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3 Zambian students severely beaten in Saint Petersburg Russia

General News 3 Zambian students severely beaten in Saint Petersburg Russia

Zambian students in Russia

3 Zambian students aged between 23-24 years, were severely beaten in Saint Petersburg Russia on the night of 18th March leaving one of the students in a Coma. Two of the students are studying at St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEK), and the third at St.Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University (ENGECON).

The students whose names are Lenard,Christopher and Crispin were at an entertainment club, the “City”, located at number 113 on Ligovsky Avenue.

There are reports that was a quarrel and the guards at the Club are said to have severely beated the Zambian students breaking Christopher jaw and inflicting him with severe head injuries that has left him comatose.The other two also have severe head injuries.

Police are studying records of CCTV cameras to establish the circumstances of the incident which many believe was a racist attack.

Racist assaults are frequently committed by skinhead gangs, which have grown in number in recent years in Russia and specifically Saint-Petersburg.

They often target people from Russia’s Caucasus region and the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

The number of such crimes has grown by nearly 20 per cent in 2010 from the year before, according to the Russian Prosecutor General, who conceded in April that the authorities are not successful in curbing the trend.

According to the New York Times Racist attitudes lie deep within the Russian psyche and are growing even worse now.

Earlier this week, St. Petersburg officials arrested four young men for the murder earlier this month of Roland Eposeka, a 29-year-old student from the Congo in what prosecutors believe was racially motivated.

In November 6, 2009 19 year old a Zambian student-Lance Mate went missing on November 6, 2009 after a quarrel with some Russians and his body was retrieved from Kazanka River in Kazan City 5 months later.The government is said to have downplayed this incidence and remained tight-lipped over the killing while Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov said the death of Mate was an isolated case.

However Africans living in Russia have been victims of racist attacks time and again.

“I don’t even think about going out for a walk because I am scared. I stay at home, in front of my computer, after classes. Can you imagine when people back at home ask me how was my life in Russia was for the past four years and I am not even familiar with any street but the street where we are now,” one student said.


  1. Don`t patronise Studio 22, Moon City or Valentinos ya ku Russia. Just study and come back home in one piece after completion. We need you. You have a beautiful country we can build together and be proud of. I was once in diaspora and don`t regret coming back. I lead a simply life but happy. Have a job, own house, a small farm where I spend my week ends etc. It is nice with relatives and friends.


  3. oh how sad! wish them a swift recovery.Why does our government send students to such racist countries.If you developed UNZA you wouldn’t have to accept silly scholarships from the russians.Please Sata this is where you can really use your skills to protect our brothers and sisters.

  4. Zambian students and beer and girls is a problem everywhere. Why go to a Russian night club when you know that the country is dangerous like South Africa?

  5. The GRZ must come out in strongest possible terms and demand an explanation from the Russian government about this savage behaviour. It’s time our government started caring for Zambians abroad like other nations do. Why is the GRZ so docile and timid on such serious issues?

    • honestly speaking, am in Russia and those guys beaten i know them, we came together, well here is a pretty one hell of a place in terms of everything, language, weather and you know when studying in such conditions its something else.but if u live by the book, you are assured of going back alive with degree, should i say a diploma


    • This is common place for Igor’s dainstetion in his bad Russian truck.I wonder if anyone on here remembers me from my old posts. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I was stuck in middle of Siberia for months in my nuclear waste truck living off vodka to keep warm during our cold summer

  7. The Zambian government must send student to the UK and US instead, Russians are nationalist and dont like foreigners. On Hitlers birthday they celebrate by beating up any foreigner they find on train.

  8. was once in Russia but to tell u the truth the zambian goverment when such incidences occur the just keep quite.it is a shame to the Russian government that they torate those culprits. Am happy that i complited without meeting any of those skin heads.

  9. Sorry young men.Please try to just concentrate on school work.You can always party back home

  10. Why do we send our people to Russia? Zoona even if you are stupid someone keeps killing your people and you continue sending your family there? We are being fools and they are laughing at us. Just stop it. After all there is nothing to learn from Russia. If they were that clever they would still be a super-power. The political situation in Russia is rotten, there is more corruption there than in most African countries. Putin himself is a killer. Why send our brothers and sisters there? We are really as bunch of i.d.i.o.ts, no wonder they keep beating and killing our Zambians there! JUST STOP IT – and I hope Sata will act on this now.

