44. There are very few countries where you will see current and previous Presidents coming together for a common cause. Take England as an example. I have never seen Cameron and Gordon Brown at the same meeting of even together in public. Zambia continues to be a beacon of peace even beyond the African continent.   

  45. For the information of all those irked by this Mushota;a simple psychological analysis of his/her posting will tell you that this person is not even as educated as he portrays himself to be,the moment you meet somebody who always wants to sound academic even at inappropriate times just know that they are putting up a shield against their failures.Educated or enlightened people don t brag or boast,they perform and share common knowledge and issues.This Mushota is just some frustrated village ***** suffering from sexual depriviation resulting into prolonged masturbation which makes him exist in am imagenary fantasy world.

  46. Ba Sata thanks for allowing RB to enjoy this CHIPOLOPOLO victory. He is a true soccer fan. HH found a problem using DONCHI KUBEBA and RB danced to the tune and there is no fuss. So what the hell is wrong with HH.
    Viva Chipolopolo!

  47. Don’t be mistaken. Sata is not angry with RB. He is failing to smile to avoid exposing his dental formula. Deep inside he is smiling.

  48. I am disappointed with FAZ management as a Zambian who has been living in diaspora for almost 12 years without returning home l expected to follow celebrations on their website,but what do you expect they buzy plotting how to lot that $2,000,000.00 which comes with the trophy.Congratulations Chipolopolo boys.KK 11.

  49. RB is more mature than RB …. we all do wrongs things here and there but a repentant and remorseless heart is worth forgiving ,…. HH is just a B I T C H !!! so is this Mushota. 

  50. This is good for the country… how I wished FTJ and Levy also lived to see this moment.

    Now as for the pledge of cash, that’s good from the private sector. It is the best advertisement / commercial any private company can do right now – jump on the Chipolopolo bandwagon. Look at the free space on the news media. Now for the money itself, are they donating to the players or to FAZ itself? If it is to FAZ, FAZ needs to invest this money into discovering talent and recruiting future Chipolopolo squad. Ths thing about winning a continental championship is you look at it as a stepping stone to invest for the future so that there’s no going back to mediocre football – you invest and you keep on winning. I hope someone in FAZ is thinking through this and not just indulge in the moment.

  51. FAZ needs to invest this money into discovering talent and recruiting future Chipolopolo squad. The thing about winning a continental championship is you look at it as a stepping stone to invest future talent so that there’s no going back to mediocre football – you invest and you keep on winning. I hope someone in FAZ is thinking through this and not just indulge in the moment.

  52. Sata isn’t mad as the most of you seem to think. That’s his way of being ‘happy’… we all know our Prezy isn’t the prettiest person in the room so sometimes even when he is happy, you really can’t tell :(

  53. Great story. Evidence of the power that football has to bring together fans that have different political views. One Zambia!

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