Lubinda not eyeing the PF party presidency

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda

Ruling Patriotic Front Chairperson for Local government and Housing Given Lubinda has dismissed reports linking him to individuals jostling for the party Presidency in 2016 if President Michael Sata rules out the possibility of seeking re-election.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Qfm, Mr. Lubinda trashed the assertions stating that he will remain committed to serving Kabwata residents.

Mr. Lubinda who is also Foreign Affairs and tourism minister explained that such speculations lack merit.

He said he has no intentions of challenging for the party presidency stating that his loyalty is to the people in his constituency.

An online publication has singled out Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, PF Secretary General Winter Kabimba, and Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda as those eying the PF presidency following President Sata’s indication that he might not go re-election in 2016.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda has reiterated his government’s commitment to creating employment for the majority youths in the country.

He has since urged the youths in the country to take advantage of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which he says is creating employment opportunities in various skills for the young people.



  1. Any one can take over from Mr Sata be it Given Lubinda, Geofrey Mwamba, Wynter Kabimba or anyone. What is important is to retain power in 2016.

  2. Mr. Lubinda, we are not feeling your commitment to Kabwata constituency we are subjected to deplorable roads from the time you were in opposition up to now when you are in power. PLEASE! Investment heavily in the repair of ALL roads in this neglected constituency.

    • Even in “mayadi” like Rhodes Park, Northmead, Rhodes Park, the roads are deplorable, so it is unfair to look at Lubinda expecting him to do magic. Its a nationwide problem and I am sure that government resources need to be evenly distributed, so whatever Lubinda might want to do might not necessarily work out immediately, but it is coming. I believe in the man.

  3. Lubinda if you’re not eyeing the PF party presidency then its more or less like being a sled dog.Unless you’re the lead dog you’re always into someone’s bum and the view never changes.

  4. “Lubinda has since urged the youths in the country to take advantage of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which he says is creating employment opportunities in various skills for the young people.”. Lubinda is passing the buck. How many jobs has PF created since assuming office? Can anyone from PF give me the figures. PF promised jobs but where are they? Now they are asking youths to take advantage. What a way of running away from responsibility and campaign promises! Dont kubeba.

  5. Which FDI will employ the youths?You appear very ignorant from what you have said. I think you are not as knowledgeable as i thought Given.The truth is the youths of Zambia have no better future under your Govmnt.

  6. GBM is the next president, whether you like it or not. The same people who voted Sata in will vote GBM in. Zambians are allerdic to development and progress.

  7. Blood is thicker than water! So Lubinda knows that he stands no chance. The successor has to be a member of the family tree.

  8. Given,you have been MP for Kabwata since 2011 and by 2016 you would been MP for 15 years ,what can you point to have been your achievement apart from that night club you have leased out? There is nothing wrong having Presidential ambitions for christ’s sake you people.

  9. As if he would admit it. At the end of the day they ALL want to be top man. It’s just a mater of which one of them can woo the people enough.

  10. If you critically look at the PF government, you will realize they lack necessary human resource to offer quality leadership.For example; Portifolios now follow certain individuals, the vice Presidency follows Sir Alex, whenever His Excellency takes leave, and yet there is an incumbert. Labour follows Shamenda, Tourism follows Lubinda wherever he goes. Chirundu district follows Lusaka Province, Itezhi tezhi follows Kabwe and so on and so forth. The question is who do we follow? The President must provide leadership now! As for Given, those speculating for his ascention to the top position cannot be blamed. The guy is about the most quality minister around, problem is, is nepotism and regionalism that the catholic bishops talked about recently going to spare him? Lets wait and see.

  11. Given, you know it that under Dochi Kubeba you do not qualify as you have no Bemba blood running in you, be courageous enough and say it out period.


    • PM, you are a very big dreamer and a fool! anyone who talks about Movement for Mass Misdeeds (MMD) bouncing back to power must be very, very sick in the head, Period. Let bygones br bygones twapapata. We still havent recovered from their 20 years misrule and someone is talking about them again? may a witch can vote for them.

  13. Here we go again. Already we are looking for replacement for 2016, What is wrong with us Zambians? We are supposed to look at developmental issues at the moment and not succession. Ofcourse that will have to come up but honestly not now. If we do, attention will be diverted to who is next and then forget about development. We still need roads, schools, hospitals, medicines and indeed more money in our pockets NOT successions. Let that come in 2015.

  14. It’s clear that Chikwanda is Sata’s preferred choice and he will be the next Zambian president whether you like it or not. Lubinda is illegible to run, Mwamba is not a clear favourite and Winter Kabimba cannot win an outright election. The PF is likely to gain a full majority after 2016 as most ministers nominated will run for parliament on their ticket.
    Zambia needs idealists and visionaries, our generation is coming.

    • illegible?………….a new word in the PF dictionary? Chikwanda next President……..whether Zambians like it or not! Doesnt he need to be elected by the people first? Please show a bit of intelligence!