    • There is certainly something to learn in Russia e.g. Proff. Clive Chirwa did his university education there and is doing extremely well in his career. However, students in such countries should avoid going to certain rascist pubs and moving at awkward hours. I studied in the former east Germany during the 90’s and know what violent rascism is.

  11. The problem is, the boys want to hook russian chicks (and the girls are all over them like a bad rash!), and then there are white guys out there who are so shy that they simply cant get a girl. They become so jealousy to the point of killing in the name of ‘they are finishing our girls and spreading bad race to russia’

    Solution: Dont go to night clubs, just study, dont start dancing like fools in public to make money ( As the picture shows), have some sense of dignity and pride.

    • just becoz u have no access to white pussy doesnt me that u have to be jealous of us.just continue being faked in the ass with a big stick.

    • Don’t kid yourself, buddy. No normal looking Russian girls ever think about touching some random Africans from some nightmarish nation that’s most likely the AIDS capital of the world. This primitive arrogant attitude is the reason why your buddy is now laying in a coma wasting medical resources. Your boys always go for the drunkest, fattest and ugliest girls in the club. But this is Russia, not England or France, proud men will not tolerate you going even after societies lowest. It’s not about jealously at all, it’s teaching your students decency and respect (something the university curricula does not cover). If yours starts acting civilized, better treatment will be shown, keep acting the way you do now and yours will routinely be made an example of.

  12. There are very few, if any, students that the Zambian government sendz abroad to study. More often people solicit for scholarships outside on their own and the government may just fascilitate.

  13. Russians are rough, for me i dont have to go there to understand that. in films and movies their always ruthless. well as they say campagne is for people that take risks, hope everyone there is safe and united. 

  14. In racist countrys a black africans are vulnerable to racist attacks every day, everywhere, any time… Very sad indeed

    • [email protected] patriotic… are you kidding me, your black dick is worthless to any racist pig!, there’re after destroying black skinned people like you any negro pesons, not you or your decendants are safe!!! Not even if you were Indian (mwenye) or any none pig pink/black colour skinned humanbeing..

    • “Capt Jahney”, PLEASE PLEASE stop smoking that green grass, we seem NOT TO FOLLOW YOUR DRIFT, please come again!

  15. zambian goverment is toothless,even the impoverished congo can bamboozle us,i remember how mobutu seseseko deported zambians under kaunda when on the opposite everthing from a needle to a bag of mealie meal was been smuggled from zambia,when a tanzanian thief is caught and disciplined in zambia in nakonde tanzanians invade zambia and beat up the hell out of nakonde residents,about two weeks ago zambians were turned back at the border by south african immigrations,zambian authorities remained mum. the countries who don`t tolerate nonsense like nigeria just turned back all south africans and the following day zuma had to send a minister to jonathan to apologise for what he came to claim was a misunderstanding.

  16. Where else is Russian education recognised? Here they would laygh at you for saying you studied in Russia.ZCAS is far more recognised than most of those inferior Russia varsities.Thats the problem of wanting “i studied abroad tag” Thats so sad,you just cant be in your room all your stay abroad.

  17. Don’t just go and study for the sake of studying… choose wisely places you send your kids for school,Russia of all places is last on the list. Academic standards in Russia are as backwards as in a third world country. Come to the UK or go to Canada, Germany, Australia, Denmark,Swden,Ireland, Norway (Majority of Northern EU countries have sound institutions).

    • come on man!! wake up!! who told russian academic standards are as the same as in a third world country. Google it out and u see. Russia is full of top scientists and economists if u did not know. Medical wise u do not even have to mention.

  18. :o its so sad to hear an incidence like this, get well soon and please stop patronising the Russian chentembas guys we need you. Time and again I have heard that this is very common in Rassia for African students.

