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Anti-Corruption Bill tabled in Parliament

Headlines Anti-Corruption Bill tabled in Parliament

MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu
MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu

Government yesterday took to Parliament the Anti-Corruption Bill which is aimed at effecting amendments to the Abuse of Office clause.

Justice Minister, Sebastian Zulu, presented the Bill to Parliament for amendment.

The MMD government repealed the Anti-Corruption Act and removed the Abuse of Office clause, saying it was discriminatory against leaders and Government officials who engaged in personal businesses.

Mr Zulu is expected to present the Bill for second reading on March 23, this year.

The minister explained that the Bill would continue to provide for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to have powers and functions for the prevention, detection, investigation and punishment of corrupt practices and related offences based on the rule of law.

Mr Zulu said the Bill would provide for the protection of witnesses, experts, victims and persons assisting the commission.

It would also provide for nullification of corrupt transactions, and payment of compensation for damages arising from corrupt activities.

The Bill repeals and replaces the Anti-Corruption Act 2010 and provides for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. In whatever form the Anti-Corruption Bill will be formulated, theoperations of the ACC must not be selective in their investigations, but be seen to be all-embraciing. This time around Parliamentarians must (1) exhume and table private motions to conclude the investigations on how Nchito and Mmembe diverted Zambian Airways money meant to pay the National Airport Corporation to overseas accounts; (2) investigate Mahtani’s deals on Lime Factory and how he personally got involved to grab Fanance Bank (Zambia Ltd; (3) Investigate deals on the rehabilitation of State House; (4) probe the Mersaz saga; (5) probe how Heads of parastatals get jobs in the absence of adverts and authority of relevant Management Boards.

  2. this will enable the ACC to be fully independent of the government which is better than what MMD did to remove the clause hence the corruption in the previous regime

  3. You were a poor man, become minister then you what thais, and that, and those, and even bury money in the sand, construct so many houses or is it a lodges, buy so many buses and own utterly anything, just because you are a minister! When are you going to serve the common people if you keep pocketing money, property and opportunities for many other Zambians? At the end of the day you even get a pension, greedy minister! Please bring back the ACC just as it was before MMD diluted it, those power drunk fellows. They were too drunk to realise that what they were doing was wrong. Too drunk with power and taking every thing for granted. Passage of time has a lot of answers to everything. 

  4. I am not clear. There seems to be so much verbage in what this Zulu guy is tabling. I thought it would just be bringing back what was removed from the Act (i.e. the Abuse of Office Clause). Zambians, do not be surprised if this bill is just as what MMD left but just cleverly embellished with different words to deceive. Maybe it is just me. I hope I am wrong.

  5. Well and good but pls don’t be selective in your corruption fight. The same way you hound Liato & other MMD former leaders is the same way you should investigate Mahtani and other PF sympathizers. Chikwanda’s company renovating State House without tender, is abuse of office. Appointing family & friends to diplomatic posts is equally corrupt. Chiwamina galu indeed.

  6. @Tell it like is. I wish to agree with you. The PF might just have changed the covers of the bills. I listened to the debates when MMD tabled this bill to parly. I agreed with the reasoning for removing the clause. Its removal did not weaken the fight against corruption. Even without that clause a person could still be charged with the offense of abuse of office under a law contained in different statutes. I hope PF did not bring this back just to shame the GK. That clause will come back an haught the PF.

  7. So the Act would provide for the nullification of corrupt transactions?

    If this isn’t law already, how did they nullify the Zamtel, Finance Bank, Varun Beverages, and border concession deals?


    This is a good move by the minister of Justice, let’s love this law and not attack even things that make sense. It is joining our constitution and that is great. Don’t get emotional if you are PF, UPND, FDD,MMD or Heritage Party. This one sounds like a working bill.


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