  15. #22 PM, You could be right. However, MMD members have to work very hard if their party is to bounce back to power. The mistake MMD made was to take Zambians for granted. And once Zambians turn their backs on a political party that party is as good as finished. Look at UNIP. MMD will go the way of UNIP if its members do not work hard. As for PF it might not win the 2016 elections because 1. the party is founded on nepotism, tribalism and regionalism and 2. the party has no quality leaders to write home about.

  16. @ Treetop
    On the contrary. Look at where a lack of taking into account succession has landed us. Kaunda did not and was kicked out in the end. Chiluba reluctantly gave power to Mwanawasa who equally kept his cards close to his chest..and then RB continued with the culture that had emerged in the MMD of freezing the VP position and spen an inordinate amount time trying to figure out who his potential challengers at a convention were….

  17. We shall cross the bridge when we get there over the PF presidency if at all Michael opts not to re-contest. Meanwhile the challenges are many and we want our leaders to focus and concentrate on real work to see if the lives of our people could be improved. The Hon. in quetion, no doubt has got what it takes to run for that office but the timing for such debates may be wrong.

  18. It’s not about individuals, smart, intelligent…. and so on. It is about having a system that can reduce on theft, greedness, enermity, leisure in the public service and uncalled for expenditures to pliz cadres like what MMD used to. so ba PM think about that. Otherwise, PF is much better than yo party!

  19. Why getting scared,you are reasonable enough to be a party president, who is Kabimba nor GBM to frustrate you.Kabimba is just a talkative fellow without substance as for GBM he is a fellow who is ruled by food with a mosquito brain. So Lubinda go for it, you are our man.

  20. I dont see what the problem is if he has an interest in the job the people will decide its not automatic that PF will win or are you also becoming like MMD 20years and they thought nafuti nafuti or UNIP umuya yaya somethin like that

  21. The MMD may sure bounce back to power, but certainly not in the nekst 25 yearz. Sat, I believe and trust, standz to make an even greater name by not seeking re-election in 2016, but whoever will be the PF candidate will win by a lanslide, no doubt about that. Though I think for now let the government concentrate on delivering on thoze promisez.

  22. GBM for President???..common people lets get serious. We need serious minds to resolve our national problems not some fat out of shape joker with a sick appetite for violence.

    Wynter thinks with his mouth not his brain

    Lubinda go for it..

  23. There is nothing wrong vying for the Top job,the only fear of those mentioned to come out in the open,is that,they risk being sidelined or kicked out of the system,since it is not yet clear that,the President will not stand.So Given go ahead and deny and serve your job and market yourself by delivering in your constituency and country through your positions.

  24. the problem is that most of you are blind, it is not PF in power now, it is UNIP, UNIP came back in power when RB went to plot 1, another one from UNIP is currently in Plot 1. (it is UNIP in Power)

  25. The debate about who takes over from President SATA is premature because we have a lot of work to do before 2016. Please ladies and gentlemen let us focus on developmental activities and closing up loopholes for stealing by the Civil servants.

    Whoever will be chosen to lead PF party must be supported so that the corrupt MMD party does not come back to power to steal our public funds.Given Lubinda is an intelligent person but he does not qualify unless the Zambian constitution is changed.President SATA and the PF will ensure that a suitable person will lead the party if he calls it a day and does not want to contest the 2016 polls.

    Good Health to you bloggers, Dollar

  26. we have herd such sentiments before: Senegalese prediso Wade said the same, look at what’s happening, Presido Chiluba, Presido Bakili Muluzi, presido Mubarak, Prediso Khadafy e.t.c. SATA has not yet tasted the sweetness of power. come 2016, u hear him declaring himself “CHILAPALA KWATI ABANTU NA BA TEMWAMA SANA, NALAKOKANYAPO, ATINI BANE”.

  27. These are signs of internal feuds in PF. Somebody doesnt want Lubinda so they create a story like this that will make Sata sideline Lubinda.

  28. # 5 Mens. There’s a world saying, ‘Its strange, but true; for the truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction’. Zambian hopes ‘ve been dashed but true, sounds strange based on promises made, stranger than fiction but true. To day youths are urged to take advantage of DFI according to Lubinda has brought employment in the country – what a false statement. I hope a time will come for Lubinda to account for his statements and PF promises to Zambians who by now know what PF govt stands for – LIES.

  29. Non of the above men can be republican president, keep on cheating yourselves. PF can not retain power in 2016,no matter what !!!

  30. Non of the above guys. Maybe if Mutati defected and joined PF. HH will have to wait for 20years for Tongas to marry Bembas and be strong enough to dump their Bantustan cra.p !

  31. PF is full of trash! These muppets will be out in 2016 or God help us before that. PF stinks of nepotism, tribalism and regionalism. Just look above at how some PF psychophants are disqualfying non-Muchingans without any explanation! They even have the audacity to declare that a chosen Muchingan will be President whether Zambians like it or not as if Zambians have no say as to who becomes the President! What arrogance! These bigots are going to destroy the country!

  32. “He said he has no intentions of challenging for the party presidency stating that his loyalty is to the people in his constituency”. What!!! Lubinda, not to HE MCS? That is disloyalty to the people that made you what you are, you are fired!

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