  19. Our authorities are a problem. Even after the death of the other student they continue to send people there? And these students going there, dont they read in papers that Russia has a problem with……..? There many scholarships in better places

  20. I was just reading about how Christopher Samba was been racially abused at his new club in Russia.http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17434648. Russia is claiming to be an emerging country and opening up to the world but with this kind of attitude well meaning people should shun that country. I am even wondering if black players will be guaranteed safety during the forth coming world cup. Every country has racists especially towards black people,even here in China but not to the extent to physical abuse. Russia is just too much. The government has failed to control the trouble makers.

  21. Sad that such arts are still prominent in today’s global society. Thou it was not wise of the boys to be clubbing in a racist country,late in the night. I always stay away from places where am bound to find skin heads. Timing is everything, thou here in Ukraine they not as rough as the Russians but we do get a few cases time and again.
    Stay safe mates! and a quick recovery to my friends in Russia.

  22. Its about time mwe bantu leave russia alone. We have nothing to look up to there. Come home. I’m here and its just horrible living abroad.

  23. the GRZ makes me sick, this has been going on for a long time, and the russian ambassador to Zambia should go back and Zambia should close its embassy in russia, **** them all, even here in china i hate most russians, they behave stupid, don’t shower and most of them are racists! to hell with them!

  24. Iwe no. 26 were do not lie. Do not show jealously simply because you were not talented enough to get one. I personally know a good number of people who went to Russia on merit. Mind you it is not all the scholarships which come through G.R.Z.As one of the bloggers said you can apply directly to the university and then GRZ simply facilitates . 

  25. They where taught a lesson. Why do young pipo like drinking and other bad vices this is a good lesson to them. You went for studies not to patronise night clubs. Clobber them if you see them again

  26. Russia discovered science, russia was and its still the only country which can send and bring back pipo to space,Russia discoverd the periodic table of elements, russian scientist pavlov his work in medicine is being used anywhere in the world even at unza, russian scientis BONCH BLUVICH discovered the optic fibre technology and the whole world is using that in telecom, doctors 4rom russia are the best doctors working in zed, russia produced even the most educated zambian prof CLIVE CHILWA,he has done a lot in the aviation industry the whole world relies on him, he is the adviser to the european union, airbus, harvard university even to the russian governmet..AND THEN A **** WHO WILL GO ON TO TO SAY WHY STUDY IN RUSSIA?

  27. I wonder when racist attacks will stop in Russia.Now i understand why a friend of mine fled the country not because he was afraid of school but coz he couldn`t put up with all the racist crap in the country.It is a pity that a black or an Asian man can travel alone in the streets of St. Petersburg without falling a victim of racist attacks.

  28. dats rily sad but al in al we cant o get into unza n cbu,sme pipo hve 2s acrifice n go 2rusia coz if dey dnt go den dey wud definately replacd sme of yo dull relativs at unza n yo family gona safa…so its fin 2send students 2rusia bt guys jst mak sure u arnt in trabo!!

  29. The problem is not being in Russia, we have no Universities in Zambia, that’s why we are sent here to come and study..we are warned about how dangerous this place is but our fellow Zambians will just never listen. the key phrase is *BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME* thats all i can say!!!

  30. russian is bad place for foreigner especially blacks is even worse govt should put a ban going to russia to save lives

  31. i think we should also retaliate by beating up Russians in Zambia. that way the Russian govt will move in and stop these xenophobic tendancies

    • Agreed, mwana. It’s tit for tat! They are secretly competing with the US for our newly discovered Uranium….giving us scholarships and then beating us up!

  32. a friend of mine a russian invited me to visit him but he said in country you have to becareful they can beat beat you because of you a foreigner and worse black i thought he was joking now i understand what he meant and i will not go there.

  33. No 29 Russian student do not lie, Prof Clive Chirwa is not the most educated Zambian. Do not mislead people. At least say he is one of the most educated Zambians. There are so many brilliant Zambians out there some of whom we have never heard of. I was honored to find out that the former Director of Safeguards for Asia-Pacific region at in the International atomic energy acency (IAEA) was a Zambian. Dr. Kaluba Chitumbo!!

  34. Any where any thing can happen. racism is everywhere: in uk, america, africa (xenophobia), lsk (tribalism). I think the guys made a mistake: as a foreigner you must know the limits of your rights and extent to which you open your vuvuzela. if you have to meet your bottom needs, do it wisely without coming into conflict with the locals. that is how we operate in the diaspora. They call it adaptation. 
    in big cities like moscow or st petersburg, you do not need to risk yourself going to places like discos. beer and p…sy is all over the place. 
    For many of us here advocating to just stay in Zambia, I say we all need to learn to take risk to fight ourselves out of poverty. We cannot afford to settle for zambia level of education. 

  35. too bad.  an african descent football player at anzhi M, Samba, was thrown at bananas in a racially suspected motive. am sori 4 the guys.

  36. Russians bad to foreigners expecially in Nite Clubs and u also getting their women. They drill nails in your head. That is the end of u. Zambians going to Russia be aware of the skin heads. Do Not provoke fights and dont stay late in hostile spots.

  37. The throwing of banana’s is a sign of racism. Some white folks regard those black as monkeys!! And banana’s are mokeys favourite food! Sad. And what do we do when these infestors, we glorify them like they are our god. Meanwhile, they are there to rape our resources

  38. The issue is that most black men have a low self image and think sleeping with white chicks is aomething to boast about.DID YOU REALISE THAT NO FEMALE STUDENT HAS BEEN KILLED IN RUSSIA BY THUGS?The only way to avoid being mugged is ; DON’T move with Russian girls at nite,Avoid nite clubs and don’t move in isolation.Stay indoors at nite and study.Parents wishing to send their children especially boys to Russia must follow this simple but life saving advice.The quality of education is 90% dependant on the quality of the students who are sent to the Russian Universities.We have some of the best doctors and engineers who were trained in Russia,by the way UTH,KCH and National Airport are headed by brilliant Russian graduates.

    • you yourself what do u know about russia to give such a stupid and racistic advice??? who told u that moving with white pussy can get u killed???


  40. #29 you must be drinking.Doctors trained in Russia are looked down on by UNZA trained doctors for various reasons.But I will not attack my fellow doctor on this blog.Lets just stop sending students to Russia.UNZA needs to recapitalization. Maybe it needs to be run like a business.I’m sure the thousands of people trained at UNZA would not mind offering services like giving tutorials/lectures or sponsoring departments or students etc.

    • I have worked with RTDs or RTFs (Russian trained doctors or Fellows) one has to understand that their general curriculum is not exactly the mirror image of Western medical curricula, & for Zambia, there is alot of tropical medicine that they don’t cover, so on their return, they tend to be thrown in at the deep end of tropical disease & expected to be excellent swimmers – given time, they turn out to be fine doctors!

  41. Number # 3,8,13 & 20; Good advise to our nephew or young brother. Do not use drinking places for studying; do not study and drinking beer at the same time. Those Russian ruffians they are not even students

  42. Some of the comments are disgusting!How do you politicize a crimanal act by overzealous skin heads on our own Zambians?Where is the Zambian unity and spirit?Nowonder we cant even handle Barotseland maturely!A student has a right to know his sorroundings.How can u say you went to CBU when you dont know Kitwe,Ndola or indeed the copperbelt?An attack is an attack,it can happen in Lilanda,London,Jo’burg or Moscow but we should be united as a people.After all theres lack of good universities in Zambia.Of cause our sons,daughters,brothers and sisters must always take precaution.I wish them a quick recovery.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  43. let zambians also beat up the russians in zambia.simple tit for tat after all zambia has nothing to lose from russia. it is just one of the countries that does not add any significance to zambias economy.zambians you can also start waking russians in zambia. simple. in fact russian eduction is consired shi.t in zambia.

  44. @ at 29 russian student continue studying in russian. you will only release when your asrs  is wacked ten will you miss your country zambia and your mama. who cares about the periodic sh.it anywhere. 

  45. It is by the Grace of God that I survived Six (6) years in the same city without an encounter by these uncivilized individuals

  46. Russia and racism. In case you send a child to Russia counsel the child and pray for him/her daily for God’s guidance.

  47. The problem of Zambians is that most of them like going to wrong places.I’ve been to Russia and understand how those chaps behave.Not every Russian is a racist.They are just some elements out there.The best thing to do is to stay indoors after studying.U can go to a club but always avoid problems with Russians.The problem with Zambians is drinking too much.Some guys just like making noise in clubs.A person should know how to respect locals.In addition to that Zambian students like going to cheap clubs where they are more poor Russians.U never find problem if u visit good Russian club.Security is always there.Zambian guys like going to places where it’s cheep.1.In Russia u have to avoid cheap night clubs period.2.Never fight with a russian in the club.Alway use diplomacy.

  48. I was in Eastern Europe and such things were common. But you have to be smart to survive there. Dont behave as if you are in Lusaka. It is a foreign country and you are black. We went out in 2s or 3s and never alone. Others died but we came back with our degrees. Am sorry for those kids.

  49. In countries like Russia, the mere colour of your skin is enough to get you spat at, shoved, verbally abused and of cause, battered…without you lifting a finger or opening your mouth. It has nothing to do with girls and night clubs. It’s hate. Nigger hate. Don’t go there.

  50. @19 well said, I equally was a victim of such, South African border particularly Messina is such a place, they returned me and my family because of Yellow Fever card, thanks to Nigerians they know how to set standards, Zambians we are just mouth bloggers, proud and self, not stronger decision makers, easliy give in, now the Chinese are ruling us…….. I await to hear South Africans were returned at a Zambian Border….I used not like Nigerians but when I heard about that on news I was glade…..Zambian government ukushishita, they should wake up too quiet diplomacy sucks period

  51. I dont understand how our students still go to Russia, it is a horrible place and the education they get there is subpar.

  52. Guys let us not go straight into making conclusions, according to the Russian law, a student is suppose to be in a hostel sleeping at 23:00 hrs. The zambian government sent students for Education, Those who realy go for Education come back without complains. What were these guys doing in a club around 03:00hrs when they know that in clubs people get drunk and do a lot of bad things. From the whole story i can tell that its the students who were drunk and started provoking russians. I dont even see the reason why you have to rise the issue and blame the government for such bad condact. Last week in kazhan two Russian police men killed there own Russian citizen (man) inside the police station by inserting a battle of shampen in his anus and he died in the hospital. Now who are you to them??

    • Iwe stop rubbishing people here, there is no law in Russia that says foreign students are forbidden from going out. Stop misleading people and even contradicting yourself. It does not matter where you are in Russia, for as long as you are a foreigner and they notice you it is a problem. Many foreigners have been killed and beaten up in Russia not because they did anything wrong. Just being black in Russia is a crime enough to those skin heads. DO not just support things ignorantly! How can you blame those kids honestly? If you really know what Russia is you would not even say that, lest you were there and know how it is! 

  53. We just have to pray that these guys recover and we dont loose any one of them. And we have to thank God that there were not killed

  54. @ Hachinkamba says:YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN.
    russian laws are so simple and straight foward,they say in hostels for example,24 hrs or 23 hrs it depends,a hostel closes and everyone is suppose to be in.for them to put such laws they are not stupid at all,.they know what russia is .so stop blaming the russian and zambian govt.take responsibilies of your own life and behaviour.


  56. #57, don’t be narrow minded. You are a nigger whether it is 3am or 9pm and they will hate on you. Students have been attacked broad daylight. It is not about beers and girls. It’s about the melanin in your skin bro. They won’t even sit next to you on the bus…

  57. Zambia STOP SENDING THESE KIDS TO RUSSIA, STOP. How many kids are going to lose in Russia eh? The one who is ina coma probably won’t come out of it and if he does he ‘ll most likely be a vegetable. I don’t know why so many Zambian’s get so excited about drinking or going out, just putting your life in danger. People GROW UP!!!

  58. Some Zambians are just crazy.I remember one night when i met these Zambians in one club.The guys wanted to start fighting with Russians.I just pleaded with Russians and the guys were spared.some guys are chick and crazy when they are drunk.Thinking Russia is Break point club is crazy.U’ll just be burried in snow.Bembas say Akabwa kwabene kabinda umuchila.Be humble a in a foreigh land ba malukula imwe before u die.

  59. Zambians..We are a danger to our own selves. Reading some of the comments here just makes me want to shade a tear for my beloved country. 
    Let me start by wishing the boys well. It makes sad reading indeed.
    I would like to admonish most of the bloggers to learn to have info before revealing ignorance. The question that should be asked is not; why send students to russia? No! But if you want to ask that question, i who stayed in Russia for 7years will tell you. As far as science is concerned, Russians only compare with very few in this world. Look at the scientific achievements that have been attained in your UK and US and see the people behind it all. You dont even need to go far, right here in our country, we have been sending people to Russia for studies way before

  60. we even had universities. These are the people who came back and began to train our own. Our Universities have been enriched with professors from Russia that have raised the standards of our education system and consequently the level of intellect of our professionals. So make no mistake of questioning the value of Russian education. Believe me you have no idea.
    Coming back to the issue at hand, Russia has had a strong communist history which we are all aware of and because of that, it is not an attractive country for a foreigner to be in as compared to the US or other European states. But this has not hindered many of us from going there and getting what we went for. These guys who go for school need to know that there are some sects that will not like them, Keeping this in mind, they 

  61. need to learn to be in the right places at the right time. Not to involve themselves in things that are potentially dangerous. If they do this, the will find that life will go on smoothly. I did it, many others did it and you guys can do it too.
    Its unfortunate what happened to these boys and my prayer is that God will touch them with a healing hand.


  63. why should our brothers & sisters keep dying in Russia..what’s so special about that icey stinky country..?deport all the Russians mailo!!

  64. Dont just open yo mouth coz u re suppose to….where ever yo go their is racism,i av been here for 5 years en i av never been hurt in anyway. sometimes we put ourselves in danger,we dont need to blame Russian gov. i kno their dangers living here evn our own Lozi pipo re doing sm dumb things en yet we all zambians.

  65. #75 REALLY – I understand what you are saying, but Russia is NOT Zambia. Losing one life is life too many lost. It is not worth it sending our brothers and sisters off to a racist country just because its free sscholarships! Russia has become like Afghanistan to Zambians – you don’t if you will come back. That is not right. Life is not that desparate – there are other countries people can be sent to study. I don’t know if you would still say the same if it was your brother or sister who was in coma. We are talking about human life here.

  66. People should know that you can be mugged anywhere in the world, in NewYork, Joburg, Chaisa, Mandevu, even in London. The point here is not to be short sighted and blame racism. If you re in any foreign country, know the basics. These kids are not counselled when leaving for studies abroad, partly to blame. But most importantly is to know how to behave whereever some one is, even at home.

  67. The Russians are generally rabid racists. Why go to study in a country where your freedoms are curtailed and you become a virtual prisoner?? Education is about attaining academic success and broadening your horizons in all areas of human endeavour. No wonder some graduates from Russia are relatively half baked and do not have the assertiveness and enterprise like counterparts from other countries.They lack that well roundedness that comes with effective exposure in a given country of study.

  68. Why do Zambians go to study in Russia? Russia is such a backward country. There is no difference between Russia and Iraq.

  69. Those kids need to be taken out of there. How can people who hate them give them adequate medical care? They will be finished off.

  70. Advice to Zambian Students in Russia , avoid night clubs.The Russian Thugs Killed my Cousin EDWARD KAMBAFWILE in the early 90s.Edward we miss u, RIP.

  71. I am russian. My fiance is Zambian. I didn’t choose him coz of his skin colour. I never been to night clubs. I just found my soulmate, fell in love with his personality, kindness and decency. 
    People do react. Some of them are really positive (generally old ones). But most of the people are so negative, we are lucky if we can hear only once a day that we are N.. and B…. Am worrying about his life every single day as if he’s a soldier in Iraq. 
    I think the  solution can be made only at the state level since we are taught that we are superior. I love my country but I am so ashamed of my people.

  72. Wow….. whatever happened to ‘one zambian one nation today……………..the media says Zambians students were attacked by russians in russia , but Zambians are only speculating about which tribe & province the ‘poor niggas’ came from! Only felt as Zedians when chipopolopolo brought the african cup home other than that Zedians are tribalistic enemies who love foreigners before their own country men. Anyone other than native Zedian is treated like king, while Zedians choose to treat one another so badly, just checkout the comments about Zedians attacked in foreign countries any other people would have felt some compassion .. with ya guys its a celebration that your own countrymen are suffering just because they come fro a different tribe ! SHAME SHAME……….typical Nigggazz

  73. I wish my Homies don’t come back home with brain damage! Someone ought to get some retribution out of this.

    Where is our so called SB Boyz from Red brick to go and investigate those Racist KGB thugs? I wonder whose ass will get kicked there? Mission Impossible!

    Best to cut ties from the No benefit Ice Cold Burg like Russia. It runs in their blood to be Institutionalised racist as they are dubbed in the UK and US. Stephen Lawerence’s ghost has haunted every punk who tried to obstruct the course of justice.

  74. Its sad and pathetic how most of the people commenting seem to be making fun out of the situation. It just shows how ignorant we are. lets put aside the fact that these guys are students. (and mind you,even a student needs a break from books, or they would crush. AM BREAK IS NECESSARY). I dont think these guys did anything wrong by going to a night club. They were granted visas, they have the right to be in Russia. Its not a crime to have a little fun. This is a serious racial issue that out government (if they are serious and have the even smallest fibre of pride in our nationality and race) will demand explanation for. Its bad enough mate;s death went without explanation. Do you honestly think, if its an american that was beaten, or a British, this would just go away?? HELL NO!!.

  75. No, No Its too much of Zambian being beaten and killed like chickens.
    If Z govt.is toothless, we shall do the same to Russians living in Zambia full stop.

  76. Why keep sending students to that pathetic place, those fools are racist throughout. Look at what they did to Chris Samba the Congolese footballer at the weekend; throwing bananas at him(monkey). Please ba PF send our intelligent sons & daughters to better countries or improve Unza. Ba MMD was begging for those scholarships just to impress that they are a caring government by sending our children to that concentration camp.

  77. What the hell? People you have your own brothers treated like shit and this is all you have to say. Who said going to college means just studying? You need time to relax and interact with other people. Sorry my brothers for what happened, hope all goes well and you get better soon.

  78. #8 a begger in not a choser, worse off if u r dealing with russian. Demanding an explanation from a russian? hope u knew them…
    the scholarship thing should be rethank now that we are having more GOVT universities developing locally.
    the situation will never change.

  79. ba #24 awe kwena i visited the website u shared. This congolese Samba playing for this club called bafikala really looks like a monkey….

  80. I am very touched with the story of our collegues being beaten up in Russia.i studied in russia for 6 years and 1 thing i noticed is that the longer u stay there the more you feel its your country when its not n will never be.u guys still out there even in zambia u will get mugged after clubbing till 3 or so,its their coountry,dont sit there and protest,if u dont like it leave.and by the way russians are not racists,they are patriots,they hate everyone none russian,including their former country mates,ukrainians etc,so who r we to b loved by them?be careful…all the best

  81. You can come and study in Zimbabwe, cheap and the best education you can get in Africa, save for our neighbour to the south. Russia cannot be compared to the countries you adore like USA and UK on racism

  82. / After read a few of the blogposts on your blog since yeredstay, and I truly like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my favorites site list and will be checking back soon. Pls visit my site too and let me know your opinion.

  83. Hi Guys,
    There are 80k skinheads(racist thugs) in Russia who kill non-european looked foreigners from time to time. Pls choose safe countries eg China. I am saying the truth. For your own good please. I am writing this to do, i am not earning a cent from you.

  84. I condemn all attacks but I just have one question, why is it that attacks against non-white people in white countries are fixated upon and broadcast across the whole world, when attacks against white people in African, Asian and middle Eastern countries happen just as often, even to people without a colonial background?

Comments are closed.

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